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"Ultimate Winter Fun: Skiing and Funny Skiing Falls"

"Skiing is the ultimate winter fun, but funny skiing falls make it hilarious, as long nobody gets hurt just like in this video with an ambitious ski jumping beginner. Learning the basic skiing techniques, like straight downhill snow skiing takes time but trying to hit some skiing jumps before mastering the basics can be pretty rough. It seems that this skier here either didn't know that or he just got a bit impatient and decided to give it a go! Or maybe, he was just taken by surprise with an unexpected bump on this skiing trail. Either way, his landing wasn't a very successful one. In fact, it was pretty hilarious! Instead of having a nice, soft landing this guy just crashed down the slope, lost his skis and slipped away, provoking roars of laughter! Fortunately, this minor skiing accident had a happy ending and just turned into one of the funniest skiing falls."

Guilty German Shepherd Hides In Shower After Tearing Up Bed44s

Guilty German Shepherd Hides In Shower After Tearing Up Bed

A German Shepherd tears up bedding including a bed sheet. After she was caught, she went to her parents' bathroom and hid in the shower stall. When the owner goes to find her, he sees that the German Shepherd has shoved her as far back in the stall as she can. When the owner asks the German Shepherd what she did, she ignores him by staring at the wall. She refuses to acknowledge him every time he asks.

Published: February 13, 2018
He May Be Small But He Is Fierce1m12s

He May Be Small But He Is Fierce

You would think the bigger pup would be the one eating all the food and hogging the kibbles and the bits from the tiny puppy, but things seem to be a little backwards in this situation. You see, the big dog is being bullied by the little puppy while the little puppy hogs and eats all the food. When the big dog tries to get just even a kibble the little dog barks and the big dog get intimidated and he eventually ends up walking away. Hey if you are small it doesn’t mean you can’t be tough and stand your ground lol.

The Great Crib Escape26s

The Great Crib Escape

Babies are just too darn smart these days. And so strong for that matter. My oh my this one baby must give his mother some trouble. In this video you can see he is a smart little bugger and knows exactly how to work the system and get out of his crib. He is strong enough to push his crib around and push it to his changing table and that is exactly how he escapes. I for one never knew how to escape my crib and I certainly wasn’t strong enough. Did you ever try to escape from your crib?

Smelly Cat Smelly Cat20s

Smelly Cat Smelly Cat

Cats can be funny creatures. I would know. I have two of them also. And let’s be honest sometimes a cat, after they use the litter box, doesn’t always smell so great. But we can’t blame them. It’s nature. Apparently, this one cat wanted to get a little up close and personal with his sibling because he had no shame in his game sniffing away under the tale. And the face he makes and what is to follow is absolutely hysterical! Oh boy aren’t cats just the best! Let’s just hope our fury friend learned his lesson even if it was done the hard way.

Popsicle Licking Pup1m23s

Popsicle Licking Pup

There is nothing quite like a juicy popsicle in the hot summer and yet there is also nothing like an adorable dog eager to do do the same. This adorable tiny pup doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with it’s tongue seeing as it’s hanging awkwardly out of his mouth but none-the-less he still manages to lick away at the multi-colored popsicle before him. His tongue hands floppy out of his mouth and he continuously licks the wet popsicle for minutes while everyone around him films and exclaims how cute he is. And honestly we have to agree.

Saved By Dad13s

Saved By Dad

Life is always a little more fun when you live on the wild side a and for these kids no one was stepping in the way. With their little toy car two kids of them set off full speed down the grassy hill. All was well and good and looked like fun until the speed was a little too much for the other kid at the bottom of the hill who seemed to be stuck in their tracks. But have no fear because super dad is here to save the day! Beating the car down the hill dad swoops in and picks up the kid stuck in place and saves the day!

The Epic Kitchen Prank57s

The Epic Kitchen Prank

What happens when it’s just a normal day and you go into the kitchen for a snack but there seems to be a ghost or some weird type of spooky magic opening on their own? I for one would be very freaked out. This little boy wasn’t as freaked out as he could have been but he was very confused. Rightfully so. So what was causing the cabinets and drawers to mysteriously open and close every time he would close them? There has to be an explanation right? Of course there is! It was his siblings hiding in the cabinets!

A Pregnancy Announcement Gone Wrong21s

A Pregnancy Announcement Gone Wrong

It’s always an exciting time when someone you know is pregnant and it is ever more exciting when they announce their pregnancy in a fun and exciting way. Just as the photo was about to be taken and you say the usual “say cheese,” and then everyone repeats, “cheese.” Well, the young women says instead, “I’m pregnant!” The women screams and then says, “really.” And then out of no where she faints and tumbles to the ground. It looks like it was a little too much excitement for her to handle but luckily a baby is on the way and she still had good news to wake up too!

A Tough Little Cookie Monster15s

A Tough Little Cookie Monster

You usually bank on your older sibling to stick up for you or to check for the monsters under your bed but that doesn’t quite hold true for this little strong touch cookie. While trick or treating a young girl and her older brother go to ring a doorbell and a fake monster pops up. It scares the brother and he screams but his little sister did one better. Instead of screaming or getting scared, she runs up to the monster and punches it right in the face. Take that fake Halloween monster! You aren’t going to get me!

Like Father Like Baby10s

Like Father Like Baby

Some are born to love sports and that is so exception for this baby and the father. Clearly this dad is a big sports fan and rooting for his team. Every time they score a touchdown he would raise his hands and yell out of happiness. Right next to him is a newborn and every time he raises his hands so does the baby. It is truly an adorable moment between father and child and one that will continue for years and years to come I’m sure. Now all the baby needs to do is learn to talk so it can yell too.

Car Alarm Dance Party32s

Car Alarm Dance Party

We all hate those annoying car alarms but what better way to turn a loud annoying situation into something positive? These two boys new just what to do to do just that! They had a parking lot dance party to the beat of their own drum… or car alarm to be exact. They found the beat and were hysterical having the time of their lives grooving and shaking to the loud car sound. Something tells me no matter what happens in life nothing will rain on their parade. Stay happy, be positive, and dance to annoying car alarms in the parking lot.

Fairytale Mishap12s

Fairytale Mishap

Fairytales are suppose to have happy endings. But unfortunately, this was not true for this toy fairy and this little girl. She was so excited about her flying toy fairy that she had received for Christmas. When she was showing her family just how this fairy worked, it flew beautifully into the air twisting and turning and went so high and floated right into the fire place. And yes, the fire was lit. The fairy did not make it. The dad tries to get up for a quick save but it is too late. I’m sure there was another flying fairy gifted to her soon after that.

Kissing The Boo Boo18s

Kissing The Boo Boo

Being outside in the summertime and playing is always a found memory for kids. It doesn’t matter what you have for toys. These kids were playing with a broom and having the time of their lives. But the little tot girl has a boo boo on her knee and only a kiss from her friend or brother will make it better. It’s not easy to kiss a knee but he gets down on his own knees and leans in to kiss the sweet girls wound. I have a feeling that kiss was just the medicine she needed to feel better.

When A Sweet Kiss Goes Wrong31s

When A Sweet Kiss Goes Wrong

Kids these days. It’s so nice to see two cute tots outside reading a Disney book and trying to share the book. But what happens when one doesn’t want to share? Well the young boy does not get mad. What does he do? He decides to go in for a sweet kiss. But what happens? He gets denied. Poor little guy. The little girl wanted nothing to do with his kiss on her cheek and smacks him with the book instead. Just trying to spread the love. It’s okay, maybe next time. She must be taking notes from Elsa’s rule book. It really it so sweet and touching.


"Bulldogs Are Awesome | Funniest Bulldog Compilation"

"Aren't bulldogs amazing? Check out these HILARIOUS bulldog videos from AFV! Did you know that in British culture, per the BBC, the Bulldog is a NATIONAL ICON, symbolizing pluck and determination? In fact, many people likened the bulldog to arguably the UKs greatest Prime Minister, WINSTON CHURCHILL! That's a lot to live up to, don't you think? Well, we're pretty sure our WRINKLY buddies here today can rise to the occasion! Be sure to share this video with your friends and family and enjoy the CUTENESS provided by our FURRY friends!nnWhat's your favorite moment in our BULLY compilation? Ours might be when the little ADORABLE PUPPY rides on the rumba, or when the FUNNY ADULT bulldog refuses to go down the stairs? T little one is more mature! Let us know in the comments below who you like the most and submit your BEST DOGGY video to us!"

Published: February 12, 2018
Tater Eating Dog50s

Tater Eating Dog

Us dog owners know when our pup is guilty. They have that look in their eyes that they are guilty and can’t look or stare at us in the face. Even after we say their name. Well this dog is certainly guilty of something. He can barely look at his owner. But After she calls him a good boy you see he has put nine whole tater tots in his mouth. First of all, how he fit nine whole ones in there I’m not sure. Also how did he manage not to chew them. Was he saving them for later? It will forever remain a mystery.

Stealthy Dog32s

Stealthy Dog

There is no denying dogs love human food but usually they only get it once in a blue moon and when it is given to them. What happens when your dog is clever enough to find food on the counter and eat it. This dog does just that. Even when the food is in the center of the counter the dog takes his paws and scoots the foot towards him. But honestly how can you get mad at that face. He’s just a hungry boy. With an appetite like that and a face like that you just can’t deny this is the cutest thing ever.


"Karate Kids! | Funniest Martial Arts Videos"

"Wax on, wax off! Check out these HILARIOUS Karate Kids! We've culled through our library to find you some of the Funniest Martial Arts Videos so we could present them to you today! Be sure to SHARE with your people so you can WATCH, LEARN, PRACTICE and who knows? Maybe someday you might be able to take one of our BLACK BELTS in a fight? Not so fast though, we think you can tell just by watching that our kids could probably WHIP SOME BEHIND!nnWhich is your favorite martial arts moment? Is it the yellow belt little boy CRUSHING through his WARMUP TRAINING? Maybe it's the little girl who practices her KEMPO along the ADULT class, as though she knows exactly who her SENSEI will be when she's older? Let us know in the comments and be sure to submit your karate video today!"

Published: February 12, 2018