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Cat Reacts To Projector! 1m48s

Cat Reacts To Projector!

We put a projector on the wall for the first time and thought it'd be fun to try some YouTube Cat games and see how our cat reacts. He really enjoyed it to say the least.

Husky Stalks Her Prey 5m24s

Husky Stalks Her Prey

I walked out on my husky sitting perfectly still staring at a squirrel. She sat there for so long. I was recording for such a long time my battery died. I had time to go inside, grab a new battery, come outside and find her still sitting and staring at the squirrel. How is that for patience!?

Giant Cat Box Fort! 5m44s

Giant Cat Box Fort!

I feel like our cat deserves a little more attention. So we decied to make him a giant box fort castle to play in. Cat's love boxes. It's a proven fact. So a 100 boxes should make him really happy.

Day In The Life of a Husky! 9m12s

Day In The Life of a Husky!

We decided to strap a GoPro on the back of our Husky to see what she's up to on a typical day. Spoiler, it's a lot of exploring and not sitting still.

Dogs React to RC Car! 2m58s

Dogs React to RC Car!

Our dogs love to have fun, they love to chase things and work their prey drives. When we brought the RC car out it was no exception. They chased it around the backyard and had a great time!

Wiener Dog Doesn't Understand Pajamas 1m09s

Wiener Dog Doesn't Understand Pajamas

Our Wiener Dog, Oscar, loves being dressed up, being snuggled and being warm. But he has never had a pair of pajamas that went around his hind legs too. This made him a little confused and unable to walk. The result was too cute.

Published: January 10, 20185,079 views
Dog Gets Trapped In Onesie, His Husky Sister Comes To The Rescue1m26s

Dog Gets Trapped In Onesie, His Husky Sister Comes To The Rescue

These people have to be careful about leaving sweatshirts, pants or PJ's out, otherwise Oscar the wiener dog will crawl inside and make himself comfy. Although he does this often, he doesn't seem to realize he could get stuck. Comfort first, risk later. In this case his owners could have easily helped him out, but the teamwork from his husky big sister is just so heartwarming! Oscar’s owner ZestyMike tells his girlfriend that he turned his back on the dog for a few minutes to go to the restroom and when he came back, the wiener dog had wrapped himself up in his owner’s onesie and made himself comfortable. And who wouldn’t, they are so warm and cosy inside. But onesies are also terribly confusing, so when Oscar’s humans started calling him to come back out, the wiener forgot which way was out and got stuck in the fluffy onesie! Oscar sees the end of the sleeve and light poking through, but what he does not figure out is that the hole in the sleeve is too small for his body. He’s tiny, but not THAT tiny. While he struggles to set free, his big sister Nora the Husky was right there to help him out, but not before making fun of him for being a silly little pup.

Published: November 20, 201782,033 plays$297.85 earned
Don't Text and Drive! 56s

Don't Text and Drive!

We were driving home from vacation and passed a girl who was texting. She was so oblivious that she didn't realize her bumper was on the verge of falling off and endangering people behind her. It was swinging out to the right of her car and could easily be seen in her side mirrors, but she wasn't paying attention. We managed to get her attention and get her stopped to safety so that she wouldn't hurt anyone around her. So add this to the countless amounts of reasons to not text and drive!

Published: September 19, 20176,394 views
Cardboard Boat Races 3m36s

Cardboard Boat Races

Have you ever thought about rowing down the river in a cardboard box? Every year our Alpena Michigan has Cardboard Boat races and it always drives a crowd. It was a lot of fun to watch and enjoy.

Dog Stairs DIY 2m42s

Dog Stairs DIY

Our Dog Oscar hasn't been able to get onto our new bed because his doggy stairs are too short. So I took all of our leftover wood and assembled a stair set for him! Now he can reach new heights he has only dreamed of!

Published: July 26, 201724 plays$0.09 earned
Husky furious that doggy friend won't play with her2m50s

Husky furious that doggy friend won't play with her

Don't we all just want to play? The worst feeling ever is being bored and not knowing what to do with yourself. Well that was the situation that was going on here. During a rainy day in Michigan, Nora the very bored Husky attempts to force her canine pal out of the bed so that she can have a playmate. What a hilarious moment captured on video! What would you do if none of your friends wanted to play with you? You have three options really. The first is to force them to play with you. The seconds is to sulk and complain about how bored you are. And the third is to do something else either alone or with other people. Well this dog did a little bit of a combo with numbers one and two. Dogs have to be fairly active throughout the day, it's apart of their natural being. That's why we take them for walks and play games like fetch with them. A rainy day can be a dogs worse nightmare. Check out this hilarious husky!

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Dogs see their yard for the first time1m31s

Dogs see their yard for the first time

Nora and Oscar’s people have moved into a new house 2 months ago, but since the backyard was incomplete their dogs were on short leashes. They'd go out, potty and come back in. Well, they finally finished the fence and let Nora the husky and Oscar the weiner dog loose for the first time. This was their reaction. All that pent-up energy over the last couple of months will do this to you! Look at all those zoomies! Nora can’t seem to get enough off all that free space and Oscar can’t seem to catch up with her, poor fella. We are so happy for them both. Priceless! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this adorable reaction from a dog!

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