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Parrot Scolds Feline For Unpleasant Cat-Attack 13s

Parrot Scolds Feline For Unpleasant Cat-Attack

Cats have been domesticated for more than 10,000 years, but domesticated cats still share many attributes with wild cats. The desire to hunt is one of them. Many cat lovers are also big bird fans, which means cats’ remarkable hunting skills can often be cause for concern. Feline and parrot are sitting on a table, the bird stares at the feline and she stares right back at him. Soon after, the parrot tries to reach to the cat and she immediately pulls the cat-attack and tries to smack the parrot in the face for good measure. This cat takes a dislike to the parrot because he stands too close and is making her uncomfortable. A brawl breaks out between the pair with the cat hitting and the parrot scolding the cat , saying ‘No! No!’. Sometimes cats engage in behaviour that owners don’t appreciate. In order to make our cats behave in the way we want them to, we may try to punish them for their bad behaviour. Luckily for the owner, this talking parrot took the role of a bad parent and scolds the family cat by saying “No” to her bad attitude, every time she goes after him and tries to smack him in the face! That chatter to a ‘No’ or scold is more like the extravagant eye-roll, sigh, and hair flip of an irascible adolescent, or someone telling you to talk to the hand, or possibly as frustrated as flipping you the bird. Continuing to say ‘No’ to a cat in that agitated modality may be interpreted as a direct challenge or confrontation, leading to escalation.

Published: November 2, 2017660,246 views
Cat Takes Her Food Back From The Human25s

Cat Takes Her Food Back From The Human

Ask any cat owner what their cat thinks of personal space. Go on, we will wait. Did they tell you how their precious feline companions have zero respect for their owner’s personal space, but then when they attempt to get in their cat’s space, the result is brutal bloodshed? That’s right, cats are jerks , to say the least. They will stomp all over you whenever they feel like it, but if you try and boop their noses, the best thing you might end up with in a scratch on your nose, so be careful! This guy clearly wanted to demonstrate how his ragdoll cat behaves with her own stuff whenever they get taken away from her. So as the feline is eating from her bowl on the floor, her owner gets down on all fours and pulls the bowl from under the cat, bringing it to his side and pretends he’s eating from it. You can’t fool a cat, sir! That gray-and-white is not having your pretend feeding, so she just pokes her paw in the bowl and pulls it right back. The guy makes a second attempt at repossessing the bowl, but it gets pulled right back as soon as he bends over it.

Published: September 28, 2017183,443 views
Hilarious Garbage Truck Has A Bone To Pick With Dumpsters24s

Hilarious Garbage Truck Has A Bone To Pick With Dumpsters

Let’s face it - everyone gets frustrated at their job at some point. The stress that comes with the job, the colleagues that just keep invading your space, the boss that can’t figure out when it is enough for the day, they can all make you very angry! A lot of people have a way of bottling things down inside, then finding a release valve to let the steam out, but when things get too much, some of the inventory at the workstation can become the unsuspecting victim that will take all the blame. It is easier when you take everything out on something that will not complain or rat you out to HR! It would seem like this garbage man has had a lot bottled up on the job. Could be the boss, could be management, or it could be that rotten garbage truck and the smell it carries along with it. The person operating this massive machine had one job and one job only - pick up the trash cans with the automated arm on the side of the truck, tip them in the back to empty them, then put the can back when it was. But frustration is a terrible thing and this man had loads of it, so instead of carefully unloading the trash, he would pick up the cans, tip them over and then spill all the trash out on the street! It might be a terrible thing to do, because instead of keeping the streets clean, he is littering them further, but the entire ordeal is just hilarious! We hope he didn’t get slapped on the hand for it.

Published: November 10, 2017138,356 views
Monkey Steals Dog’s Toy, Talks Back To Owner46s

Monkey Steals Dog’s Toy, Talks Back To Owner

Oh my gosh, when I first looked at this video, I honestly thought this was a tot dressed up in a Halloween costume! Now granted, it would have had to have been a very real looking one, but the only thing that shocked me more was that it wasn’t! That’s a real primate. Maybe I should go to the eye doctor and get my eyes checked…nnAnyway, as I watched more closely I saw that the owner of this primate was trying to retrieve her dog’s toy from him. He was not having it though! No matter what she tried-asking, begging or even trying to take the toy back from his hands. He refuses to let go of his new found love-a dog toy! nnI get it. Sometimes you just want something because someone else wants it. You know that feeling? It’s like when you are going to give clothes away and then a friend asks for one of the shirts and you start thinking “wait, maybe I don’t want to give that shirt away after all. Especially now that I know someone else desires it.” nnOnly this guy didn’t own this toy in the first place! He has the dog’s toy. C’mon guy, we can get you a monkey toy that you may have a lot more fun with! You would actually be able to play with it and maybe we could even get you one that talks back to you? nnYou know what they say, monkeys and other primates are much more intelligent then say, even a dog so this guy may even want an Ipad. Can’t you see him playing games on one? It would challenge his brain a lot better than this stuffed toy does! We could download primate apps and everything. nnRing Ring, someone call this owner and let her know our plans asap!

Published: December 4, 201786,412 views
Man Fails At Lifting Chair Against Wall1m32s

Man Fails At Lifting Chair Against Wall

Family gatherings are always crazy. You love them. You hate them. You can't escape them. You never know what shenanigans you're going to get into when you all get together. This is no less true for this family who decided to perform an impromptu physics experiment with nothing but their bodies, a wall, and a chair.  These young men think they can stand and lift a chair while balanced against the wall.  One of the boys positions himself facing the wall, feet together, and places the top of his head flat against the wall. But when he tries to pick up the chair and stand... FACE PLANT! He smashes his face against the wall. He looks like something out of a cartoon as he slips down the wall.  Little do these men know, this is a common physics experiment. Men have a higher center of gravity than women do, so their sense of balance is centered in their torso. For women, their center of gravity is around the hips. So when men try this experiment, the wall is the only thing holding them up. Not so for women! Most women can pull it off without a hitch! Another point for feminism! Nevertheless, this guy insists he can perform the trick. He steps out the ring as his brother steps up to the plate. NEW CHALLENGER! And this guy seems pretty cocky.  This guy SAYS he's already done the trick before... But can he repeat it?  He gets into position. Lifts up the chair. Then... SPLAT! This guy wipes out even worse than his brother did! Both he AND the chair fall face first into the floor.  And what's worse? He tore a HOLE in the wall. Mom is MAD.  It's safe to say you shouldn't try this trick at home.

Published: January 19, 201881,035 views
Farmer Shocked To Find His Goat Trying To Speak35s

Farmer Shocked To Find His Goat Trying To Speak

A hilarious video has emerged of a chatty goat trying to engage in a long conversation with her owner. The farmer was shocked when he heard the rambunctious goat make human noises! Goats can be extremely active animals, they often jump on top of other animals or flip off of surfaces just for fun. However, this farmer didn’t know that his goat can speak so he was shocked to find his goat trying to impersonate humans, crying her lungs out to produce talk-like noises. Incredible! At first, when we heard the weird sound, we thought it was coming from a nearby screaming child. Moments later, we realized that the noise isn’t human at all and that is coming out of goat’s throat! This goat must have heard people yelling and screaming so she picked up some conversation starters to make her look more human. It is amazing how she learned how to mimic all of them and put it in practice when farmer tried to talk to her! Of course, he couldn’t believe his ears, when he heard the goat trying to make a pep talk, given all the human-speech impersonification she had so far picked up. Have you ever heard a goat make human noises? Footage shows the goat engaging in long conversation with the farmer and we cannot help but wonder what on earth this goat was trying to say! Does anyone have a goat to English dictionary to translate the meaning? . Actually, this noise that goats make is called a “ bleat .” Goats commonly bleat when they’re trying to communicate with one another. Even though it sounds like a cry of distress, that is most often not the case. However, is it coincidental that the noise sounds very human?

Published: January 29, 201850,895 views
Rock Paper Scissors Game Ends Up With Dad Getting A Black Eye12s

Rock Paper Scissors Game Ends Up With Dad Getting A Black Eye

So, here is what looks like an adorable game of rock, paper, scissors between a father and his daughter. This little girl has got the hang of the game and has somehow figured out how to beat her dad every single time. In this video not only beat him in the game, but also literally. Rock–Paper–Scissors is a hand game usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. These shapes are "rock" (a closed fist), "paper" (a flat hand), and "scissors" (a fist with the index and middle fingers extended, forming a V). "Scissors" is identical to the two-fingered V sign (aka "victory" or "peace sign") except that it is pointed horizontally instead of being held upright in the air. A simultaneous, zero-sum game, it has only two possible outcomes: a draw, or a win for one player and a loss for the other. As the dad sets the camera looking their way they are off to play the game . After only a few second the adorable little girl wins and decides to celebrate her win by giving her dad a good old punch right in the face. Be aware, as now we know that this game can sometimes result in a black eye.

Published: January 18, 201837,594 views
Adorable Husky Blows Bubbles While Sleeping In Water Bowl24s

Adorable Husky Blows Bubbles While Sleeping In Water Bowl

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bath, some music and a cup of wine after coming home from work. You can just feel the day’s worries drifting away in the water as the lazy notes from your favorite slow music fill the empty spaces of your bathroom. The bubbles fizzle on your skin and the wine excites your taste buds. However, 99 times out of a hundred, you find yourself too lazy and too tired to bother with the pampering. You opt out for a lukewarm shower in the hopes of waking you up. The only sounds you hear are from your neighbors arguing about who ate the last slice of pizza, and you start daydreaming about the softness of your pillow and your comforter’s warm embrace. Soon enough, you find yourself asleep on your two feet and the only thing keeping you upright is your head that you managed to rest on the tile wall next to the shower head. Looks like this little guy found himself in a similar situation. Little baby Husky must have tired himself out from all the running and goofing around so he decided to take a nap. His exhausted little body wasn’t too peckish about picking a place, so he chose to do it against the first available surface, a water tub. If that isn’t a funny enough sight, the bubbles coming out of his mouth will definitely paint the picture. And what a cute picture it is.

Published: October 2, 201736,531 views
Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card34s

Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card

This kitten is not a fan of singing birthday cards! The video starts with the kitten wrestling the open (singing) birthday card on the bed when she finally closes the card and the music stops she calms down! For all of our entertainment, the human opens the card again! The music starts and so does the cute kitten. Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday? Well if you’re planning to give your feline a present, maybe you should skip on the singing card. Why? Watch the video and see how this cat reacts to the singing birthday card , she simply hates it and wants to destroy every single piece of it! Her humans don’t know why she hates it so much. Maybe she’s annoyed by the sound it makes. The second she hears the famous chicken dance melody she seems annoyed. Some people appreciate music while others not so much, and it seems that the same goes for the animal kingdom. This hilarious footage, shows the ultimate cat-attack! A fluffy cat is sitting on the bed and is desperately trying to figure out where the noises are coming from. She uses her teeth, claws and feet to make the horrible sound stop! Humorously, the angry feline is biting the card and sinks its teeth into the paper. Her owners can be heard laughing out loud, trying to realize why the cat is so frustrated at the card. Maybe she hates music and wants to turn it off!

Published: November 1, 201735,552 views
Smart Parrot Loves Being Petted By Owner, Tells Her1m23s

Smart Parrot Loves Being Petted By Owner, Tells Her

The amazing thing about parrots is that you can have a conversation with them. This bird loves to have his noggin rubbed and he is very vocal about it! When his owner approaches Buddy’s cage, she starts with some small talk: “What’cha doin’?", before uttering those five words that seem to have magical properties for the gorgeous green bird . When she asks him “Can I have some noggin?", the bird lowers his head towards the wall of the cage, letting his owner scratch the back of his head. Now this might not be something curious all on its own, if it wasn’t for Buddy’s hilarious reaction! The bird is enjoying the head rub so much, that he repeats, over and over “Oh, feels so good...good, good gracious, so so good.." It cracked us up! Buddy is a variety of the Yellow Crowned Amazon parrots, a species that is generally well behaved and considered to be kid-friendly. They are a great addition to any household. Highly intelligent and talkative , the Yellow Crowned Amazon can live up to 50 years provided he is cared for with proper nutrition and exercise. They learn to speak from the age of three months and the frequency with which they pick up new words and sounds is very unique. Many trainers and bird experts recommend training the Yellow Fronted with both verbal cues and physical or hand cues. (source:

Published: November 7, 201730,947 views
Cheeky Kid Upstages Juggler During Street Performance1m15s

Cheeky Kid Upstages Juggler During Street Performance

A hilarious video has emerged of a cheeky kid messing with a street performer in his act of juggling.This snarky kid was pulling the leg of this unbalanced street performer after he was chosen to volunteer. Footage shows a street performer, trying to balance his weight on a ball while he holds two clubs and waits for the volunteer to pass him the third club in order to continue with his street performance . The young kid makes a swift move but fails to pass the club to the juggler, he hits him in between his legs and leaves the audience in tears of joy. The kid makes a second attempt to pass the club, but this time the street performer teaches the kid how to throw the club in order to score and help his juggling , but the kid continues to entertain the audience by messing with the juggler. When the juggler tells the kid to raise his hand, referring to the hand in which he holds the club, the kid raises his other hand and makes the audience laugh even harder. Eventually, the kid approaches the juggler and hands him the club, but again, he holds it too low, urging the juggler to work his way and lower his body, hence working his lower core, just to get to the club. This amazing kid has worked his magic and entertained the audience, accidently upstaging the juggler! Juggling is something we often see at the circus. It is a kind of performing art which is quite difficult to perform. All amateurs start with juggling two or three balls in a “shower” or circle pattern with one hand throwing and the other catching. However, it is far easier to learn juggling if they attempt it by throwing the balls alternately with both hands in the “cascade” or the figure eight pattern. Depending on one’s skill, it may take hours or days to learn to juggle three balls. The time increases to months to move on to four balls and years to master five or more object!

Published: January 30, 201830,478 views
Comedic Prodigy Shows Off His Many Hilarious Expressions29s

Comedic Prodigy Shows Off His Many Hilarious Expressions

We love watching videos of kids doing all sorts of hilarious antics. What’s not to like about it? Kids love to be in front of the camera and they will stop at nothing to have the huge black eye pointed right towards them. Cuteness overload! They can talk silly, they can also make a compelling argument ; they dance, frolic around, put on mom’s shoes and act like an adult , anything to keep others’ attention on themselves! Our favorite have to be the kids who can act! There are kids out there who can’t even speak yet, but they do know that if they get on mommy’s good side by making her laugh out loud, then maybe they will finally get something they really want. Like this kid. It would seem we found the next Jim Carrey. Not only does this little dude love the attention he is getting from his family, he knows the perfect way to make them all laugh out loud. The toddler boy is sitting in his chair after dinner while his mom asks him to ‘show us his face’. Each time she asks the little guy to do so, he turns to the camera and give a different funny expression. Try not to laugh while watching this video. Try your hardest! The kid obviously wants something, so he humors everyone present with the face that he makes, so that he can get his toy in the end. Bravo, kiddo! We let you entertain us! Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to have a true comedian today! The adorable baby boy in this video has found a trick which makes his entire family laugh out loud, and now he can't stop doing it. What's the trick, you may ask? Well, the little one makes funny faces while holding his hands in front of the camera, like a true comedian. His cheeky face says it all! Of course, the entire family found this adorable antic beyond hilarious! Now when he's discovered what makes his family laugh to tears, he's repeating the same trick over and over again, much to our amusement. And the family is still enjoying the trick so much! But then, in one point, the baby boy gets bored of his own trick, and instead of showing them hands in front of his face he puts them on his face, out of boredom and maybe tiredness. How hilarious is that? He's a true little comedian and we are delighted to watch him entertain us! It's not easy trying to think of new ways to entertain your kids on a daily basis, but it looks like parents can take a leaf out of this baby comedian’s book. This little guy here has no problem keeping his family entertained! All it takes is for him to make a silly face and put up his hands, while keeping a cheeky expression, to have his family burst into tears of joy. What a natural comedian! Babies are such adorable, funny creatures who can really surprise everyone with their amazing sense of humor making everyone laughs out loud! Just take a look at this little fellow in this video ! This little baby has just discovered a new facial expression, which amuses his father so much. He somehow learned to transform his innocent baby face with puffy little cheeks into a scary old man face. LOL! We just wonder how he came up with this idea at all! It's well known that babies are very good at imitation, but this kind of face isn't exactly what one would expect from a baby. Maybe he is imitating his granddad or perhaps a blobfish, who knows! But whatever his inspiration may have been, he is doing better than great. We bet this funny baby boy has an excellent comedian career ahead of him. A new Jim Carrey? Well, why not?! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: December 8, 201729,919 views
This Toddler Has Had Enough Of Dad's Game With The Maracas57s

This Toddler Has Had Enough Of Dad's Game With The Maracas

The maracas have been around for a very long time. The hollow gourd-like instrument is called by many names, rumba shakers and shac-shacs to include some. They are widely present in in many genres of Caribbean and Latin music and lately in children’s toys. Now, given how not-quite-pleasing they are, unless accompanied by other instruments, we begin to wonder. What kind of a person would make a toy that just rattles and makes this weird noise, then give it to kids? Apparently, this kid thought that exact same thing. And what she did to her dad had us applauding. It seems that this toddler wants nothing to do with her dad playing the maracas ! In fact, she won't even let her dad hold them! No matter how many times he tries, she refuses to let him even give them a little shake. Why should he, they are so annoying! So what, just because he is her dad, he can disrupt her peace? No way, daddio! As soon as she hears the rattling noise, she comes to his side, running and babbling some baby gibberish. From everything that comes out of her tiny mouth, the only thing we could discern is a word we say in our heads as we watch. “No! No! No!” She then proceeds to grab the maracas from dad’s hands and place them as far from him as she can muster. But she doesn’t leave the premises without giving dad a scolding look-down for being so disrespectful of her wishes. That is so friggin’ adorable!

Published: November 10, 201729,575 views
Dad Falls For The Brownie In The Diaper Prank31s

Dad Falls For The Brownie In The Diaper Prank

Could you imagine walking into the kitchen and seeing your son eating poop out of a diaper? This woman pranks her husband in the kitchen by putting brownies in diaper next to her baby boy who sits on the floor. Her husband runs over because he thinks the baby is eating poop. His reaction is priceless!! What would you do?

Published: September 27, 201728,416 views
Crying Tot Is So Sorry She Swallowed Gum1m40s

Crying Tot Is So Sorry She Swallowed Gum

Out of all the scary myths that our parents used to tell us, the gum myths have to be the most absurd, yet terrifying! “Don’t swallow that gum, it will stick your intestines shut!" or “If you swallow that gum, it will stay there for 7 years!". News flash, people - none of that is true. We have been told all of those gory stuff out of fear of choking, but this little girl took things a bit too seriously and her reaction is priceless! Everyone knows swallowing a <a href=" " target="_blank">chewing gum</a> is a terrible idea, but Amelia happened to swallow a piece while playing and it threw her into panic mode, accompanied with screams of utter terror! “What happened?" Mom asks. “I swallowed the gum!" her daughter cries. She says something unintelligible, followed by tearful pleas for leniency: “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!" After a short query as to the whereabouts of the gum, mom and dad learn the the gum is in Amelia’s belly and they console her that it will be OK, but then realization dawn on her “Oh no, it’s going to make me throw up!" It is safe to say that after this life-changing mistake, Amelia will never, ever ask for <a href=" " target="_blank">chewing gum</a> again.

Published: September 21, 201723,064 views
Vicious Boxer Too Afraid Of A Tiny Feather33s

Vicious Boxer Too Afraid Of A Tiny Feather

People are on the fence when it comes to dogs. It is generally accepted that dogs are man's best friend and that they are loyal to a fault. But some of us, don’t believe that this is the case with all of the dog breeds. There have been numerous records of vicious dog attacks on small children and even grown people, and this is precisely what makes us nervous. We tend to think that if one is capable of doing it, then it’s in their genetic code, and suddenly we grow an irrational fear of dogs and it just gets worse from there on. But, don’t fret, we are here to set things straight once and for all. If you just check out this video, you’ll know what we’re talking about. This video shows us one of those deadly dogs, a scary Boxer. Only, is he scary, really? Seems to us that he is in fact quite the opposite. This big beast is actually terrified of a tiny little feather hanging from the back porch door. The miniature feather is dancing to the rhythm of the wind, and it’s making the big goofball a bit antsy. He starts backing away, then trying to pounce but to no avail. When he finally manages to take the feather down, he is still scared that it’s gonna attack. How crazy is that? Do you still think that dogs are scary after having seen this?!

Published: October 2, 201722,965 views
Talking Bird Loves Being Petted On The Head, Crying Words Of Satisfaction1m23s

Talking Bird Loves Being Petted On The Head, Crying Words Of Satisfaction

Parrots bob their heads when begging for food, seeking attention, or when excited. Very excited “displaying” parrots will bob and sway their heads while their crests are up. Depending on the bird, it may not be wise to handle the bird while it is displaying. Some are more likely to bite when very excited. Cockatoos will often raise their crests when they are surprised, excited, interested in something, agitated or happy! Footage shows a quirky fella having the time of his life right. When owner scratches the little bird’s head, it sends it to ecstacy and the bird starts to mumble in a state of nirvana! This grateful bird sure knows how to boost owner’s confidence, assuring her that she is doing a great job! In this clip, the excited bird indicates that it would like to be petted by placing its head outside the cage, in order for owner to better reach the spot. Watch how this adorable bird enjoys having its head scratched, lowering and tilting it to get to the right angle. The most adorable part is when the talkative bird starts complimenting owner’s petting by saying ‘Oh yeah, good gracious, it feels so good’! Have you ever seen a parrot enjoying the head scratching so much, and complimenting the owner at the same time? This is one happy bird who knows how to appreciate the little things in life! Check out as this talkative parrot enjoys a nice head scratch. People tend to pet animals from the top of their heads to the tip of their tails, which works for many mammals, but birds are somehow extracted from this list. Parrots can too get used to being stroked this way, especially being petted on the feathers on their head towards the beak. In fact, parrots cannot reach these feathers to preen, therefore they rely on other parrots or their human companions to take on this task. So, if you have a bird pet, make sure you stroke its head the right way! The bird will be grateful!

Published: February 1, 201818,714 views
Toddler Imitates His Father Following His Every Move31s

Toddler Imitates His Father Following His Every Move

Children imitate the behavior or mannerisms of their parents' thanks to a basic instinct that is based on the basic instincts that assist personality development. This instinct and this imitation is the reason why we humans live in and form units that share the same behavior, traits etc. It is also how our communication skill are getting developed from the early age. This is why it is important that the parent serves as an example that the child will follow i.e. imitate. In the first two years of the child's life, the child copies the behavior of adults in a very not-conscious manner, and to the extent that its self-confidence allows. Observations show that babies are more likely to imitate those behaviors that they see more often, that they are more readily exposed to than behaviours, not typical for the environment that surrounds them. You can really tell that this adorable toddler boy looks up to his dad. Wait a second… he looks up WITH him, looks down WITH him and to the side WITH him. Check out this cute father/son moment where a good-humored toddler boy imitates his dad. If you ask us, this is his funny and clever way of saying “hey dad! Stop paying attention to your laptop and pay attention to me!” Kids brains are like sponges - they are able to pick up everything they elders do and say. They say the easiest way of teaching a kid to do the right thing is to show it how it’s done, rather than telling the kid to so it, then do the exact opposite when the kid isn’t looking. Same goes for curse words - everyone knows you should definitely be mindful about what you are saying in front of your kids, because their tiny minds absorb like sponges and you never know when that little verbal indiscretion might come spilling out of innocent little mouths! This kid might not be imitating dad in a bad way, but we really hope that it would be the dad who learns something from his son. Like how to take some time off and have a nice bit of fun. Work will ways be there, but the best time to catch up with your kid is right now! Bring up your child by a leading example and remember that childhood memories stick with us for life. The parental example and the way they communicate with the child are fixed forever in its mind and manifested especially strongly when the children themselves become parents. In order not only to raise your children into happy people but also to ensure that a part of your good work will be transferred to your grandchildren, carefully monitor your actions and monitor them today. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: December 8, 201718,316 views