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"Slow Motion Exercise Fight"6s

"Slow Motion Exercise Fight"

"When it comes inventing new silly games to play, kids are absolute winners! They just let their imagination do all the work! You may see an exercise ball, however, your average child sees an amazing toy to have lots of fun with! And when it comes to slow motion exercise ball games, everything is much better in slow motion. I’m sure you’ll absolutely enjoy this oddly satisfying video! At the beginning of the video, you can see two teen girls having the best time ever playing with large exercise balls. Their fight seems like so much fun, I’m almost jealous! Here’s what actually happens. The teen girls run into each other with exercise balls in their hands. That’s just too funny already if you ask me. They collide and the balls slide down, so the girls end up smashing into each other! OMG, nobody was expecting that to happen! Absolutely hilarious!"

Funny Cockatoo Bird Drinks Coffee From A Tiny Mug56s

Funny Cockatoo Bird Drinks Coffee From A Tiny Mug

This might be the cutest coffee date I have ever seen and would love to be a part of. A woman pours some of her coffee into a tiny TINY mug and hands the mug to her pet cockatoo bird. The adorably hip cockatoo bird takes the mug walks over to the chair and begins to slowly sip his coffee with no help from its owner. I mean what a life... waking up in the morning to a beautiful cockatoo and enjoying your morning coffee together. This further proves that birds are one of the coolest pets in this whole wide world.

Published: April 19, 2018

"Twin Tots Hug Each Other And Fall On The Floor"

"All of us who have brothers and sisters know that siblings’ love is forever! There is no doubt about that! But what about twins’ love? OMG! That’s the next level! Just check out this video and see it for yourself. It’s so amazingly cute, it will make you smile every time you think of it. It shows two adorable baby girls playing together in a living room, and their dad says to one of his baby girls to give a hug to her sister. And as soon as he says it, both of them just leaves their toys and run for a hug! But what makes this video truly funny is the fact that their hug is so strong that both of them lose balance and fall on the floor! LOL! So, if I ever need to explain what’s so special about siblings’ or twins’ love is, I will just refer to this video! It is that amazing!"


"Gymnastic Bar Flip Fail"

"Gymnastics is such an incredible sport! Of all the amazing disciplines that characterize this amazing sport, spinning on the gymnastic bar is definitely among the most impressive ones! Mastering this discipline is such hard work, and the expression “no pain, no gain” is definitely true in this sport. This hilarious video is here to prove it. Ven though the version of the expression “no FAIL no gain” applies better here. As the video begins, you can see young boy does tricks on a gymnastics bar. OMG, how impressive is that? This boy’s sure got some skills! He’s killing it! Good job! But wait, there’s a plot twist coming! He does a couple of spins and as he prepares for a flip, his legs hit the bar and the falls. LOL! Nobody saw that coming from this gymnastics superstar! Absolutely hilarious! Don’t you worry little boy! You can never learn unless you fail first!"


"Cat Plays With Dog's Tail While Baby Boy Plays With The Cat's Tail"

"Is there anything more beautiful than watching a baby playing with her or his best furry friend? Well, the answer is obviously “no” except when a baby has more than one adorable pet! Oh, what a blast that is! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean! This clip shows the most adorable baby boy who is fortunate to have both a dog and a cat in his family. The three of them are all sitting on the floor and play together! The can is lying down under a coffee table and plays with the dog's tail while this cute baby boy sits right next to the table and plays with the cat's tail! LOL! Just look how adorable these three are together! They truly make one of the happiest family I’ve seen in a while! So, if you are looking for a video that will put a nice big smile on your face, this one is a sure winner!"


"Man Spins Around Light Pole and Falls on His Back"

"It’s winter time, the time to have so much fun in the snow! Yay! There are so many fun activities to choose from! If you think that only kids can get incredibly excited by the snow, you are mistaken! Adults look forward to it as well! And the funny guy from this video is here to prove it in the most hilarious way ever! As the video begins, you can see a man so excited by the snow that he just can’t help but sing and dance. I guess he imagines that he’s starring in a musical or something. How funny is he? This guy even tries to pull a true musical style move by spinning around a light pole. “Just standing in the snow, what a glorious feeling!” Oh-oh! Here comes trouble! He loses grip while spinning around the light pole and falls on his back! LOL! Even though he shouldn’t take part in pole dancing competitions, one thing’s for sure - he’s made us laugh out loud!"


"Two Dogs Run On A Treadmill Together"

"Having a treadmill at home can be very handy for everyone who loves to exercise but can’t make it to a gym regularly. But it’s also super useful for all dog owners! And how’s that true? Well, check out this video and everything will become clear! LOL! This clip shows two adorable dogs having a time of their lives running on the treadmill and listening to some cool music! Just look how excitedly happy these two are! They are doing what they love to do best while “My Boyfriend's Back" by the Angels gives them pace and rhythm! What a brilliant idea this is for every dog owner! If you don’t have enough time to walk and run your dog outdoors, just turn on the treadmill, and everyone is happy! And I bet after a couple of miles your dog will be stone-still for the rest of the evening! LOL!"


"Balance Beams Group Fail"

"Gymnastics is such an amazing sport! However, you have to devote lots and lots of time and practice if you want to be good at it. No pain, no gain! You just can’t learn how to do something right until you’ve failed a hundred times! That’s definitely true for gymnastics, and this hilarious video is here just to prove it! At the beginning of the video, you can see a group of young girls standing on balance beams in a gymnastics class. They are all holding their arms above their head in the most graceful way. Ready, get set, and GO! All of a sudden, a woman says "go" and all the girls jump off the beams on command. They try to jump off the beams and climb back on them as fast as they can! It’s a race against the time. OMG, how exciting! One of the girls falls on the beam and lands hard on her groin. A second girl's knees buckle and she falls off the beam on the wrong side. LOL! Not so graceful after all! Too funny for words!"


"Siblings' Rivalry At Its Best And Worst"

"Every family that has at least two boys know that siblings' rivalry is something they simply have to cope with! No matter how great the boys get along, there will always be some type of competition or even occasional animosity among siblings. And this video is a great example of that! This clip shows two young boys who are jumping together on a small trampoline in their family backyard. They both love having fun on that trampoline but hate the fact that they have to share it. So, one boy pushes his brother off the trampoline, and he falls into a bush. But what makes this video so amazing is the slow motion, so everyone knows who’s the little villain here. LOL! There’s no “It wasn’t me, it was him” excuse! We all saw it, and now he’s busted! LOL! I just can’t help but wonder what kind of corrective measures was taken after it."


"Slow Motion Exercise Ball Challenge"

"Silly kids do silly things. Kids can come up with the weirdest games to play! And we can all agree that everything is more exciting in slow motion! I’m sure you’ll absolutely enjoy this oddly satisfying slow motion video! As the video begins, you can see two little boys having so much fun playing with huge bouncing balls in their living room. They are running into each other in slow motion while holding the enormous exercise balls. Just wait until you see what happens! They collide and bounce off each other. OMG, how exciting does this look? So amazing! They bounce into the air and then fall to the floor with the balls falling over them. LOL! Totally hilarious! And you would have thought that exercise balls are only good for your same old traditional ways to burn calories. Well, this video has sure proven us all wrong! Too funny for words!"


"Twin Boys Fight Over Kazoo"

"Did you know that twins can have their own language which they develop from the earliest age in order to able to communicate more easily? How cute is that? Having a twin brother or sister doesn’t only mean that you always have someone to talk to about anything. It also means that you always have someone to argue with about everything and anything! That’s definitely true for these two funny little fellows! This funny video shows twin toddler boys playing at home. They are surrounded by all kinds of toys, but they both want to play with the same one. These two boys are fighting over a kazoo and crying back and forth! How funny are the taking that toy musical instrument from each other over and over again! There’s just something about that kazoo that is grabbing the attention of both kids. I bet it’s the fact that the other one of them’s got it! How funny are they?"


"A Dog Watches A Man As He Eats"

"There is a pretty good reason why dogs are considered to be man’s best friends. They are the most amazing creatures, and this video is just another great proof of that! And at the same time, it absolutely hilarious that you simply have to see it! This video shows two best buddies hanging together in a living room, a man and his dog. The man is sitting on a couch with a plate of delicious scrambled eggs in his hands and eats it, while his best furry friend stands next to the sofa and watches him. But, each time the man looks at his pup, the dog turns away and looks at the ground, pretending not to be interested in that yummy food at all! LOL! No matter how big his craving for that food is, he puts the needs of his human friend first and patiently wait to see if a bite or two will be left for him to grab after!"


"Funny Dog Reaction To My Fart"

"Dogs are really amazing creatures who can make us laugh like no one or nothing else can! They absolutely deserve the title of man’s best friends and this video proves it, but in the funniest way, you could possibly imagine! It’s so incredibly funny that you simply have to check it out! This video shows a moment shared between two bestest of friends, a man, and his beloved dog. The two of them are chilling together in a living room, and the dog’s head with his eyes shut leans on this man’s thigh. And all of a sudden, this man asks his pup did he fart, and the slowly opens his eyes and puts the big smile on his face! LOL! Can you believe that?! This is one of the funniest dogs’ reactions I’ve ever seen! His facial expression is so beyond words that you simply have to see it for yourself!"


"How To Befriend A Blue Jay"

"Wild birds are such amazing creatures, but they are often very shy and fearful. It seems almost impossible to befriend them, but this video gives hope that it’s achievable! So, if you want to know how to be like a real-life Disney character and become best friends with the wildlife, just ask a man in this video. But first, check it out! This video shows a man who has managed to forge a truly strong bond of friendship with this blue jay with nothing more than a baggie full of tasty treats! He pulls one piece at the time from this bag and gives it to this adorable blue jay bird who takes it from this man’s hand and eats it! OMG! Then it goes over to a water bowl for a sip of water but comes back for more food! WOW! Isn’t that just amazing? I have to admit that after watching this, I might give it a try. Maybe it's really easier than it looks!"


"Kitten Loves To Wrestle With Dog"

"Who says that cats and dogs don’t get along? I mean, they are quite infamous for fighting over everything and anything. However, our canine and feline companions can sometimes have a relationship that can be described as an exact opposite of a hostile one. If you don’t believe that cats and dogs can be best friends, you absolutely have to watch this video! Prepare to have your heart melted! This cute video shows the adventures of an adorable kitten and a Dachshund dog. The doggy is sleepy but the kitten is in the mood for playing. This cute kitty is not even considering leaving his feline friend alone, even though the adorable pooch would much rather be left to nap in peace. I just can’t believe how badly the kitty wants to wrestle his doggy friend! I’m not even sure if they are wrestling or actually hugging but they are totally adorable either way!"


"Golden Retrievers Learn Sharing Is Caring"

"We all know that sharing means caring! It takes some time to learn that, but once we get it, our lives become much richer and more beautiful. And it seems that the same goes for our beloved four-legged best friends! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. This video shows a family of the sweetest golden retrievers who are patiently waiting in a car for their lady owner to came back with some nice treat for them all. And what could possibly be better than the sweet treat of ice cream? LOL! So, when she comes with a big cone full of delicious vanilla ice cream, she first offers it to one of the dogs while the rest of them are still patiently waiting their turn for a bite and don’t make any fuss about it! It seems that these cute canines have already learned that valuable lesson on how sharing is caring and now they are being rewarded for it!"


"Sneezes Please Baby Boy"

"This video is just too cute for words! When you are a baby everything and anything can make you laugh! There’s no wonder why babies are called bundles of joy! And we can all agree that not many things in this world are more precious than the giggles of a baby. For the parents, the sound of their baby’s laugh is like a music to their ears. No sound is cuter than a baby’s little chuckle. So that’s why parents of the little ones spend most of their days trying to make their bundles of joy laugh. And that’s exactly what happens in this cute video! A little boy is sitting in his high chair wearing a bib that says ‘dinner’s on me’ on it. How cute is he? His mom is trying to entertain him by pretending to sneeze repeatedly. And it’s working! This cute baby boy laugh out loud every time when he hears his mom sneeze! Sneezes are definitely pleasing this little one! Oh, how precious is he?"


"Short Dog Problems"

"Are you familiar with short people problems? Never being able to reach the top shelf or taking so much longer to get anywhere because your legs are so short or seeing taller people from a frog perspective - the list of struggles is just endless! It turns out that while short people problems are very real, so are short dog problems! Who would have thought? If you need an example of short dogs’ struggles’, just check out this video! This adorable French bulldog is trying desperately to reach the toilet, but just can't get the altitude he needs! What's a dog to do when he's gotta go use the bathroom? Oh, you poor thing! I feel so sorry for him! No matter who loud he barks and how high he jumps, this little doggy is never gonna reach that toilet seat. He’s just too short! How funny is that? Absolutely hilarious!"


"Baby's Favorite Couch Potato"

"What could be better than having a best friend who can double as a fellow couch potato and a cuddle buddy? Well, judging by this video, almost nothing! It’s so cute and adorable that you really don’t want to miss this one! This video shows a sweet baby boy who is having some fun time with his big dog on the couch. The two of them are just lying together enjoying each other’s company, just like the bestest of friends do! It’s so obvious that this cute baby absolutely loves spending quality lazy time with his favorite couch potato and is living it up! And the good thing his BFF is also the most patient dog in the world! That’s why they make such amazing buddies who put smiles on everyone’s faces! So, if you are looking for something to really cheer you up and make you smile for the rest of the day, this video is a sure winner!"


"Baby Girl Loves Noisy Candy"

"How doesn’t like candy? What’s there not to love? Those little amazing creatures that we call by the name babies, sure love all kinds of candy. It’s safe to say that those little humans are the biggest fans of candy in the world! And if you think that babies love candy just because of the sweet taste, you are not quite right! This video is here to show you all the delightful ways to have fun with candy! Enjoy! We all know that, when it comes to discovering the world around them, babies are just the cutest are just the cutest. And the little baby girl from this video is here just to give you an adorable example of that theory. She’s got a box of candy in both of her hands and she’s shaking them as if they were two maracas! This baby girl is loving the noisy candy sound so much that she can’t help but toss her head back and smile widely! Oh, how adorable is she! So priceless!"


"Cute Dog Steals the Spotlight"

"We can all agree that dogs are such amazing beings! They are so cute and funny and we love them to absolute bits! However, every dog owner will agree that their canine companions can be so unpredictable and you can never know what’s crossing their little doggy minds. Silly dogs do silly things! And did you know that some pooches even catch their own mischiefs on camera? If you have never seen a dog vlog, you absolutely have to check out this funny video! Prepare to be mind blown! This video shows a cute puppy dog playing with a shoe. He’s actually chewing on it, but that’s just how dogs like to play with shoes. A kid is filming him playing when all of a sudden, the doggy grabs his iPhone and runs away with it. OMG! Queue the doggy cam! He runs away with the phone, but he catches every second of his escape adventure on camera! Doggy stole the spotlight! Isn’t this the funniest case of a dog vlog you have ever seen?"


"Behold, the most fearsome creature in all the world, Catzilla!"

"Have you ever heard of Catzilla? That’s the most fearsome creature in all the world, and you absolutely have to see it! Just click on this video and get ready to face the horror! LOL! But, we have to warn you that this video is also the funniest horror video you’d probably ever seen! So, get ready to have your mind blown by the utter horror cuteness! This video shows two orange cats who are standing in a living room and watch each other. One of them is wearing a dinosaur costume, and while he’s more adorable than frightening to us cat obsessed humans, his sibling seems to be very confused and quite scared by it. He doesn’t even want to fight it! Moreover, he is ready to step back and give up, just to get away from this scary sight! LOL! But as soon as he flees, this little horror thing trips and falls on the floor!"


"German Shepherd Puzzled by Popcorn"

"Dogs are such hilarious little beings and they bring us so many reasons to laugh out loud! Not only are they totally hilarious, but they sure can be so silly sometimes. That’s especially true when it comes to food! We all know dogs will eat just about everything! According to dogs, almost anything edible is a treat. Well, what happens when the treat strikes back? This adorable German Shepherd wants nothing more than to be able to reach the stubborn piece of popcorn that is stuck on his nose! Talk about a tricky treat to eat! You can do it, buddy! Oh, how precious is he? The piece of popcorn might be stubborn, but this adorable pooch is determined to out-stubborn it! You go, little one! He moves his head around and tries to reach that yummy popcorn with his tongue but nothing seems to be working! LOL! Have you ever seen a German Shepherd puzzled by popcorn so much? Too funny for words!"


"Sleepy Cat Gets Swarmed By Adorable Puppies"

"Cats and dogs are usually not the bestest of friends, but there are always exceptions! Just like in this video. It’s so cute and adorable, you absolutely have to check it out! Is shows the funniest Zen cat in the world and a whole bunch of puppies! LOL! This has got to be the most patient cat of all time! This mama cat has all the patience in the world as she is literally hounded by a giant litter of energetic puppies! These cheerful cuties are all around and on her, biting her neck and ears, while she naps and enjoys the sun. And I have to admit that this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. It is the purrfect mood-boost that you've been looking for all day long! So, get ready for some serious cuteness that will make you smile for the rest of the day!"


"Dog Run Fun"

"Kids and dogs, that’s just the cutest combo ever! Kids just absolutely love their pet dogs, and not many things in this world can make them laugh out loud as dogs can. This video proves that theory in the most adorable way ever! If you don’t take a moment to enjoy this funny video, you’ll regret it! On your mark, get set, GO! This adorable baby girl never gets tired of watching her beloved canine companion running around in circles around the house! If The Flash was a dog, he very might have been this golden retriever! So much fun! You won't want to miss out on this little baby's delight! This funny doggy is running around the house restlessly and the adorable baby girl just can’t get enough of his game Who adorable is she? I could watch her excited little face the whole day long! She’ll give you all the giggles! Cuteness overload!"