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10 Signs That You've Got A Mess On Your Hands2m16s

10 Signs That You've Got A Mess On Your Hands

If only kids were as good at cleaning up after themselves as they are at playing! These parents must be wondering what their kids have gotten them into after seeing the giant messes they've made! Here are ten hilarious signs that these kids are keen to make a mess!

Published: January 20, 201723 views
22 Animals Who Are Having A Ruff Day5m03s

22 Animals Who Are Having A Ruff Day

Are you having a rough day? Well not to worry, you're not alone! If you need a little moodboost to help you get through the day, look no further! These sweet little animals doing their best to make it through their fumbles will instantly warm your heart and bring a smile to your face!

Published: January 20, 201730 views
15 Cutest Snoozing Babies And Animals2m11s

15 Cutest Snoozing Babies And Animals

Who's ready for a midday nap? Well just one look at these snoozing kids and animals might have you doze off into your own nap! There's nothing more relaxing than watching some adorable, sleepy kids and animals to help you mellow out from any troubles.

Published: January 20, 201733 views
35 Hilarious Fails To Get You Through Today5m41s

35 Hilarious Fails To Get You Through Today

These people did not listen to all those professionals and parents when they said, don't try this at home! Well good thing for us that they at least caught it all on tape, and boy are they some great fails to behold! Take it from these guys, and don't try this at home!

Published: January 20, 201715 views
Sweet Dogs Welcome Soldier Home28s

Sweet Dogs Welcome Soldier Home

There's nothing sweeter than seeing the reactions of family members seeing each other for the first time in a long while! Well just imagine the wave of emotion that this soldier feels when he returns home to find his three dogs jumping for joy when they greet him at home!

Published: January 19, 20173,039 views
Happy Kitten Lets Out Strange Purr34s

Happy Kitten Lets Out Strange Purr

Cats tend to let out a humming purr when they're content or happy. Well we're not quite sure what this kitten is trying to tell us with his strange little purr, but it sure is cute! What do you think this kitten is saying? Is it a purr of content or annoyance? There's only one way to find out.

Published: January 19, 201727 views
Little Girl Gets Busted For Watching The Walking Dead30s

Little Girl Gets Busted For Watching The Walking Dead

Uh oh! It looks like somebody got busted for watching something that is too scary for her! When this mom asks her what she wants to be for Halloween, she gets an unexpected answer that leads to some revealing secrets! Zombies from The Walking Dead is probably not the best answer!

Published: January 19, 2017131 views
No Cooties For This Kid27s

No Cooties For This Kid

This kid knows how to best stay away from germs and cooties! When his mom comes around the corner and sneezes in front of him, he has the most adorable reaction to the display of germs! This is one kid who will not stand for getting sick! Even if that means hiding behind a kitchen towel!

Published: January 19, 20178 views
Cute Critter Turns The Table On A Cat24s

Cute Critter Turns The Table On A Cat

This is one game of cat and mouse where you're not too sure who's doing the running and who's doing the chasing! In this upside down world, the cute little rodent is the one chasing the cat around, all while he's still in his cage! You won't be able to keep from laughing at this adorable scene.

Published: January 19, 201719 views
Teddy Bear Takes Revenge27s

Teddy Bear Takes Revenge

This adorable kid couldn't help but go for a giant bear hug as soon as he laid his eyes on this enormous teddy bear! Just when he thought that the hug was over, this gentle giant ended up returning the favor with a hug of his own! If you've ever wondered what it might be like to get a hug from a giant teddy bear, here it is!

Published: January 19, 201714 views
Groovy Grandpa Has Some Smooth Moves35s

Groovy Grandpa Has Some Smooth Moves

Don't count out this grandpa just yet! He may be another year older today, but this grandpa's dance moves prove that he's still got a ton of energy to spare! You're going to want to take some dancing notes from this groovy grandpa! It goes to show that age is just a number.

Published: January 19, 20176 views
Kid Gets Hand Stuck In Vacuum35s

Kid Gets Hand Stuck In Vacuum

This little cutie is never going to help out with chores ever again after this! This adorable little tot just wanted to help his dad around the house, but when they got to the vacuum, that's when things went a little awry! Don't worry kiddo, we all know how scary vacuums can be!

Published: January 19, 201793 views
Baby Bird Loves Laser Pointer32s

Baby Bird Loves Laser Pointer

Everyone loves a light show, even this little baby bird! He just can't keep his eye off of this shiny red laser pointer no matter what! We just hope that he doesn't get too dizzy following this red dot around and around! Oh the things we do for the joy of entertainment.

Published: January 19, 20179 views
How To Wake A Sleepy Bulldog31s

How To Wake A Sleepy Bulldog

Sleepy heads can be hard to shake awake in the mornings! Especially if they're your pet! Well this clever pet parent figured out the perfect way to wake his adorable sleeping beauty of a boxer with nothing more than a single piece of potato. A tater tot to be specific!

Published: January 19, 201718 views
Baby Tries To Bite Her Way Out47s

Baby Tries To Bite Her Way Out

This baby is trying to make a jail break! But who would have thought that a baby's best way out could be by her sharp little teeth? This adorable little tot was not content being stuck in her crib and so she decided to do her best in getting out of there!

Published: January 19, 2017468 views
Bird Boogies To The Beat35s

Bird Boogies To The Beat

Who would have thought that this little birdie loves to get down and boogie to the beat? Don't challenge this little bird to a dance battle, because he just might win and leave you hanging! Music speaks to this bird just as much as it speaks to our souls like you never would have guessed.

Published: January 19, 201710 views
Don't Wake The Sleeping Pooch35s

Don't Wake The Sleeping Pooch

This bird may be cute and adorable, but even his cuteness as limits! This cute bird's canine sibling is not happy about having his nap interrupted and is not shy about telling her exactly how he feels! This little birdie might want to think again the next time she tries to wake up her puppy sibling.

Published: January 19, 201759 views
Cute Dog Attention Hog35s

Cute Dog Attention Hog

Somebody is looking for her big moment in the lime light! This spotlight craving pup is perfectly content to sit and look pretty for her owner. But as soon as she suspects that her attention is going somewhere else, her diva personality comes out and will walk right out the door!

Published: January 19, 201711 views
13 Cats Who Forgot How To Cat1m38s

13 Cats Who Forgot How To Cat

Cats are well known for just laying around and being the master of the house. But fortunately for us, these thirteen hilarious cats have completely forgotten how to cat! You won't be able to stop laughing for the rest of the day! Who's ready to go adopt a cat?

Published: January 18, 2017837 views
When Opposite Animals Attract1m14s

When Opposite Animals Attract

You know what they say! Sometimes opposites attract, even in the case of animals! You won't want to miss out on these odd animal pairings!

Published: January 18, 2017123 views
Bulldog Is A Picky Eater28s

Bulldog Is A Picky Eater

Only cheese please! This adorable bulldog has got some picky taste buds when it comes to his preference of chips! He knows a good chip when he tastes one and by that he means, the chips with the cheese powder! No plain chips for this super cute pup, no sir!

Published: January 18, 201716 views
13 Adorable Baby Shenanigans2m33s

13 Adorable Baby Shenanigans

Babies are just adorable mess making machines! These adorable little babies are up to no good, so it's a good thing that they're so darn cute! There's no way to stay mad at these sweet faces for long. With just one look, these adorable little tots will melt your heart in no time!

Published: January 18, 201717 views
Dog Wears Fashionable Bracelet35s

Dog Wears Fashionable Bracelet

Who says that dogs aren't into fashion? This sweet pup is sporting this season's latest fashion accessory on his wrist and seems to be very pleased with it! Not only is his bracelet nice to look at, but it's also functional! What other doggy accessory also functions as a toy?

Published: January 18, 201717 views
Baby Feels Dough For The First Time35s

Baby Feels Dough For The First Time

This baby is having the time of her life when her mom let her do the one thing that every kid wants to do, play with her food! This adorable girl's reaction to feeling some pizza dough for the first time has got to be the sweetest thing you've ever seen! You won't want to miss out!

Published: January 18, 201710 views
The Ultimate Baby Face Swap31s

The Ultimate Baby Face Swap

We all love our social media devices as well as the fun new apps that come with them! One of our most beloved apps of course, is the face swapping app! You won't believe this hilarious face switcheroo that took place between this dad and baby boy! You won't be able to look away!

Published: January 18, 20176 views