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Funny Little Girl Blames The Dogs For Touching Mom’s Make Up1m32s

Funny Little Girl Blames The Dogs For Touching Mom’s Make Up

There is nothing funnier than the stories kids make up when they do something wrong but don't dare to admit it! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows an adorable tot girl who gets caught by her mom with a messy make-up on her face, but when her mom asks her who touched the make-up, she blames the dog! OMG, you have to hear the whole story! This cute little girl stands in a room with a messy face and eats her sandwich, while her mom tries to make her speak the truth. There’s a purse on the floor and a scattered make-up all over the place, but the girl claims that the dogs did all of that. Even when her mom tells her that she has her make-up all over her face, this funny little girl has an explanation for that too! She says the dogs took the make-up and put it on her face! LOL!

Dog And Child Run Around Living Room21s

Dog And Child Run Around Living Room

The little boy is having a blast playing with his canine friend at home. The two of them are running around the house, and their mother couldn't be happier. She's watching the two of them play, and is recording the entire situation. Because it would be such a waste if a moment like this wasn't captured with a camera. Now, all of us get to enjoy this family's happy afternoon. YAY! The two are running around, and they're playing cowboys. They're holding each other, and are having so much fun! Growing up with a dog really is a wonderful experience. As we have all seen in the video, it means a child will always have someone to play with. Together, they'll go through various life situations and will be happy knowing they have their best friend to rely on. However, that's not the only reason. Did you know that having your child grow up with a dog is extremely beneficial as well? Apparently, children who grow up with a dog have smaller chances of getting asthma and some allergies. If you don't have a dog already, I think this should be reason enough to get one!

Adorable Tot Fails At Falling19s

Adorable Tot Fails At Falling

The adorable little boy in this video will definitely have you laughing all day long. He's so hilarious, and you absolutely have to check out his video! Trust me, it's worth it. I love Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and "Toy Story" is probably my favorite cartoon ever. Well, I'm not the only one. The adorable tot in this video absolutely loves "Toy Story" and he admires Buzz Lightyear of Star Command so much that he even has the costume one. So adorable! The tot climbed onto an object in the middle of the house and asked his father to record him as he does the fall. The first time, he succeeded and it was epic. And then, he decided to give it another try. He climbed onto the object, and as he was about to do the fall, he tripped and fell back. LOL! And the object went with him. What a hilarious fail!

Friends Come Up With A Hilarious Challenge28s

Friends Come Up With A Hilarious Challenge

People always say that children can come up with the most hilarious challenges ever and that they really know have to have fun. Well, here's a video which proves that adults can be extremely childish and hilarious! And I'm all for it! You don't have to give up your childish side when you grow up. If you want to have fun, do it! It doesn't matter if someone will think that's childish behavior. The video we have today will prove all of this absolutely right. The men in this video have come up with a hilarious challenge, and they're having a blast. The two are holding a hose which is filled with some beverage. They agree to blow air through the hose, and the first one who's out of breath loses. Both of them started blowing air into the hose, but the other man was quick to release it and point the hose to the other man. So, logically, the beverage went into his face. Hilarious!

Adorable Dog Wants Ice Cream37s

Adorable Dog Wants Ice Cream

Even though it might not be good for them, dogs love ice cream cones, and they would do anything in order to get one. If you don't believe me, this video is here to change your mind! The girl is holding up an ice cream cone and you can tell the dog wants to have some of that deliciousness! I can't blame him, the ice cream cone looks yummy! The dog is chasing this adorable little girl all over the backyard. He wants that yummy ice cream cone and he won’t stop until he gets it! How funny are they? The little girl decides to climb on a stack of chairs hoping to get out of the dog's reach. However, there are no obstacles for this dog! He pushes her back and both the girl and the stack of chairs fall down. How crazy is that? The little girl is not giving up on protecting her ice cream, but you can tell she’s struggling! She runs away to the other corner of the backyard, but the dog follows. Absolutely hilarious!

Older Sister Scares Her Brother43s

Older Sister Scares Her Brother

Having a brother or a sister is such a joy! You always have somebody to talk to or to play with and you don’t even have to go out of the house to find a company. But is it always fun and games with siblings? Many sibling quarrels are made when there is a big age gap between them, and this video is such great example! We can see an older sister who repeatedly scares her little brother. Even though he laughs about it, he shouts “stop it” several times. As if he can’t decide if he’s annoyed with his big sister’s behavior or he enjoys the game. Seems that having a big sister is a such a pain! In one moment, he even tries to predict her moves, but unfortunately, he misses. Watching this video was a such a fun thing to do! And I'm sure you will crack a smile like I did!

Man Shoot From A Firearm And A Hot Bullet Case Falls Into Other Guy’s Pants12s

Man Shoot From A Firearm And A Hot Bullet Case Falls Into Other Guy’s Pants

I can imagine that shooting a firearm for fun it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you try it you may like it! To be honest, I’m not much of a gun person myself, but I did try out sport shooting a couple of times, and it was really fun. But, something like this never happened to me! It’s so hilarious that you really have to check it out, even if you are a totally anti-gun person! This video shows a man who is shooting from a weapon on a firing range, but when one of his smoking hot empty bullet cases ends up in the other guy’s pants things quickly become hilarious! OMG, you have to see this! LOL! But what’s really funny there, he doesn’t even realize that this other’s man’s pants are practically on fire! Instead, he just keeps emptying his cartridge clip and pays no attention to his brother in arms! LOL!

Adorable Tot Gets A Vacuum Cleaner For Birthday18s

Adorable Tot Gets A Vacuum Cleaner For Birthday

If you're like me, then you absolutely love birthdays! I can't wait for mine this year! It's always so much fun. Not only do we all get a lot of presents, but we're surrounded by our friends, and together we have a blast. That's the best part - friends! But, we should not forget about the presents, they're always amazing. But, all of us have that one birthday present we would love to get, and while unwrapping the presents, we hope one of them will be that dream one. Well, the little girl in this video celebrated her birthday, and she had this happen to her. She opened her birthday present, and VOILA. She got what she'd been wanting for a really long time. What is that birthday present, you might ask? Well, a vacuum cleaner. LOL! This makes the entire video even funnier. The little girl was so excited, and I'm so happy for her!

Two Dogs Attempt To Run Up A Slide31s

Two Dogs Attempt To Run Up A Slide

Sliding down a slide is a real fun thing to do but running up one can be quite a task! I know for a fact that it’s much more challenging than it seems. I have never tried to do that personally, but my dog has, and it was so funny! But when two dogs try to do that at the same time, you can only imagine how hilarious that can be! Or, just click play and see it for yourself right now! This video shows two adorable dogs who are having loads of fun trying to run up a slide. First goes the little one, but it didn’t take too long before the big one jumps in and pushes out his small friend. Then he gives it a go but fails to reach the top too. OMG, you have to see this! Both of them are so eager to get there, but none of them makes it! LOL!

Cute Girl Trying To Fix The TV20s

Cute Girl Trying To Fix The TV

Stop with whatever you’re doing, we have a master engineer! This kid definitely doesn’t need to go to career orientation class! She already knows what she’s going to be when she gets older! I wish I had discovered my talents at such young age! LOL!\nAs the video begins we see the cutest girl ever, in her diapers looking at the rear of the TV. LOL! She must have been looking how it all works and she must have tried to solve the mystery. Smart kiddo! However, her mom doesn’t believe her and repeatedly calls her to come to her. Hilarious! Being a good girl, this little munchkin comes to her mom. But I am sure she will ask for some engineering classes in the future. LOL! I imagine her in her business suit resolving all complicated stuff. She doesn’t have to worry, if something breaks in the house she will fix it in no time! LOL!

A Small Dog Tries To Get Into His Cage With A Bone That Will Not Fit27s

A Small Dog Tries To Get Into His Cage With A Bone That Will Not Fit

Dogs are truly hilarious! Even if you are not much of a dog person, you are going to love this video! It’s one of the best dog related videos I have seen in a while, and I’m sure it will make you laugh out loud! Plus, it’s so adorable that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows a cute little dog who tries to get into his cage with his bone toy but doesn’t know how to fit it through the door! He stands in front of the cage with this huge bone toy in his jaws and gives his best to figure out how to bring the bone in but fails every single time! OMG, you really have to check this out! The funniest thing is, he doesn’t leave his toy, not for a second! And I bet, sooner or later he is going to make it! LOL!

Guilty Dog Avoids Eye Contact52s

Guilty Dog Avoids Eye Contact

Dogs are such amazing creatures who are often way much smarter than we give them credit for. They unmistakably know when they are behaving right and when they are misbehaving. They just don’t want to admit it! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows an adorable pup who is confronted with the mess he made, and his reaction is simply priceless! His owner asks him what he did after he finds the dog's bed torn up inside a crate with bent bars. But this little pup is just sitting next to the mess he created and avoids eye contact with his human friend. He knows he’s guilty as charged but he is not willing to face the consequences! LOL! So, maybe if he just ignores it, it will all disappear, along with this broken bed and all the mess around it, and even his angry friend with the camera!

An Awesome Catcher Dog16s

An Awesome Catcher Dog

Dogs are amazing. Besides being our companions through life they are amazing inventors and restless play buddies. And they are up for everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Lol! I think if all dogs became humans one day, they would all be keen extreme sports fans. All that because they are fearless and they don’t have a problem to try new things. LOL!\nThis dog decided playing fetch with the frisbee is too mainstream. So he decided to catch a balloon filled with water. Hilarious! But he didn’t count on being splashed with water after catching it. LOL! As the video begins, we see him catching a water balloon in slow motion. We see it as it slowly approaches his face. The anticipation is high we’re restless and voila he manages to catch it! AMAZING! However, the balloon broke and he would have to find another one if he wants to play!

Funny Dog Chooses Treat Over Food18s

Funny Dog Chooses Treat Over Food

You all know how happy dogs are when they get their treats, but the one in this video goes way further than that! He is ready to give up on his food just to get one! I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not! Just click play and see it for yourself! This video shows an adorable little pup who is obviously hungry and comes to his food bowl to grab some of his dog food that wait for him in there. Her lady owner stands behind him and watches what her beloved four-legged friend is doing. When he starts eating, she calls for him and offers him a treat. The moment he even hears the world, he spits out all the granules he has taken and empties his mouth for his favorite thing in the world - a doggy treat! OMG, can you believe that?! If I haven’t seen this myself, I would believe it either! LOL!

A Tot Girl Struggles To Put A Slice Of Pizza In Her Mouth20s

A Tot Girl Struggles To Put A Slice Of Pizza In Her Mouth

If you ask any kid what’s his or her favorite food, I bet most of them will say pizza! And I totally get that! Pizza is one of the most popular foods around the world, and it tastes like heaven! But, that doesn’t mean that eating a slice of pizza is always easy, especially for toddlers. First, they have to learn how to hold a slice before they take a bite and it turns out it can be quite challenging! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. Plus, it’s so cute and funny that you really have to see it! This video shows an adorable tot girl who is sitting at a table and struggling to put a piece of pizza in her mouth. Whatever she tries to take a bite, her cheesy pizza flops over! But, she is not giving up! That’s how much she loves her pizza! LOL!

Woman Rides A Beautiful Horse Outdoors12s

Woman Rides A Beautiful Horse Outdoors

Having a horse must be one of the best things in the world. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time now to have one, but unfortunately, my dream has not come true...yet. I definitely don't plan on giving up! And after this video, I'm more determined than ever to have one. Horses are so beautiful, kind and loving. And apparently, very hilarious at times! The woman in this video has a beautiful black and white horse, and the two are having so much fun outdoors. The woman is riding the horse on a beautiful field, and they've decided to do a little trick. The woman takes the horse to a jump, but the beautiful horse only lifts her front legs over the jump and stands still over it. What a hilarious sight! Didn't I tell you? Horses can be extremely funny as well! So precious!

A Baby Girl Snorts When She Laughs30s

A Baby Girl Snorts When She Laughs

What can be cuter than a baby’s laughter? Well, if you ask me, my answer will always be the same - nothing! But there is something funnies - a baby who snorts every time when she starts to laugh! LOL! Just check out this video and see it for yourself! Plus, it so adorable and hilarious at the same time, that it would be such pity to miss it! This funny video shows a lovely baby girl who is having some fun time with her mom. She is sitting in her high chair and laughs when he mom tickles her, but the sound she makes is more of a snort than a baby’s laughter! OMG, you have to see (and hear) her, especially if you are looking for something to brighten up your day! It’s one of the best I have seen in quite a while, and I’m sure you are going to love it too!

Adorable Baby Boy Thinks Food Is Too Cute To Eat49s

Adorable Baby Boy Thinks Food Is Too Cute To Eat

The adorable little boy in this video will melt your heart! He is about to eat his lunch, but there's a problem. While all of us love seeing nicely decorated food and eating it, this little boy is different. For this little boy, his weakness is a too cute smiling dinner plate. Is this just a clever trick to get out of eating his dinner? What his mom made him was a hot dog special in a shape of a cute smiling face. And we have to agree, it looks good. We would love to have this dinner served, but it is too much for this adorable boy. His mom even asks him to transform the shape and make a sad face out of hot dogs so he could eat it but he doesn't like the idea. He wants the smiley face to stay like that, he just doesn't want to eat it. How precious.

A Musician Cat In Action33s

A Musician Cat In Action

Stop whatever you’re doing we have a new music star here! This video of a cat playing on a xylophone you need to see. It will make your day great, I promise! It’s simply hilarious!\nCats are indeed glorious creatures. Besides being extremely cuddly they, by default, have a great personality too. Sometimes, they can be really moody and play with our patience but we love them anyway. And they never cease to amaze us. For instance, this video of a cat playing the xylophone on a bed is priceless. As the video begins we see her on top of bed playing the instrument with her paw. I bet she was imagining playing in a big concert hall for thousands and thousands of people. LOL! Imagine that! She was so proud of playing it! And I bet her parents were ecstatic to see her having fun too. I wish my cat knew how to do these things. LOL!

A Cute Baby Girl Says Dada When Her Mom Asks Her To Say Mama19s

A Cute Baby Girl Says Dada When Her Mom Asks Her To Say Mama

One of the most amazing moments in every parent’s life is when a baby starts to talk! Everyone gets pretty excited about it! Usually, both mom and dad would love to hear a baby calling them first, so they try to teach their baby to say “mama” or “papa,” but that’s not as easy as it sounds! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows an adorable baby girl who is having fun with her mom in a living room. Just like any other mom in this world, this one would love to hear her baby girl say “mama” first, and now she tries to teach her that. But every time she asks her daughter to say “mama,” this cute baby girl says “dada!” LOL! No matter how hard she tries and how many times she repeats “mama,” this cute baby girl prefers the word “dada,” and there is nothing she can do about it.

A Man Runs And Jumps On Trampolines31s

A Man Runs And Jumps On Trampolines

Sometimes in life, we need to do some things we don’t find easy to do. But that’s life - full of obstacles you need to pass. And every one of them makes us stronger and in the end, makes us the person we are today. From the very beginning, we are born to be champions and we continue to fight through the life.\nThis video of a man jumping into a trampoline gym can be seen as a metaphor for I was talking now. As the video begins, we see him running as fast as possible. We are anxious to see what will happen because we feel he will come to the obstacle right in front of him. In one moment, he tries to jump over an obstacle and falls. Yikes! Just as it is in life we fail sometimes, however after every fall we rise up stronger. Am I right?

Tot Girl Doesn't Like Her Birthday Surprise24s

Tot Girl Doesn't Like Her Birthday Surprise

What's your favorite time of the year? It is definitely hard to choose only one day in the year, but if I had to choose, I would definitely say my birthday! On that day, all of my friends come to my house, we have a party, and they usually surprise me. And their surprise skills are getting better and better with each year. However, apparently, not everyone likes surprises. LOL! The adorable tot girl in this video is celebrating her birthday, and her parents decided to surprise her early in the morning. As the birthday girl opened her bedroom door, she had the surprise waiting for her! There were balloons and decorations on her door, and all of the balloons fell as the little girl opened her door. The mom told her "Happy Birthday." But, the little angrily ripped down the decorations and asked: "Why did you guys do this to my room?" So funny!

An Awesome Dog Jimping On Hoverboard With His Pal22s

An Awesome Dog Jimping On Hoverboard With His Pal

Having a dog is such fun! In one little fur ball, you are getting your best friend, support in need and a play buddy. They are such wonderful creatures. They always manage to make you feel good and when you’re sad they will brighten up your mood instantly. And they are always up for fun! LOL!\nLook at the Gold Retriever here! He saw his best buddy playing with the hoverboard and he decided he will not miss the fun. LOL! He jumped right away on his best friend’s back and started to play. LOL. We see two of them driving it and having a fun time being together. And in one moment we will see how the dog is pushing his paw to speed it up. Hilarious! If you have a dog I bet you started thinking about all the times you and your furry buddy had fun. And if you are not yet proud dog owner, I bet you wished to have one. Am I right?

Chihuahua Wears A Cowgirl Costume19s

Chihuahua Wears A Cowgirl Costume

For all of you canine lovers all over the world, today we have a very special treat. It's a hilarious video of a beautiful chihuahua dog and I'm sure you'll love it. I don't think there's anything cuter than when I see a beautiful doggo wearing a costume. Our canine friends are adorable by nature, and with a costume, it's just too cute to handle. Awww! I can promise you, you will absolutely love this hilarious chihuahua. The chihuahua dog is wearing a cowgirl costume and she'riding on a horse's back outdoors. What a hilarious sight! But, just check her out! The chihuahua looks stunning and so precious! Now I'm thinking if I should buy one of these for my doggo. I can't even imagine how cute he would look like. Awww! Our canine friends are the best, and the cutest! Wouldn't you agree with me? And now, enjoy this amazing video!

A Chicken And A Girl Go Bike Riding Together35s

A Chicken And A Girl Go Bike Riding Together

Unusual friendships happen all the time. I bet someone would say there’s no chance for the all in the pink girl to be friends with the girl who listens to metal music. But that was the case with me and my best friend. We determined our differences made us closer and we become better persons because we brought variety into our lives.\nSo if somebody told me his good friend is a chicken I would believe him. And here’s the proof for it. This video shows us an unusual friendship between a chicken and a girl. The two of them are not letting being apart they even went bike riding together. LOL! How cool is that? I wondered as I watched the video if the chicken will be afraid of it. But she was calm! Seems like she really enjoyed the ride! Or maybe because she was with her best friend it didn’t really matter what they did. What do you think?