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Boss Cat Pulls ‘You Shall Not Pass’ Attitude On Dog 51s

Boss Cat Pulls ‘You Shall Not Pass’ Attitude On Dog

Cats are great, but boy does this one have an attitude! Check out the way he refuses to let the family dog in, through his own doggie door. This is hilarious because the dog is ten times the size of the cat, but he is still afraid to come through when the boss cat stands on his way. He looks like a chicken to me! There’s no doubt that cats like to roam and hunt, and they can climb the fences that keep your dog contained. However, this is what happens when you want to keep your cat inside, and yet allow your dog free access through the doggy dog. If there is a way to train your cat to avoid the dog door with aversion or avoidance training, this owner hasn’t found it yet! This cat is self-declared doorkeeper and will not grant access to the family dog to enter the household! This sweet, gigantic dog is standing outside the glass door and is terrified to enter through the doggy dog because the cat is guard-watching and strikes at him every time the dog makes the attempt to enter. It is so adorable to see how this terrified dog retreats as soon as he realizes that the cat is the boss. He looks sad and confused, looking through the glass door. No matter how many attempts the dog makes, this evil cat won't let him pass. The big dog just wants to get to his owner, but the gatekeeper cat is standing on his way, and the dog retreats. This funny video is indeed hysterical, although it will definitely leave you feeling bad for the canine. We guess you already know who’s boss!

Published: November 2, 20173,858 viewsVirality: 6%
This Cat Is A Basketball All Star7s

This Cat Is A Basketball All Star

There is nothing more adorable than a cat and young human best friend duo. That's what I thought before I saw this clip -- not only are these two best friends, they play basketball together. AND THIS CAT HAS GAME!

Published: November 2, 2017213 views
The Stevie Wonder of Dogs35s

The Stevie Wonder of Dogs

Ready to watch the most impressive clip you will see on the internet today? This dog jams on the piano when his human asks him to play her a song! How adorable! How Impressive! So much talent!

Published: November 2, 2017252 views
Girl Uses Paintbrush To Apply Lipstick53s

Girl Uses Paintbrush To Apply Lipstick

This little girl is showing her mother a new technique for applying lipstick. After painting her entire face with eye shadow, she now has moved onto the lipstick portion and is carefully dipping the brush onto the lipstick after each stroke. She believes this is a very sensible technique.

Published: November 2, 2017159 views
Boy Screams From Makeup Sister Puts On10s

Boy Screams From Makeup Sister Puts On

Have you ever asked your sister to do your makeup? No? Probably more like your sister forced you to get your makeup done. This little boy got quite a shock when he looked in the mirror!

Published: November 2, 201758 views
Lipstick Loving Little Girl28s

Lipstick Loving Little Girl

Eva is a natural makeup lover. You can see she loves a bright color and is not afraid to show it. When her dad asks her exactly what she has on, she's ready to let him know right away.

Published: November 2, 201787 views
Girl Mistakes Permanent Marker For Makeup28s

Girl Mistakes Permanent Marker For Makeup

No, she did NOT! This clip sums up the Mom struggles -- when your kids get into things they shouldn't but they are super adorable and you can't be mad at them.

Published: November 2, 2017137 views
AFV Best Fails This Week10m02s

AFV Best Fails This Week

The BEST fails every week! Check out these hilarious fail videos from AFV! Here are the top 5 fails to look out for in this highly entertaining compilation of user submitted videos. 1. The curious cat that thinks he is a bug. Whiskers climbs up the curtains, balances on the curtain rod only to fall. 2. Pinata party fail. He swings, he misses, he swings again and he falls! 3. Sleepy puppy is so tired he falls over. 4. Need for speed! A girl rides a skateboard really really fast down a steep hill. 5. The classic trampoline fail! Too much bounce, very little control!

Published: November 1, 201715 views
Backyard Ice Hockey Fail35s

Backyard Ice Hockey Fail

Tis the season for cooler weather and depending on where you live SNOW! This hockey loving family did the coolest thing you can do in the winter made their own ice rink in the backyard. Like any other hockey loving family would, the two sons started to practice their shots while Dad was in net! Watch the video and pay extra attention to the second boy as he shoots!

Published: November 1, 2017
Dog Trapped By Cat35s

Dog Trapped By Cat

Rosy, a mature doggo, lives in a house with two additional pups and three cats. So that is three dogs and three cats! Naturally, the dogs like to team up to pick on/ annoy the cats and vise versa. The humans of the household were sick of the never-ending bickering. When the momma human realized both the cats and the dogs had separate spaces, she blocked off the cat space with a door the dogs will not be able to fit through. THAT DIDNT STOP ROSY FROM TRYING! Check out this hilarious video and share your comments below!

Published: November 1, 2017150 views
Pet Psychic: Dead Possums and Peanut Butter2m58s

Pet Psychic: Dead Possums and Peanut Butter

Its Halloween and time to get spooky! Pet Psychic Rachel reads Bev the dog and discusses her many issues with her owner Carly. Her issues include her love of food and killing possums. Bevs stats: Bev was found on the street, has major food issues, and she might be a serial killer. Would you ever take your pet to see a psychic? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Published: November 1, 2017133 views
Babies Explain 11 Stages of Dating1m31s

Babies Explain 11 Stages of Dating

Are you single and looking to mingle? Do you find that the dating scene is riddled with difficulties? Take a break from your single struggles and watch this TOTALLY relatable video of babies explaining the 11 stages of dating. 1. When you find your match! 2. But realize you are NOT that into them! 3. So you tell them you only want to be friends! 4. Then you find a new date! 5. And fall in love way too fast! 6. But they never call you back! 7. And you realize they are NOT that into you! 8. When they finally decide to call you back! 9. When you try to get back out there! 10. And realize you will always want what you cant have! 11. So you are better off dating yourself! There you go. It feels so much better when you have people you can relate to even if they are a bunch of babies! Share your thoughts or comment below! Did we miss a stage of dating?

Published: November 1, 201747 views
First Time Skateboarder, Unexpected Fail32s

First Time Skateboarder, Unexpected Fail

Yo! I dont skateboard man! Should I be scared? This quote is taken from a first time skateboarder as he stands on top of a ramp. His first words should already have you questioning his actions and you should be anticipating an epic fail because skateboarding is hard. He finally finds the courage to make it down the ramp and he is successful! His friend asks him to give it another try shortly after that question comes the unexpected fail. Check it out!

Published: November 1, 2017
Bunny Plays with Balloon Until It Pops!26s

Bunny Plays with Balloon Until It Pops!

This playful bunny has everything in life that she loves. Her favorite blankets, plenty of space to roam and a new toy! This adorable bunny plays with a red balloon in the kitchen until it pops! Poor thing got so scared when the balloon popped but clearly, she was having fun while it lasted.

Published: November 1, 2017255 views
Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card34s

Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card

This kitten is not a fan of singing birthday cards! The video starts with the kitten wrestling the open (singing) birthday card on the bed when she finally closes the card and the music stops she calms down! For all of our entertainment, the human opens the card again! The music starts and so does the cute kitten. Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday? Well if you’re planning to give your feline a present, maybe you should skip on the singing card. Why? Watch the video and see how this cat reacts to the singing birthday card, she simply hates it and wants to destroy every single piece of it! Her humans don’t know why she hates it so much. Maybe she’s annoyed by the sound it makes. The second she hears the famous chicken dance melody she seems annoyed. Some people appreciate music while others not so much, and it seems that the same goes for the animal kingdom. This hilarious footage, shows the ultimate cat-attack! A fluffy cat is sitting on the bed and is desperately trying to figure out where the noises are coming from. She uses her teeth, claws and feet to make the horrible sound stop! Humorously, the angry feline is biting the card and sinks its teeth into the paper. Her owners can be heard laughing out loud, trying to realize why the cat is so frustrated at the card. Maybe she hates music and wants to turn it off!

Published: November 1, 201711,093 viewsVirality: 6%
These Cats and Dogs Are Best Friends Forever1m47s

These Cats and Dogs Are Best Friends Forever

Cats and Dogs are different. But surprisingly they are friends! They do all the things BEST friends should do. They spend time together they take care of each other watch Netflix together and go on vacation! If you lose your key they will let you in! And after a long day of following each other around cats and dogs know how to relax and cuddle! These adorable furry pals prove you dont have to be the same as your besties!

Published: November 1, 2017232 views
EPIC Camouflage You Would Normally Only See In Marvel Movies21s

EPIC Camouflage You Would Normally Only See In Marvel Movies

Its time for fall which means; pumpkin spiced everything, cool weather, sweaters and playing in leaves! After you watch this video you will understand how this camouflage is expert level something you would normally only see in Marvel superhero movies. A girl looks to be sitting in a pile of leaves until her dad walks up to where she is... she instantly drives off in a remote-control jeep that was COMPLETELY covered by leaves. Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Published: November 1, 2017363 views
When Your Mind Plays Tricks On You1m41s

When Your Mind Plays Tricks On You

This is what happens when your mind plays ticks on you! These are some of the most creative forced perspective videos. Is that kid boiling his brother in a pot on the stove? Nope! Forced perspective! A man washes the coolest lime green colored sports car you will ever see wait! Its a toy car! Check out this clever user submitted video compilation and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Published: November 1, 2017
Puppy Chases The Cowboy On His Halloween Costume19s

Puppy Chases The Cowboy On His Halloween Costume

Meet Gordy! His family (known to Gordy as THE HUMANS!) bought him the perfect Halloween costume. Gordy dressed up a bull with a cowboy on his back! Not only is this costume perfectly cute, it also perfectly matches his personality. Gordy is known for being energetic and he will do anything to make THE HUMANS! laugh. With the cowboy strapped on his back Gordy runs in circles, throws his body around exactly what you would see if you were going to watch bull riding! Puppy Halloween costume PERFECTION!

Published: November 1, 2017119 views
Science Experiments Gone Wrong2m34s

Science Experiments Gone Wrong

Put on your safety goggles, stand back and watch AFVs funniest Science Experiments Gone Wrong video compilation. Exploding volcanos? Check. Mentos and diet coke? Check. A few tips I learned after watching these cute kids experimenting with science. First, it is best to execute outside, especially if your project includes Mentos! Second, make sure you are fully prepared with lab coats and safety goggles. Last, if you have a little brother or sister, try it out on them first BUT be sure to record! Have any funny Science Experiments gone wrong stories? Check out the video and share you stories below!

Published: October 31, 201737 views
Cat’s Hunting Engine Revs On Toy Train25s

Cat’s Hunting Engine Revs On Toy Train

It’s just fun for the cat to chase things. Cats’ hunting behavior evolved to be prompted by different stimuli. That’s a survival mechanism that triggers pounce-and-attack to put food on the feline table. Several things trigger the urge to hunt. Sounds and sight can stimulate cat-attack and trigger predatory behaviors. This cat likes to knock the toy train off the track, and occasionally gets his tail stuck under the train, but he never experiences any pain, he just likes to play the game! A toy train can be as simple as a pull toy that does not even run on track, or it might be operated by clockwork or a battery. By the way, many of today's model trains might be signed as toy ones as well, providing they are not strictly scale ones in favor of a robustness appropriate for children or a reasonable manufacturing. Rory, the family cat is clearly the king of the home and often likes to sit right in the middle of a toy train track when kids are playing. It doesn’t take long before Rory playfully stops the train from moving, on several occasions, one of which prompted eventual destruction. When the toy gets stuck on Rory’s tail, the cat freaks out and starts spinning around!

Published: October 31, 20172,976 viewsVirality: 4%
Epic Transformer Halloween Costume29s

Epic Transformer Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween from AFV. To celebrate this wonderfully spooky and fun holiday we wanted to share our favorite Halloween costume this year. Check out this EPIC Transformer Halloween Costume. This kid and his dad bought the transformer costume from a costume shop, created the vehicle pieces out of cardboard boxes and decorated with spray paint and duct tape. The boy starts off as a tank until his dad says TRANSFORM then he turns in to the transformer and is ready for battle! Check out the video and comment below! What is your favorite costume this year?

Published: October 31, 2017
Babies Playfully Fighting5m02s

Babies Playfully Fighting

The one thing you can always count on when having more than one kid is that they are bound to playfully fight and argue. Whether it is over attention, toys, cell phones or just general gibberish these kids and babies are not getting along. Check out this compilation of 8 sibling arguments that are too cute! Share your comments below!

Published: October 31, 201719 views