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"Toddler Boy Cuts His Own Hair Because He Was Getting Too Hot"15s

"Toddler Boy Cuts His Own Hair Because He Was Getting Too Hot"

"Toddlers and their little mischiefs, we can never get enough of them! If you have never seen a toddler trying to justify the hairstyle he’s given himself to his mom, you just have to watch this video! In the beginning, this video shows an adorable toddler boy with the funniest hairstyle in the world. There’s no doubt that he just given himself a makeover and he knows that his mom will definitely not appreciate it. However, he is trying to convince his mom that his new hairstyle is not so bad after all. “Mom, it’s really okay!” He is absolutely adorable! Too bad that mom’s not having it! “It’s not okay, why did you do that?” Finally, this adorable little boy shrugs his shoulders, takes a deep breath and explains everything: “The truth is, my head was getting really hot!” Unfortunately, mom is not satisfied with this explanation: “Oh, Max. Now we are gonna have to shave it all.” Don’t worry Max, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back eventually! He is so precious!"

"A Little Girl Admits to Cutting Her Hair by Herself"9s

"A Little Girl Admits to Cutting Her Hair by Herself"

"Kids are just amazing! Their imagination always hits the roof, and they never stop to surprise us with their original ideas and solutions for every problem they might have. Just check out this video and find out how far some of those kids can go! LOL! This video shows a little girl who had some issues with her bangs, so she has decided to cut them off. But, instead of asking some adult person to do that for her, apparently, she has taken a hair trimmer and just ran with it from her forehead toward the top of her head! Just look how funny but super cute she looks! Even when her mom asks her “Why did you cut your hair?” she calmly says it’s because it was getting in her face. Then, her mom asks her to see her hair, and she shows it with the sweetest posing look we’ve seen in quite some time!"


"A Tot Boy Gets Scared by His Own Shadow on A Beach"

"There is probably nothing more overwhelming than being a kid who discovers certain things for the first time! Some of those things may look amazing, others exciting, but some can be pretty scary! But who would have thought that a simple shadow on a bright sunny day can scare a boy? LOL! Well, if you check out this video, you’ll see it’s entirely possible! This adorable tot boy whose name is Carter is enjoying a nice little walk on the beach with his dad. But, suddenly he realizes there is something on the send, attached to his legs, and it’s dark, and it’s bigger than him! OMG! What is it that, his father asks, and adds “It’s your shadow!” But it seems that this boy, named Carter, is not familiar with the fact that everyone has its own shadow on a sunny day just like this one and she gets so scared that he starts to jump, just to get rid of it!"


"Toddler Boy Afraid Of His Shadow"

"Most kids just love playing with their shadows. However, sometimes they can get absolutely terrified when they first encounter it. If you don’t believe us, just watch this funny video! The little boy from the video is enjoying a walk with his family on a beautiful sunny day. All of a sudden he realizes that something is following him. Oh, no! Somebody, help him! But wait, it’s only his shadow. It’s absolutely hilarious how determined he is to run away from that area of darkness on the road that keeps following him. He runs back and forth around the road, but it’s no use. The shadow keeps following him. He is absolutely terrified of it! You poor thing! To be honest, following you where ever you go is exactly what shadows do. If only this little boy could deal with that. He even starts crying. How precious is he! We feel so sorry for him. Don’t worry little one, there’s nothing to be afraid of! You’ll get used to your shadow, that’s a part of growing up, after all!"


"Twin Babies Eyes Go Wide When Their Mom Makes Trilling Noise"

"It’s absolutely incredible how everything and anything in this world can amaze babies! Funny noises, silly faces, you name it, they love it. It’s even funnier when twin babies have the identical reactions to something they consider fascinating. If you were looking for some funny video with twin babies, look no more! At the beginning of this video, we can see beautiful twin babies sitting next to each other. They are absolutely adorable already! They are paying close attention to their mom while as she starts making a trilling noise. Brrr! The twin babies were certainly not expecting that! As soon as they hear the “brrr” sound that their mom is making, their beautiful blue eyes go wide! How funny are they! Even though most kids just adore that silly “brrr” sound, one of the twins is on the verge of tears. Oh, you poor thing! The verdict: they don’t the trilling noise, but they are absolutely adorable!"


"Twin Baby Boys Lie in A Crib and One Chews the Others Foot"

"Oh, life could be a dream, just like the song from this video suggest, but only if… LOL! Well, it seems that there is no “if” for these twin baby boys. Just look how happy and satisfied the two of the look lying in a crib together, listening to this beautiful song called “Sh-Boom Sh-Boom” by The Crew Cuts. They are even dancing a bit to this happy tune, and at some point, both of these adorable baby boys lift their legs high, grab them with their cute little hands and try to suck their toes! But one of them gets a little bit confused and somehow missed his leg, but instead, he grabs his brother’s leg and starts to chew on his toes! Oh, isn’t that just hilarious?! But, what makes it really funny is that they both like it! They just keep having fun and enjoy their resting time."


"A Tot Girl Nods and Dances to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”"

"It is absolutely amazing to see how much some kids enjoy the music! A certain tune or a song can totally take them. Just check out this video, and you’ll see what we are talking about. It shows two twin tot girls who are sitting in their car seats and listening to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Apparently, one of those twin sisters is a big fan! Just look at her! She nods and dances in her seat to this super cool pop song with her eyes closed. If she were only a year or two older, she would probably be singing too. But, it seems that her twin sister disagrees with her. When the camera moves on her, she just shakes her head. LOL! We bet this is the only thing that these two twins sisters disagree on, as the twins are famous to be just like one person in two bodies."


"Twin Boys Dancing To Ice Ice Baby"

"Evacuate the dance floor! Here come the toddler twins with mad dancing skills! If you have never seen twin babies dancing together, you have been missing out big time! These twin boys are dancing to Vanilla “Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, Ice, Ice Baby”, and they are killing it! Not only are they having a blast, they are also right on the beat. These adorable toddler twin boys are future best dancers, for sure! How precious are they! “Now that the party is jumping, with the bass kicked in, and the Vegas are pumpin’, quick to the point, to the point no faking, cooking MCs like a pound of bacon”, yeah! Come on, everybody, let’s move it! It’s impossible not to join in the dancing while watching them. These tiny dancers are absolutely adorable! If you have been feeling down, this video will cheer you up immediately! We could watch them all day!"


"A Young Girl Cries Because A Comb Is Stuck in Her Hair"

"There are much funnier things to do when you’re just a kid than having to comb your hair every day. But, it is something that needs to be done, so it’s better not to make much fuss about it. Except in special situations, like when you have a comb all stuck in a knotted hair! LOL! Just check out this video and see what a bummer is that! This little girl is trying to comb her hair, but somehow manages to wrap too much of her hair around the comb and she can’t find the way to pull it out! She tries and tries, but the comb stays stuck, and she just gives up and starts to cry while this comb is still hanging on her forehead all wrapped in hair! Luckily, she isn’t there alone, so eventually somebody will help her to get rid of that comb, and hopefully show her how to do it without making such a mess of her hair."


"Twin Babies Hate Mom’s Singing"

"Most of the parents that were blessed with twin babies can agree that it can be so difficult to feed, dress, put to bed and entertain both babies at the same time. Taking care of only one baby is challenging enough, let alone having to deal with a double amount of tasks. Some parents sing to their babies in order to get their attention and to make them stop crying. In most cases, they are rewarded with the most adorable smiles on their kids' faces. However, sometimes, nothing goes according to the plan! The beginning of this video shows twin babies sitting in their highchairs not looking very happy. Their mom decides to cheer them both up by singing to them. She starts singing in true opera style, and the twins start crying. Oh, no! Don’t you like the way mom is singing? You better stop mom, it not working! Their identical crying little faces are absolutely adorable!"


"Toddler Asks Siri To Bring Her Bottle"

"We can all agree that talking to toddlers can be quite a challenge. Although their babbling is the cutest thing in the world, sometimes it is almost impossible to understand them. Even the highly capable iPhone assistant can relate to this! If you have never seen a toddler having a frustrating conversation with Siri, you absolutely have to watch this video! The beginning of the video shows an adorable little girl standing in the middle of a living room holding a cell phone and babbling to it. Apparently, she is trying to talk to Siri. Even though she repeats her demand a few times yelling louder and louder every time, Siri just cannot comprehend. “Go get my baby bottle”, we believe she says. This toddler girl wants her bottle, and she is not giving up! Too bad Siri is not fluent in toddler talk! “Sorry, I didn’t get that”, she replies. Unfortunately, this sweet girl will have to find another way to get her bottle!"


"A Baby Girl Chews and Sucks on Her Twin Sister's Head"

"There aren’t that many “things” that are funny as babies hanging out together, playing, eating, or even sleeping. Especially when those babies are twins! It’s a well-known fact that twins have a special bond that allows them to understand or even feel what the other twin sibling is feeling. But, what happens when that feeling is hunger? Well, check out this video and see it for yourself! Two beautiful twin baby girls are having a nap together, and one of them apparently gets hungry in her sleep, but instead of waking up she starts to chew and suck on her twin sister's head! LOL! Just look how cute she is! She is using her sister’s head just like it was her mommy’s breast. But, what makes this video totally hilarious is the fact that the other baby girl doesn’t wake up but seems to kind of offer her head to her twin baby sister!"


"A Tot Boy Is Scared of His Shadow"

"The world of shadows is a terrifying place! There are so many fiction books and folks’ tales that teach us that, so it’s no wonder that some kids get terrified by when they see one. Especially, if the shadow looks a bit like them, only different, and won’t stop following them! LOL! If you want to see how scary that can be, check out this video and meet the boy who is afraid of his own shadow! This adorable tot boy is outside on a beautiful sunny day and thanks to that fact he can see his own shadow right in front of him. Oh, what an unpleasant surprise is that for this lovely tot boy. He naturally didn’t expect that at all and who knows what his first thought was when he realized that he couldn’t get rid of it, no matter what he tries! Fortunately, his mommy is there with him too, and she tries to calm him down, but that shadow is huge and still refuses to go away!"


"A Tot Girl Tries To Tell Siri That Her Father's Name Is "Daddy""

"When you’re just a kid, your parents' names are usually Mommy and Daddy, and that’s ok. Nobody expects a different answer from you when they ask the question “What’s your father’s name?” Nobody, but Siri! LOL! Just check out this video and see how a conversation between Siri and a little tot girl looks like. This cute baby girl is lying on the floor and plays with an iPhone. Apparently, she has activated Siri who asks “What is your father’s name?” and the girl yells “Daddy!” But Siri doesn’t recognize that name, and she can’t find it in contacts! So, she rephrases the question into “What is your fathers first and last name?” and the baby shouts it even louder “Daddy!” and probably confuses Siri. LOL! Well, it seems that it’s about time to design a tot Siri who will share the same logic with the kids and maybe even learn to speak tots’ language!"


"A Tot Boy Tries to Get Siri To Show Him A "Monster Truck Video”"

"Siri and other intelligent personal assistants that we now have on so many smart devices that we all use on a daily basis are so handy. They are super useful shortcuts and great helpers in so many different situations. But, not all of them. LOL! What happens when Siri fails to understand what we are actually asking? Well, check out this video and see it for yourself. This video shows a tot boy who is talking to Siri on his parents iPhone and tries to get her to show him a "monster truck video” but fails to pronounce it correctly. Instead of “video” he pronounces that word as "bideo" and totally confuses Siri who asks him to repeat his question, which he does, but Siri fails him again and then he gives up! He gave his best and it almost sounded right! So, come on Siri, try a little harder and help out this adorable tot boy who just want to watch some "monster truck bideo"!"


"A Baby Girl Has A Conversation with Siri"

"Children are such amazing imitators! They watch the world around them and pay attention what the grownups do, and then try to do the same. They copycat all sorts of situations, but it seems that imitating a phone call is one of their favorites. Check out this video and see how this baby girl is taking on an iPhone, but with a twist. Apparently, she has activated Siri, so she is not just talking to some imaginary friend, she now has someone to reply back! LOL! Just look how excited and happy she is! She is sitting on the floor with a phone in her hands and babbles something, but then Siri answers back and whatever this cute baby girl has asked her it may be beyond Siri’s abilities at the moment. But, this baby girl is obviously not satisfied with this answer, so she “repeats” the “question” and the Siri says “That’s what I figure!” LOL! Honestly, no one can figure what this baby girl is saying."

Two Seniors Drag Race In Electric Wheelchairs1m51s

Two Seniors Drag Race In Electric Wheelchairs

Frank Allen and Frieda Foreman may look like your normal, everyday retirees, but don’t be fooled. They’re actually two daredevils with the need for speed! Outside their retirement home, Frank and Frieda line up to race in their electric wheelchairs. When the onlookers yell “Go!” they both zoom out down the parking lot. Frieda gets out to an early lead and manages to maintain it, reaching the checkered flag long before Frank. They pose for a picture with an employee of the retirement facility, who officially reinstates the 10 mile per hour speed limit. No more racing for these two!

Published: March 21, 2018
Man Drives Straight Through Flooded Road!1m03s

Man Drives Straight Through Flooded Road!

One of the most important rules when driving is to know your surroundings, which includes knowing whether there’s a road in front of you. That may be why the two men in this video take so much time deciding whether or not to zoom through the large, flooded area in front of them. Despite the driver’s hesitation, his friend encourages him to “goose it” through the huge puddle. They reverse a few feet and then speed down the road, sending a huge spray of water all over the car. When they make it to the other side, they show that a young boy was in the back seat with them. Here’s to never doing that again!

Published: March 21, 2018
How Did This Boy Get A Toilet Seat Stuck Around His Neck?!1m28s

How Did This Boy Get A Toilet Seat Stuck Around His Neck?!

This isn't something you see everyday. We see a boy with a toilet seat around his neck. A man says, "What happened? Do you have a toilet stuck on your head?" The boy cries and says yes. One of them gets a power drill and begins to take off the toilet seat. The boy cries no, but a woman insists that they have to, but assures him that it's gonna be okay. They start unscrewing the toilet seat parts and begin to remove it. They pull part of it over his head. Then they try and pull the other part over his head but it doesn't budge. The boy is crying, but kind of starts to laugh as the man and woman laugh. After another try, they get the toilet seat off his head. The woman asks, "Are you gonna do that again?" And the boy says, "yes." We hope that he doesn't!

Published: March 21, 2018
Incredible Animal Parade!35s

Incredible Animal Parade!

This really is an incredible animal parade! The video starts as a pretty standard parade with white horses. After they walk by, we horses? They're like the previous horses that just walked by -- but mini and brown! And then you'll never guess this, but then walks by some adorable camels! WOW! A one hump camel walks by, and then a two hump camel walks right behind them. Two adorable elephants walk by, and one of the elephants grabs a bundle of flowers out of a planter and carries them away. Where is this parade because I want to go!

Published: March 21, 2018
Baby Elephant Pushes Girl Into Watering Hole!33s

Baby Elephant Pushes Girl Into Watering Hole!

This is a pretty silly, and wild animal! A full grown elephant stands near a watering hole, and its trunk is near a hose. The person recording the video says, "Look at its ears!" and touches them. A baby elephant then walks over and to another girl standing near the edge of the watering hole and pushes her in! Handlers try and get the elephant away, but the elephant starts to kick and wave its trunk. Someone nearby tries to help the girl out of the watering hole. The person recording the video then points the camera towards herself before the clip ends.

Published: March 21, 2018
Two Boston Terriers Play A Game Of Tetherball31s

Two Boston Terriers Play A Game Of Tetherball

You might not find a lot of kids on the blacktop playing tetherball nowadays, but these two dogs in the woods are having a great time with the old game! A pair of Boston Terriers repeatedly jump up and hit the ball on a lone tetherball pole, getting it with either their snouts or their paws. They don’t seem to be playing by any standardized rules I’ve seen, but they do a good job alternating turns and keeping the ball away from the pole. One of the dogs even seems to get upset when his opponent starts to hog the ball, nudging it tighter and tighter around the pole until the game ends. That’s a definite violation.

Published: March 21, 2018
Amazing Dog Wins A Swimming Race Against Humans!1m04s

Amazing Dog Wins A Swimming Race Against Humans!

This may be more entertaining than the summer olympics! An amazing dog wins a swimming race against humans! You read that right. A dog stands outside of a pool, while three people are in it. They say, "ready, set, go!" and the dog excitedly jumps in the pool. The dog and three humans swim to to the edge of the pool. The dog turns itself around and starts swimming back. The dog is in the had of the pack and wins the race! In fact, he even tries to keep going, but the people in the pool call after him.

Published: March 21, 2018
This Squirrel Is Having The Best Easter!1m05s

This Squirrel Is Having The Best Easter!

This squirrel really is having the best Easter ever! A squirrel sits in a purple basket full of green grass, and a bowl of Easter eggs and a toy bunny. The squirrel digs around the basket as if it's looking for something. They then search around the bowl, before picking up a plastic blue egg. He picks up the egg and holds it in his mouth, and carries it from the table to the couch. The squirrel leaves the egg and another squirrel is shown on the couch. The squirrel who had the blue egg jumps above the camera.

Published: March 21, 2018
Man Uses Speedboat To Put Out Fire37s

Man Uses Speedboat To Put Out Fire

A man in a small motorboat calls out to a group of people around a campfire on the shore. He revs his small motor, causing water to spray towards the campers, but not getting any of them wet. He revs the motor again, and this time a large spray of water shoots towards the group, extinguishing their campfire! The people on the boat laugh, then quickly flee the scene. It’s not clear whether the boat people and land people know each other, but hopefully there wasn’t any trouble between them after that stunt!

Published: March 21, 2018