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Are You Looking For Your Soulmate?1m58s

Are You Looking For Your Soulmate?

Somewhere along the line we were convinced that we couldn't be happy in a relationship unless our partner was also our soulmate. But does this perfect person really exist? Is there just one "The One"? Justin Kelly McClure discusses the fallacy of looking for the perfect person.

Want To Raise Great Kids? Stop Praising Them!2m15s

Want To Raise Great Kids? Stop Praising Them!

We all want to tell our kids that everything they do is art but maybe that is causing them to have a sense of entitlement. Expert Renee Jain discusses how to help your kids' self-esteem without inflating their egos.

What Can I Do To Make The Difficult People In My Life Tolerable?1m39s

What Can I Do To Make The Difficult People In My Life Tolerable?

Maybe it's a sibling. Maybe it's a coworker. Maybe it's a spouse. We all have people in our lives who are just difficult. How do we handle them? When should we just cut them loose? How can we change our behavior? Rhoberta Shaler discusses how to make the difficult people in your life... less difficult.

Do I Need To Change To Meet Mr. Right?2m08s

Do I Need To Change To Meet Mr. Right?

Is there such thing as being perfect? What do you need to do to make sure that the right man wants to date you? Karin Anderson discusses how to be the best you there is and find the man of your dreams.

Expert Explains How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship In A Book4m58s

Expert Explains How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship In A Book

Sue Johnson, author of Love Sense, describes the science behind maintaining a long-term happy, healthy relationship. We also discuss what EFT (emotionally focused therapy) is and how that can help you and your spouse. Check it out! Relationships can be very tumultuous and rocky. They can be very fragile at times or they can be strong. There is a science behind maintaining a happy relationship and it is discussed in the book Love Sense. Author Sue Johnson wanted to make a book to show that. Sue and others gather to discuss this idea and emotionally focused therapy, also known as EFT, and elaborates why it is vital in a relationship. Many people go through relationship problems and difficulties in their love life. Relationships and love are very important in life and having troubles can be one of the most stressful things. It is always a work in progress, and maybe this video and book can help you and your significant other have a healthy and happy relationship! Sue Johnson, author of Love Sense, decided to write her book because it seems that now science has become more prevalent in relationships . Scientists seem to pay more attention to relationships now more than ever. Sue being a psychologist is all about the study of people. This science started to develop as people have become more interested in human interactions. Love is a fascinating subject and it is no wonder people have taken interest in studying more behind it! Sue decided that while this was going on between researchers, doctors, and scientists, no one really decided to tell people about what they were learning. She created the book to give couples and people insight into the science behind love. Instead of fighting and being lost in a relationship you can shape your love and handle it how you want. Emotionally focused therapy, EFT, has been around for nearly 30 years and it has been a big help for relationships around the world. It is the only therapy that is actually centered around the science of love and what exactly it is about! Most couples wait until things are bad in a relationship to visit EFT, but it would be best if they tackle the problem before it grows. Once things become rocky in a relationship, help should be sought out if both parties feel like the relationship is worth saving. It can be difficult to admit that the relationship is bad, wrong, or getting turbulent. Once you allow that reflection to happen, you can get help. This therapy gives the couples the insight to why these things are happening in their relationships. They can leave as a stronger unit and be able to solve their issues on their own with this knowledge. Love Sense is a book that can be and should be read by everyone. If you are having relationship problems or are in a relationship now, it is never too early or too late to get ahold of your relationship. There is all this science about love and relationships that is finally being researched. It is great that there are people, organizations, and readings that can help you through this and explain to you about their findings. Love is such a powerful emotion and it only makes sense that you should be in control of this emotion!

How Can I Protect Our Kids During The Divorce?2m09s

How Can I Protect Our Kids During The Divorce?

Lots of people stay in bad marriages for the sake of their kids. But that may be even unhealthier for them. When it's time to face the facts that you need a divorce, how can you best protect your kids? Mediator Rachel Green discusses in detail.

Why Do All Good Relationships Need Maintenance?4m05s

Why Do All Good Relationships Need Maintenance?

Why Do All Good Relationships Need Maintenance? Nothing gold can stay, right? Wrong, it just takes polishing. And relationships take the same sort of upkeep. Carl Studna and Cynthia James discuss what it takes to keep a great relationship on track.

Why Is My Kid Always Embarrassing Me!2m10s

Why Is My Kid Always Embarrassing Me!

Sometimes kids do stuff that really bugs us. But what is the difference between doing something wrong or dangerous and doing something that just embarrasses mom and dad? Tara Kennedy-Kline dispenses parenting advice about when to correct your kid and when to turn a blind eye.

How Can I Be Successful At Online Dating?6m11s

How Can I Be Successful At Online Dating?

No longer taboo or embarrassing, online dating has become one of the best ways to meet people. But how can you be successful at it. And what are some of the biggest misconceptions about online dating. Helen Fisher and our panel of Experts take on dating and the internet age.

Want To Defeat ADHD Without Medication?10m51s

Want To Defeat ADHD Without Medication?

ADHD has become a virtual epidemic. One in ten American kids is diagnosed with some for attention disorder. And many of them are medicated. John Gray has news for you: you can defeat this malady through diet and without pharmaceuticals. He discusses his new book Staying Focused In A Hyper World with YourTango’s Melanie Gorman.

Why Do Women Cheat?49s

Why Do Women Cheat?

While we don't talk about it as much, women cheat too. Do they have affairs for the same reasons as me? Charles J Orlando explains why women cheat.