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"Baby Twins Roll Over and Kick Same Leg"12s

"Baby Twins Roll Over and Kick Same Leg"

"All babies are amazing, but baby twins really bring the game up to a new level! The bond they have is simply astonishing and never stops to surprise us! Scientists actually say that it all starts while the twins are still in their mothers' wombs. Some studies show that twin babies start to interact at 14 weeks of gestation, so it's no wonder that they keep mirroring each other long after they are born. Just check out this video, and you'll see what we mean. It shows two adorable infant baby twins playing on the floor on their baby blanket, and one of them rolls over. But as soon as the first rolled over on his back, the other one does it too, and they both start to kick the same leg! LOL! Just look how cute and funny they are! We bet that these two are going to stay so close and inseparable forever!"

Dad Plays With His Toddler Making Martial Arts Sounds37s

Dad Plays With His Toddler Making Martial Arts Sounds

Being a dad is fun! It gives grown men an opportunity to act like children while also being there for their kids. Today’s dad perfectly exemplifies what it means to play. He stands at the top of the stairs holding his toddler by the arms and moving him around as though he’s practicing martial arts. He even makes the same sounds Bruce Lee makes in his old movies! How fun is that? Who wouldn’t want this guy as a dad? The toddler seems to really be enjoying himself, laughing along with the noises and Dad certainly entertains Mom, too! You can hear her behind the camera laughing!

Published: March 20, 2018
One Success, One Fail: Two Man Flip Stunt Does Not Work13s

One Success, One Fail: Two Man Flip Stunt Does Not Work

Teenagers doing dumb things combined with teenagers attempting stunts that fail are half the reason America’s Funniest Home Videos even exists. Those videos will never go out of style. I LOVE this video because it shows both a SUCCESS and a great FAIL… Many of the fail videos that we have only really feature the moment when someone’s screw up comes back to bite them. And yes, while that is funny, we do love to have the occasional curveball thrown in, just to shake up the formula bit, ya know? What we appreciate about this video is that we very clearly get a successful attempt at a stunt. The two teenagers in this video are trying a kind of boosted flip. One of the teens lies on his back with his feet in the air to act as kind of a spring. The other runs up and leaps so he lands with his core on the laying down teen’s feet. He is then pushed into the air to start his flip. When these teens attempt their stunt you don’t know WHICH way it’s going to go!

Published: March 20, 2018

"Twin Toddler Girls Pretending To Be Each Other's Mirror Image"

"Twins can never get bored because they always have each other to play with. These twin toddler girls are having the best time of their lives! They are laughing so hard while looking at each other through blinds on a door. We are not quite sure what can possibly be so amusing in seeing your sister through a blind, but these two little girls in their diapers are absolutely hilarious anyway! Their laugh is so contagious. When they stand on the opposite sides of the glass door, it sort of looks like they form a mirror image of each other. How crazy is that! Let’s finish this off with a fun fact about twins. Did you know that mirror image twins phenomenon is actually a thing? The term refers to the fact that they have the same face and body features, but opposite asymmetric features. For example, if one of the twins is right-handed, the other is left-handed. In some cases, the mirror twins’ hair is naturally curled in opposite directions! How crazy is that!"

Pogo Trick Gone Wrong: Boy Fails Pogo Stick Ramp Trick16s

Pogo Trick Gone Wrong: Boy Fails Pogo Stick Ramp Trick

Pogo sticks are weird toys that have been around for a surprisingly long time. What they do make for is great epic fails. A ramp, a dark garage, a pogo stick, and an adventurous preteen… Did you know that the concept of a pogo stick has been around since the late 1800s? Admittedly, the original version was more like those moon boot shoes from the 1990s than a pogo stick. A man named George Harrington panted a kind of stilt that used compression springs on each foot. You might recognize a version of those in the modern spring or jump stilts that actually kind of look like bird legs. The more common idea of a pogo stick was invented by a pair of Germans, Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall, in 1920. There have been multiple improvements on the original designs since then. One of the surprising things that we learned about pogo sticks is that there is an action sport of it called Extreme Pogo or Xpogo that involves modified pogo sticks that can jump as high as 10 feet in the air. A recipe for a great FAIL if there ever was one! But HOW will it happen?

Published: March 20, 2018

"A Good Game of Catch Turns Bad for Dad"

"A simple game of catch is one of the favorite spare time activities for so many fathers and sons. Honestly, there's nothing quite like a little father-son bonding time over such fun and easy-going game. But, there are a couple of things that can go wrong, so check out this video, and you'll see how challenging it can get. LOL! It shows a dad and his little boy playing catch indoors, in their tailor-made game room. The father asks the son to throw the ball the hardest he can, and the boy gives his best but misses the first time. So, the father tries to encourage him and tells him to do it again, but now he probably wishes that his son's aim wasn't so good! It turns out that this little kid can hit his dad right in the groin two times in a row almost effortlessly! Well, three strikes and he's out!"


"Cute Toddler Boy Pulls Down Brownies All Over Kitchen Floor"

"There’s nothing quite as adorable as a toddler trying to get away with a mischief. If you are up for some toddler cuteness overload, search no more, this video is just for you! As the video begins, we can see a cute toddler boy standing on the kitchen floor. He’s eating a brownie surrounded by a pile of brownies that have probably tumbled to the ground when he pulled the whole plate off the counter. We can’t blame him, those brownies look so delicious! Oh-oh, mommy is coming! This adorable toddler’s in trouble! We hope he'll be able to get away with it! Mom starts asking questions trying to find out what has happened to brownies. We soon find out that this little boy has just woken up, and therefore craved an after nap snack. To be honest, we can all relate to that! Guilty as charged! We hope that mom can forgive him, it was an accident after all!"


"Football FAIL: Boy Falls Through Fence"

"Nothing can get young boys so excited as a football game! Yay! Let’s have some fun! Even though football, much like any other competitive group sport, provides the young players an opportunity to develop speed, agility, and coordination skills, that’s not always the case. If you were looking for football fail videos, search no more, this clip is just for you! In the beginning, this video shows two boys playing football in a huge fenced backyard. One of the boys runs to catch the football. Success! Good job! Even though his coordination skills are extraordinary when it comes to catching the ball, he is pretty hopeless when it comes to stopping and standing still on the ground! Out of nowhere, the boy falls and breaks through the fence! We are no football experts, but we are pretty sure that breaking through the playground fence is not according to the rules!"


"This Funny Cat Has A Monstrous Snore"

"Everyone who ever tried to sleep in the same room with a serious snorer knows that getting a good night rest can be very challenging! Fortunately, there are some useful tips how to cope with that situation. But, what happens when that snorer is your cat?! LOL! Check out this video, and you'll see how amazingly loud a cat snore can get. It is absolutely astonishing! If you think your dad has a super loud snore, just wait until you hear the monstrous snore of this adorable little kitty cat. This cat's snore is more like a lion's roar than just that of a snoozing cat! If anyone could sleep through this loud snore, that would be a truly impressive feat. We bet this cat's owner has a special bedroom for her in a very distant part of the house, or this household doesn't get much sleep very often! LOL!"


"Young Girl Sticks to Her Side of The Story to The Very End"

"When one gets into trouble, he or she should really tell the truth about what happen and find the way out without lying. But, if a person, for some reason, doesn't want to admit that he or she did something wrong, one must come up with a hell of a good story and stick to it! Just like a girl in this video! Check it out and see how hilarious, but also inventive she is! And after watching this video, you really have to applaud this little girl for sticking to her side of the story to the very end! No matter how bad the situation looks, this girl refuses to admit that she did anything wrong, even when her dad has already figured out what must have happened. LOL! She is absolutely not willing to tell what really happened that she'd rather stay like that than admitting she did something she wasn't supposed to do."


"Cats Howling At Each Other Through Glass Door"

"If you think that only wolves and dogs can howl, think again. This video is here to show you that cats can be good at howling too! Experts say that cats usually howl for territorial reasons, even though sometimes howling can be a standard reaction to boredom or stress. How weird is that! To be honest, we can all agree that cats are pretty moody creatures. Maybe this video can help us understand them better. At the beginning of the clip, we can see two cats on the opposite sides of a glass door staring at each other. Not only are they staring at each other with furious looks in their eyes, they are howling and hissing as well. Perhaps the cat located inside the house is not happy with the visitor standing outside. That’s some pretty territorial behavior, all right! The visitor cat is getting too close, and the house cat is doing everything in her power to scare her off. They are absolutely hilarious! It’s a good thing that there’s a glass door separating them!"


"A Dad Teaches His Son the Importance of Hugging"

"Hugs are really important in everyone's life! They actually mean much more than just friendly greetings and have a powerful impact on our health, as stress relievers and immunity boosters. That is why everyone should teach their children to hug, and this video is such an amazing example! Check it out and see how a dad teaches his little boy the importance of hugging. He first asks the boy to give him a hug, and after he thanks him nicely, he asks his son for another hug, but this time for their cute pup, named Cosmo. So, the boy hugs Cosmo! But then, after Cosmo, the dad suggests to the boy to hug his Legos! And the boy does that too! LOL! Well, isn't this the cutest little hugging tot boy? We bet that one day he will be the one who is going to teach many others of the importance of hugging!"


"Real-Life Hero: A Man Rescues Duckling Ducks from A Sewer"

"If anyone deserves praise, it's the real-life heroes! These are the men and women that make the difference, and we should all look up to them. Just check out this video, and you'll see what we mean. It shows a man who has found a flock of ducklings in a sewer and decided to rescue them. According to a woman who is taking this video, she and her husband, the hero, saw the mommy duck and her babies going around there that very morning, but somehow the little ones ended up in this sewer! When this couple has realized what happened, they immediately came to a rescue mission with a pool cleaning net. The men got on his knees and started scooping the duckling ducks with his net and set them free! Isn't that just great?! If this doesn't deserve to go viral, we don't know what does. So, we give big thanks to this all the rest real-life heroes!"


"Fishing Gone Wrong: Fish Jumps Back Into Water"

"Did you know that many people pursue fishing as sports? The interesting thing about sports fishing is the catch and release method. This means that when you catch a fish, you release it and let it go back into the sea or river. The video that you are about to see is a special example of the mentioned sports fishing habit. In the beginning, we can see a man holding up a long skinny fish that he has previously caught. We are not gonna lie, that fish looks impressive. We can see that this guy is proud of his haul and for a reason. Good job! He poses for a picture holding the huge fish with his both hands when something unexpected happens. The fish flops in his hands several times and he eventually drops it. The fish jumps back into the water! Oh, no! Does this count as catch and release? We are no fishing experts, but this is absolutely hilarious!"


"Young Boy Jumps Off Swing but His Dad Fails to Catch Him"

"Swinging is such fun when you're a kid but jumping off swings is even funnier! But, when you have someone to catch you when you jump off, the things can get hilarious! Just take a look at this video, and you'll see! It shows a man who stands in front of his son's swing and prepares to catch him when he jumps out of the swing. So, at one point they start to count to three and the young boy jumps off! Dad manages to catch him for a second, but the boy falls through his dad's arms, and both the man and his son fall to the ground and start to laugh! LOL! Isn't this one of the funniest jumps off swing you've seen in a while?! We bet the next time they will do much better if the son relaxes a bit and start trusting his dad more."


"Hilarious Cat Chases Her Own Tail"

"If you think that only dogs are famous for chasing their tails, this video is here to show you that cats are also capable of developing this hilarious habit. Here we have a case of a cat furiously attacking her own tail. This hilarious cat is yelling and hissing at her tail while running in circles. She means business and she is not giving up! She wants to catch that tail, and she will stop at nothing. We all know that cats are natural hunters, but this is just too funny! Experts say that even though cats realize that the tail they are chasing is actually attached to them, they still choose to go for it nevertheless. Why would they do such thing? Does the fact that the tail is constantly moving motivates them? We are not sure, but either way, this kitty hissing and running in dizzying circles is just too funny!"


"A Young Boy Fishes on A Water-Covered Road"

"Fishing is one of the most relaxing and serene outdoor activities you can participate in, but not every fishery is the same. There are many different kinds of fishing that use specific equipment and techniques, but the one in this video is really unique! Just check it out and see it for yourself! A boy in this video is sitting in a chair beside a stream outdoors, fishing. But, suddenly a truck drives by and splashes the boy! LOL! Wait a minute, a truck?! What a truck is doing in the river? Well, as it turns out, this wasn't a river at all, but a water-covered road! LOL! Isn't that funny or what?! We bet he went empty-handed that day, not because the truck had scared all the fish away, but because fish don't live in the water-covered roads! Still, this is definitely one of the funniest fishing videos we've seen in a while!"


"Annoying Chicken Interferes with Farmer Digging in Garden"

"You would have thought that a day in a life of a farmer is usually dull and repetitive, when in fact it can be full of crazy and unexpected events! If you don’t believe us, you have to watch this video! In the beginning, we can see a farmer man trying to dig around the garden. “Trying” is the key word here because a certain someone is interfering with his work. It’s a chicken pecking through the dirt for worms, and it’s hilarious! The poor farmer is sick of the stubborn chicken following him around! “You are just too much!”, he is desperate! This chicken is not giving up on these delicious worms! Oh, watch it, “right between your legs!” In the end, the man moves over and lets the chicken peck through the dirt for as long as it wants. He’ll just dig elsewhere. The farmer man is not amused by the chicken's actions, but the woman filming the video is having a blast and so are we!"


"Toddler Girl Falls Asleep and Snores on Kitchen Table"

"In so many ways, toddlers are just like dogs. If they get tired after a long day of exploring the world, they can fall asleep pretty much anywhere! If you have never seen a toddler fall asleep in a weird place, you have to see this cute video right now. At the beginning of the clip, we can see a toddler girl sleeping on a kitchen table. Her head is resting on her arm, and her mouth is open, so we can hear the sweetest snoring sound as she breathes through her mouth. And look at those adorable chubby cheeks! She is just too cute to handle! This little girl was ready to drop even before she managed to finish her dinner. Even though she seemed pretty comfortable sitting in that chair and resting her head on the table, she starts falling over and gasps. Oh, no! Don’t worry, little angel, dad is here to catch you! Sweet dreams, little girl!"


"Father and Daughter Wakeboarding Fun"

"Wakeboarding is such a fun and thrilling experience! It is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques and involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. The wakeboard is usually towed behind a motorboat, and depending on the rider's preferable technique, the rider can make different maneuvers and jumps. Just check out this video and see how incredibly fun this sport is. The video shows a tot girl who rides on a wakeboard with her dad while a boat tows them on the water. The father is holding the handle while this adorable brave little girl holds onto his thighs and enjoys the ride. But, at one point she loses balance and falls off the board for a second, but he catches her by the life jacket. WOW! What a spectacular reflex catch! This girl should be proud of her dad, but she also deserves praises too for being such a brave girl!"


"Cat Who Knocks One of Them Down"

"Cats are super funny pets, always so cute, cheerful and ready to play. But, if you tease too much, they may strike back. So, you better watch out! LOL! Just check out this video and see what happens. It shows two tot boys who are playing with the kitten on the lawn. One of them is picking some of the grass and keeps throwing it on this adorable white kitty cat, who seems very interested in this game. She waves her paws at them as she tries to grab some of that grass that the boys are throwing but gets so carried by the game that she even jumps onto one of the boys! She doesn't want to hurt him or to scare him away, she just wants to have some more fun! But the boy didn't see that coming! He gets caught by surprise when she knocks him down, and he starts to cry!"

This Boy Gets His Clothes Caught In The Fence Twice!1m30s

This Boy Gets His Clothes Caught In The Fence Twice!

This may be the funniest video you see all day. A man finds his son dangling on a fence with his pants caught to it. Another boy explains that he got stuck trying to climb over the fence. The boy says, "Look! I'm hanging upside down!" A girl comes in and helps him get down. The boy, now free, climbs over the fence to show how he got his clothes caught in the first place...but he doesn't pull his pants back on. He climbs over the other side of the fence where his shirt gets caught on the wire. The person filming laughs hysterically. The boy tries to climb back over the fence where his shirt is still stuck. A man comes in and frees his shirt. It's a never ending cycle of laughs!

Published: March 19, 2018
Kids Really Do Say The Silliest Things!59s

Kids Really Do Say The Silliest Things!

Kids Really Do Say The Silliest Things! A young boy sits with his newborn sibling. He asks if his sister needs a bottle, but the mother explains that she doesn't drink from a bottle. The boy realizes that the baby only drinks from her mother's breast. The boy snickers and says that his sister can drink from his boobie, and starts to lift his shirt up. People off camera laugh hysterically, and assure him that it's not necessary. He gets up, and the readjust the baby. A woman off camera is happy that she caught all of this on camera.

Published: March 19, 2018
This Promposal Does Not Go As Planned!15s

This Promposal Does Not Go As Planned!

This promposal definitely doesn't go as planned. A boy dressed as a night walks in on a brown and white horse. Snickers are heard in the background as people film the moment. The boy asks, "will you go to prom with me, my lady?" She says yes, and excitedly pets the horse. The horse looks uncomfortable. People around holler in excitement at the girls answer. That's when the horse starts to move away quickly, knocking the prince right off his back. Don't worry, everyone is okay! And there's a chance they probably still went to prom together at the end of it all.

Published: March 19, 2018
This Horse Loves Playing With Stuffed Animals!33s

This Horse Loves Playing With Stuffed Animals!

Now this guy is playful! A woman runs through a corral with a giant teddy bear in her hand. A dirty, kind of old teddy bear lays on the floor nearby. A playful horse follows her. She sets the bear down, and walks away. The horse picks the bear up in its mouth and starts jumping around with it. The people off camera say, "woah!" and laugh as the horse plays. A woman off camera explains that the horses favorite thing is swinging the giant teddy bear around. The horse continues to play with the stuffed animal, while another horse walks past it completely unfazed. It turns out horses love to play! Who knew?

Published: March 19, 2018