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Old Farts Fail At Football18s

Old Farts Fail At Football

Who do you think you’re calling “old?” Not these young whipper-snappers, I would hope. If you’re making columns on a piece of paper and one of them is labeled “Still Got It,” under that one is where you’d place these fellows. If they were still giving out Heisman Trophies to dudes in the 65 plus bracket, I would say we have ourselves some legit contenders in this very clip! We start out with the QB, the specimen in maroon with the blue cap. Move over, Tom Brady; there’s a new Adonis under center. He gets comfortable in the pocket and announces his play with authority. “The Trojan sweep, and I mean Trojan!” he declares. (We here at AFV took this to mean he literally learned this play in the ancient city of Troy, not that it has any affiliation with the University of Southern California and their mascot). He declares that he’s calling the play “on red,” shouts out the few random colors he can still remember, finally says “red” and we’re off.

Published: May 1, 20181,083 views
Boston Terrier Teaches Newborn Baby How To Crawl31s

Boston Terrier Teaches Newborn Baby How To Crawl

At a young age babies of every species learn by mimicking their mothers and fathers, and in some cases the pets they live with. We have seen plenty of videos of little babies copying dogs and cats and acting more like them than their actual parents. But occasionally, that mimicry can be used for good when a dog or cat is able to teach the baby how to baby, like with this video. We just love how this excited Boston Terrier tries to show the baby how to crawl and it does appear as though she kind of gets it. He even rewards her when she crawls a little bit. It’s also nice that the dog seems to understand babies. Not every dog does. In fact, anecdotally, we have seen plenty of dogs that are quite confused by toddlers and babies. Maybe it’s a size thing, and for dogs it’s like they’re looking at a way too small version of something that should be far larger. We could see how that would be confusing. There is also the fact that dogs generally don’t know what to expect when babies come into the home. There are new sights, new smells and new routines that they have to adapt to as well. According to the ASPCA, you should take some time to prepare your dogs for a newborn before the baby arrives. Interestingly, most dogs are, according to ASPCA, are very confused by baby crawling because they have never seen a human crawl. The society recommends showing baby moves to your dog so that they are used to them when a real one arrives. Or get a trained dog crawler like this adorable Boston Terrier!

Published: May 10, 20182,659 views

"Dance Party: Some Wins, Some Fails, ALL FUN"

"Who is ready for a DANCE PARTY? Your pet? Your grandparents? Parents? Kids? Judging by the people dancing in the clips within this hilarious and fun compilation... the whole family (humans and pets) are ready to groove. Here are my top 5 moments: 1. Horsing Around with Dance. Let’s talk about the first clip in this compilation! Not only is it hilarious but it involves horses dancing. Two horses bounce their head to the beat at the same time! 2. The new toy sore boogie. (3:22) A young boy is dancing like a mad man while shopping for a new toy! Excited much? 3. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Fail. (:22) A teen girl dances on a trampoline and just like most trampoline videos on the internet… her impressive dance moves lead to an epic fail. Watch this hilarious compilation, feel the music, have a laugh and move your body! Which clip was your favorite?"

Published: January 19, 2018471 views
Kid Gives Thanksgiving Thanks For A Gift He Hopes He’ll Get In Five Years20s

Kid Gives Thanksgiving Thanks For A Gift He Hopes He’ll Get In Five Years

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time. It really allows us to open up to friends and family and let them know what we’re thankful and grateful for. Especially parents – we each have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to the work that parents put in. The list is endless; we could thank them for their love, their support, and their hard work keeping us clothed and fed. Well, Thanksgiving at this Church is no different. Kids have lined up to tell the congregation just what they have to be so thankful for. The first little girl tells everyone how grateful she is to her grandma for helping her make Christmas cookies. They must be delicious if that’s what the little girl’s thinking of. Next up is a little boy who, with his hands thrust firmly into his pockets the entire time, tells everyone just how thankful he is for his parents. Specifically, his parents buying him a golf cart five years from now. It gets a massive laugh!

Baby Pretends To Cry But His Mom Knows He Is Deceitful 32s

Baby Pretends To Cry But His Mom Knows He Is Deceitful

There is no one in the world who can know a son better than a mother, those wonderful beings who gave us life and give it a thousand and one times if necessary for each of their children; no doubt nobody can know us better than mom but apparently this little guy did not explain to mommy that it is almost impossible to deceive her. She always knows the truth! This adorable and cunning baby tries to fake a cry to try to evade the siesta time and although it seems so convincing it definitely can not fool the unbelieving mother. This astute baby does not like to take naps in the afternoon and does whatever it takes to avoid that time and so be able to extend and enjoy a little more of their fun game afternoons; but definitely both the little one and the mother need a little rest after lunchtime, so our clever little friend has no choice but to use various tricks to avoid the sleep, even to desperately and unsuccessfully pretends to crying credibly. Unfortunately for the skillful baby, this method has not given very good results, Mom does not believe him a bit! Far from getting a little credibility from his mother, all he gets is to create a jocular moment that even he can not help but mock his situation and it is impossible to keep his face serious. So our little friend will have to reinvent his repertoire and look for something more convincing so that mom can forget for a while the time of the nap because evidently the mock crying will not work! not even crocodile tears will make this mother fall into the trap. Definitely the youngest of the house have an intelligence and cunning methods that are surprising and almost incredible for someone so young, are masters in the art of manipulating to get what they want and of course that no one at home can resist so adorable and lovely moments that inject so much love and tenderness. They are a real sweetness! So probably after trying to mourn as an actor worthy of an Oscar and try not to laugh at the accusations of Farsante! What his mother does, it is possible that this tender baby has to take his nap since it is obvious that mom is not going to give up! If you have a baby as skilled, clever and manipulative as this little one, surely you do not stop having fun every day with his witticisms and great performances, but it is probable that nothing they do will work because if there is something true it is that mom knows better! If this video was fun and you want to see more funny moments like this one, do not forget to share and like our young actor so that he can be seen by more people. Similarly, do not forget to share it on all social networks so that all your friends and family can see and have fun.

Published: October 5, 2018554 views
You Won't Believe What This Girl Found In Her Easter Egg33s

You Won't Believe What This Girl Found In Her Easter Egg

Easter is a holiday filled with family fun and the great tradition of filling Easter eggs with yummy treats! Well this girl certainly got the surprise of her life when she opened up a plastic Easter egg to find something that was definitely not a sweet treat!

Published: March 8, 20165,277 views
Little Boy Loses Battle Against Trash Can45s

Little Boy Loses Battle Against Trash Can

Nobody really likes doing house chores, but the whole family has to participate in maintaining the house nice and tidy. Taking out the trash is one of those easy boring daily chores that usually aren't too eventful. But that certainly does not mean that it can't be quite a challenge! If you don’t believe me that someone can struggle with completing the simple job of taking out the trash, you absolutely have to watch this hilarious video! As the video begins, you can see that it’s quite a windy day and a little boy is facing his responsibility of taking out the trash. At first, it seems like he’s got that trash can under control, but all of a sudden, the trash can decides to fight back! The strong wind opens the trash can and the lid hits the little boy’s head! LOL! This poor kid ends up facing quite a fight with the garbage can as he tries to roll it out onto the sidewalk! You shouldn’t miss this video!


"Hamster Making Huge Mess"

"Hamsters are so sweet and funny. Take a look at this cute little guy making a huge mess digging through his food. Hamsters are such a bundle of energy. They can be incredibly hyperactive and curious too. These small house pets are so friendly and entertaining and kids love playing with them. Hamsters are often a child's first pet. People must understand their nature, in order for them to adapt to a new environment. The internet is full of videos of hamsters doing hilarious stuff inside or outside of their cages. These furballs love to make chaos around your house and you just have to get used to it. It is in their being to explore new things and play with odd things. Well, this hamster was so interested in investigating his food bowl, that he made quite a mess. But at least he got his owner's attention, didn't he?"

Published: January 29, 2018885 views
This Compilation Of Clips Shows That Dogs Love TV More Than You Do6m06s

This Compilation Of Clips Shows That Dogs Love TV More Than You Do

If you think you're a professional couch potato, think again! These adorable dogs are binge watching masters who could sit in front of a TV for all of eternity if they wanted to! Good luck trying to get these TV lovers to budge from their favorite spot when their favorite show is on! There is an estimate that the average adult spends more than five hours per day watching television, and that doesn’t even take into account those weekend Netflix binges. It’s a passive addiction that washes your brain and makes you antisocial...oh wait, aren’t they all? Never mind. The Food Network, Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, VH1; our TVs serve as background noise while we are alone in the house and we just love to hate on all those <a href=" " target="_blank">reality shows</a>. So of us even sleep with the TV on! When it comes to dogs, they shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an HD program and your run of the mill window, but these pooches consider the TV screen their second parent, because they pay more close attention to it than their owners! They’re like little kids, sitting too close to the screen, wide-eyed and enamored with everything that happens. Our absolute favorite has to be the mutt that listens to the Dog Whisperer and obeys the commands he says on the screen! How come he won’t do that in the park?

Published: April 25, 20171,228,131 views
Tiny Puppy Successfully Squeezes Through Door Crack26s

Tiny Puppy Successfully Squeezes Through Door Crack

When you get yourself a pet, there might be some rooms in the house where the pet will not be allowed to enter . That may be the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet, etc. because of many reasons, for example, the pet might make a mess, break things, ruin your clothes, bed sheets, this list goes on... People decide to put puppy gates in order to keep their pets away from these forbidden areas and most of the times barriers work, but not in this case. There is no such thing as the universal perfect puppy. A perfect puppy is healthy, and his personality fit within your lifestyle and is compatible with your personality. Therefore, in other words, to find your perfect puppy, you must know what you can and cannot live with in terms of personality traits of dogs. The puppy in this video shows how happy and content it is when it conquers the door obstacle. At the beginning of this video we see a closed door with some cloth tucked under the door crack. Moments later we hear a squeaky sound, and suddenly there is a tiny little head picking from under the door. It is the head of a tiny puppy that struggles and somehow manages to fit under the door and enter the room. His owner must have left locked him in the other room, and used cloth in order to prevent his escape. However, this baby dog is too tiny and scared, so naturally he tries with all his efforts to squeeze himself under that crack and be close to his human again, and be reunited at last. His escape might be annoying, but he’ll grow out it, literally. Here is another dog that hasn't changed his habit of squeezing through small cracks. The family was up for a big surprise when one of their dogs popped his head through the pet door only to somehow “magically" shapeshift into a completely other dog, the next time a head appeared through the tiny hole! This adorable revolving door of dogs brings on the smiles and keeps this family entertained. Dogs can be very goofy sometimes! These three dogs decided to put on a show and entertain their humans by popping their heads through the pet door, one after another, just to say a quick hello, and by so, making us wonder if there's only one dog behind the door! A pet door is a small portal in a wall, window or human door to allow pets to enter and exit a house on their own without needing a person to open the door. These humans were amazed by the patience these dogs shows by taking their turn to peak through the hole. Only the sight of different dog heads appearing through the pet door is enough to put a smile on your face and assure you this is the best dog trick so far!

Published: November 23, 2016563,792 views
20 People Who's Work Days Go From Regular To Ridiculous1m21s

20 People Who's Work Days Go From Regular To Ridiculous

All work and no play is not a concept that these people in this compilation are familiar with! These guys and gals are having a ton of fun pulling pranks, hijinks, and other shenanigans with their fellow workers and the results are hysterical! Just when you think you know what professionalism is, this video comes along to prove you wrong!

Published: April 5, 201614,606 views
Dog Plays Confusing Game of Catch with Snowballs35s

Dog Plays Confusing Game of Catch with Snowballs

Everyone loves teasing dogs but this is just savage! This playful dog named Paris plays a tricky game of catch with his owners. Usually they will play with a tennis ball but this time the humans tricked Paris by using snowballs. Which are obviously impossible to catch because they break apart… Paris doesn’t quite understand this though. It is actually adorable to see her run for the ball, see exactly where it lands and try to understand why she can’t take it back to her owners. They do this several times and she falls for it every time. At least she is gets to play in the snow (which is one of her favorite things to do) and she is getting some exercise in. Adorable AND PRODUCTIVE.

Published: January 8, 201822 views