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Beware Of The Petrol & Rings Roadside Scam! UK Footage2m27s

Beware Of The Petrol & Rings Roadside Scam! UK Footage

Raising awareness of this roadside scam, submitted by Southern Dash Cam Chris. Have a look at the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkEGdCve3y8&t=126s First of all, never stop on the side of a motorway to help someone unless they are in immediate danger. The scammer in this video has been spotted multiple times on the M25 & M4. The scam involves petrol, rings and a sob story. Some of the conman have claimed that one of their relatives has died and they need to get back home urgently. Many offer to show some form of identification, often a bogus business card, with a promise to repay the money and they offer jewellery such as “gold” rings as security. However, the rings are fake and valueless and the tricksters then flee with the cash, never to be seen again. While motorists might be thinking they are doing a good deed by pulling over on a motorway, the fact is that doing this is against the law – and drivers are putting themselves at unnecessary risk. Hopefully this video raises more awareness. Thank you for watching and thanks to Southern DashCam Chris for submitting this footage.

Driver’s Dash Cam Captures The Moment A Lost Dog Is Rescued From Certain Peril4m11s

Driver’s Dash Cam Captures The Moment A Lost Dog Is Rescued From Certain Peril

While driving to get his car checked over, user 'Welshdrive' came across a large dog in the middle of the road. It is not recommended to approach an unfamiliar dog, but the location and size of the dog meant it was only a matter of time before it got hit, possibly injuring people and killing the dog. So, the kind man did the only thing he could do at this point - he stopped his car in the middle of the road to force traffic to slow down, while he took care of the dog that was obviously distressed. “What are you doin’, doggy? What are you doin’?" the man can be heard saying on the dash cam footage. The dog sees the car stopping in the road and his demeanor changes, looking to his left and right for an opportunity to get away, should this human turn out to be hostile. When the car door opens, the dog tries to run away, scared out of its mind, but sensing kindness in the man’s voice made him stop in its tracks. Instead of running away, the pup crawled towards the human with his tail wagging. It even threw itself on its back, asking for belly scratches! Eventually it ran up to the owner's home 800 yards away, and all's well that ends well. Treat animals as you would treat humans, they have every right to live and be treated well. If you see a dog running loose on the road don't ignore it, be the person who saves it!

Published: December 9, 20151,122,873 views