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Beautiful Sun Halo1m03s

Beautiful Sun Halo

This rare sun halo amazed onlookers when it was seen in Manila, Philippines, on February 26. The optical phenomena was caused by light reflecting through ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

Tourist Caught After Robbing Gold Shop1m52s

Tourist Caught After Robbing Gold Shop

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a tourist batters a gold shop owner with a metal bar to steal 25,000 pounds worth of necklaces before he was caught. Mohammed Ibrahim Malki, 32, and his girlfriend Aisha Udomwatananon, 30, donned balaclavas before storming into the jewellery store.

Python Hiding Inside Living Room Wall!2m01s

Python Hiding Inside Living Room Wall!

This is the hair-raising moment an 15ft long python is caught - hiding inside a living room WALL. Homeowner Somchai Subdang, 45, was watching TV when he heard an odd clunking sound coming from the plasterboard.

Suitcases Flying Down Conveyor Belt2m44s

Suitcases Flying Down Conveyor Belt

Concerned airport staff filmed dozens of suitcases hurtling down a conveyor belt and smashing into a metal barrier. Workers at the baggage handling section of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manilia, Philippines, said they were tired of complaints about broken cases.

Cabbie Fighting Security Guards1m54s

Cabbie Fighting Security Guards

This is the shocking moment a taxi driver starts fighting with security guards who wanted to check his bag at a train station. The driver in a white shirt was seen exchanging blows with a guard in blue uniform on the connecting bridge in Makati, Philippines.

Snake Caught In Moving Bus2m31s

Snake Caught In Moving Bus

This is the dramatic moment a live snake is pulled out from its hiding place - inside a BUS. The python was spotted coiled inside the rear wheel arch by a motorists driving behind the passenger vehicle.

Prisoner Escapes Through Gate3m02s

Prisoner Escapes Through Gate

This is the dramatic moment a prisoner makes a brazen escape through a metal gate - dodging guards and escaping on a waiting motorbike. He was eventually caught four days later.

Coffin Carried Across River In Bali1m00s

Coffin Carried Across River In Bali

This is the bizarre moment dozens of villagers struggle to carry a coffin across a RIVER. Locals in the remote village of Tabanan in Bali, Indonesia, have been performing the funeral ritual for hundreds of years. They haul the ornate casket down to the river bank before floating across the raging water and over a second river before arriving at the destination where the body is cremated.

Powerful Storms Blow Down Power Lines43s

Powerful Storms Blow Down Power Lines

Footage shows powerful winds blowing down power lines and sending debris flying through the air as freak weather hit Sakon Nakhon in northeastern Thailand. The torrential rains and strong winds were caused by a high-pressure system moving in from China on March 7 2018.

Driver Gets Caught In TORNADO!45s

Driver Gets Caught In TORNADO!

This is the terrifying moment a driver is confronted head on by a raging TORNADO after getting caught in a tropical storm.The motorist was driving in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, when a sudden burst of heavy rain drenched the area followed by a swirling mass of grey cloud.

Airport Security Caught Stealing From Handbag2m03s

Airport Security Caught Stealing From Handbag

This is the shocking moment an airport security guards steals 450GBP in CASH from a passenger's handbag - seconds before it goes through an x-ray. Busakorn Somkwamdee, 26, was caught on CCTV opening the flap on the tourist's bag which had been put into a basket on a conveyor belt at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Puppy Waits By Canal After Owner Drowned2m10s

Puppy Waits By Canal After Owner Drowned

A loyal puppy waited by the side of a canal for 24 HOURS after his owner fell in and drowned. Truck driver Somchai Pusuwan, 48, had been sitting by the water with ten-month-old pet named 'Brother' when he fell in. Brother waited by the water until the next evening when rescuers arrived.

FUN! Children Use Dam As Water Slide28s

FUN! Children Use Dam As Water Slide

This enormous dam has become a huge hit with children - who are using it as a giant WATER SLIDE. The manmade Bansalan Dam was built several years ago to prevent flooding on the Miril River in Davao del Sur, Philippines.

Pet Dogs Gang Up On Monitor Lizard48s

Pet Dogs Gang Up On Monitor Lizard

This is the astonishing moment six plucky dogs gang up on huge monitor lizard. The enormous reptile emerged from the canal when two of the pups were splashing around. Another four dogs later joined their pals in the water to scare away the outnumbered monitor lizard in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

FIRE! Pattaya Walking Street Blaze Destroys Bars4m47s

FIRE! Pattaya Walking Street Blaze Destroys Bars

Two tourists were injured after a fire ripped through bars in a packed tourist destination. Hundreds of revellers and bar girls were drinking in notorious Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand, when there was a ''large explosion'' just after 10pm.Flames engulfed dozens of bars in a plaza area - sending girls in high heels screaming into the street as tourists fled in panic. One woman was heard saying ''oh my god, what's happening'' as sparks flew into the street and flames stretched into the night sky.

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Two Kittens Rescued From Ceiling4m30s

Two Kittens Rescued From Ceiling

This the heart-warming moment two kittens are rescued after spending over a week trapped inside a roof. A teacher had been hearing the faint meows for several days before he called rescuers.

Woman Struggling With VR Game57s

Woman Struggling With VR Game

A woman struggles to stay on her feet as she tries a Virtual Reality attraction. The female tourist was seen using the VR game on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand.

Dog Jumps Onto Motor bike9s

Dog Jumps Onto Motor bike

A clever dog was spotted leaping up onto the back of a motorbike before the rider sped away with the puppy riding pillion in Bangkok, Thailand.

Miss International Queen 20183m47s

Miss International Queen 2018

Transsexual models from around the world taking part in the swimwear heat of the Miss International Queen 2018 beauty competition at the Miss Tiffany's theatre in Pattaya, Thailand.

Midget Boxing Bar In The Philippines2m34s

Midget Boxing Bar In The Philippines

This bizarre footage shows a controversial bar where tourists pay to climb into a ring and referee - MIDGET BOXING. The Ringside Bar on the Burgos Strip in Manila, Philippines, employs around a dozen dwarves who stage fist fights from 8pm until 4am every night. Western tourists pay tips or buy drinks for the dwarves in return for the chance to join in with the odd attraction.

This Chicken's Feeling Blue29s

This Chicken's Feeling Blue

A blue chicken was filmed in the Philippines. The unusual color of the chicken made the footage go viral. However, the owner of the chicken said that it was artificially colored which will last for four months.