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Super Sleepy Pets1m32s

Super Sleepy Pets

These adorable snoozing pets will make you want to plop down for a nice midday nap!

Published: February 24, 201722 views
Stand Up Sleeper40s

Stand Up Sleeper

We're not sure if this cute kid is trying to stay awake or just trying to sleep while standing up, but either way it looks like he's struggling! This stand up sleeper is has figured out an amazing way to do a leg workout while taking a quick snooze. Talk about a multitasking!

Published: February 24, 2017166 views
Lazy Bulldog Can't Reach Ball20s

Lazy Bulldog Can't Reach Ball

This poor bulldog has come face to face with his absolute worst nightmare, his favorite ball has rolled under a chair and no matter what he does, he can't seem to make any progress on getting it back! What's a poor pup to do? You'll have to wait and see to find out!

Published: February 24, 2017571 views
Pacifier Switcheroo36s

Pacifier Switcheroo

Who would have thought that pacifiers could be so entertaining! These babies don't need anything other than two pacifiers to keep themselves occupied for hours at a time! Whenever they start to get bored, all they have to do is swap pacifiers to switch things up a bit!

Published: February 24, 201710 views
Guilty Dogs Can't Face The Truth42s

Guilty Dogs Can't Face The Truth

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you know that you've done something wrong and you're just waiting for that shoe to drop? Well that's exactly how these Jack Russel Terriers are feeling right about now! Their guilt is written all over their faces!

Published: February 24, 20171,440 views
Baby Bulldog's Unusual Chew Toy33s

Baby Bulldog's Unusual Chew Toy

This sweet bulldog has found himself an unusual new chew toy to play with and his mom is too happy about it! But there's just something about this buzzing and bouncing door stopper that makes it irresistible for this sweet pup to play with! Looks like he doesn't need any other toys!

Published: February 23, 201729 views
Baby Panda Takes A Tumble31s

Baby Panda Takes A Tumble

Life as a super cute baby panda isn't all fun and games. Sometimes life can be quite difficult, like when your sibling decides to pull a little prank and push you off the playground! While this sweet panda takes a tumble, he's quick to get back on his feet and get back to playing!

Published: February 23, 201716 views
Puppy vs Electric Toothbrush25s

Puppy vs Electric Toothbrush

Brushing your dog's teeth can be quite the challenge, especially when they're wary of toothbrushes! Well this brave pup isn't sure what to make of this electric toothbrush but that doesn't stop him from trying to fight this strange machine! What a brave puppy!

Published: February 23, 201720 views
Why You Shoud Never Feed Seagulls35s

Why You Shoud Never Feed Seagulls

Beware when bringing food to the beach! Especially if there are lots of seagulls out and about! This teen made the mistake of sharing a little bit of her lunch with these seagulls and now they won't leave her alone! These crazy seabirds are willing to do just about anything for a bite of food!

Published: February 23, 20175,742 views
Adorable Snoring Bulldog35s

Adorable Snoring Bulldog

Who doesn't love a nice midday nap? This adorable bulldog is making the most of this perfect afternoon by spending it how most people would, curled up on a comfy couch and napping the day away! Watch out everyone, this is a professional snoozer!

Published: February 23, 201758 views
Cat Loves Fish Flavored Water35s

Cat Loves Fish Flavored Water

It's the most popular drink choice among cats everywhere, it's fish flavored water! This cat can't help but drink up all that yummy water from the fish tank! There's no going back to regular water for this cat! Let's just hope that these fish don't get too freaked out!

Published: February 22, 201719 views
Cute Baby Goat Meets His Reflection25s

Cute Baby Goat Meets His Reflection

What could possibly be cuter than a baby goat? How about an adorable baby goat in a set of dinosaur pajamas meeting his reflection for the first time? Can you handle this super cute baby goat? Well there's only one way to find out! Get ready for the sweetest sight you'll ever see!

Published: February 22, 201714,821 viewsVirality: 1%
Tot Makes A Leap of Faith35s

Tot Makes A Leap of Faith

Everything seems bigger and scarier when you're a kid, even the refrigerator! This sweet tot somehow felt that the three inch ledge inside the refrigerator was as intimidating as the grand canyon! It was time to bring in mom to make this amazing rescue!

Published: February 22, 201711 views
Dog Scratches His Back Like A Pro30s

Dog Scratches His Back Like A Pro

This has got to be the smartest dog we've ever seen! While most animals tend to rub up against a tree or a pole to scratch an itch on their back, this super smart pup has figured out an ingenious way to scratch his itch with nothing more than a rope that he found on the street!

Published: February 22, 20172,497 views
Pie Prank Backfires31s

Pie Prank Backfires

This goes to show that you should beware of pranking your siblings! Lesson number one when trying out the classic pie prank, make sure the person you're pranking is actually asleep! Otherwise, you could end up with an epic backfire like this one! Talk about a prank gone wrong!

Published: February 22, 201712 views
Clever Cow Pumps Water35s

Clever Cow Pumps Water

This is one clever cow! On a hot summer day, there's nothing that quenches thirst better than some nice cool well water! Luckily for this smart cow, he's figured out exactly how to pump the water out of the well for himself whenever he needs! Talk about a smart cookie!

Published: February 22, 201716 views
Boy Can't Stop The Beat25s

Boy Can't Stop The Beat

This cute kid is really feeling the groove of the music and he can't resist it! This cute kid might become the next big drummer based of his excellent drumming skills and epic dance moves! Talk about a professional entertainer! It just goes to show that you just can't stop the beat!

Published: February 22, 20177 views
What Does The Frog Say?35s

What Does The Frog Say?

Ever since that viral music video came out, we all soon learned what the fox says, but have you ever wondered what the frog says? Well forget what you think you know about frogs, and get ready to learn the new language of frogs according to this sweet baby!

Published: February 22, 201726 views
6 Problems That Come With A Bad Hair Day1m03s

6 Problems That Come With A Bad Hair Day

We've all had those days when our hair just doesn't want to cooperate with us! Well these are all struggles that any one who's had a bad hair day can totally understand. Thank goodness for hats and hair ties that are always there to help save the day! Let's hope it's better tomorrow!

Published: February 22, 20174 views
Mom Gets Stuck In The Car1m37s

Mom Gets Stuck In The Car

We don't know if we should be impressed or not by this mom's epic road trip fail! This mom just wanted to get all the kids on video as they head off to a fun family vacation, but ends up stuck in the most hilarious situation instead! Will she be able to get out of being stuck? There's one way to find out!

Published: February 22, 20172,241 viewsVirality: 92%
33 Sweetest Kids of All Time10m03s

33 Sweetest Kids of All Time

Take a break from a long work day with these sweetest kids! These adorable kids and their cute little shenanigans will instantly give you the moodboost that you need to make through the rest of the work day! Just try to get through this whole video without cracking a smile!

Published: February 22, 201736 views
17 Epic Dance Fails To Help You Make It Through The Day1m44s

17 Epic Dance Fails To Help You Make It Through The Day

You don't have to be a good dancer to enjoy grooving to the music! These epic dance fails may not be pretty, but boy is it good for a laugh! If you're having a tough week, just take a quick dance break and enjoy these glorious, epic dance fails! It's hard to stay down when you're laughing!

Published: February 22, 201750 views
10 Cute Cats Who Got Too Curious1m37s

10 Cute Cats Who Got Too Curious

It looks like these adorable cats had a whole lot of fun! These adorable cats found new ways to entertain themselves and their animal siblings by playing around with some new and exciting toys! You can always count on curiosity to keep your brain turning and your creativity flowing!

Published: February 22, 2017401 views
10 Reasons Why Sports Should Be Left Outside1m03s

10 Reasons Why Sports Should Be Left Outside

When the winter hits, it's easy to get bored and get cabin fever. But whatever you do, remember that there is no room for sports inside the house! Just ask these people who are seriously regretting their decision to bring sports indoors on these rainy days!

Published: February 22, 20171 views