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The Cutest Sibling Rivalry Of All Times

The Cutest Sibling Rivalry Of All Times

Taking care of a single baby is challenging, I’m sure that all the parents of the newborns can agree. But if you have to handle two little ones at the same time, that’s next to impossible. The parents from this video thought that they can give each of their twin boys a toy and they are good to go. You can imagine that nothing went according to their plan! You absolutely have to check out the hilarious situation that these adorable twin boys found themselves in. Two babies with two toys, what could go wrong? Well when one adorable baby drops his keychain toy, he decides that the solution is to simply take his brother's toy from him! Talk about the cutest little sibling rivalry of all time! This baby knows what he wants and goes for it! OMG, how funny is that? The only thing left for the baby boy without the toy to do is cry! LOL!

Published: June 18, 2018
Pitbull Dog Plays With A Lawnmower In A Backyard

Pitbull Dog Plays With A Lawnmower In A Backyard

Some dogs are really fortunate to live with the families that have houses and spacious backyards with a lot of room to run around and play! That means they can spend lots of time outside, but at the same time, most of them have to play alone while their human friends are at work or busy doing something else. Just like a pup in this video! But, there’s a brilliant twist in it, and you really don’t want to miss it! This adorable Pitbull dog has found a new friend in his family’s backyard - a manual lawn mower! The only trick is, that thing won’t move by itself! So, he tries to animate it and starts barking at it, but when he realizes that doesn’t help, he takes it in his jaws and starts pulling it around the backyard! OMG, just look how much fun he has with that lawnmower! Simply amazing! LOL!

Kid Who Said “Eww Gross” When He Saw Newlyweds Kissing13s

Kid Who Said “Eww Gross” When He Saw Newlyweds Kissing

Sometimes stuff grownups do can seem irrational and gross to kids. I remember when I was a child, I couldn’t understand my dad who was going to work at 5 a.m. Like, why would anybody want to wake up so early to go to work (which was not so great place, I soon realized)? Who does this to himself on purpose? And the boy from the video is no different to any child out there. He’s having a moment of wondering about the grownups behavior. Just look! As the video begins, we see newlyweds kissing for the first time in the church. And their romantic moment is stopped when we hear loud “eww gross” from one cute boy in the crowd. LOL! I bet he thinks why would somebody do something like that to himself. We will see him when he grows up! LOL!

A Cute Girl Crying Because Of Chores43s

A Cute Girl Crying Because Of Chores

When I was a kid, I wanted to order. However, my mom took the more relaxed approach to parenting. In one moment I remember asking her to give me the schedule. I wanted her to write me down what I should do and when on a weekly basis. LOL! Now, when I actually have daily, weekly and monthly chores and task I would give anything to evade it. The girl from the video seems to be my sister from another mother. LOL! As the video begins, we see her crying on the bed. And soon, we hear why. She wants to do some chores but her mom didn’t give her any. Poor thing! But the situation is quickly fixed! Her mom gave her to make up her bed. LOL. Everyone’s happy now!

Sweet Toddler Girl Prefers Banana Peel Over Actual Banana45s

Sweet Toddler Girl Prefers Banana Peel Over Actual Banana

Toddlers are such funny little humans! That’s a given. Especially when it comes to eating. Most parents can agree that mealtime is one of the most challenging parts of the day when you have a toddler. And this video proves that perfectly! As the clip begins, you are presented with a scene of a sweet little girl holding a banana peel and biting it. LOL! Her dad is desperate to get her to try the edible part of the banana. But she’s not gonna do it because she prefers the peel! This toddler girl likes that banana peel so much that she just won't let go of it! LOL! If she likes the peel, she’ll surely love the edible part of the banana. It’s just too bad that she can't be convinced to try it! How funny is that? One thing’s for sure, this little girl’s dad has got lots and lots of laughing opportunities with his toddler daughter ahead of him! Totally priceless!

Funny Dog Makes A Mess And Gets Stuck In The Bag Of Treats35s

Funny Dog Makes A Mess And Gets Stuck In The Bag Of Treats

Nothing feels more rewarding than coming home after a long day at work and having someone to welcome you! But, if that someone is your beloved four-legged friend, you may also find something else as a welcome surprise! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It shows what a woman who comes home and finds a trail of dog treats all over the floor that leads her downstairs. She follows the trace and finds her cute little dog at the bottom of the stairs stuck in the bag of treats! OMG, you have to see this! Her beautiful pup somehow managed to open a bag of his treats and made this huge mess all over the place, got himself into the empty beg and now pretends as nothing happened! He knows that he’s guilty as charged, there’s a shred of evidence on his back, and all around him, but he just plays dumb. LOL!

Two Young Girls Race Each Other Mario Kart Style In Stop Motion51s

Two Young Girls Race Each Other Mario Kart Style In Stop Motion

This video is so cool! If you are a fan of stop motion, you’ll love it! And if you like Mario Kart, you are in for a treat! As this awesome clip starts, you can see two young girls sitting on the floor at home. They are both wearing underwater glasses, gloves, scarves, and earphones. Those outfits are really funny! And what are they geared up for, you may wonder? Well, judging by the fact that they are holding a toy steering wheel each, they are about to race each other! How amazing is that? They are ready for a Mario Kart style race, to be exact! Ready, set, and the race is on! You absolutely have to check out their racing adventures in stop motion! They are having so much fun that it makes me wanna join them! How cool is this go-kart-style racing video? So awesome if you ask me!

A Baby Who Wants To Get Rich… Alone1m15s

A Baby Who Wants To Get Rich… Alone

When I was a kid, I wanted to have a puppy, new toy, the unlimited amounts of cookies. And I just recently realized how much money worth. But it seems like this cute little girl has it all together. She just knows what she wants. To get rich! LOL! However, she wants to be rich ALONE! And when her parents ask her if she would share her fortune with them she loudly says NO! Hilarious! But someone should tell her money alone can’t buy you happiness. Yup, that's right! It’s always nice when you have someone to share it with. Am I right?

Lazy Dog Won't Get Up To Play10s

Lazy Dog Won't Get Up To Play

If you have ever thought that dogs are always in the mood for playing, you are probably right. But that doesn’t mean that every dog will get up and run to fetch a ball! Oh, no! Some pups prefer to have fun laying down, but the one in this video really brings the game to the next level! This adorable dog loves to play fetch while he’s chilling on the kitchen floor, so he and his human friends have invented a new game I like to call “go fetch pinball style!” This cute dog is lying on the floor while he’s owner throws him a ball, but he grabs it only if the ball it’s coming his way. If not, he prefers to pass it! OMG, just take a look at him! I have to say this is one of the laziest, but at the same time funniest dogs I have ever seen, and I just love it! LOL!

Crawling Toddler Falls Into Hole15s

Crawling Toddler Falls Into Hole

You absolutely have to check out the hilarious adventures of this crawling newbie! As the clip begins, you can see an adorable toddler boy having the best time crawling on a lawn in a backyard. OMG, how adorable is he? It seems like he’s just learned how to crawl, but it doesn’t mean that he’s half bad at it! Quite the opposite! Crawling is one of the top toddler skills, and this sweet little boy is about to master it! But wait, there’s a plot twist coming up and it’s a good one. All of sudden, an obstacle comes into this little boy’s way! Oh, no! He falls into a hole on the lawn! Nobody was expecting that to happen to this brave little boy. But don’t you worry. This little fail won’t break this little boy’s spirits because mom comes to the rescue. Keep up the good work, little one! So adorable!

A Young Boy Can't Stop Looking At The Girls34s

A Young Boy Can't Stop Looking At The Girls

Kids are absolutely amazing, and I just love watching funny videos they make! The way they perceive the world and the things around them is so incredible and often totally hilarious! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean! It shows an adorable young boy who wants to leave the pool because he can't stop looking at the girls! OMG, can you believe that?! LOL! This cute little boy is spending a day with his family at the pool, but he doesn’t like it as much as everyone else, and now he wants to leave. He comes to his mom to tell her that, but when she asks why he explains that he can't stop looking at the girls and his eyes won't let him look at the boys! Well, that’s really an issue when you want to play with your friends, but your eyes keep wandering somewhere else! LOL!

The Funniest Excuse Ever2m03s

The Funniest Excuse Ever

Aren't you sometimes sick and tired of hearing the excuses? Your partner didn't wash the dishes because he didn't see them. Or it was late because his boss was insisting for him to stay up late for work. The list is endless. However, sometimes people offer us some really amazing excuse. Like the boy from the video. As the video begins, we see a cute boy crying and telling his dad that a ghost walked on his shelf and broke it. Hilarious! We see his dad is not ready to take his answer and interrogates him even further. Yet, boy sticks up with his story. LOL! But as the time passes by we see him crying more and more. When his dad asks his brother who broke the shelf, the crying boy insists that it was a ghost. OMG, he’s not ready to give up! LOL! I wonder how this situation ended.

Funny Family Trampoline Fails! | Hilarious Fail Compilation10m02s

Funny Family Trampoline Fails! | Hilarious Fail Compilation

You want an awesome trampoline fail compilation? We'll give you an awesome trampoline fail compilation! Bouncing is fun. That's why trampolines are literally the best. When the entire family (even grandpa) starts jumping on the trampoline, you know there's gonna be a fail. Thankfully, we have tons of these videos in our library so that we can all see it. Today's compilation is Funny Family Trampoline Fails. Did you see the man running full speed ahead at 6:43. He really took a tumble. Ouch...

Published: June 15, 201811 views
17 Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Day2m35s

17 Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Day

Here comes dad to the rescue! Father's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to honor the man who we all know and love -- dad! These are just a few of the incredible moments when "dad reflex" kicks in and dad saves the day! This just proves that dads are actually superheroes. That's right, these are 17 incredible moments when dad saved the day. Kids may find themselves in a pickle from time to time, but we can always count on dad to make it all better!

Published: June 15, 2018
AFV Presents: Funniest Dad Jokes - In Honor of Father's Day1m25s

AFV Presents: Funniest Dad Jokes - In Honor of Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Dads are the best, aren’t they? The wisdom they bestow upon us, the wonderful parties, cookouts and of course, the HILARIOUS DAD JOKES are some of the best moments in our lives! Nothing quite surprises us like those moments when dad can be funny, especially when being a dad can be SUCH SERIOUS BUSINESS! That’s why we present our newest FUNNY DADS COMPILATION, HAPPY FATHERS DAY FROM AFV!

Published: June 15, 201812 views
Funniest Flower Girls! | Hilarious Wedding Fails3m06s

Funniest Flower Girls! | Hilarious Wedding Fails

Here comes the flower girl? It's wedding season, and LOVE is in the air! But this is Kyoot so fails are also in the air. Everyone wants a perfect wedding day, but things don't always go as planned. These flower girls are here to help make the wedding special, but some of them just end up failing under the pressure. But these kids are so funny and cute that these brides don't care (so we don't either!). Today, we're showing you the funniest flower girls because these are seriously hilarious wedding fails.

Published: June 15, 2018
Hilarious Toddler Girl Uses Her Face To Paint A Picture35s

Hilarious Toddler Girl Uses Her Face To Paint A Picture

This video is absolutely hilarious! It gives the perfect example of what happens when mommy turns her back on a toddler for a minute. If you are up for a really good laugh, you can’t miss it! As the clip begins, you are presented with a little girl who is having the best time ever while she’s painting. Her name is Emma and she is too cute to handle! Her mom comes along and gets shocked by how much mess this little girl has made! When her mom left her to paint on her own, just a few seconds ago, she was using her hands to pain. But in the meantime, this future Picasso has moved on to face painting. LOL! Both her cheeks and her forehead are absolutely covered in paint! It even looks like she’s got a little fish painted on her forehead! LOL! This little girl is a very talented painter, that’s for sure! So hilarious!

A Dog VS A Balloon Water Bomb16s

A Dog VS A Balloon Water Bomb

If you are up for a good laugh, you have to check out the hilarious backyard of a young girl and her pet dog! This funny video takes place in a backyard on a beautiful summer day. Both the girl and her pet dog were probably getting really bored with the hot weather, so they decided to cool down a little by making balloon water bombs. Yay! Bring on the fun! You know what they say - boredom sparks creativity. And that expression applies to the situation in this video perfectly. The clip opens with a scene of a young girl holding a water bomb. Then, all of a sudden, the dog gets too eager to pop the balloon! He jumps and hits it. Boom! The water bomb explodes! You can tell that the young girl was not expecting that to happen. LOL! And the most exciting thing about this video is the fact that it has been recorded in slow motion! Totally hilarious!

Great Dane Plays with Kittens32s

Great Dane Plays with Kittens

Even though it might seem unusual, cats and dogs can actually be really good friends. However, we all know that it takes two to tango! If a dog wants to make friends with a cat and the cat is really not interested, there’s nothing that you can do about that! You can’t force someone to be your friend! And that’s exactly what a Great Dane dog from this video learned the hard way. You absolutely have to check out his struggles to befriend a couple of adorable kittens! As the clip begins, you can see a cute Great Dane having the best time jumping around the back patio. There are several kittens in the backyard with him, and you can easily tell that the pup would really love to play with them! Oh, how cute is that! But it’s just too bad that the kittens want nothing to do with the Great Dane! Poor doggy! He really goes out of his way to grab their attention, but it’s all in vain!

Puppy Sibling Rivalry32s

Puppy Sibling Rivalry

If you are a fan of dogs and especially puppies, this video is here to amuse you! It tells a story about the cutest case of puppy sibling rivalry and it’s absolutely priceless! As the clip starts, you can see three adorable puppies together in one doggy bed. One of the pups’ is really sleepy but the two other ones are in quite the opposite mood. Have you ever been stuck in a room with your siblings and they won't stop fighting? Well this unfortunate pup knows exactly how you felt in that situation! This adorable little pup is just trying to get a little nap in when his two rowdy siblings decide that it's playtime! Talk about some restless siblings! And they are being really rude as wel! Who can the not see that their little brother is desperately trying to get some much-needed sleep? They just can’t stop playing! Totally priceless!

Cute Little Boy Wins And Fails In Tee Ball At The Same Time35s

Cute Little Boy Wins And Fails In Tee Ball At The Same Time

All the kids love playing tee ball! It’s such a wonderful sport for the little ones. Tee ball is so much simpler than baseball, but it still gives the kids a chance to develop ball game skills while having lots of fun with their friends. If you’re in the mood for a tee ball win and a fail in the same video, this clip’s got you covered! As the video begins, you can see an adorable tot boy in his position to hit the ball. You can tell that he’s really nervous. Get ready, get set, and he swings! The cute boy swings the bat but ends up missing the ball. Oh no! But wait! He makes a full circle and somehow manages to hit the ball with the backswing! OMG! A fail and a win almost at the same time! He can’t believe what's just happened! Quick, little one, run the bases! This video is too funny to handle!

Toddler Boy Likes Sour Candies35s

Toddler Boy Likes Sour Candies

If you thought that babies tasting lemon for the first time are funny, believe me, toddlers eating sour candies are even funnier! If you are having a hard time believing it, just check out this priceless video! As the clip begins, you can see a cute toddler boy who has just been handed a sour candy from his dad. You can tell that he’s really excited to try it! The boy puts the sour candy in his mouth, but then, his whole facial expression changes completely! He makes the sweetest sour face in the world! But when his dad asks him whether he wants to spit the candy out, the answer is negative! OMG! This adorable boy keeps making the cutest sour faces but he still doesn't want to give up on the candy because he actually likes the taste of it! LOL! Who would have thought? How funny is that? Totally hilarious!

Cute Toddler Boy Crashes Into A TV While Playing Soccer19s

Cute Toddler Boy Crashes Into A TV While Playing Soccer

Soccer is such an amazing sport! If you have never tried playing it, you absolutely have to give it a shot! Both kids and adults love it, and the little boy from this video is not an exception! Brace yourself, because this video shows the cutest soccer player of all time! As the video begins, yo can see a cute toddler boy having the best time playing soccer in a living room. He kicks the ball a few times but then, something hilarious happens. The little soccer player crashes into a TV set and falls down! LOL! Game over! This toddler boy is actually not half bad at kicking the ball, but he still has to work on his coordination skills if he wants to be a soccer player one day! LOL! But you know what they say about building up new skills - practice makes perfect! Too funny to handle if you ask me!

Adorable Little Boy Wants To Be Batman27s

Adorable Little Boy Wants To Be Batman

Who doesn’t love watching superhero movies? I’m sure that we can all agree that they are so cool! We all have our favorite superhero characters. And this little boy’s beloved character is Batman! Good choice! If you are a fan of Batman and Robin, you’ll love this priceless video! You’re in for a treat! As the clip begins, you can hear the little boy’s dad saying “I’m Batman” in his best Batman voice. OMG! He’s really good at impersonating Batman’s voice! However, the little boy does not approve of his dad’s impersonation because he wants to be Batman as well! That’s too bad because there can only be one Batman. As the little boy tries to introduce himself as Batman, and his dad as Robin, you’ll realize that he can’t even pronounce “Batman” properly! Oh, how adorable is this little batman wannabe? Too cute to handle if you ask me!

Little Girl Tries To Pull A Joke On Her Sleepy Brother46s

Little Girl Tries To Pull A Joke On Her Sleepy Brother

This video is so funny! If you are in the mood for a chuckle, you’ll definitely like it! It tells a story of a little girl who tried to pull a joke on her tot brother. As the clip begins, you can see a tot boy and a little girl enjoying the ride on the backseat in a car. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that the cute little boy is asleep with a lollipop in his hand. The moment the little girl realizes that her cute brother is asleep, she decides to pull a joke on him. And what does the joke involve, you may wonder? Well, she tries to take the lollipop away from him! Let’s see how that works out. Each time the sneaky little girl tries to take the lollipop from his hand, the little boy pulls it closer to him in his sleep. LOL! He even screams when she manages to take it away! So hilarious!