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JSI Vision40s

JSI Vision

JSI's Vision was designed prior to Swish and while it works well for open plan spaces, it shines in modern private offices. For more details visit Appliedergonomics

AIS Matrix36s

AIS Matrix

For sophistication and functionality. For versatility. For a completely customizable, surprisingly cost-effective panel system that meets the wide-ranging demands of today’s office environments, choose Matrix.

AIS Calibrate28s

AIS Calibrate

Calibrate is a line of freestanding components and accessories designed to construct open plan desking and benching solutions as well as private office environments. For more details visit Appliedergonomics.

Compel Crescendo28s

Compel Crescendo

Crescendo by Compel is an upscale laminate modular desk collection that hits a sweet spot. It exudes modern luxury, with its thick tops and shaped edges, at a surprisingly low price.

Ergonomics office40s

Ergonomics office

Artopex Uni-T Workstations available at appliedergonomics .MAI's ARAY Workstations,Office Facility Essentials,Ergonomic workstations,Ergonomics desk chair,Ergonomics in the office ..