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"Dance Party: Some Wins, Some Fails, ALL FUN"

"Who is ready for a DANCE PARTY? Your pet? Your grandparents? Parents? Kids? Judging by the people dancing in the clips within this hilarious and fun compilation... the whole family (humans and pets) are ready to groove. Here are my top 5 moments: 1. Horsing Around with Dance. Let’s talk about the first clip in this compilation! Not only is it hilarious but it involves horses dancing. Two horses bounce their head to the beat at the same time! 2. The new toy sore boogie. (3:22) A young boy is dancing like a mad man while shopping for a new toy! Excited much? 3. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Fail. (:22) A teen girl dances on a trampoline and just like most trampoline videos on the internet… her impressive dance moves lead to an epic fail. Watch this hilarious compilation, feel the music, have a laugh and move your body! Which clip was your favorite?"

Published: January 19, 2018471 views
Kid Gives Thanksgiving Thanks For A Gift He Hopes He’ll Get In Five Years20s

Kid Gives Thanksgiving Thanks For A Gift He Hopes He’ll Get In Five Years

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time. It really allows us to open up to friends and family and let them know what we’re thankful and grateful for. Especially parents – we each have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to the work that parents put in. The list is endless; we could thank them for their love, their support, and their hard work keeping us clothed and fed. Well, Thanksgiving at this Church is no different. Kids have lined up to tell the congregation just what they have to be so thankful for. The first little girl tells everyone how grateful she is to her grandma for helping her make Christmas cookies. They must be delicious if that’s what the little girl’s thinking of. Next up is a little boy who, with his hands thrust firmly into his pockets the entire time, tells everyone just how thankful he is for his parents. Specifically, his parents buying him a golf cart five years from now. It gets a massive laugh!


"Hamster Making Huge Mess"

"Hamsters are so sweet and funny. Take a look at this cute little guy making a huge mess digging through his food. Hamsters are such a bundle of energy. They can be incredibly hyperactive and curious too. These small house pets are so friendly and entertaining and kids love playing with them. Hamsters are often a child's first pet. People must understand their nature, in order for them to adapt to a new environment. The internet is full of videos of hamsters doing hilarious stuff inside or outside of their cages. These furballs love to make chaos around your house and you just have to get used to it. It is in their being to explore new things and play with odd things. Well, this hamster was so interested in investigating his food bowl, that he made quite a mess. But at least he got his owner's attention, didn't he?"

Published: January 29, 2018885 views
Slow-Mo Video of Baby's Face is Hilarious31s

Slow-Mo Video of Baby's Face is Hilarious

This video is a perfect combination of cuteness and hilariousness! It shows a baby girl blowing raspberries in slow motion and you absolutely have to check it out! As the video begins, you can see an adorable baby girl playing her favorite game. She’s blowing raspberries and she’s totally precious! I don’t know what it is about blowing raspberries that excites babies so much, but they all absolutely adore this silly game! Did you know that both blowing raspberries and spitting bubbles are beneficial for the baby’s growth? How cool is that? Both of those silly activities are the stops on the road to the baby’s first words! Who would have thought that you should encourage your little bundle of joy to blow raspberries? That’s so amazing, isn’t it? Either way, the little girl from this video so precious that I can’t stop watching her! I just can’t handle this amount of cuteness!

Published: January 10, 201931 views
Dog Plays Confusing Game of Catch with Snowballs35s

Dog Plays Confusing Game of Catch with Snowballs

Everyone loves teasing dogs but this is just savage! This playful dog named Paris plays a tricky game of catch with his owners. Usually they will play with a tennis ball but this time the humans tricked Paris by using snowballs. Which are obviously impossible to catch because they break apart… Paris doesn’t quite understand this though. It is actually adorable to see her run for the ball, see exactly where it lands and try to understand why she can’t take it back to her owners. They do this several times and she falls for it every time. At least she is gets to play in the snow (which is one of her favorite things to do) and she is getting some exercise in. Adorable AND PRODUCTIVE.

Published: January 8, 201822 views
Kitty is Mystified by Toy Keyboard35s

Kitty is Mystified by Toy Keyboard

Every cat person knows how amazing and entertaining cats can be. They are so curious and always in the mood to explore every single corner of a house, so you never know what they might find and dig up next. Just like a cat in this video. She is so cute and funny, you simply have to see this! This video shows one of the funniest cat I’ve seen in a while, and her latest discovery - a metallophone toy! She is totally fascinated by it and eager to figure out what to do with it. And when she gets it, the real fun starts! LOL! It turns out that this kitty cat is a big music fan! Moreover, she's got some serious talent for it, and now she learns how to play! LOL! Just look at her! If she continues like this, we could soon expect the entire concert!

Published: October 22, 201811 views
Adorable Girls Love Being In The Spotlight56s

Adorable Girls Love Being In The Spotlight

These two adorable little girls are about to make your day! They're so cute and precious, and of course, absolutely hilarious. What you're about to see is a wonderful Kindergarten performance, and these two little girls have their own act. Both of them have amazing singing skills, and their talent is amazing. They got a wonderful song which they were supposed to perform in front of the entire school. And everything seemed great! The two of them got up on the stage, and the music began. Both of them looked so cute, and were ready to perform. Both of them started singing, and then, the funniest thing happened. While one of the girls was singing, the other girl kept stepping in front of her. It was such a hilarious sight! Apparently, she wanted to be in the spotlight, and was not afraid to show it. This video will make you laugh all day long!

Kid Wants Cough Drops For Christmas1m11s

Kid Wants Cough Drops For Christmas

For kids, Christmas is one of the few days in the year that they can ask for practically what ever they want. Some typical requests being toys, games, dolls, and the like. This little boy however, not only has the strangest wish for Christmas but also a condition to go with it as well. His request? Cough drops and absolutely no toys.

Published: January 21, 2016840 views
You Won't Believe What This Girl Found In Her Easter Egg33s

You Won't Believe What This Girl Found In Her Easter Egg

Easter is a holiday filled with family fun and the great tradition of filling Easter eggs with yummy treats! Well this girl certainly got the surprise of her life when she opened up a plastic Easter egg to find something that was definitely not a sweet treat!

Published: March 8, 20166,289 views



Published: October 13, 2016334 views
Exploding Trash Bag Showers Over Teen Showoff37s

Exploding Trash Bag Showers Over Teen Showoff

In a bizarre event that's one part backyard family game and one part chores gone wrong, this teenage girl is surely going to need a shower when this is all said and done.

Published: January 29, 2018575 views