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 Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff Into Shallow Water From Dizzy Height2m24s

Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff Into Shallow Water From Dizzy Height

The clip, filmed using a GoPro, shows the lad scaling the cliff’s steps using his free running skills until he is high up on it overlooking the ocean. When he gets to the very end of the cliff, he doesn’t stop there, instead he climbs over the fence and gets to a rocky terrain, surrounded by bushes and plants. He takes a few seconds to survey the height before the actual jump. He stops to catch his breath and to explore the surroundings which he is obviously not familiar with because we get the impression that this is his first time to perform a <a href=" " target="_blank">jump like this</a>. We can hear how his breathing becomes heavier and heavier as he is obviously bubbling with excitement. While the guy goes forwards and backwards, we may ask ourselves is he reconsidering his decision? is he going to get cold feet forsaking the crazy idea to leap in water so shallow? Or is he just really studying the depths of the water and the exact spot where he is going to take the dive? All of a sudden, the <a href=" " target="_blank">daredevil</a> plummets through the air in no more than two seconds before he reaches the shallow waters of the ocean and for a brief moment it looks like he might smack into the rocks. This intense footage makes our knees weak. How on earth did he pull that off?! This kiddo was really lucky because in a split second, things might have gone wrong. Rock jumping is an extremely dangerous activity. Cliffs are unstable in parts and a slight misstep could end in tragedy.

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A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool1m26s

A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool

Some people never stop to amaze us with their sense of adventure and thirst for extreme endeavors. Sometimes people’s behavior is unpredictable and incredibly stunning. From brilliance to geniosity, from exaggeration to wisdom is what marks the true nature of people. The limits of doing things that may change your life are sometimes invisible, avoidable or easy to ignore. We are all different and there lies the beauty. What is important is not to lose the fun along the way. The more exciting the risk, the more appreciated it becomes. For this guy here, the initiative of jumping off a 6-story balcony into a pool is definitely worth the risk. It is probably not his first time doing it, since he behaves like a real professional in terms of dangerous undertakings. He is doing it with such an ease- like a walk in the park . Which is not. It is actually an unpredictable and delicate act on his part that we are left breathless watching it. Scary as it may be, this guy just loves it. Adrenaline rushes through his body as we can hear him breathing heavily, all excited. With a GoPro attached to his head, he is looking for a place where he can best perform his crazy idea. He runs to it, and when he finally finds his ‘perfect’ spot, he doesn’t think twice, climbs over the fence, gets ready and off he jumps. Luckily, he hits the center of the pool and as if it is not enough, he goes on climbing a wall just to join his friend who was watching all along. Warning: Don’t you ever try this!

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Brave Daredevil Jumps 25 Feet Into A Tiny Pocket Of Ocean1m56s

Brave Daredevil Jumps 25 Feet Into A Tiny Pocket Of Ocean

This is the stomach churning moment when a daredevil performs a heart-stopping leap off the top of a 25-foot-high wooden construction into a tiny pocket of water. Footage shows the brave man climbing on top of the wooden scales, looking down at the rocky surface washed with waves. Your knees will get weak when you watch this kid jump off a 25 foot staircase and land into some really surgey water. Unreal! This daredevil must have practiced jumping into tiny pockets of water, because judging by this video, he is very much experienced in tackling heights and calculating his landing. We could only imagine what went in his mind when he was getting ready for the crazy jump, standing on the edge of the wooden scales, praying to land on water. Watch as this fearless daredevil shows some amazing jumping skills while searching for adrenaline. This brave man decided to try jumping 25 feet into a tiny pocket of ocean from a high wooden construction. We sure admire his courage and skills! Only the most experienced climbers and divers who enjoy deadly challenges should attempt such jumps, because this is no joke and the deadly quest should be approached with great caution. The man took his time and calculated the situation in detail, only to jump in the most favorable moment when the tiny pocket was optimally covered in deep waves! What we found most shocking is the state of ease this daredevil has when he goes for such a deadly adventure. Walking on the edge of a high wooden construction is very dangerous and is both physically and mentally demanding, especially when you know that one wrong move might kill you. Clearly this thrill-seeker seems happy with his jump and films the entire death defying act on his action camera. Would you dare to jump into a tiny pocket of water surrounded by rocks?

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Daredevil Makes A Daring Jump In The Slit Between Old Ships40s

Daredevil Makes A Daring Jump In The Slit Between Old Ships

Don’t get us wrong, but we think that adrenaline junkies are, like, the weirdest people. Folks who will go to incredible lengths to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing must have something going on in their heads! Jokes aside, there are but a few sensations like the rush of adrenaline coursing through one’s body. While adrenaline is known as ‘the stress hormone’, its effects do not necessarily have to be detrimental. In fact, studies have shown that a little bit of adrenaline can actually be good for you. When your body is overwhelmed with adrenaline, your mind is focused, centered, and ready to deal with intellectual undertakings that much faster. It is almost like drinking a good, strong cup of coffee. Your entire senses are heightened, making you feel more alive. Still, some people can handle it better than others. This guy, for example, can probably handle a bunch of the stuff, which is probably why he went to great heights to achieve the fix. Like, literally great heights . The clip, filmed using an action camera, shows the lad performing a dangerous activity by trying to fit into a tiny hole of water between ships. Jason Kaysor and a couple of his friends went to a local shipyard where old and decommissioned ships went to live out their days in a pile of rust. Now, just walking across those vessels is dangerous enough, with so many old, rusty bits poking out from every angle. One deep probe from those and it is off to the hospital for your tetanus shot! But Jason took the thrill to a whole new level. He grabs his GoPro camera, mounts it on his head and leaves his buddies on the deck, while he scales a ladder that takes him to a overhead bridge on one of the ships. His breathing is heavier as he struggles to keep his balance. When he reaches the end of the beam, his breathing becomes more burdened, what with all the adrenaline coursing through his body. The daredevil takes a few deep, controlled breaths, makes sure his camera is on tight and measures out the distance he needs to jump over in order to reach the water below. We can hear how his breathing becomes heavier and heavier as he is obviously bubbling with excitement. While the guy goes forwards and backwards, we may ask ourselves is he reconsidering his decision? is he going to get cold feet forsaking the crazy idea to leap in water so shallow? Or is he just really studying the depths of the water and the exact spot where he is going to take the dive? When he jumps, our hearts stop beating for a second, as we focus on the screen. Will he make it through? Next, we see bubbly waters and realize that his calculations were right! We would like to believe that this is the most blood-chilling video we have seen so far, but that would be a lie. We do, however, have to mention a particular one, where a daredevil unicyclist rides along narrow girders of steel-frame bridge on the banks of the Danube river in Romania. Now that is an adrenaline rush! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Fearless diver swims underneath cave in one breath36s

Fearless diver swims underneath cave in one breath

It's clear that GoPros are all the rage nowadays, and it's no wonder – because of their awesome filming capabilities the internet is swarmed with videos from all kinds of activities – from the mundane mountain walks that thanks to this camera look surreal, to adventurous and breath-taking underwater cave diving. Here we see a diver that mounted a GoPro to a broken fishing pole with some bamboo in order to capture a breathtaking clip as he swims beneath an underwater cave in only one breath! Would you ever try something like this? His adventurous spirit Is something we admire, although these kinds of videos should be made with extreme precaution. He must be very experienced and clearly knows what he's doing, but this kind of stuff isn't recommended for amateur. He gives us a quick glimpse of the vivid underwater world in Laguna Beach, from corals to sea weed, and it all looks incredible. Just nature in all her glory. Filmed in Laguna Beach, California, a place that is known for a mild year-round climate, scenic coves, environmental preservation, and artist community. And now, for the amazing GoPro underwater videos of it's scenic ocean life. The coolest thing ever! Enjoy!

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Diver explores breathtaking underwater cave32s

Diver explores breathtaking underwater cave

A diver conducts an exploration mission out to the right of Victoria's Beach in Laguna, California. Notice how, in order to save energy, he grabs a rock to fight surge waves. This is a fundamental tip to any free diver.

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The deepest we've gone. So we think1m14s

The deepest we've gone. So we think

Freediving nearly a mile off the coast of Three Arch Beach, Laguna Beach, My friend Brett Roth and I were attempting to push ourselves this day by going deeper than we had gone before. can you guess the depth??

Published: June 16, 201623,201 views
Guy pulls off epic back flip off cliff with GoPro in hand37s

Guy pulls off epic back flip off cliff with GoPro in hand

What you see here is a private beach in South Laguna Called Three Arch. This point is called the 'ice plant' jump area which is 70 feet high. This fearless daredevil attempts a back flip into the water while holding on to his GoPro the whole time. Unbelievable!

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Insane Crash Footage Downhill Skateboarding1m11s

Insane Crash Footage Downhill Skateboarding

Flying down this massive hill skateboarding, a hill I did the day prior, i notice construction cones at the bottom!! I try my best to slow down, but my shoe was beginning to melt from such a fast speed. There it is…. a tractor, workers, and a large steel plate lying on the ground…. Enjoy!

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Insane GoPro Hood Mount Skateboarding2m02s

Insane GoPro Hood Mount Skateboarding

Bombing hills in Dana Point on downhill skateboards never fails. I love this run in Dana Point California. Its fast, a lot of turns, and you don't have to stop! shot using a GoPro Hero 4 black

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Rare Footage of Man with Goat Leg!1m00s

Rare Footage of Man with Goat Leg!

As i arrive in San Francisco for this trip, I'm almost in a state of culture shock because it is so different than where i live. I had some time to kill so i bust out the trusty GoPro and start filming. What i catch on camera will confuse you, or may even fascinate you.. Take a guess for yourself!

Epic POV footage of downhill skateboard run1m49s

Epic POV footage of downhill skateboard run

Using a custom crafted selfie stick able to twist and flip, these incredible camera angles give us a first person view of an intense ride down Dana Point in California. Check it out as he reaches speeds of over 50 mph! Unreal!

Bombing Hills on a Clear Longboard Skateboard Barefoot1m38s

Bombing Hills on a Clear Longboard Skateboard Barefoot

Riding a longboard that was clear was interesting. You could see the ground beneath you and the board also had incredible flex. I decided to give it a shot barefoot just because it natually felt better on this particular board. Check it!! and check out Jelly Skateboards!

Skateboarding Dana Point1m55s

Skateboarding Dana Point

This little snake run in Dana Point is super fun. Its fast and has these crazy curves. Whats really cool about this hill is that you don't need to slow down at all. You can bomb it all the way through!

Crazy Surge Waves While Snorkeling49s

Crazy Surge Waves While Snorkeling

Snorkeling/freediving in Laguna Beach can seem like a walk in the park, but think again. Diver Brett Roth handling the incoming surge waves in some shallow water like a true waterman. yeww brut!

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Exploring the Ocean with Friends49s

Exploring the Ocean with Friends

My friend Brett Roth and I both had go pros on this day. In this clip, you can see Brett filming behind me at we skim the ocean floor in search of new terrain. Cool clip from last november at Three Arch in Laguna Beach

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Trekking into the abyss28s

Trekking into the abyss

I love exploring underwater. For instance. This little gouge in the side of this cliff lets water rush in and out. Timing is everything to get in safely. You can see this cave from the beach at Three Arch in Laguna Beach

The sewer wave12s

The sewer wave

aliso creek standing wave. when the water fills the creek, it naturally will run into the ocean. when its draining, it forms these standing waves. really fun, but really dirty water

Caught on Camera: Daring kids challenge ocean1m48s

Caught on Camera: Daring kids challenge ocean

Filming my two friends Brett Roth and Chase Johnson in what appears to be little tide pools. I start to film and Brett dives down. Chase and I didn't know where he went and kind of got nervous. I look up and Brett pops out f this tiny little hole completely surrounded by rocks!! Please don't search for these caves in Laguna. Kids have sadly lost their lives here :/

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GoPro captures mesmerizing underwater experience45s

GoPro captures mesmerizing underwater experience

This adventurer free dives off the coast of California at a spot called Treasure Island, where he finds a huge amount of little black fish. When he dives down, the fish end up swirling all around him. This diver appears to be in a state of total bliss!

Published: June 15, 201618,217 views
Cave peek a boo 23s

Cave peek a boo

Over in Laguna Beach at Victoria Beach, This little cave leads to a wash room with a small blow hole. Make sure you don't hit your head!!