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Sister Repeatedly Scares Her Younger Brother43s

Sister Repeatedly Scares Her Younger Brother

Having a brother or a sister is such a joy! You always have somebody to talk to or to play with and you don’t even have to go out of the house to find a company. But is it always fun and games with siblings? Many sibling quarrels are made when there is a big age gap between them, and this video is such great example! We can see an older sister who repeatedly scares her little brother. Even though he laughs about it, he shouts “stop it” several times. As if he can’t decide if he’s annoyed with his big sister’s behavior or he enjoys the game. Seems that having a big sister is a such a pain! In one moment, he even tries to predict her moves, but unfortunately, he misses. Watching this video was a such a fun thing to do! And I'm sure you will crack a smile like I did!

Boy Laughs So Hard That He Hits His Head On A Door Frame14s

Boy Laughs So Hard That He Hits His Head On A Door Frame

Most kids will agree that the best thing about having a sibling is the fact that you always have someone to play with. It doesn't matter if it’s a brother or a sister, your sibling is your play buddy for life. And the two siblings from this video are definitely making the most of the fact that they have each other. As the video begins, you can see a little girl sitting at the bottom of a staircase, while her brother is standing on the opposite end of the staircase. The little boy's got a stuffed monkey toy in his hands and the game plan is to toss it down the stairs for his sister to catch it. Dad advises him to give the stuffed monkey a good tumble so that is rolls all the way down the stairs. The girl says ‘go!’ and the boy throws the monkey. For whatever reason, the little girl fails to catch the toy, and the by reacts in a hilarious way. He laughs so hard that he slams his head into a door frame and his head bounces. LOL! Totally hilarious!

Swinging Mom's Butt Takes Out Little Boy At The Park24s

Swinging Mom's Butt Takes Out Little Boy At The Park

Public parks are fun places to take your kids and enjoy some parent and child bonding time. At the same time though, they seem purpose made to create trips, falls and fails among adults and children alike. The mom and son in this video are playing on a swing set at their local park. This one features a mom on the swing set with her little son trying to push her and somewhat failing to do so. Later as his mom tells him to get closer so that he can give her a push, her butt hits him in the face knocking the boy over. All very funny. But we were curious about public parks so we looked it up. Over the centuries various cities globally have featured nature areas that certain people, usually nobility, could tour for their own pleasure. But what about in the United States where AFV is based out of? Parks in the United States started in the late 1900s as tracts of land that cities purchase to create “pleasure grounds” for city residents to relax. These kinds of parks include Central Park in New York, Lincoln Park in Chicago and Mission Bay in San Diego. Smaller neighborhood parks with playground equipment, green space and ball fields didn’t start appearing until the 1950s. In cities, as land prices rose and rent became too high pocket parks started getting built. These were small lots, usually a from one building where nature is cultivated and provides a somewhat natural space for urban residents to relax. Today, many new parks being designed as semi-wild wherein the nature isn’t cultivated like at a traditional playground park.

Adorable Boy Thinks He Lost A Hat That's Actually On His Head57s

Adorable Boy Thinks He Lost A Hat That's Actually On His Head

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately kept trying to find your glasses or your phone just before you realized that the object you’re looking for was in your hand the whole time? I’m sure we can all relate, including the little boy from this video! You just have to check out his adorable struggles. As the clip starts, you can see a little boy wearing a black batman hat. The boy's dad is videotaping his son as he informs him that he’s lost his hat on the playground. He doesn’t realize that he actually didn’t lose the hat, and dad doesn’t want to break the news to him just yet. LOL! Oh, how cute is this confused boy? He’s so desperate to find his hat, and he's even got a few ideas where it might be. The possibility that the Batman hat might be in its place, on his head, does not occur to him until the end of the video. You just have to see his cute face when he grasps that the hat’s never left his head. So adorable!

Bear Cub Gets A Piggyback Ride24s

Bear Cub Gets A Piggyback Ride

Bears are such adorable animals. No wonder why most kids run straight to bear exhibits first thing when they come to a zoo. And to be honest, bear cubs are unquestionably one of the cutest animal babies ever! If you don’t believe me, check out this adorable video. This will melt your heart for sure! As the clip begins, you can see a bear having fun in the rain at the zoo. But if you look closely, you’ll find out that there’s a bear cub riding on this bear’s back. Oh, how cute is this little one? This adorable bear is getting a piggyback ride, and he couldn’t be more pleased about it! I’m sure that this little one wanted to make the most of the rain, but he was also too tired to walk on his own. So, piggyback ride with his dad it is! This video is just too cute for words!

This Pup Really Loves Cookies12s

This Pup Really Loves Cookies

Dogs are such incredibly funny creatures! They know how to put up a show even when they are not really trying to! Just like the one in this video! He is so adorable and funny that you have to check it out. This video shows the cutest pup ever who adores cookies. He loves them so much that he’s ready to do whatever it takes to grab some. But his lady owner obviously knows that, so she puts the batch of cookies high on the kitchen counter so her cute pup cannot reach them. LOL! But the pup is so inpatient, that while the cookies are cooling on racks on the counter, he keeps jumping over and over hoping to snitch one. LOL! Sound familiar, ha? I have to say my pup is just the same! But unlike this one, she is much bigger, so hiding the cookies from her is almost impossible!

Baseball Fail: What Goes Around Comes Around5s

Baseball Fail: What Goes Around Comes Around

I believe that you’re aware of the expression “what goes around, comes around”. However, I’m absolutely sure that you have never seen or experienced such a perfect example of it as the one that this video shows. Brace yourself, because this video will make you laugh out loud for sure! This clip shows a young boy playing baseball. So much fun! Baseball is such an amazing sport, and you can tell that this little boy is really excited about the game. You go, little one! He’s on the batter position and his responsibility is huge. He hits the ball, but not everything goes according to his plan. The ball hits the net and comes back just to hit the batter himself. That was not a got hit, that’s for sure! LOL! What goes around, comes around, there’s no point in denying that after this video! This little boy should definitely keep practicing his baseball skills! So hilarious!

Funny Tot Boy Thinks He Has No Eyebrows35s

Funny Tot Boy Thinks He Has No Eyebrows

Kids are absolutely amazing, especially when they are just toddlers who cannot pronounce words very well, but love to sing songs! Just like a boy in this video. He is so amazingly cute and adorable that you really have to check this video out. But, prepare yourself for a cuteness overload! This beautiful tot boy is looking at the camera, and he is singing an old English nursery rhyme called “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” that goes: “Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the master, one for the dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane!” But, when he comes to the next chorus, he scratches his forehead and realizes that he cannot see his eyebrows and says “I don’t have any eyebrows!” LOL! But only because he is a beautiful blond angel with blond eyebrows!

Toddler Boy Gets Pads As Birthday Present42s

Toddler Boy Gets Pads As Birthday Present

Toddlers are such hilarious little creatures, we can all agree on that! The funniest things come to their little minds, and that’s why we enjoy their company so much. If you were feeling down, the little boy from this video will cheer you up for sure! This cute video shows an adorable tot boy who’s playing with his mom. They are having such a good time, because the little boy’s game of choice is pretending that it’s his birthday. And what’s that one thing that birthdays are all about? Well, presents, of course! Mom asks the little by what is it that she got for his birthday and his answer is priceless! He picks up a colourful box of his mom’s menstrual pads and announces that those are his presents! LOL! All those pads belong to him now, and he couldn’t be more excited about that! LOL! Isn’t this the funniest birthday present you have ever seen?

Bad News For A Tot Boy57s

Bad News For A Tot Boy

When a tot boy has a big brother, wouldn’t be logical that he wants to have a baby sister too? Well, according to this video it’s not! A little boy in this clip is not really happy to hear the news about a new baby in a family! His reaction is so hilarious that you really have to check it out! This video shows a family of four, mom, dad and their two young boys, sitting at the table at home, having dinner together. Mom asks them are they excited about having a new baby brother and they go wildly happy about it! But when she brings the news, the doctors said it’s not a boy but a girl, the younger boy totally freaks out! LOL! He screams and cries that he doesn’t want to have a sister because he hates all baby sisters and he never wants to have one! LOL!

Baby Boy Bleats Like A Baby Goat18s

Baby Boy Bleats Like A Baby Goat

All babies are absolutely adorable, and there is no doubt about it. But when I say all, I mean both human babies and all kinds of animal babies too! There is nothing cuter in the world than them, except maybe this little baby boy in this video with a face of a little angel and a voice of a baby goat! LOL! He is so adorable and funny that you really have to check it out! This lovely baby boy is sitting in his chair and makes the funniest noise a baby can make, a sound of a baby goat! OMG, just look at him! This cute baby boy actually bleats! I have to say that I have seen and heard many funny things babies can do, but the one in this video really beats them all! This video is so hilarious that it goes into my personal Top 5 favorites immediately!

Adorable Girl Falls Asleep During Dinner Time1m31s

Adorable Girl Falls Asleep During Dinner Time

You may think that being a toddler is all fun and games, but you are wrong. Toddlerhood comes with its very own challenges. One of those challenges is definitely the unpredictable sleeping pattern that all toddlers experience. They fall asleep in the most inconvenient moments, but when you try to put them down for a nap, that’s next to impossible. Let’s take the little girl from this video as an example. As this cute clip begins, you can see an adorable toddler girl who’s having dinner. But if you look closely you’ll find out that she’s not actually having dinner, but falling asleep at dinner time instead. LOL! She’s so sleepy that keeping her head up seems like a mission impossible. And not only does she doze off at dinner time, she actually falls asleep with her head resting on her plate! LOL! Oh, how adorable is she? Isn’t this the cutest thing you have seen in quite a while?

This Kid Rocks!18s

This Kid Rocks!

All kids have many different talents, but the one in this video simply rocks it, and you are going to love it, I promise! He is so amazing that you really have to check this video out! A boy is standing outdoors with a basketball in his hands and announces that he’s going to drop that ball in a hoop across the street! He turns his back to the camera and kicks the ball right through the hoop! OMG, that seems totally impossible! This young kid is really a genius! The only trick is what kind of genius - a basketball or a soccer wunderkind?! LOL! But regardless of that, this video is so amazing that you really don’t want to miss it! It’s such a mood lifter that will make you feel great as it was yourself who made to hit that ball across the street and score it!

Fishing Trip Freak Out43s

Fishing Trip Freak Out

Spending time with your sibling is a such a joy! Especially if you spend your day fishing. I remember enjoying spending time with my brother on fishing trips, just like this one in the video. Watching these two adorable kiddos made me think about all those times my brother and I were in our fishing escapades. Oh boy, and how much fun we had! In this hilarious video, we see a boy and a girl fishing with their dad. And we see they were successful - fish is in dad’s hands and he is proudly showing it to his kids. While girl seems to be interested in the catch, a boy is fearful. I can’t help myself, I’m destined to laugh watching him scared of the little fish. Hilarious! By the end of the video, he will not be able to touch the fish and eventually he will start to cry. What a silly boy! Somebody better explain to him that there is no point in being scared of little fish. Or maybe he thinks this is a baby shark? Hilarious!

Tot Girl Taunts And Pokes At A Cat But The Cat Strikes Back12s

Tot Girl Taunts And Pokes At A Cat But The Cat Strikes Back

You know what people say - It takes two to tango! But the same goes for picking up the fight! And the one in this video is absolutely hilarious! It’s between a toddler and a cat, and you’ll be the judge whose fault was it! LOL! This video shows an adorable tot girl and her best feline friend. The cat is sitting on a table and enjoys some peace and quiet, but the girl wants to play with her. She calls for her and tries to make her cat get down. But when she doesn’t want to, this cute baby girl taunts and pokes at the cat who gets angry and hits the tot girl on the head several times! LOL! And now, you tell me, who’s the guilty party here - a tot girl who only wanted to play, or a cat who just wanted to be left alone? LOL!

Toddler Girl Impersonates George Bush58s

Toddler Girl Impersonates George Bush

Toddlers are such incredible little beings! They don’t cease to amaze us over and over again! You can never be sad or bored if there’s a toddler around, that’s for sure! Especially if your toddler is a talented impersonator, just like the little girl from this funny video! This cute clip shows a little girl who is making her mom giggle by making all kind of facial expressions on command. First up, it’s the happy face and she nails that one. Next, she does her best mad and surprised expressions. She’s so cute! But then comes the real treat. This little girl makes a George Bush face! LOl! And her impersonation is genius! OMG, how crazy is that? No matter what face she makes, this little girl is totally adorable anyway! Isn’t this the best George Bush impersonation that you have ever seen? So amazing! I just can’t stop watching this video over and over again!

Little Boy’s First Amusement Park Ride26s

Little Boy’s First Amusement Park Ride

Amusement park rides are just the best! Not many things are as exciting as those scary rides! However, there are people who don’t find amusement parks that amusing! Either way, we can all agree that the first experience of an amusement park ride is such an unforgettable memory. You just can never forget that level of excitement! And the little boy from this video surely won’t forget his first scary ride. You just have to check out his hilarious amusement park adventures! You're in for a treat! This hilarious video shows an adorable tot boy who’s experiencing his first amusement park ride. Judging by those priceless facial expressions he’s making, you can tell that the ride is nothing like he was expecting it to be! LOL! I’m not sure whether he’s absolutely terrified or if he’s just surprised, but his funny faces are everything! Hold on tight, little one! So cute!

Little Boy And Bear Play Peek A Boo In Zoo37s

Little Boy And Bear Play Peek A Boo In Zoo

Who says that bears and little boys can’t be best friends? They can, and this video is here to prove it! If you don’t believe me, you just have to watch it! Going to the zoo is one of those activities that all kids look forward to. And the little boy from this video is not an exception! He’s having so much fun in front of a bear exhibit. You can tell that the bear is quite fond of his little visitor! They are playing the cutest game of peek a boo! So heart/melting! Both the little boy and the bear are having the best time ever! Peek a boo! I see you! It looks like they could go on and on like this the whole day long! So adorable! You just have to check out their excited faces! This cute bear and the adorable boy sure have become best friends today! So cute!

Tot Girl Hates Sour Candy But Keeps Eating It34s

Tot Girl Hates Sour Candy But Keeps Eating It

All kids love candies so much that it seems they could live on sweets! But when they try a sour candy for the first time, their reactions are hilarious! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It is so cute and funny that you really don’t want to miss it. This video shows a sweet tot girl loves to eat candies just like any other children. So, when her mom offers her one, she takes it of course. She puts the candy in her mouth, but when its sour taste hits her gentle pallet, she makes the funniest sour face I’ve seen in a long time! OMG, just look at her reaction! Her mom asks her if it’s good and she says “no,” but the funniest thing is, she keeps chewing on it! LOL! It seems her love for the candies is stronger than this awful sour taste! LOL!

Baby Girl and Her Dad Blow Raspberries At Each Other37s

Baby Girl and Her Dad Blow Raspberries At Each Other

Did you know that blowing raspberries doesn’t only involve having lots of fun? Producing those funny noises is actually very beneficial for babies because it helps their brain power stimulation. How crazy is that? Either way, making those hilarious noises that sound a lot like fart sounds makes all the babies laugh out loud, and that’s the best thing about it! In this clip, you can see and hear a baby girl and her Dad having a blast blowing raspberries at each other. LOL, how funny are they? Those two are taking turns in making those funny noises, and you can tell that they are having the best time ever! So much fun! I’m not sure whether this is a competition, but they are not planning on giving up any time soon! LOL! How adorable is this blowing raspberries duo? So cute! This video is just too funny for words!

Baby With Super Powers Flying In Her Dad's Arms10s

Baby With Super Powers Flying In Her Dad's Arms

Having a superpower would be so much fun, don’t you agree with me? When I was a kid, I often imagined I can blow fire from my hands, and the Power Rangers were one of my favorite shows. Things have changed a lot since I was a kid, but I still think that everyone has a superpower. We are all super people every day. Doing taxes and being a responsible adult is surely something that takes a lot of straight.\n\nSome kids are lucky to have their parents make them feel special. Take the baby from the video as an example. Her dad is holding her up so she thinks she’s flying. What a hilarious sight and what an awesome dad. All I can say is ‘’good job dad, well done’’. And it’s a real joy to see the baby cruising up in the air, smiling and enjoying. What an awesome video!

Hilarious Dog With Poor Jumping Skills29s

Hilarious Dog With Poor Jumping Skills

If you thought that cats chasing laser pointer dots on the wall are hilarious, just wait until you see a dog in a similar kind of action! And his video is here to offer you such a perfect example! If you were feeling down, be sure that this video will cheer you up immediately! At the beginning of the clip, you can see a cute dog who is determined to catch a little bird that’s flying around the house. The plan might be simple, but it’s definitely not fail-proof in execution! The dog tries to get at the bird by jumping off the couch. It’s just too bad that his jumping skills prove to be really poor! LOL! He doesn’t jump very high, and instead of catching the bird, he falls off the couch into the drapes behind it. LOL! He should definitely work on his jumping skills! So hilarious!

Hilarious DIY Merry Go Round40s

Hilarious DIY Merry Go Round

Everybody loves a good DIY project. We can all agree that do-it-yourself projects are so much fun. They offer you a chance to activate your imagination and get creative. And that’s exactly what the guy from this funny video did! You’re in for a treat! This video shows the funniest DIY project that you have ever seen! As the clip begins, you can see a man sitting in a spinning chair and holding a leaf blower. This scene might seem a little crazy to you, but it’ll all make sense in a minute. The leaf blower is on, and its purpose is to push the guy around in circles! OMG! That's a DIY merry go round! LOL! How cool is that? But, all of a sudden, the man loses his balance and falls off the chair. Game over! To be honest, he was destined to fall off that chair at some point from the very beginning! So hilarious! Kids, please, don’t try this at home!

A Little Boy Scares A Cat Into Falling Into A Tub Of Water31s

A Little Boy Scares A Cat Into Falling Into A Tub Of Water

Cats don’t like the water. That’s a basic tenant of life that we all understand. The cat in this video is a perfect example of that. In this video, a cat walks along the side of an indoor hot tub. The tub is full of water and there is a little boy behind the cat. As the cat carefully puts his foot in the water, the little boy scares the cat by turning on the tub’s jets. The cat reacts by falling into the tub and trying as hard as it can to get out and eventually, the cat finally does so.

Two Little Boys Talk About Pie To Get Out Of School1m56s

Two Little Boys Talk About Pie To Get Out Of School

Getting out of school is one of the primary goals of a little boy. We were all there at one point, we have to make up some sort of fib to get out of going to the one place where we spent the most time and yet, despised all at once. In this video, these two little boys take this idea to a new level. They tell their mom they shouldn’t have to go to school because they understand basic multiplication. When she asks them what “Pi” is, they answer about “Pie,” referencing the dessert made with fruit filling. The mom calls them out on not know “Pi” has to do with a circle and they have to go to school.