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Giant Swimming Bat Confirms Our Worst Nightmares46s

Giant Swimming Bat Confirms Our Worst Nightmares

Michael Phelps might be sleeping soundly at night, knowing that his reign in the swimming pool is secure, but right now our attention is drawn elsewhere. In this short clip that comes to us from Chandigarh, India, we see something that might not be all too surprising, as we’ve seen <a href=" " target="_blank">flying animals swim</a> before, but not yet seen a bat in the water, swimming like it is it’s second nature! Is nothing sacred anymore? These creatures of the night might not be famous for their prowess in the aquatic sports, so we just have to hand it to this guy; he looks like quite the pro! As you might have guessed it, the flying bloodsuckers are actually quite good at handling themselves during thick situations. According to the Smithsonian Museum, bats can swim if the need arises, but it’s certainly not part of their daily curriculum. Flying foxes, on the other hand, have been known to take a dive or two, if that means securing their next meal. Bats drink water on the wing; echolocation helps them track down a dam or river (or even a swimming pool), and they swoop down and skim the water's surface for some liquid refreshment. So while we don't know how this winged beast ended up in the water, we cannot exclude the possibility that the mammal was simply trying to have a drink and miscalculated its approach.