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The human monster approached him carrying a shovel and, in one devastating blow, cut his skull in half, taking his right eye and the zygomatic arch, destroying muscles and nerves and causing fatal jaw damage… SKY’S ONLY HOPE IS MAXILLOFACIAL RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY… PLEASE, HELP US SAVE HIM!!

Amazing transformation of dog that lived in dungeon for years3m34s

Amazing transformation of dog that lived in dungeon for years

Four months after being discovered in a dungeon, Toby´s transformation is nothing short of amazing, but the job is not over yet. Toby´s left leg joint (his “wrist”) has been completely damaged by the disease. The bones have literally dissolved. Toby needs to be operated on and needs to have a titanium plate installed along his leg - one that will fix the joint in place and give his leg stability so that it can be used again.



All our friends and subscribers followed up Pippa´s plea with so much love and hope. Today Pippa´s results came back from the lab. Pippa has a confirmed degenerative polineuropaty. The only thing we can do for her is to provide her palliative care and to make each of her days, a happy one. So today... we jumped on the car and did just that... gave Pippa a VERY happy day.

No one wanted this 3m23s

No one wanted this "ugly" cat until a rescuer came along

This cat was found in the streets of Istanbul back in 2008. She was completely covered in maggots that were eating her slowly. She was named Gulumser, meaning "she who always smiles", because the maggots had eaten most of her face and upper lip. Her rescue became viral in news outlets and websites all over the world. Gulumser was successfully treated for her condition and adopted in the Netherlands.

Dog Abused And Left Paralyzed, Makes Miraculous Recovery3m31s

Dog Abused And Left Paralyzed, Makes Miraculous Recovery

Khan is an recovery who had been beaten up and thrown away like a piece of garbage, left completely paralyzed. The evil this poor pooch is something all animal lovers would love to never hear about ever again, but with weeks of blood, sweat and tears he was able to have a second chance. This is the story of Khan the Survivor. He had aged beautifully, with a softness about him that was unmistakeable. Who would want to hurt this creature, ‘man’s best friend’? The giving and selfless people at Let’s Adopt Rescue Center were disgusted but determined to do all they could to nurse Khan back to health. Interestingly enough, the one thing Khan could do was wag his tail and look to his rescuers with hopeful eyes. How else does a dog say “please help me”? The staff at Let’s Adopt Rescue Center understood, and they took the only signs of strength as also being a sign of courage. Khan was a fighter. Khan was immediately hospitalized, treated, and given a whole new life in just a couple of weeks. After a full recovery , he's now able to move around, and with the love and care of his rescuers, he's about to start a new life in a new home. He deserves all the happiness in the world. Stories like this one always return our faith in a better tomorrow.

His face tells the story: Oscar was living in hell3m04s

His face tells the story: Oscar was living in hell

During the day he hid inside an abandoned house, at night, when no one could see him, Oscar ventured out trying to find something to eat and drink. He failed most of the time. He became weaker and weaker, lost all his hair, his skin covered in crust and scar tissue. For months, people saw him decaying to this point but didn't do anything... until today. Oscar was found surrounded by garbage and rocks, right next to his mother, by now barely alive. He was terrified of the people who rescued him and tried to run away, but they managed to safely get him. His mother escaped, but these people have vowed to go back for her. They rushed Oscar to the hospital where he was too weak, unable to stand up. This is his story.

Dog hit twice by two separate cars, makes miraculous recovery5m59s

Dog hit twice by two separate cars, makes miraculous recovery

Jack was hit by two different cars in one day. The first car wasn't able to avoid him, sending him flying across the road. Jack was left helpless in the middle of the highway, unable to move. The second vehicle hit him from a different angle but somehow didn't manage to kill him. People jumped across the fence, putting their own life in danger, and managed to get him out of the road before he was hit again. This is his incredible story.

Dog kicked like a football now lives like a king5m19s

Dog kicked like a football now lives like a king

Robin's previous owner expressed his anger by kicking him and breaking his diaphragm. His inner organs were pushed up towards his heart and lungs, applying an enormous pressure that threatened to kill him. Robin's only chance of survival was to conduct an emergency surgery in order to re-position his internal organs and repair the diaphragm. Wait until you see how he's living now!

Amazing cat loses a leg, then something EPIC happens 8m27s

Amazing cat loses a leg, then something EPIC happens

His name is Tiger, he arrived in critical condition. His injuries were too great so they couldn't save his leg. He was about to die but he wanted to live, to do great things in life. A truly inspirational video that shows the incredible strength of cats.

Lion cub abused at circus gets second chance7m34s

Lion cub abused at circus gets second chance

Barely days after he was born, Magnus the lion was separated from his mother and turned into a tourist attraction by a Spanish Circus. Lions grow at an incredibly fast rate, but his owners wanted him to remain small as long as possible. To achieve this, Magnus was fed ONLY mixture of YOGURT AND BREAD! This abusive diet had severe effects on his bone, muscular and general development, creating what is called a Stenosis of the Esophagus, that is, a narrowing of the esophagus passage that renders impossible Magnus' normal food ingestion. At that point the circus owner, having no use for a sick lion, took him to a vet to have him euthanized. An EXTRAORDINARY GROUP OF PEOPLE joined forces to save this incredible little lion. Looking for other heartwarming stories such as this one? Check out for your daily dose! Also be sure to upload any stories that you want to be told, it might just go viral! Check out this cub getting a second chance.

Unbelievable recovery for dog thrown out of speeding car3m26s

Unbelievable recovery for dog thrown out of speeding car

Imagine you are driving down the highway, cars are speeding left and right, when the driver in the car in front of you open a window and pushes a live dog out on the road! Seemed like the dog, later named Buddy, has run out of luck, when he hit the pavement in between the speeding cars, everyone shocked by the sight in front of them. But then Buddy’s luck turned around, as a kind stranger stopped his car to help the poor defenceless dog. Buddy was taken to a local shelter and after three difficult weeks, he has found his new forever home with a family that loves him! Best of luck, Buddy!

Abandoned Puppy Covered In Scars Enjoys His New Family4m19s

Abandoned Puppy Covered In Scars Enjoys His New Family

Not every dog gets to have a beautiful and happy start in life. A misfortuned Pit Bull puppy named Julia sure had a rough one. She was abandoned in the wilderness to die there all alone and in a great pain. Her whole body was covered in scars. What is that warrants death in such sad and gruesome fashion? A pup like this one does not deserve being treated this way. Because of lots of cases like this people start to wonder why would anyone hate a dog, a little puppy that still does not know anything about life. Luckily there are lots of good people walking on Earth. A bunch of good people spotted the suffering pup and rescued her. When she was brought to the vet, the medics there discovered that her skin was ruined by the mange she has got in the wasteland. Her blood was poisoned by the thousands and thousands of infected bites of flies and ticks. This helpless animal was so dehydrated and in shock, it could barely walk and take more than few steps without collapsing. Just looking at those sad eyes, that scared look and that shivering body makes you start crying like a little baby. A splash of emotions comes to your eyes. Julia is just a small baby , but yet she was abandoned in the wild. Few months later after she was rescued, Julia have found herself a new home. An animal-loving couple took her in, and the previously misfortuned puppy suddenly became a healthy and happy member of this family. Just by looking at little Julia waving her tail, you get to the conclusion that good things do happen.

Dog being eaten alive by maggots is saved by heroes10m26s

Dog being eaten alive by maggots is saved by heroes

Dog being eaten alive by maggots saved by heroes We don´t know how, and who did this to him, but we were totally shocked to find him, paralyzed, crawling along the road, crying, leaving behind a trail of twisting flesh eating maggots. Dickens was being eaten alive by thousands of them. The larva, feeding on his flesh and delivering a slow and excruciatingly painful death.