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Tourists Eat Through Rain

Tourists Eat Through Rain

Footage of 2 tourists casually eating their lunch under a large umbrella as heavy monsoon rains pour down in Bangkok today.

200kg Catfish Rescued After Floods

200kg Catfish Rescued After Floods

The enormous Mekong giant catfish, a critically endangered species, was washed from its large swamp into a smaller pond after heavy floods. It was rescued by locals who carried it on a motorbike back to its home.

Woman With Large Tumour Needs Treatment

Woman With Large Tumour Needs Treatment

Teresita Briones, 79, visited her doctor five years ago to have the small mole on her right cheek removed in what should have been a straight-forward procedure but the area turned into a giant tumour.

Crazy Tourist Hanging From Airport Roof'

Crazy Tourist Hanging From Airport Roof'

The female foreign tourist - believed to be an Olympic gymnast because of a tattoo on her back - was filmed UPSIDE DOWN from cables at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

Drivers Pick Up Python49s

Drivers Pick Up Python

The python was washed onto the road after floods subsided in the Chatuchak districk of Bangkok, Thailand, on October 13.

Children Play In Flood3m52s

Children Play In Flood

Children play on inflatable rubber rings and lilos after severe flooding in Southern Thailand turned a busy road into a 2ft deep river.

Baby Monkey Hugs Cuddly Toy At Vets47s

Baby Monkey Hugs Cuddly Toy At Vets

Cute wild macaque Olive was found struggling to breathe and malnourished. She was nervous after being taken to the local animal hospital in Bangkok but hugged the cuddly toy to feel better.

Three Horses Galloping Down Road1m06s

Three Horses Galloping Down Road

This was the bizarre moment three runaway HORSES were seen galloping down a MOTORWAY. They came to a set of traffic lights and slowed to a canter before taking a slip road in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Toilets Built AROUND Old Tree21s

Toilets Built AROUND Old Tree

Superstitious monks were afraid to knock down a decades old tree - so just built a new block of toilets around it at the Wat Pho Bang Khla temple in Chachoengsao, Thailand.

Baby Perishes In Slum Fire54s

Baby Perishes In Slum Fire

A four-month-old baby boy perished in his bed after fire ripped through a row of wooden slum houses built over a canal in Bangkok, Thailand.

Funny Cow Riding Fail13s

Funny Cow Riding Fail

Amusing footage of a woman getting thrown to the ground when she tries to ride a COW. Nong Saifon , 28, swung a leg over the farm animal and hoisted her self up - only for it to jolt forwards and send her crashing into the hay.

Parasailing Crash Koh Larn49s

Parasailing Crash Koh Larn

A parasailing tourist comes within inches of disaster after narrowly missing a lamppost - then landing on a woman’s SUN LOUNGER on holiday island Koh Larn, in Thailand.

150kg Woman Rescued From House1m32s

150kg Woman Rescued From House

A morbidly-obese 150KG (24 stone) woman who spent two years gorging on desserts, clutched her favourite SMOOTHIE as she was carried to hospital by dozens of rescuers after breaking her leg and becoming TOO BIG for her house.