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Woman Coming Off Anesthesia Calls Her Dentist A Ho54s

Woman Coming Off Anesthesia Calls Her Dentist A Ho

You know what they say about post wisdom tooth extraction videos...they're hilarious! This girl is coming off of anesthesia and it's literally hilarious. Here's what happens in the video. A young woman feels her lip after she gets her wisdom teeth out. She also notices that she has a nice tongue. She then asks a woman off camera what her name is, and the woman replies that her name is Heather. She compliments Heather's earrings and says "You know what they say though. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho." Which may be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I hope Heather is not offended.

Dad And Sons Prank Mom With Cayenne Pepper Toothpaste Joke49s

Dad And Sons Prank Mom With Cayenne Pepper Toothpaste Joke

We have to admit we like how the dad is totally filming his wife getting pranked by his kids but she completely blames the boys at the end of this video. Perhaps she couldn’t see that he was filming, but he was totally in on this prank. Anyway, the boys put cayenne pepper in their mom’s toothpaste. She doesn’t find out until she starts brushing her teeth and her mouth starts burning. At first, she thinks something is wrong but her boys and the dad start laughing at her. After the dad tells her the prank she runs out of the room to chase the boys down.

Brothers Make Fun Of Sister They Catch Taking Selfies1m06s

Brothers Make Fun Of Sister They Catch Taking Selfies

The two boys behind the camera in this video have captured their little sister taking selfies in the living room. They are outside filming through a window while she does this. While the girl goes through various poses the boys commentate on what’s she’s doing. The girl only really has two poses for this particular selfie which includes a thumbs up and a variety of head tilts and smiles. There is also a hair whip to reset her hair a bit. It doesn’t appear to actually change anything. We do like that at one point the boy admits that his sister would be so mad if she knew he was making fun of her like this.

Family Covers Sleeping Man In Oranges For Practical Joke36s

Family Covers Sleeping Man In Oranges For Practical Joke

A man has fallen asleep sitting up at the dining table. While he slept his family decided to prank him so they went and got a bunch of oranges. Apparently, this guy is deep sleeper because they managed to get quite a few oranges stacked up on this guy. Finally, a woman reaches over and starts poking at the guy’s face until he wakes up. It takes him a few moments to do so and he certainly wakes up confused. He can’t quite believe that his family pranked him like this. Of course, he might still be half asleep at the table.

Fawn Suckles On Baby Girl's Fingers In Family Living Room1m11s

Fawn Suckles On Baby Girl's Fingers In Family Living Room

For some reason this family has a baby deer, or fawn, wrapped up in a blanket in their living room floor. Their young baby daughter is sitting on the floor with the deer. The fawn has decided that the little girl’s fingers are a food source and is sucking on the little girl’s fingers. The little girl giggles along with her parents while the deer suckles on her fingers. And that deer is going to town. The little girl might have some trouble getting that finger back. But we do have so, so many questions about this video. We’re sure you do too.

Old Dachshund Begs For Food And Wine At Dinner Party49s

Old Dachshund Begs For Food And Wine At Dinner Party

Who knew that old dachshunds just wanted to go to fancy summer dinner parties? This old man of a dog is sitting on a patio chair while his owners chow down and have a few glasses of wine. Apparently, they have taught him how to beg in a way that will get him treats. The dog rears back and sits up on his hind legs so that his front paws are in the air. He then makes a very strange face while doing it. The woman asks her dog to beg for ice cream but he actually only really does it when they ask if he wants wine.

Angry Cat Battles With Her Own Tail44s

Angry Cat Battles With Her Own Tail

I feel like cats are two separate beings that happen to coexist within one body. One of those beings is the cat itself. Head, torso, legs, paws, etc. The other being is the tail. Have you ever watched a cat become bewitched by their own tails? It is like they forget that their tails exist until it suddenly catches their eye. Then you have cats like the one in this video who ends up attacking his own tail and battling with it. If we’re being honest, it seems that the cat lost the war with his tail. We’re telling you they are two separate animals.

Young Boy SERIOUSLY Stuck In Swing Set1m46s

Young Boy SERIOUSLY Stuck In Swing Set

OMG, this young boy is SERIOUSLY stuck in this swing set! He is so stuck that his whole family had to help free himself. A young boy is stuck in a baby swing and his brothers/cousins try to help him get out as he shouts in pain. They manage to detach the swing from the swing set but are still having trouble setting the boy free. The struggle was so real that his dad calls for one of his nephews to get his beer. He tells the kid to think thin. They suggest he take his pants down, but he slowly starts to move it down his legs to get out. This poor kid finally breaks free and you can see how happy he is after all of that stress!!

Tiny Kitten Claps Her Paws To "If You're Happy And You Know It"21s

Tiny Kitten Claps Her Paws To "If You're Happy And You Know It"

Newborn cats are some of the cutest creatures in the world, hands down. Puppies might beat them but that’s a very close race and mostly based on the individual person’s biases. The tiny black and white kitten in this video is being scratched by a woman who is singing the children’s song “If You’re Happy And You Know It”. While the woman sings the song she pulls her hands away and the cat appears to clap her paws during the song. The kitten and the woman repeat song and clapping a few times during the video. All in all, very adorable.

Wet Parrot Sings And Dances His Way Through A Shower35s

Wet Parrot Sings And Dances His Way Through A Shower

A wet Rainbow Macaw parrot is perched on a specially built shower perch. He seems pretty excited to be taking a shower. On his perch the bird sings and does a little dance and occasionally shakes himself free of water. It turns out that parrots actually like to take baths especially birds that have particularly dry or itchy skin. You don’t want that. Though, you can’t put parrots in the direct stream of the shower. Which is why they have these great specialty shower perches. We do wonder if every parrot would do a little jig while they were taking a shower.

Barney The Dinosaur is Terrifying Children2m48s

Barney The Dinosaur is Terrifying Children

Barney the Dinosaur is literally terrifying all of these kids. Maybe he isn't so friendly after's what happens in the video. Several tot boys and girls cry indoors as a person in a Barney Dinosaur costume jumps around and tries to entertain them at a birthday party. The Barney song plays in the background as the kids cry and hug their parents. I'm sure the dinosaur is perfectly friendly, but he's scaring these kids so bad! We have to admit though, this birthday party fail is pretty hilarious, and hopefully one that will be remembered forever. If it isn't, they have this amazing VHS classic tape of it!

Patient Labrador Goes Fishing For Catfish In A Pond54s

Patient Labrador Goes Fishing For Catfish In A Pond

We can see a Black Labrador waiting on the banks of a pond. He is a pretty patient dog and calmly stands on the shore. Eventually he dives into the water and comes back with a catfish that he just caught. The man filming the video whoops in excitement telling his dog that he got it and that he was able to film the whole thing. He even goes over to the dog and compliments him on his catch. We liked that toward the end of the clip the man tells his dog that he’ll cook the fish up for him.

Little Girl Uses Toy Power Drill To Curl Her Hair34s

Little Girl Uses Toy Power Drill To Curl Her Hair

The little girl in this video is using her toy power drill to curl her hair. It seems to be working pretty well. I would be worried about her hair getting caught in the toy. While she uses the toy, the little girl crosses her eyes to look up at the toy power drill as it rolls through her hair. Too bad we don’t get to see the finished product. We would have loved to see if it actually curled her hair. She is pretty cute about the whole thing. And good on her mom for letting the little girl experiment, though hopefully never with a real power drill.

Boy Is Extremely Excited For His Barbie Dream House Present1m32s

Boy Is Extremely Excited For His Barbie Dream House Present

A boy unwraps a large Christmas present indoors and jumps up and down excitedly when he finds a Barbie Dream House. He runs around the room and hugs his family as he says, “Thank you” and “I always wanted it!” repeatedly. At one point, he pretends to pass out from excitement. To be honest, we’re fairly certain that we’ve never been this excited for a present, even for ones that we absolutely love and cherish. Also, that is quite the dream house Barbie. I’m kind of jealous as both an adult and my inner child. Is it too old to get one of those?

Tired Cat Tries To Ignore Playful Monkey That Pounces On Her33s

Tired Cat Tries To Ignore Playful Monkey That Pounces On Her

This poor cat, she just wants to sleep and take a comfortable nap on a bed. Unfortunately for her the household also has a playful monkey that wants to interact with his cat buddy. The monkey, probably a capuchin, keeps pouncing and poking on the cat. The cat is doing her best to try and ignore the monkey. However, this monkey does not want to take no for an answer. The cat’s face during the whole encounter is pretty funny. At the end she is definitely looking at her owner and demanding that someone take this monkey away. It’s not gonna happen, it appears.

Woman Teases Large Pig Sleeping Indoors On Her Floor1m36s

Woman Teases Large Pig Sleeping Indoors On Her Floor

A large pink pig sleeps on a carpeted floor indoors. A woman wanders over starts petting, tickling and cuddling with the pig. The pig grunts and makes noises while she does this. The woman then messes with the pig’s mouth teasing it with a hair clip. She also opens the pig’s mouth and shows off its teeth. However, when she starts messing with the pig’s belly, the pig gets upset and stands up groaning at the woman. The pig did not appear to enjoy that bit. For some reason the lights suddenly turn off though and we can see the pig by the fading light of another room.

Elk Charges Couple, Forcing Man Into Pond And Woman To Freeze1m02s

Elk Charges Couple, Forcing Man Into Pond And Woman To Freeze

It is not too often that we get videos that one might consider intense. This is one of those. It features a number of people standing outside and looking at a small herd of elk that have wandered into town. Or they are on some sort of elk farm. We aren’t sure which. One of the male elk charges a couple forcing one man into a pond. The female half of the couple freezes but the elk knocks her down anyway. She plays dead while the elk cautiously eyes her. It is a fascinating video to watch and a good reminder to be cautious around wild animals.

Musical Man Leaps Over 10 People In A Line To Land On Mattresses37s

Musical Man Leaps Over 10 People In A Line To Land On Mattresses

This is a pretty fun and interesting video to watch. It starts with a man pointing out to a few guys who are standing in front of him but bent over. As the camera pans you can see another guy in the line standing up and talking to first guy. Then the group starts a beat and the man counts to the beat showing that there are 10 people in the line. The beat keeps going as the man runs down the hall and sets up. He then sprints down the hall and takes a diving leap managing to clear the entire line to land on some mattresses.

Young Girl Reacts To Eating DAILY Veggies1m29s

Young Girl Reacts To Eating DAILY Veggies

Get ready for the most dramatic and hilarious reaction a kid has ever had after finding out they have to eat veggies every day. A woman and a man decide that they are going to make their kids eat veggies every day and one of the two little girls in this video is not ready for it. Her reaction to daily vegetables is a little extreme and it is MOST definitely dramatic. She tries everything she can think of to stop the madness her mom is feeding her. At first, she begs, please don't make me, please!!!!! After continuing to express her disgust, the little girl says "please don't fake me". Her mom says that she is serious and the little girl belts out an Oscar-worthy "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". The last trick she tries to pull to get out of this daily veggie situation is telling the woman that she is going to tell her daddy. The woman explains that this is a decision both her and daddy came up with and she has to eat her vegetables. The toddler girl reacts with that same Oscar-worthy "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from before.

Twin Toddler Boys Chest Bump Like Girls According To Dad1m12s

Twin Toddler Boys Chest Bump Like Girls According To Dad

If you ask me, these two toddler boys are pretty macho but their dad seems to think that they look like a couple of girls. I wonder what gives their dad that impression? Could it be the two balls they have stuffed under their shirt and against their chest? Twin boys stuff toys balls under their shirts and bump each others' chests in the living room. A man off camera says they look twin toddler boys look like girls. One boy says "These are our strong chests." Take that dad! They are just showing off their strong chests, let the kids play! Honestly, he is probably just jealous of how strong they look.

Toddler Mimics Male Opera Singer At Family Dinner1m31s

Toddler Mimics Male Opera Singer At Family Dinner

There is always one person at the family dinner table who is a little more animated than the other guests. At this dinner, it happens to be a toddler girl who mimics or lip syncs to a male singer who is singing a romantic opera song. My guess is that this little girl either had too much sugar with her meal or her hunger is making her goofy. A family is enjoying a nice dinner while on a cruise ship and the dinner comes with a show. A male opera singer belts a romantic tune and this goofy toddler mimics the guy throughout his entire performance.

How To Raise A Healthy Baby (As Told By Dad)22s

How To Raise A Healthy Baby (As Told By Dad)

Ladies and gentleman, THIS is how you raise a healthy baby, according to a hardworking dad with a HEALTHY sense of humor. The way this dad sees it, there are two things you can do to make sure you raise a super healthy baby. 1. The first way is to feed your baby all natural foods, fruits, and veggies. Looks like he has that covered because he points out that the baby is eating a carrot. 2. The second thing you can do is teach your baby high-intensity motor skills. What does this include? Gross motor skills involve large groups of muscles needed to sit, stand, walk, run, keep balance, or change positions. Fine motor skills include using hands to eat, draw, play or pick up small items. This dad exercises his baby girl's fine motor skills by teaching her how to open up his bottle of beer. Important AND useful.

Man Saves Baby Deer From Aboveground Swimming Pool1m13s

Man Saves Baby Deer From Aboveground Swimming Pool

A baby deer, or fawn, has somehow gotten himself stuck in an above ground pool. A man goes into the pool and helps the fawn get out of the pool. The deer actually seems to recognize that the guy is trying to help him. Though he does spend the whole time whining about the experience, almost like an angry little kid. But once the fawn is out of the pool he runs off to his mother who has been watching the whole thing go down. The two then take off. We’re fairly certain that the mom deer was totally scolding her kid as they walked off.

Dinosaur Attack Becomes Augmented Reality21s

Dinosaur Attack Becomes Augmented Reality

Technology can be really fun and who knows... it may lead to more creative and student films like this one. A group of students got creative on lunch break at school when they decided to have some fun with an AR app that brings a realistic t-rex dinosaur to life. Because of this cool app, the dinosaur attack, similar to what they have seen in the movie Jurrasic Park becomes an augmented reality. Three girls point at the camera, they scream and point "LOOK, A DINOSAUR." Seconds later, a CGI dinosaur stomps into the frame, roars loudly and continues to stomp around the schoolyard. The three girls and a bunch of students in the background start running around in a panic.

Donkey And Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Nuzzle Each Other In A Field44s

Donkey And Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Nuzzle Each Other In A Field

A teeny tiny Yorkshire terrier dog is wearing a t-shirt while he hangs out on a farm. Behind a fence a grey donkey is hanging out. The little dog seeks approval from his owner and she must have nodded at him or something because he crosses under the fence to join the donkey. Then he stands there and lets the donkey nudge at him. It’s almost like the donkey is using his muzzle to give scratches to the little dog. They are just kind of sharing a cute moment with each other. We bet if they laid down the two of them would cuddle up together.