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Synchronised Cat Wash2m14s

Synchronised Cat Wash

Two cats share one flat. They share their food, their toys, simply everything. That might also be the reasin, why they also share their washing habits. They nearly absolutly synchronzed wash their furry fur. You don't believe it, see yourself. It's magical!

Bearded Dragon Shoos Off A Kitty Intruding His Bath  1m13s

Bearded Dragon Shoos Off A Kitty Intruding His Bath

Are you one of those people who just loves dinosaurs and dragons? Did you perhaps, collect rubber toy versions of these amazing animals when you were a child and dreamt of going back into the distant past just to have a look at dinosaurs? Or you imagined a little magical dragon resting on our shoulder just to protect you from harm? Unfortunately, dragons are fairy-tale creatures, and dinosaurs died out a long time ago, however an animal still exist today that might satisfy your taste for both – the bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are very clever lizards, with good eyesight and excellent reactions. This makes their behavior very interesting. Scientists have conducted experiments on bearded dragons and proved that they are capable of learning in such an extent that now dragons are considered the marmosets of the reptilian world. Their interest for their environment is so enormous that that would study, analyze and build a relationship with everything that comes in their way, starting from their owners and ending with the objects they find, making frequent surveillance trips around the room. Therefore, no small and bright details should be allowed lying around, they will all be inevitably tasted or eaten. This is why bearded dragons are very fond of guests, because guests are new objects for study. Despite the fact that this species of bearded dragons lives in quite arid regions of Australia, reminiscent of the African savanna, they are very fond of bathing and swimming and you shouldn’t deny them of this pleasure. This is the lesson the can in the video on the top of the page learned the hard way. Watch! Meat Francois, the bearded dragon. He is the typical example of his species: the dragon heart fears nothing, not even the fiercest predator in the world of domestic animals – that cat. You can see him enjoying his bath time, or trying at least to be left alone in those moments of pleasure, but he is sharing his home with another household pet who would not leave him in peace. The cat is so curious: why would anyone, even a breaded dragon want to soak in water!? But Francois has no fear at all. He is so confident, teaching this curious cat to stay away while he enjoys his bath. Bravo, Francois! As you can see in the video, the bearded dragon is a real dragon in your house! It is not that Francois did not warn the cat to stay aside with his body language. If you watch carefully you can see the system of gestures for communication. They love to communicate. They nod their head, raise their front legs and snap their tails. Usually, males nod, either quickly and aggressively, to show who is the owner of the stone they are perched on, or gently, hinting to the female suggesting their affection. Being very intelligent, bearded dragons can show to be very lenient and tolerant towards other animals in the household, but, mind you, only if the animal is larger than them (they will simply eat smaller ones). Most likely, a peaceful encounter will start and finish as such, but if the animal, like the curious cat in our video, starts to molest or tease them, then this lizard will show all the flamboyant colors the the dragon hidden inside.

Published: June 16, 201821,389 plays$38.10 earned
Frustrated cat gets fed up with smartphone game13s

Frustrated cat gets fed up with smartphone game

It's funny to see a cat play with a smartphone, especially because there are so many funny cat apps. This time the cat takes it way too serious and results in a crashed smartphone!

Published: May 22, 2018306 plays$0.41 earned
Cat demonstrates irresistible begging style 2m11s

Cat demonstrates irresistible begging style

Cat demonstrates irresistible begging style Look into this cat's eyes and listen to that cat's voice. It's meow will make you do everything she wants. That's what has to be called irrestistable begging style.

Published: March 17, 201838 views
Cats instantly love their Christmas present 31s

Cats instantly love their Christmas present

Just after entering the front door, they knew exactly that this gift was meant for the both of them. Look how eager these cats scratch their claws. That present was such a perfect one for Spidey and Hulk.

Published: December 28, 201786 plays$0.14 earned
Cozy Cat kneading its pillow 1m05s

Cozy Cat kneading its pillow

Cozy Cat kneading its pillow - Or is it simply a really passionate milkwalk? I think, it doesn't matter at all. In fact this cute cat is giving all it got and that's what counts. For me he deserves the fluffiest place that exists.

Published: December 10, 2017225 views
Lovely Persian Cat can't wait to cuddle 30s

Lovely Persian Cat can't wait to cuddle

This beautiful white persian cat sits in front of me each time, staring at me. Suddenly she can't stand any longer and aims towards me for a cuddle.

Published: December 4, 201739 plays$0.09 earned
Sweetest Black Baby Kitten Meow 20s

Sweetest Black Baby Kitten Meow

This super cute black baby kitten's meow is one of the most cutest things i have ever whitnessed. I would love to share this whith everyone in the world.

Published: November 21, 2017136 plays$0.54 earned
Curious Cat - Surpressing the desire to play 59s

Curious Cat - Surpressing the desire to play

Curious Cat - Surpressing the desire to play Spidey desperatly tries to surpress his inner voice. Telling him to play. It is quite clear to see, that this is demanding him a lot of mental strength. For me and hopefully for you as well it does simply look cute and funny. #SpideyandHulk #Zangpong #Cats

Published: October 21, 201726 views
Tiny cat meows to open the door43s

Tiny cat meows to open the door

Cats are clever. Either they learn zo open the door themselves or they simply learn how to let the door be opened. Hulk is cute and lazy, so he decides for the scond option.

Published: October 16, 201730 plays$0.11 earned
Another Cat bites the Drop 25s

Another Cat bites the Drop

Hulk the sweet cat trying to catch some water drops. He is so focused that bites doesn't seem to be needed for real. I mean, it's water.

Published: September 15, 201716 plays$0.06 earned
Sleeping Beauty Kitten34s

Sleeping Beauty Kitten

Hulk sleeps as innocent as he can. Shhhh...don't wake up the Beast.

Published: October 12, 20163,252 plays$7.18 earned