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Toddler Boy Practices Taking Dog For Walk58s

Toddler Boy Practices Taking Dog For Walk

Do you remember the first time you asked for a pet? You nagged your mom and dad, begging for that sweet little ball of fluffy that you saw on the street or at the pet store. “I’ll love ‘im, and pet ‘im, and feed ‘im, and walk ‘im…” were probably the words you chanted over and over, in the hopes of convincing mama and dada that you are old and mature enough to take care of another living being. Now, naturally, parents will think long and hard whether or not they should get their kids a pet of their own, since it is a very big deal having a living, breathing thing to take care of. But since it is an excellent way of teaching kids obligations and routine, some eventually give in to the nagging requests of their little ones. On the other side, there are kids who have had a pet of their own (sort of) since the moment they were brought home. Every kid needs a friend, but a pet can be the best friend ! Especially if they grow up together, the bond can be as deep and unique as siblings’. That pet will teach your child the most fundamental principles of life, like unconditional love, sharing and fair play. What they can also teach kids is a sense of responsibility that comes with taking care of another living, breathing creature. The feeding, grooming and consistent walks are an important part of a pet’s routine and why not let the little ones join in? Like this little guy did with his best buddy. Deni knows that it's never too early to learn how to take his pup Casper for a walk. Cuteness overload! Casper has been with twins Mia and Deni since inception and has grown accustomed to their daily antics. In this particular case, it was Deni’s turn to learn the importance of daily walks with the dog . One end of the leash attached to Casper’s collar and the other in Deni’s hand, the boy takes his pet for a quick and short walk around the family home. Probably used to the pace the older humans keep, Casper finds the leash dragging on the floor as some sort of toy, because he keeps biting and pulling on it. The kid’s grip isn’t strong enough to handle the fog’s force, so the lead gets snagged off Deni’s hand and falls to the ground. And you know what that means? Play time! Deni giggles as he sees his pet run away with the lead in his mouth and darts towards him to grab it. When he does, however, it seems that Casper has changed his mind about the walk and would much rather lounge on the mattress on the floor. Cue another quick game of tug, which ends in Casper’s favor. Deni doesn’t give up on the dog just yet; instead, he kneels in front of him and gives him a few gentle head-bumps, as if urging Casper to play. So cute!

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Baby Boy Loves To Dance To The Music Of His Walker30s

Baby Boy Loves To Dance To The Music Of His Walker

Everything is better in life when a little bit of music is involved. Music has the arcane power to change our mood with a single note, whether it is for the better or for the worse. It also has the power to make us dance , start shaking our booty to the tune, where ever we are! It comes so naturally to us, that even babies know to bust a move whenever they hear a good song. Take little deni here for example. He has just started to walk with the help of his VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. But the toy also plays a tune we are all familiar with: “Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O And on his farm he had a cow E-I-E-I-O” Who can resist dancing to such a iconic tune? Definitely not Deni and he starts whipping his hips back and forth to the memorable rhythm. Just look at him go! That is definitely Deni’s favorite song and mark our words, if that song played in a supermarket somewhere, he will stop where he stands and he will dance it out. Milk and bread can wait! Not every kid is born a primabalerina. While for some dancing comes as natural as crawling, others need some encouragement. But as soon as a baby finds its groove, they will start enjoying the power of music and the rhythmical movements it makes them do every day! That is why you should alway encourage your kid to dance, even in the supermarket!

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Twin Babies Are Absolutely Fascinated By Their Dog14s

Twin Babies Are Absolutely Fascinated By Their Dog

We have said this time and again, kids that get to grow up alongside a dog can consider themselves very lucky. Other than having a best friend in their canine family member, dogs can teach things some highly important lessons in life, stuff that no person ever will forget. Good thing these babies got a pup to be by their side to watch them sleep too. Mia and Deni can't stop looking at their dog Casper in this adorable clip. The two babies can’t seem to take their eyes off the West Highland Terrier dog that sits above their head, as if he is making sure the kids falls soundly asleep, as they should. We find their fascination adorably hilarious, don’t you? Deni can even be seen having a face-to-face with Casper, as the pup was attempting to jump on the sofa with the boy and his dad but couldn’t find an empty seat. While Deni was cradled in his dad’s lap, the pooch was looking for some space but couldn’t find any, so he whimpered and whined, something the kid found hilarious ! There’s something about a baby’s laughter that just lights up our day. Cuteness overload!

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Baby preciously pushes twin sibling in toy car32s

Baby preciously pushes twin sibling in toy car

In most cases, twins have a hard time understanding the concept of sharing... but not here! Watch this cute baby girl push her twin brother gently across the room in a toy fire truck. Adorable!

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Baby boy loves to blow raspberries1m00s

Baby boy loves to blow raspberries

A cute little 8-month-old baby is off in his own world, very focused on perfecting his raspberry blowing technique like it's his job. Even though his dad is trying to talk to him, he's having none of it!

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A Baby Boy Has The Same Reaction Every Time He's Put Face To Face With His Twin Sister 55s

A Baby Boy Has The Same Reaction Every Time He's Put Face To Face With His Twin Sister

Friends are the very important people who are always on our side, but we, one in the way or another, can choose them by ourselves, while brothers and sisters are given to us by what the older generation used to call "destiny". Brothers and sisters are first and foremost, part of our family, and over time they become our best friends with whom we have shared most of our lives. Relations between brothers and sisters are among the strongest. Of course, there can and will be difficult moments in our relationship, as well as quarrels, but they are also the people who, having spent most of our lives with us, know us better than anyone else. This bond is even stronger in twins such as these in the video at the top of the page. Having a sibling is sure a blessing, but sometimes it can be pretty hard. They are that one person who will steal your clothes, take too long in the bathroom, and play pranks on you, but in the end, you still love them. Right? Not so much according to this little guy who gets upset every time he sees his twin sister. Sometimes it can be really annoying to have a twin who looks exactly the same. Looking at the mirror can sometimes be creepy, especially if the mirroring image is moving and you are not. Having someone who looks exactly the same can have its advantages at times, especially if you want to set up a prank, or if you haven’t studied for a test. Otherwise, it can be really disturbing. Watch this hilarious video when twins meet face-to-face and baby boy burst into tears after staring at his sister’s face. The two babies are held so they face each other and the boy almost immediately starts to whimper. This baby boy starts to cry every single time he is placed in front of his twin sister. Can anyone explain why he reacts that way? Maybe it is because his twin sister sent him some mean vibes and the poor guy got the fright, or maybe it is the fact that there is someone else who looks exactly like him. Whatever life might bring, whatever struggles come up in our way, usually, in the end, we forgive our brothers and sisters for all quarrels and grievances, because the foundation of our relationship is the unconditional love that exists between us. Love that was given is that thin yet enduring thread that has tied and strengthened our bond through all these years. Do you want to know one interesting thing? Quarrels between brothers and sisters help them to grow emotionally, learn to control their emotional impulses and be flexible to put aside all those negative feelings that can be brought down on loved ones in moments of anger. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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