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"Baby Giving Cheetos Meal"

"As we all know, parents are supposed to feed their little ones, but if a baby gives you Cheetos, you must eat them, even if it's against your will. Cheetos are made for Sundays, on the couch, with your kid in your lap, enjoying a good TV show. Cheetos are actually irresistible, even though they are a high-calorie snack, you can't deny the fact that you will lick your fingers afterward. The dad of this kid, thought that he would enjoy a relaxing evening with some easy bites, but his son got other plans for him. He pushed each bite in his father's mouth and he was doing it for fun. At one moment, the man had so many Cheetos swallowed, that he could barely speak. Everything was followed by the mom giggling and they surely had a great time laughing. And let's face the truth, is there anyone who can get mad at this lovely baby?"

Talking Bird Loves Being Petted On The Head, Crying Words Of Satisfaction1m23s

Talking Bird Loves Being Petted On The Head, Crying Words Of Satisfaction

Parrots bob their heads when begging for food, seeking attention, or when excited. Very excited “displaying” parrots will bob and sway their heads while their crests are up. Depending on the bird, it may not be wise to handle the bird while it is displaying. Some are more likely to bite when very excited. Cockatoos will often raise their crests when they are surprised, excited, interested in something, agitated or happy! Footage shows a quirky fella having the time of his life right. When owner scratches the little bird’s head, it sends it to ecstacy and the bird starts to mumble in a state of nirvana! This grateful bird sure knows how to boost owner’s confidence, assuring her that she is doing a great job! In this clip, the excited bird indicates that it would like to be petted by placing its head outside the cage, in order for owner to better reach the spot. Watch how this adorable bird enjoys having its head scratched, lowering and tilting it to get to the right angle. The most adorable part is when the talkative bird starts complimenting owner’s petting by saying ‘Oh yeah, good gracious, it feels so good’! Have you ever seen a parrot enjoying the head scratching so much, and complimenting the owner at the same time? This is one happy bird who knows how to appreciate the little things in life! Check out as this talkative parrot enjoys a nice head scratch. People tend to pet animals from the top of their heads to the tip of their tails, which works for many mammals, but birds are somehow extracted from this list. Parrots can too get used to being stroked this way, especially being petted on the feathers on their head towards the beak. In fact, parrots cannot reach these feathers to preen, therefore they rely on other parrots or their human companions to take on this task. So, if you have a bird pet, make sure you stroke its head the right way! The bird will be grateful!

Published: February 1, 201818,717 views
Muntjac Deer Traps A Bobcat Kitten In A Laundry Basket1m17s

Muntjac Deer Traps A Bobcat Kitten In A Laundry Basket

A tiny Muntjac deer is seen in a kitchen attempting to push over a laundry basket. The basket happens to contain a bobcat kitten that is just hanging out doing his own thing. Eventually, the Muntjac deer manages to push the basket over trapping the surprisingly lazy bobcat kitten underneath. The bobcat makes a few half-hearted attempts to paw at the Muntjac deer but clearly doesn't care what happens. It even seems to kind of enjoy being under the laundry basket. The Muntjac deer takes no chances and sticks around the basket to ensure that the bobcat kitten isn't going to try and escape any time soon.

Published: February 16, 201810 views

"8 Unusual Pets That Will Make You Laugh"

"There is no doubt that these are some of the most unusual pet videos we have in our library. Question is, which video did you find the most strange? The talkative bird who thinks it is a kitty cat, the garlic obsessed lizard, the giant backyard turtle, the robot riding lizard, the tortoise vs. the remote control car, the adventurous flying squirrel, or the boy with the pet skunks? Tell us in the comment section below!"

Published: February 20, 2018267 views

"Toddlers Lose It Over A Theme Song"

"This theme song is something special! Everyone in the house absolutely lost it when the song came on the TV. "Jem and the Holograms" is a popular 1980's cartoon that is admired by many to this day. This video is a proof of that. What seems like a relaxing day in a family household, quickly turns to a live show! The "Jem and the Holograms' theme song comes on the TV and everyone simply loses it. It is a good song, we have to admit, but these toddlers seem to absolutely LOVE IT! Just look at them go! They scream, they jump and they just can't stop! It is like they are at a live show, and not in their living room! Their parents must be the happiest ever when they have such a cheerful and excited audience right in their living room! Amazing! You will be smiling all day after watching this adorable video."

Dog Completely Ignores Squirrels Boldly Eating Nuts In Front Of Him44s

Dog Completely Ignores Squirrels Boldly Eating Nuts In Front Of Him

We found this video quite astounding. How does this dog just almost completely ignore the myriad of squirrels that run right up to him? We have never seen a dog react this way to a squirrel before! These squirrels are pretty ballsy as well. At the start of the video we see a lone squirrel, almost a scout squirrel if you will, run up to the dog. The dog has an open bag of nuts next to him, which the squirrel starts taking from. We did notice the person in a grey sweatshirt sitting behind the dog. They start out with a hand on the dog's harness before eventually removing it and tossing nuts to the various squirrels who show up.

Published: February 28, 2018

"When A Mom Is An Opera Singer"

"What do you think, if your mom was an opera singer, would you enjoyed it? Well, the twins from this video do not like the opera sounds so much. nIn this hilarious video, you’ll see the most adorable twin toddlers and their mom. The babies are eating and the mom sings opera to them (maybe for the better digestion???). Unfortunately, the kids not only hate opera, they are so disturbed by those unusual sounds, they started crying. Yup, real tears induced by opera! You’ll just have to laugh!nKids usually aren’t the great fans of opera. They find the sound annoying and they don’t understand the story because operas are usually performed in some weird foreign language. But we have to admit we’ve never seen kids cry during opera! Poor babies! We do feel sorry for them. But you never know. Maybe they grow to love opera in time. For now, we suggest that this opera mom moves her vocal exercises in some other room, far, far away from these babies."


"A Seal Loves to Play with Stuffed Animal"

"The seals are well-known to be amazingly playful and curious animals, but who would have thought that seals love stuffed animals? Well, this sweet seal in our video certainly does! Just check it out and see how much fun this adorable seal and her human friend are having together in a Zoo with a stuffed animal toy. This video shows a girl who is standing in front of a glass seal pool with a small stuffed animal in her hands and this beautiful, curious seal whose attention is immediately drawn to it. And as soon as the seal sets its eyes on the toy, she can't stop watching it and follows it wherever the girl moves it! But, this toy is not just an ordinary toy! It's the sweetest raccoon stuffed animal, and maybe that's the real reason why this seal is so attracted to it! You know what people say - the seals are just like dogs of the ocean!"


"Tot Boy Is The Cutest Copycat Ever"

"This tot boy must be the cutest copycat ever. Children really are the source of true joy! They can make any dull situation so much more interesting, and their hilarious actions can make you smile all day long. In this video, we see what appears to be a normal afternoon in a family home. That is until we see these two adorable toddlers playing with their mom. Hide n seek is an amazing game we all love to play, even to this day. The game is played by two or more players, where one seeks for the others while they hide somewhere. But, these siblings have a version of their own that they love to play. Their mom does not even have to search for them, as they show up in front of the camera and say "Tadaa"! The tot girl in the video shows up first and reveals herself to the camera, and then her younger brother arrives and tries to copy her!"


"Tribute To Ridiculous Voices!! | Funny Snapchat Compilation"

"ATTENTION: WARNING: ATTENTION: There is nothing normal in the hilarious video compilation you are about to watch. Our editor was on a mission to find the silliest, scariest, and the most strange voices you will ever hear... and let me tell you... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Check out TRIBUTE TO RIDICULOUS VOICES!!! ....a funny Snapchat compilation that includes but is not limited to the following hits: nn1. OMG, I'm a PANCAKE n2. Good Cheese n3. She Doesn't Listen n4. ET Gremlin n5. Hey Bay-Bay! n6. Daddy, I love you. Mama So Funny! n7. Sleepy Boy Kittyn8. I LIKE SUGAR. n9. Wrong School, MOM!n10. Just Go With It n11. Million Shakey Reasons n12. Whitney Squeaks n13. A little story about Madison n14. Are You Hungry n15. Who's the doc-tor? Do they fix my toes? n16. She sells sea shells down by the seashore nnWhich clip was your favorite? Share in the comment section below! Think you can do better? Upload your video (+extra points if you incorporate a filter or prop)!!"

Published: March 20, 2018

"Toddler Girl Hides When Dad Asks If She Pooped"

"There’s that one question that all toddlers fear and all babies dread. The question that gives them shivers and goosebumps every time they hear it. The question that haunts them all day and each and every night: did you poop your diaper? Oh, no, not that horrible question! In this video, we can see a hilarious case of a toddler girl trying to avoid giving an answer to this inappropriate question. At the beginning of the video, he dad asks her: “Did you make a poopy?” As soon as she has heard him, she starts running for her life. “So, I’m gonna guess that you didn’t make a poopy…” Dad tries to trick her into coming back to him. She hides behind the door. It’s all right, you are safe now! She is so precious! Dad calls her again, and she emerges again. Not for long, because here comes the scary question again! She runs to hide again, but she falls over and continues her escape crawling. Cuteness overload!"


"Girl’s Dad Says “Yay!” When She Falls Of a Playground Bar And She Gets Upset"

"We can all agree that an outdoor playground is one of the best places to go when you want to take out the whole family to have some fun. That’s what the parents from this video had in mind when they decided to go to the playground at least… As the video starts, we can see a woman flipping over a playground bar. Just as she manages to flip over, she asks her daughter to try it as well. The little girl struggles to even climb onto the bar, but she finally succeeds to sit on the bar. But, wait… Oh-oh! She falls off the bar. We definitely were not expecting that to happen! The little girl’s dad tries to cheer her up her by saying “Yay!”, but the girl is not happy with his choice of words. She gets upset because her dad’s found her fall funny and starts crying. “Don’t say yay!”, she yells. Oh, you poor thing! There's no need to be embarrassed!"

She Watched Mickey Mouse, Not Walking Dead!30s

She Watched Mickey Mouse, Not Walking Dead!

Children fib, we all did when we were kids and kids will continue to make up stories and try to hide things with their words forever. The little girl in this video is no exception, as she tells her mom what she wants to be for Halloween, she says a “wombie.” “What’s a wombie?” her mom asks and the little girl lets it out that she saw it on “The Walking Dead,” not exactly a kid-friendly show. “Who did you watch The Walking Dead With?” the mom asks and the little girl starts covering up for herself. “I didn’t watch The Walking Dead, I was watching Mickey Mouse.” Of course, she was.

Published: March 26, 2018106 views

"Toddler Boy Sneaks Out Of House Through Cat Door"

"If you have a pet dog or a cat in your household, installing a door flap so they can get out of the house whenever they feel like playing in the garden is a pretty sensible thing to do. However, if you have a toddler in your household as well, this can turn out to be a bad decision. If only you could somehow make these door flaps toddler-proof! These curious little humans can't help but follow their pets through the flap door. The fact that they are not allowed to do it, makes it even more appalling, obviously! And to be honest, they are so funny when they try and make their way out of the house this way. That’s exactly what happens in this video. A toddler boy tries to crawl out of the house using the family cat’s flap door. How funny is he? At first, he is struggling, but eventually, he manages to sneak out of the house by pulling himself through that tiny door. Absolutely hilarious!"

Cat Lays Smackdown On Dog39s

Cat Lays Smackdown On Dog

Cats and dogs: the oldest rivalry in recorded time. Rarely friends and often enemies, they usually reach an equilibrium of sorts; coexisting peacefully for the most part, but not without dust-ups that occur with varying degrees of frequency. It’s the thin, fuzzy line that separates peace and total chaos between our pets, and some walk it better than others. Every now and then, one of our furry friends finds the need to let off a little steam. A doggie won’t stop barking at his cat brother. The cat has had it up to here. It starts out like any argument, with a few words and glares exchanged. I suspect the inciting incident here happened just before the camera started rolling, because there’s a palpable tension in the air right when we begin. A yip, followed by a look from the dog is met with a meow from the kitty. One thing’s for sure: it is ON.

Published: March 27, 201896 views
Older Woman Has Strange Encounter with Baby Raccoon42s

Older Woman Has Strange Encounter with Baby Raccoon

OH NO! No No No, NO thank you! You don't want to miss this strange encounter between an older woman and a baby raccoon. It is cute but also disturbing! A woman lets a baby raccoon crawl on her shoulders and it ends up peeing all over her! A family is hanging out on the front patio when they find a baby raccoon. The older woman is so excited to meet this cute baby creature, so she picks it up and lets the little guy crawl on her back. Before you know it, the raccoon pees all over her, she and the entire family start laughing! After the raccoon finishes its potty business, the other family members want to hold it! Shoutout to Grandma for being adventurous and a good sport.

Published: April 2, 2018

"Polar Bear Bonds with Kid Superman"

"When you think of which animal could be your kid’s BFF, probably the last one on your mind is a polar bear. Well, in this video you’ll see one cute kid and the most cuddly polar bear of all times. Although they are separated by thick glass, this lovable polar bear wants to have a cuddling session with the kid. He endears to the boy like he is a little kitty and not one of the largest mammals in the world. nIf you’re wondering are polar bears friendly, the answer is no! Polar bears are animals we love to see in zoos. They attract humans with their fluffy white fur and kind faces. However, we often forget that polar bears are hunters, which mainly get their food by eating seals, walruses or whales. Sometimes they even attack humans. The one from our video is super cute and lovable, but if there wasn’t the glass between him and the little boy, the things probably wouldn’t end well. However, this video is also the proof that even wild animals can have the kindest heart!"

Published: April 3, 201826 views
Cat Keeps Slapping Woman Who Just Wants His Love51s

Cat Keeps Slapping Woman Who Just Wants His Love

We know, and love cats, and with that we also know that while cat stereotypes are generally true, they also are not just angry spite machines that want to destroy everything in your house. However, the cat in this video is, in this moment, all of that and then some. How many times have you tried to give some love to your pet, specifically your cat, and they just did not want it? He clearly does not want to be picked up by the woman in this video. And he certainly does not want whatever love and kisses that she is trying to give to him. She keeps leaning in to try and give the cat kisses but he is not down with it. He does not want her pets, he does not want her to talk to him, he definitely does not want her kisses. Every time the woman tries to do any of those actions the cat responds by either biting at her or swiping at her with his paws. This cat makes his displeasure known immediately, but the woman keeps going back! Oh no! That is going to hurt! Personally, and feel free to disagree with us about this but we think this cat is made at his owner for two reasons. One, you may notice that the cat has a harness and leash. Now, cats can be trained to go for walks like dogs, but many cats hate harnesses and leashes. So that is strike one. Strike two comes the fact that the cat appears to have been given an absurd haircut. I would probably be pretty angry if I had that haircut too. So, is this karma or is this cat just angry?

Published: April 5, 2018
Boy Ugly-Cries At Prank30s

Boy Ugly-Cries At Prank

Most of the fun in being a parent is watching your children grow, learn, and blossom into fully formed individuals. The rest of the fun is totally at their expense. Every parent understands: it’s difficult raising a child, you need to balance that out with some lighthearted ribbing. As long as it’s harmless, it’s in bounds. In this frankly incredible (it was an AFV prize winner) video, a mom tricks her son into thinking he accidentally stole something. A young boy is hysterical over the prospect of having a run in with the law and it’s AMAZING. Under the above guidelines, the mom is totally in-bounds here. The short-term duress inflicted upon her son is nothing compared to the practically endless hours of hilarity their family will reap from this video (the money they won doesn’t hurt either). The boy Jakari (please excuse any misspellings) BEGS his mother to please, please let him take the cup back. You can see just how genuine his fear of the law is, which is why it’s so funny.

Published: April 6, 201812 views
Little Girl Hugs And Kisses Potato Like It's Her Pet32s

Little Girl Hugs And Kisses Potato Like It's Her Pet

Little kids latch on to strange things from time to time. Sometimes it is a doll or stuffed animal that they treat like their own little child or pet. Occasionally, though they latch on to something that you would not expect. This little girl, for example, has decided that she loves a potato. You can see her cuddling the potato and giving it hugs. Her mom tells her to put the potato in the potato bin. She does but then she immediately pulls the potato back out and gives it more hugs and now kisses. At the end, she starts to walk away from the potato with her friend.

Published: April 9, 2018