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Baby Owl Preciously Cuddles With Its Owner19s

Baby Owl Preciously Cuddles With Its Owner

Watch this great video that will remind you how beautiful animals are. The main motive in the lives of these fluffy sweet birds, is to offer love and soften our hearts, to infect us with their kind way of existence and teach us to appreciate life with the beings we love. This beautiful baby owl will steal your heart in just a few seconds in this video. When we talk about tender things we refer to scenes like the one in this video, where a beautiful baby owl melts us with tenderness, when it curls up with its owner in a very adorable and loving way; in this way it shows the great love and affection they both have. How tender! This beautiful video will captivate you when you see this baby owl asleep in the most innocent and peaceful way that can exist. With all confidence, this baby owl rests on the face of its owner, while he caresses it with much love, in response to this we can see how the baby owl makes a kind of movement with its beak, as if wanting to talk and tell its owner “I love you too”! There are moments in life that are so special, thanks to this kind of connection between pets and their owners. Although our pets can't talk to us and tell us they want a hug, it's sure that if there's affection in between, they will come to give you warm hugs and all their unconditional love. It is known that when you have a pet since this is just a baby, that pet will see you as his father or mother, and you will become his protector, so it is normal to look for you to calm it down, like this little owl that is a definition of tenderness in all its expression. Although owls are known to be enigmatic and mysterious, this baby still doesn't know anything about it, and the only mystery we can notice is that it is really loving in spite of being considered a wild and territorial bird. We see how this baby does want to share its territory with the person who has taken care of it all this time. There is the phenomenon that causes deaths in birds called "death by sadness". This can occur when you have exotic or wild birds as pets, and these have no company of other birds, also have little affection with their owner, as well as not being in their own natural habitat, can feel in a strange place. We are encouraged that there are such special cases like in this video, where you notice the dependence that this bird has with its owner, which is a very special connection, able to break any sadness. Taking care of our pets is synonymous with loving the life of every being that grows on the planet, and there is no better way to express it than to give them the necessary attention when they need our presence and warmth. Many puppies or baby animals, do not have a mother, either by separation or loss, but for that we have decided to share our home with our pet, mainly to love her as a member of the family. If you liked the video as much as we did, don't forget to share it in your social networks. Don't be left with the desire to comment! I invite you to do it next. Enjoy it!

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Pup Gets Over Excited After Toy Goes Flying From His Mouth32s

Pup Gets Over Excited After Toy Goes Flying From His Mouth

This little doggy is furiously playing with his toy, but when he shakes his head and the toy goes flying away, he can't understand at all where it went! Hilarious! Move over man, toys are a dog's best friend! The little pup excitedly plays with his toy until it goes flying from his mouth. He freezes immediately in disbelief! The dog has a look on his face of confusion yet contentment. How adorable! Adding a dog to your family with young kids is almost always a blessing, sometimes in disguise. It teaches young children how to respect and interact with animals. It allows them to bond with a being outside of themselves, especially if your son or daughter is an only child. Having an animal teaches young children compassion and patience. Most of all, animals and children learn through one another the rules of socialization. Learning the clues of picking what the dog wants and needs helps the child navigate society later in life. When you witness the interactions between dogs and children , like the Frenchie in this video, the potential for love is undeniable. In special cases of children with health or mental complications for example epilepsy, dogs are an incredible asset because they can in fact sense when a child is about to have a seizure. In the case of a child with diabetes, dogs can sense when blood sugar is low. In the case of children with severe physical disabilities, the accepting nature of a dog will indeed help them find pure happiness in life. When you are in the company of a dog, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of living in the moment and truly enjoying life. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy grins. It is an incredible gift to share your home with an animal companion, yet equally important to incorporate proper training and supervision. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Parents who have young children with dogs in the house must use good judgment to ensure the safety of both their child and dog. Obviously, don't leave babies unattended with animals or let them sleep together unsupervised. We've all heard the horror stories. Understanding the triggers of your dog's breed and knowing what might cause the dog to react aggressively is part of being a dog owner. For example, some dogs don’t mind their meal or toy time being interrupted, but in some cases, if a child was to try to take away a meal or toy from a dog that is possessive they may try to fight back. In the case of this video, obviously, the parent is comfortable with the dog around their family as they seem to be in control of their behaviors. If it is a new interaction, it is best not to film to ensure that your hands are free to break up any conflict that may arise. Remember, kids are uninhibited and may get their fingers in the way of a dogs mouth or pull their tail in a way that makes them react unpredictably. Always be safe!

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Young Owls Just Love To Dance For The Camera17s

Young Owls Just Love To Dance For The Camera

Check out these owls as they appear to be dancing in this funny footage. Too cute! Watch as six owls line up to perform what looks to be a dancing routine to music! These baby Great Horned Owls are having the time of their lives, bouncing and crouching away in total rhythm. The owl's movements are so hilarious, their owner decided to videotape them and record them dancing to music in this funny footage! These owls are very young and very energetic at night, being nocturnal. They get grooving after midnight and take turns crouching to the ground, then bouncing right back up. After one is done, the next one crouches down and bounces back up! This seems to be a hilarious game that we could watch all day. The baby owls even start to rotate, replacing their siblings when one of them flies away. They seem to have some sort of agreed upon dance moves here because they are clearly working together in this choreographed dance! The owls can even be seen watching each other as they look for their turn to bop to the music. What makes this video so hilarious is the way they stare into the camera with their huge, bulging yellow eyes, rarely blinking and looking right at the camera as they put on their show. They entertainment skills are pretty impressive! Did you notice that there is one owl in the bunch that decides not to partake in this dance routine? The biggest owl, possibly the oldest is not joining the dance troupe and just stands there without movement, staring into the video camera. Maybe he is too mature for this nonsense, or maybe he doesn't know the dance moves? Great horned owls are found all across North America. They typically reside in woodlands, swamps, orchards and other forest environments. These owls are also often found in suburban areas and make their way into residential divisions and even into cities. They typically nest in trees and are known to take over nests that have been built by other species instead of building the nests themselves. Great Horned Owls can take over nests built by Red Tailed Hawks, Crows, Ravens and even Squirrels. When these owls nest, they lay anywhere from 1-4 eggs in their clutch. The eggs will incubate for 30-37 days before hatching. When the tiny baby Great Horned Owls are born, they are completely helpless, with closed eyes and pink, bald skin. They must be kept warm, and the materials in the nest such as shreds of bark, leaves and downy feathers plucked from their own bodies help to keep these infants warm and cozy in the nest until they are ready to fly out on their own. Great Horned Owls are nocturnal and active mostly between dusk and dawn. They spend their nights typically hunting for food. When food sources begin to dry up, they can spend the entire night from when the sun goes down until it comes back up scavenging the forest looking for their dinner.

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Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner1m07s

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner

Having a pet owl could possibly be the coolest sidekick on the planet, but having a singing owl that will belt out duets with you while you do your kitchen housework it priceless! Listening to these two sing together will surely make your day and make you want to go out and get a singing owl of your own! Check out this dynamic duo sing a tune together. Every time the lady sings a melodic tune, the owl chirps in, singing the same part every time over and over again. At first, you just hear the beautiful melody of a lady singing a nice little song as her pet owl is perched on the windowsill, looking out at the world. As soon as she starts singing, the owl looks right at her as if to say "I love this song!" He patiently waits for his part, and comes in with a "ooowww ooowww" perfectly on time! Every time, right before it is his turn to sing, he looks at her for approval to make sure it is time to shine! As the song continues, the beautiful owl starts to walk toward his singing owner and nibble on her fingers and continue singing this amazing duet! The owl finally jumps up on her laid out hand and enjoys a nice petting while being sang to. The bond between these two is so obviously special. The owl's owner starts singing "I love you" and the owl just stares into her eyes lovingly while enjoying being pet and sang to. The singing owl you see in this video is a horned owl, with its large puffy ears and big yellow eyes . The best way to identify a horned owl is by the large, thick bodies and the two feathered tufts on the top of its head. Usually, great horned owls are nocturnal and sleep all day. But this owl has been domesticated and as you can see here is not only away during the lights hours, but has enough energy to pull off a singing duet with his owner. The great horned owl is also commonly called the tiger owl because of their beautiful and unique markings. Their color changes with the season, as well as by the area that each individual owl resides in. This species of owl lives primarily in America and Canada and can be seen throughout the entire year. The call of a great horned owl is usually a deep stuttering series of four or five hoots, but in this song, he is clearly and consistently singing two hoots each time he joins his owner. This shows that singing this song may be a trick that the owner has taught him or something he just learned on his own, trying to mimic his owner when she sings. We could listen to this beautiful and incredibly unique duet all day long and would love to hear more than just this one song! Have you ever seen an animal that could sing? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Precious Baby Owl Loves To Get Head Scratches22s

Precious Baby Owl Loves To Get Head Scratches

Check out how adorable this little baby owl is as it enjoys some relaxing head scratches. Cuteness overload! Do not miss the most tender and adorable moment of the day, seeing the moment where this little owl shows how they love it and lets itself succumb to some delicious and relaxing massages in her little head. How cute! As you may notice this beautiful little animal is a lover of relaxation and good treatment, see how it is so quiet to receive scratches full of love in his little head, you can see that they fascinate him, right? And is that if something can not hide this beautiful specimen is the tranquility and pleasure that feels to receive a pampering, even seemed to feel a little sleepy. He is so cute! This beautiful owl is so gentle and docile that it seems to be very accustomed to being caressed, but it is not like that, simply that receiving so much affection makes her feel so placid and comfortable, that she simply cannot resist and even stays motionless to be able to enjoy her message better. This fascinating and peculiar species, generates a feeling of instantaneous tenderness just by looking at it since being so small and delicate it causes to take it between the hands to fill it with a lot of love and caresses; Fortunately, it is evident that it is something that he likes a lot. This little one is an exotic bird belonging to the family of "micrathene whitneyi" and is known in a more common slang as Duende Owl, at first glance what can be seen in the clip is not an owl baby but in reality this is a species whose main characteristic is its diminutive size and is considered one of the smallest in the world; that is why they cause so much attraction and awakens so much interest among humans ... they are so adorable that they look like a soft plush stuffed animal. Although it is not common or popular to find a Doll Owl as a pet or companion bird, it is also known that these birds have a fairly acceptable tolerance for people, so they do not run away, they can interact easily, they are allowed to touch and they allow until you give it a pleasant scratch on its little head while taking a few minutes of total relaxation . So if you are a lover of nature and you are one of those who enjoys being outdoors, it is possible that sometimes and with great luck you may get to run into one of these friendly friends, remember to treat them with great respect (as well as all the fauna) and with extreme delicacy, you must keep in mind that they are small and fragile and taking them by force would not be a good idea, finally do not forget to give them an extra dose of affection and caresses, surely they will be very pleased that yes, try not fill you with so much tenderness. It's almost impossible! And if something so adorable deserves to be taken to many more people, do not forget to give a Like and click to share this video and thus continue giving too many "Overloads of Tenderness"!

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Eagle Nibbles On A Crunchy Treat From Its Owner's Mouth14s

Eagle Nibbles On A Crunchy Treat From Its Owner's Mouth

Here we have a short video packed with a lot of heart and thought. We don't normally think of eagles as pets. Perhaps this eagle is a rescue animal? We also wonder how long the eagle has been living with people. Since it was a chick? That would certainly explain why it's so docile. There isn't a lot of information about where this took place, or why is the young man feeding the eagle in this way. Still, we can reasonably infer that a trusting relationship exists between this man and his bird. The eagle approaches the situation cautiously by focusing on the treat, then it stretches its head exploratorily. With deft precision, the eagle picks off the tip of the cracker with its knife-like beak. We get a glimpse of the eagle as a conscientious friend, not just a selfish eating machine. It demonstrates a regard for the safety of the human at the other end of the snack. Since time immemorial we people have been in a struggle, man versus nature; a contest we have perpetuated unquestioningly. This isn't to suggest humans originated the conflict. Our ancient predecessors probably did have to run and fight to prevent from being eaten by clawed and fanged predators in the wild. And so we groomed this notion that beasts of the wild have no mind, are purely savage, with but single intent: to survive at all cost. Scenes such as this, and the many like it that could only come to light since the modern age of film have shaken the old “us and them” view of the wild kingdom. Birds of prey —raptors, are particularly interesting in this regard. The reason is they are self aware of their extremely sharp talons while nesting their young. Ospreys, for instance, have been observed to tucks their claws under their toes, when feeding chicks. In this way, the mother doesn't shred her own babies to pieces. Unlike other birds, eagles don't regurgitate food to their young, but instead bring prey such as fish into the nest, breaking it into small pieces. The mother eagle doesn't necessarily look after the welfare of each chick, either. Some chicks are favored and get more food than their siblings, which may ultimately die of starvation and be cast out of the nest. Growing up an eagle is to be educated in the school of hard knocks. But for those that make it to adulthood, the reward of being top predator in the sky makes the struggle worth it. Although, for all its awareness and seeming tenderness of the humans who sometimes care for them, the eagle may still take lessons in the safety and welfare of it own kind. The respect is mutual, and in the end the young man can't resist taking the last bite for himself. The eagle may be temporarily miffed, but it doesn't raise a fuss. Its needs are undoubtedly well tended to, and having been through this scenario before, knows it’s not the last cracker in the world.

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Baby owl goes for a walk 9s

Baby owl goes for a walk

Baby owl goes for a walk. Owl are one of those exotic animals that you think you must own one as a pet, because they are unique and make quite a conversation starter, but think again. Owls are not easily domesticated and that is not the only reason against keeping them as pets.

 Pet Owl Comes When Called By Owner15s

Pet Owl Comes When Called By Owner

This baby owl loves its owner and runs over from the other room when called. How cool is that? The love of pets towards their owners is something very pleasant and unexplainable. In this video, you can see how a beautiful owl hears the call of its owner and flies towards it. There is no doubt that owls are very intelligent and expressive birds, they can understand their owners and accompany them in their days of adventures. Anyone who loves birds will be fascinated to see how an owl flies towards its owner's call and looks very happy while doing it. It is very nice to see how an owl can feel strong emotions towards its owners, can perceive mutual love. The owl recognizes the owner call while flying since it even sees himself running very fast to respond as soon as possible to the call of its owner, maybe it knows there is a comfy hug awaiting. Owls are nocturnal birds, that is why they have a very well-developed sense of hearing, they can hear sounds that people can not, in addition to doing it at very long distances and in unexpected situations. The good ears of the owls allow them to hunt animals and insects at night, some claim that their houses are kept much cleaner from the moment they acquired an owl as a pet, maybe it is a possible solution for such problems. Besides that, they are extremely faithful to their owners. THere is something curious about owls: that they are birds that can be found almost anywhere in the world. They are also birds that can survive different types of climates due to the protection provided by their feathers, besides having very striking colors and having a heart-shaped face. Something very different from other birds is that owls can have different sizes according to their gender, they also have a very slow reproductive cycle compared to other birds, but they are always able to remember where they live and where they left their eggs. Owls return home no matter how far they have flown. This characteristic of good memory allows them to remember who their owners are, regardless of the time they have spent without seeing them, you could say they are animals capable of remembering anything, maybe that is why they appear in many movies as very wise birds and that has lasted for many years. The films and animated series are responsible for making people feel a great attraction for birds, especially those that have an unusual appearance, as is the case of owls, the taste for birds is something that has been happening for many years. years. years. years. From another point of view, now you can acquire more knowledge and attraction towards them thanks to television and the Internet. Maybe we should all have an owl in our homes to keep it clean from some intruders that we find unpleasant, have a pet to care for and give love is something that would give us great satisfaction every day.

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Baby Owl Runs To Owner When Called28s

Baby Owl Runs To Owner When Called

All of us have different animals for companionship. It can be a dog, a cat, lizard, fish, rabbit, bird or another different kind of animal. We keep our pets primarily for company, protection or entertainment. Popular pets are often praised for their attractive appearance, intelligence and their emotions that are very similar to ours. These pets have a special ability to lift up their owner’s spirit. Our pets also provide us physical and emotional strength. Having a pet means that you’ll never be alone. Just look at this guy in the video. He’s found his trusty companion in a beautiful baby owl. Owls are birds of the night.They are birds with broad heads, binocular vision which means that they have a good perception of depth and that they have the ability to maintain visual focus on an object with both eyes creating a single visual image. They also have binaural hearing which means that they have the ability to identify the location and the sound in direction and distance. Most owls are nocturnal, actively hunting their prey in the darkness. That’s why we call them birds of the night. Most of the time you can see that the owls are sitting still, not moving at all and that they can camouflage themselves well in their environment, making themselves almost invisible to their prey. The only way to notice them is by the color of their eyes and the sound they are making during the night. You can find them on every continent except on Antarctica but we know that it is going to be hard for you to spot them because of their nocturnal habits. In this video we can see one very smart baby owl . You can see this cute baby owl in the back waiting to be called. When his owner whistles the owl instantly rushes to him with its wings spread wide. We have never thought that owls can be so fast. We are sure that they are expert flyers but we did not know that they are great at running too. This is one fascinating owl with light brown fluffy feathers and big glowing eyes. It’s absolutely amazing! The whistling sound maybe is the way they greet each other. What an amazing friendship these two have. So cool! We think that the owl tries to communicate with the guy in the video too just by the sounds he is making. Maybe he is trying to say hi to his owner and to the camera or maybe he says how much he loves his owner. We are not sure what’s he saying, but we are sure in one thing and that's that the owl and the guy understand each other very well. If you like this video and if you are bird lover please share this video with your friends. You are going to make their day most beautiful. Maybe this video is going to be the highlight of their day. And, of course if you are an owl lover you can search our website and find similar videos with owls in them. Have a nice day!

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