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Greedy Monkey Knocks Over Friend For More Food23s

Greedy Monkey Knocks Over Friend For More Food

Sometimes we can't help our actions when it comes to food! Just ask this greedy little monkey who was not ashamed to push over his friend to get a second treat! What would you do for a yummy treat? You won't be able to stop laughing at this hilarious monkey antics!

Published: April 27, 2017
Clumsy Puppy Can't Handle New Coat25s

Clumsy Puppy Can't Handle New Coat

Some clothes are less functional than others! Just ask this adorable little puppy who got a snazzy new vest to wear! This baby blue vest might be the cutest thing you've ever seen on this pup, but it looks like the functional aspect of it could use some more work!

Published: April 27, 2017
Pack Of Dogs Get Excited By Shadow32s

Pack Of Dogs Get Excited By Shadow

Who would have thought that you could have so many dogs in one yard? And who would have thought that so many dogs would be captivated by a single shadow? We're not sure if these dogs realize that it's just their friend's shadow on the fence, but it looks like they're having a blast regardless!

Published: April 27, 2017
Brother Gets Ambushed By Surprise Pie24s

Brother Gets Ambushed By Surprise Pie

This is one birthday surprise that no one saw coming! Especially, not the unsuspecting little brother of this birthday boy! This just goes to show that you should always be cautious when sitting near the birthday girl or boy because you never know what antics could come up!

Published: April 27, 2017
Fiddle Loving Dog Howls Along41s

Fiddle Loving Dog Howls Along

There's no better way to enjoy the beauty of music than to participate in crafting the melodies and harmonies your self! This gentleman settled down to play a fun tune on his fiddle, and his adorable canine companion couldn't help but howl his own little tune too!

Published: April 27, 2017
Fishing Trip Freak Out42s

Fishing Trip Freak Out

This sweet girl is getting her very first lesson in the art of fishing! While things are pretty smooth sailing for the first few minutes, once she gets a fish hooked on the line, she quickly realizes that fishing might not be the right hobby for her! This fishing freak out is sure to put a smile on your face!

Published: April 27, 2017
Clever Dog Is A Math Genius34s

Clever Dog Is A Math Genius

This clever canine just might have better math skills than you! Don't believe us? Just take one look at this smart little cookie as he does some fast thinking for yummy treats! If only all of us could be math geniuses like this adorable dog! Be prepared to be amazed!

Published: April 26, 201736 views
Wild Fox Plays Chubby Bunny33s

Wild Fox Plays Chubby Bunny

Who would have thought that foxes love marshmallows? Well this adorable wild fox not only has a sweet tooth for marshmallows, but he loves them so much, he's not willing to leave a single one behind, even when his mouth is full! Who's ever heard of a fox playing chubby bunny?

Published: April 26, 201724 views
Adorable Giggling Babies22s

Adorable Giggling Babies

What could possibly be cuter than a baby? How about two sweet siblings who can't stop laughing and giggling with each other? It's like they have their own little secret joke! This is one place where parents are outside of the joke! These two sweet peas will instantly brighten up your day!

Published: April 26, 201734 views
Fluffy Dog Rings Bell For Attention25s

Fluffy Dog Rings Bell For Attention

Sometimes you just need to let those around you know that you demand their full and undivided attention! Well this super fluffy dog has found the perfect device to help her get her mom's attention whenever she wants! All she has to do is ring her little dinner bell!

Published: April 26, 201721 views
Cute Cat Appreciates Butt Scratches31s

Cute Cat Appreciates Butt Scratches

This poor cat has found himself in a cone of shame, but that doesn't mean that his loving family is going to leave him high and dry when he needs them! Thankfully, grandpa is there to help this cat out when he is in need of assistance in scratching an itch!

Published: April 26, 20179 views
Baby Boy Can't Stand Parents' Singing35s

Baby Boy Can't Stand Parents' Singing

Christmas can be the worst or the absolute best time of year depending on if you like hearing Christmas carols all day long! Well for this adorable little kid, it's not the Christmas songs that bother him, so much as his parents never ending sing along! He just wants some peace and quiet!

Published: April 26, 201764 views
Cute Kid Adorably Fails At Golf31s

Cute Kid Adorably Fails At Golf

This cute little kid is learning how to play the fine sport of golf at a very early age! While he's got a lot of the basics of golfing down pat, there are still a few aspects of golf that could use a little more practice! Just watch his adorable version of golf for your self!

Published: April 26, 2017267 views
Bunny Bounces Around A Bored Dog23s

Bunny Bounces Around A Bored Dog

This adorable little bunny rabbit doesn't seem to want to sit still! She would much prefer that her canine companion play with her, but this bored pooch can't be bothered to get off his favorite sitting spot! Looks like this bunny will just have to jump around him instead!

Published: April 26, 201724 views
Dog Loves To Leap For TV22s

Dog Loves To Leap For TV

This dog is all of us when it comes to watching our favorite shows on TV! We just can't get enough!

Published: April 25, 20178 views
Marker Makeup Mayhem49s

Marker Makeup Mayhem

These little girls are in so much trouble! This mom walked in these two siblings giving each other a magic marker make over and needless to say that mom was not happy about it at all! Not only did they get ink all over each other, they also managed to get it all over the walls as well!

Published: April 25, 201781 views
22 Dogs Who Love TV More Than You6m06s

22 Dogs Who Love TV More Than You

If you think you're a professional couch potato, think again! These adorable dogs are binge watching masters who could sit in front of a TV for all of eternity if they wanted to! Good luck trying to get these TV lovers to budge from their favorite spot when their favorite show is on!

Published: April 25, 201781 views
14 Cutest Snuggling Babies2m34s

14 Cutest Snuggling Babies

There's nothing sweeter or more comforting than a good snuggle with your favorite buddy! Well these fourteen adorable babies couldn't agree more! That's why they can't help but get as close as possible to their favorite snuggle buddy every time they see them!

Published: April 25, 201715 views
10 Cutest Baby First Steps2m07s

10 Cutest Baby First Steps

One of the most celebrated firsts for kids are of course, their very first steps! Well we've found some of the cutest reactions to a baby's first steps and packaged them all up together to make one super sweet compilation! So let's start celebrating these momentous mile stones!

Published: April 25, 2017142 viewsVirality: 11%
Grandpa Creates A Crazy Swing35s

Grandpa Creates A Crazy Swing

Who needs an amusement park when you have a grandpa who can make awesome rides like this? Grandma probably had no idea what she was in for when grandpa asked her to come outside and test ride his latest invention, the tractor swing! Who wants to ride this next?

Published: April 25, 2017283 views
12 Adorable Dirty Dogs2m39s

12 Adorable Dirty Dogs

These dogs are not afraid to make a mess when it comes to play time! Whether that means digging through the trash in search of a tasty treat or rolling around in the mud, you can count on these messy canines to create their own mini disaster zone! Look out for some dirty dogs!

Published: April 25, 2017116 views
French Bulldog Loves Pacifiers26s

French Bulldog Loves Pacifiers

This adorable little French bulldog loves to believe that he's the baby of the family! His favorite toy is a pacifier that he probably stole from the resident baby, but this little French bulldog doesn't give two hoots about that! He's perfectly content to be the baby of the house and get his way!

Published: April 25, 20177 views
Baby Dance Party35s

Baby Dance Party

There's that one song that everybody can't help but dance to as soon as it comes on! Well this group of adorable siblings is having a blast jamming out to their favorite tunes, especially the youngest little baby! He may not be able to walk, but he sure has some great dance moves!

Published: April 25, 2017146 views
AFV and Yahoo Present Top 5 April Showers1m17s

AFV and Yahoo Present Top 5 April Showers

Sometimes, there's no better feeling than jumping and dancing around in the rain in the midst of some April Showers! Well AFV and Yahoo are happy to present these top 5 April Showers that will have you wishing for some rain to head your way! Singing in the rain anybody?

Published: April 20, 2017Updated: April 21, 201714 views
Most Dramatic Baby Gender Reveal31s

Most Dramatic Baby Gender Reveal

This is one baby gender reveal that this family won't soon forget! These siblings are eagerly awaiting to find out if their new baby sibling is going to be a girl or a boy and lets just say that someone gets very upset when they find out the answer! Looks like someone was hoping for a baby brother!

Published: April 20, 20171,488 views