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Brazilian Tapir is Too Long to Get it On5m59s

Brazilian Tapir is Too Long to Get it On

Occurred on September 7, 2015 / Nagasaki, Japan Info from Licensor: "You can see why Brazilian tapirs have become an endangered species. The female who is slightly larger than the male often gets bored waiting while her mate gets an erection and wanders off nonchalantly to eat grass while he struggles. These two tapirs are at Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan. I have never seen them successfully mate and in the five years I've been visiting the Bio Park there have been no baby Brazilian tapirs. At one point, he is so exhausted that he flops down sideways on top of her, while she is standing, with his front legs dangling and his body resting on her back."

Human Superman Lifts Stuck Car2m50s

Human Superman Lifts Stuck Car

Occurred on January 30, 2013 / Omsk, Russia Info from Licensor: "A car was stuck in the ice and snow. A man approached and lifted the back of the car."