Bus Driver Finds Baby All Alone1m16s

Bus Driver Finds Baby All Alone

Here’s quite a shocking video from Milwaukee. A toddler is seen walking barefoot on a street in winter. The hero was Milwaukee County Transit System employee, bus driver Irena Ivic, and the baby girl belonged to a local resident. “I couldn’t believe that somebody left the child on the street,” an outraged Ms. Ivic was quoted. The father said the child’s mother had brought her to a nearby church, but possibly forgot her for reasons having to do with mental illness. Luckily for the little girl’s parents, the police have decided not to file charges. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and prayers for the little girl that she makes it through childhood in good health. This video has gone viral on major channels, and it sends chills down the spine for many reasons. Not only can we not imagine our own baby wandering free and unsupervised through a major city, but Milwaukee is one of those northern cities that’s freezing cold in December. You can see all the adults are bundled up. Babies don’t understand. She seemed OK for the first few minutes, but you can be sure if the heroic Ms. Ivic had not deviated from her paid obligation and gone above and beyond the call of duty, the outcome would have been too tragic to contemplate. In the video, we first see the baby girl, not even one year old, half-running on a sidewalk on an overpass bridge. It’s hard to tell if she is distraught, but if the father’s remarks bear any weight, then perhaps the child is looking for her mother. Ms. Ivic sees the toddler and makes an unscheduled stop after a red light at an intersection. Ms. Ivic exits and runs across the street, holding her hand out to stop oncoming traffic. She picks up the child without hesitation, bringing her back to the bus. The bus is warm, and the baby suddenly shows complete ease in the arms of Irena Ivic. Ms. Ivic says “I’m shaking,” and then another Good Samaritan passenger approaches from the passenger area, and provides her jacket for the incredibly underdressed baby. The baby is wearing a light onesie, no hat or gloves, and is barefoot! The fire department sends an EMT to the scene, where the baby is taken, and eventually reunited with her father. Even more incredibly is that a quick thinking citizen was able to capture the entire even on his cell phone camera! Milwaukee officials and Ms. Ivic’s peers referred to her actions as “humanity at its best”. We have to agree, and applaud Ms. Ivic and everyone who drop whatever they are doing to help a distressed citizen in need, no matter how small. Ms. Ivic is a Serbian immigrant who came to America with the Golden Rule, saying if she ever found herself in a similar situation, she will always help. We can certainly use more people like Irena Ivic, no matter where they come from. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one off situation in Milwaukee , where nine missing children have been recovered by MCTS drivers in the last few years.

Dying Dad’s Unforgettable Dance With Bride3m18s

Dying Dad’s Unforgettable Dance With Bride

The last father-daughter dance. A dad’s last love is his daughter; a daughter’s first love is her dad. When the two lock eyes for the first time in the room where she entered the world, it is a forged bond forever. That’s what makes this video so hard to comment on. We are told the dad at the center of this video is dying, and we can see that it is his daughter’s wedding day. He is giving her away to another man, as must happen everywhere in nature, and yet it can be an irreconcilable pain. You’ve heard the saying, “I’m not losing a daughter, I’m gaining a son,” and yet the father has had the love of his daughter all to himself for her whole life. Now, that situation must change. It is doubly hard knowing that the father must also give up his life. The girl, grown up into womanhood, will be handed off to someone else, and then the father’s job is done. It’s like the salmon swimming upstream for the last time, and probably a lot harder than that because at least the salmon never emotionally bonds with its children. How can life be so full of unbounded joy and intense sorrow simultaneously? As they waltz on the floor, he in a wheelchair (but not to be defined by the wheelchair), she in her wedding gown, they reunite with their beginning together so many years ago. He breaks down, not because this is the end, but because he has recovered that authentic, inviolate affection, as fresh as it was in the beginning. The woman is Mary Bourne, and her loving father has a disease called glioblastoma, a fast growing malignant tumor in the brain. Its symptoms are unimaginably difficult to suffer, but at least dad isn’t alone with his pain. It is a mark of a life whose ripening fruit is the sweetest on the tree. Raising a family and successfully passing on a new generation is difficult enough. Everything is supposed to be calculable and controllable in our formulated society, but it’s not. Bad things can happen to good people, yet we struggled to squeeze out the very best legacy we can with the extra energy we are given. This scene is the consolation prize of all that blood, sweat, and tears. So many tears. We must believe that nothing ever really ends, that all of our emotional investment doesn’t just end at some point in time. All of our money and possessions is just vanity in the end, but the father-daughter relationship is eternal. For those who have experienced it, nothing can compare to it, and nothing can pry it apart. There will be tough times , trying times, when both will be challenged to remember the beginning. Like the two sides of a clam shell, it takes a lot to break such a bond. Indeed, it is nearly impossible. We can’t really see the full scope of what’s transpiring here. The real dance is taking place in heaven.