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Moped rider pulls off at lights... straight into the side of a lorry1m23s

Moped rider pulls off at lights... straight into the side of a lorry

This motorcycle rider was so eager to whizz off at a set of traffic lights that he rode straight into the side of a lorry. The man was waiting with other road users in Barangay del Rosario, San Fernando City, Pampanga, the Philippines on September 6. After the lights changed to green he pulled off, but was too fast and collided with a slow truck that was still chugging through the junction. According to onlooker Benedict Simbulan, both parties were in the wrong. He said: ''The truck and motorcycle driver are both at fault. The truck driver tried to beat the red light while the motorcycle driver did not check the intersection before crossing.'' The motorcyclist was seen picking himself up dusting himself down before dragging his bike to the side of the road.

Motorcyclist Fails To Turn On Corner1m06s

Motorcyclist Fails To Turn On Corner

This bungling motorcycle rider failed to turn as he whizzed round a corner, then mounted the pavement and crashed into a gate. The hapless rider - who some suggested was drunk while riding at 1am - fell to the ground. But he quickly picked himself up and dusted himself down after the crash in Caloocan City, the Philippines on September 17.

Electricity Pole Falls After Being Overloaded With Cables29s

Electricity Pole Falls After Being Overloaded With Cables

A wooden power pole in Paranaque City, Philippines, collapsed after carrying too many electricity meters. The wooden post was visibly rotten and has been there for decades, according to residents. ''One of our neighbors who was working near the post almost got hit,'' said neighbour Adora Dino. Electricians from the Manila Electric Company responded immediately after receiving the report. However, affected houses experienced power outage for several hours. Residents are afraid that the incident may happen again as this is not the only rotting wooden electric post in area and entire Metro Manila. Earlier this month a nine-year-old student got electrocuted after a live wire was left unattended during a flood in nearby town Bulacan.

Python Caught Attacking Pet Cat2m05s

Python Caught Attacking Pet Cat

This was the horrifying moment a 12ft long python was found attacking a family's pet cat - trying to wraps its jaws around its body. The massive serpent slithered down the side of the house at 7am and pounced on the unsuspecting tabby cat named 'Mi Mi'. The horrified homeowner heard the cries for help from her beloved moggy and called the emergency services who arrived shortly after in Bang Bua Thong district, Nonthaburi.

Happy Funeral Service Is Proving Popular2m08s

Happy Funeral Service Is Proving Popular

This is the bizarre 'happy funeral' which undertakers in the Philippines claim they have been bombarded with requests for. The company in Pampanga province started rolling out the upbeat processions earlier this year and has taken dozens of bookings for them. Unusual services feature white pick-up trucks decorated with balloons, with a female signer belting out pop songs and a procession of dancers behind the hearse.

Couple Do Salsa On Airport Walkway1m05s

Couple Do Salsa On Airport Walkway

This is the uplifting moment a couple were filmed doing SALSA on an airport walkway as they waited for their delayed flight. Hundreds of passengers were stranded at the Palma de Mallorca in Spain after bad weather affected flights on September 16. But the couple made the most of the unfortunate situation and entertained fellow passengers with their latin dance moves. They were filmed showing their salsa skills and the electric conveyor belt style walkway - bringing the airport to a standstill as even the staff stopped to watch them.

Police Search For Missing Brit And Thai Wife1m46s

Police Search For Missing Brit And Thai Wife

A retired British ''millionaire'' and his Thai wife have been missing since last Wednesday after a bitter family feud with his in-laws, police said. Businessman Alan Hogg, 64, and wife Nott, 61, were reported missing when a friend arrived at their home in Phrae, northern Thailand, having tried to contact them on messaging app Line.

Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Festival In Bangkok2m46s

Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Festival In Bangkok

Footage shows Hindus celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Bangkok, Thailand. The statue of Ganesha - a large pink elephant with four hands - arrived by boat before it was put in a hall where devotees gave offerings and worshipped it with prayers at the Wat Dan temple. This was the 11th Ganesha festival to be held in Bangkok. The Ganesha Chaturthi Festival is widely celebrated in India and Nepal along with countries with a Hindu population including Trinidad, Suriname, Fiji, Mauritius, United States, and European countries.

Philippines Upskirt Perv Caught After Camera Flash Goes Off1m11s

Philippines Upskirt Perv Caught After Camera Flash Goes Off

A man who pretended to be talking on his phone while appearing to 'upskirt' a woman with his camera was caught out - when then flash went off. In the footage, the shifty man in a green shirt keeps looking around while he was supposedly talking on his phone at the mall in Quezon City, Philippines on September 16. Another person started recording him when he noticed that the alleged pervert's phone camera was actually on, instead of it showing the call settings. He appears to be pointing the camera at the legs of a woman sitting on the steps behind him when the smartphone's camera flash illuminates.

Pattaya Beach Road Raid: 45 Thai Hookers Caught1m33s

Pattaya Beach Road Raid: 45 Thai Hookers Caught

Footage shows dozens of hookers being rounded up and taken to the police station as Thai police launched a raid on Beach Road in Pattaya. Officers snared dozens of women standing by the the road at 10pm. They said they targeted women with ''suspicious behaviour'' who were wearing revealing clothes and loitering on the beach front. Cops then frogmarched 45 young women to the police station to have their details taken and undergo tests.

Fire Ravages Oyster Farm After Mosquito Spray Ignited1m06s

Fire Ravages Oyster Farm After Mosquito Spray Ignited

A multi-million pound oyster farm and hotel has been burned down - after bungling workers accidentally set fire to mosquito spray. Sinmana Farmstay - a floating sea resort which allowed guests to catch the molluscs - was preparing for big tour group arriving. Workers sprayed the pier style building with a thick fog of flammable liquid - reportedly a mixture of oil, diesel and gas - which went up in flames at 5pm.

Twenty Rats On Street In Bangkok15s

Twenty Rats On Street In Bangkok

This is the revolting moment a pack of RATS were seen feeding on a bin bag before being scared away. The group of some 20 rodents were spotted on the Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Thailand, which is the busiest area of tourists in the country. Several of the creatures were trying to bite through a bag of rubbish dumped on the street before a shopkeeper arrived to scare them away.

Puppy Rescued After Being Thrown From Car Window1m19s

Puppy Rescued After Being Thrown From Car Window

This is the shocking moment a heartless sports car driver stops and hurls a PUPPY from the window before speeding away - leaving a good Samaritan to rescue him. The incident was captured by the dashboard camera of a vehicle travelling behind on Bayani road in Taguig City, Philippines on September 13 at 8am. The yellow Mustang pulls up in a queue of traffic before winding down the window and tossing the one-year-old black poodle onto the tarmac.The animal is seen scampering away onto the central reservation before the driver hits the accelerator and roars away. A good samaritan stopped his own car and spent 30 minutes coaxing the dog to safety.

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Escaped Python Sparks Panic On Road3m34s

Escaped Python Sparks Panic On Road

This was the moment a rampaging python brought havoc on a busy road as drivers battled to catch it in a cardboard box.The 12ft long python brought traffic to a stop during rush hour in Pasay City in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines at 5pm. Footage shows dozens of men crowding round the snake as its tries to evade capture, slithering along the tarmac towards bushes in a central reservation. They eventually manage to pounce on the unwelcome road user, but struggled to get a hold of it inside the flimsy cardboard box.

Drone Footage Of Mother Whale And Baby3m23s

Drone Footage Of Mother Whale And Baby

Mesmerising drone footage of a mother whale and her baby playing together in the water off the coast of Chile on September 8. The pair of southern right whales were seen around 100 metres from the Playa Grande beach in the town of Quintay where they gently swam next to each other in the surf. Authorities in the area asked the boats to avoid the whales and respect the rules of observing only the animals by not trying to approach them in the ocean.

Squirrel Causes Havoc Running Across Tables In Thai Restaurant1m20s

Squirrel Causes Havoc Running Across Tables In Thai Restaurant

This little squirrel caused havoc when it started running across tables in a Thai restaurant. The rodent snook inside the street food outlet on a small road in northern Bangkok, Thailand. Luckily it wasn't aggressive and it hopped onto the arms of the chef. She said that the squirrel often popped along to the restaurant and then disappeared among the homes.

This Waterspout Looks Terrifying22s

This Waterspout Looks Terrifying

This ominous looking waterspout brought menacing grey clouds covering the sky at a beach in the Philippines. Dozens of holidaymakers watched the tornado-like waterspout whirl across the sea after it suddenly appeared at 4pm. Holidaymakers were on the sand in Subic Bay when huge grey clouds filled the sky.

Australian Tourist's Hilarious Reaction To Waterspout1m03s

Australian Tourist's Hilarious Reaction To Waterspout

This is the hilarious moment a panicked Aussie tourist sees what he thinks is a tornado - before saying ''go and have your smoke mate. I'll come out and get you when it arrives''. Dozens of holidaymakers watched the tornado-like waterspout whirl across the sea after it suddenly appeared on a beach at 4pm. Holidaymakers were on the sand in Subic Bay, Olongapo, the Philippines, when huge grey clouds filled the sky. A swirling mass began circling in the distance as the long thin water spout reached down into the water and started ''getting bigger and coming here''.

Driver Tries Three Point Turn... Knocks Down Tree38s

Driver Tries Three Point Turn... Knocks Down Tree

This bungling driver may need to take lessons again in three point turns - after she ran over a TREE. The female motorist inside the white Mercedes GLE Coupe had driver down the road looking for a parking space before trying to turn back around. Residents in a nearby tower block started filming her just as she mounted the pavement and ploughed into the sapling. Shockingly, the driver then tried to driver away without checking on the tree after the incident in the town of Gliwice in southern polish Silesian region on September 10.

Scuba Divers See Passing Underwater Mermaid37s

Scuba Divers See Passing Underwater Mermaid

This was the unusual moment a MERMAID was seen underwater - passing by a group of scuba divers. Nymph fanatic Amarie Tolentino was swimming in her favourite half woman half fish costume in Batangas, the Philippines, on September 1. The filmer said: ''That's what I love about scuba diving. You never know what creatures you might encounter.''Amarie said that she loves mermaids and often wears the costume to act out the fantasy before free diving to the depths of the ocean.

Thai Woman Dodge Airport Security To See Korean Actor1m51s

Thai Woman Dodge Airport Security To See Korean Actor

This is the moment two Thai women slipped through airport security to see a Korean actor. The women, aged 38 and 25, borrowed security cards from staff they knew and dressed in their uniform before walking into Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, on a Friday night. They were in pursuit of Korean pop star Lee Jong-suk who had arrived at airport on a flight from Seoul. The pair are CCTV entering a ''highly secure'' restricted staff area for pass holders - before walking into the baggage collection and customs area. Wearing a grey top, left, and black dress, right, and with ID cards around their neck, they then join the entourage of airport staff escorting the actor. The incident - which raises alarming questions about security at one of the world's busiest airports - would have gone undetected. But the giddy women posted pictures and details of their endeavours on Instagram which found their way back to the authorities. One of the woman, who has not been named, wrote alongside pictures of her in the airport she was the first person to shake the star's hand.

Kings Cross Station Homeless People2m01s

Kings Cross Station Homeless People

Homeless people at Kings Cross station in London as the day draws to a close and commuters return from work. The central London location has long had a problem with homeless people and drug addicts gathering in the area and despite a multi-million pound refurbishment over the last decade, the Kings Cross Square area outside the Underground and St Pancras International train station still attracts large amounts of homeless and down and outs through the day and night.

Bronze Sculptures At Kings Cross1m43s

Bronze Sculptures At Kings Cross

Footage of the bronze sculptures at Kings Cross station in London. They include a bronze shape outside in Kings Cross Square and inside the 30ft high, 20 tonne sculpture 'The Meeting Place' by British artists Paul Day. Also inside is the statue of Sir John Betjeman by Martin Jennings.