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Doberman Excited For Ice Cream Truck Does Tricks For Popsicle6m08s

Doberman Excited For Ice Cream Truck Does Tricks For Popsicle

Kruz is a 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher. In many ways, he is like a child. He gets truly excited when he hears the ice cream truck. Watch him choose his own ice cream and do tricks for it! This delightful video from the Southern U.S. will have you in stitches. The video features a 4 yr old Doberman pinscher named Kruz and his adoration for the local ice cream truck. His owner remarks that he is amazed that an ice cream truck even shows up in such a remote mountain community. Needless to say, the sound of an ice cream truck is quite a welcome feature in this isolated place in the mountains. It sure can get hot and humid there so what better way to cool yourself down then with some cold, frosty ice cream. The dog's owner remarks "this dog loves him some ice cream truck" and he sure does! In the distance, you can hear the faint music of the truck as it approaches and the closer it gets, the more the dog's excitement builds. At one point, the dog appears to salivate as the truck approaches. The dog knows what comes next and he can hardly wait! Will it be chocolate, banana-fudge or strawberry ice cream? Such a tough decision but this dog isn't fussy. It's all good as far as Kruz is concerned. Once the ice cream truck arrives the fun begins. The Doberman Kruz can hardly contain his excitement. The owner almost has to restrain him. The people driving the truck really seem to get a good laugh out of the dog's reaction. They are enjoying this just as much as the dog does. Once the truck comes to a full stop it’s decision-making time. The dog barks with excitement because he knows the moment has arrived. The owner points to the various pictures of ice cream flavors displayed on the trucks side panel. He says "You want one of these? " Then he makes his order. Looks like it will be a Sundae Crunch, a Banana Fudge, and a Strawberry. The anticipation is almost too much for this dog, His tongue is hanging out and the owner really has to hold him back. The man in the truck selects the chosen flavors and hands it over to the dog’s owner. Now the real fun begins. The owner of the dog, clad in a sheriff's t-shirt unwraps the delicious cold treat but before offering it to the dog, he places a chunk of it on the dog's forehead and tells the dog to wait patiently until he says he can eat it. Once he gives the go-ahead, the dog snaps his head which propels the cold treat into the air and right into the dog's powerful jaws. This isn't the end of the entertainment. Next up is a demonstration of the bang-bang you're dead trick. The dog drops to the ground and plays dead like a classic Hollywood acting dog. It's too cute! What an adorable pair. This man clearly loves his dog just like a child and it really shows. Kruz the Doberman is having the time of his life and the ice cream truck is truly the highlight of his day. This video serves to remind us that it's the simple things in life that can bring the most happiness. Do your dogs also enjoy a taste of ice cream on occasion? Tell us your stories in the comments section below and if you got a kick out of this video please share it with your friends!

Giving my Doberman Vetrinex FlexVx Dog Joint Supplement 2m34s

Giving my Doberman Vetrinex FlexVx Dog Joint Supplement

This supplement is for ALL dogs. HE LOVES THE TASTE TOO! I decided to get a joint supplement for Kruz. I have noticed a slow down in him lately and decided to take action... Vetrinex was kind enough to provide me with a free bottle for my review. Here is the info from the company about the supplement. SEE A REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT WITH JUST ONE BOTTLE - Our formula will breathe life into the achy joints of your dog and have them running around and playing like a puppy in no time. See your furry friend Run, Leap & Play again! WHY FLEXVX? Our extra strength formula of 95% Curcuminoids and Organic Turmeric with BioPerine is one of nature's most effective anti-inflammatories - relieving pain. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM help rebuild the joint connective tissue with each dose! FlexVX is the only joint support that has both these effective joint support systems working together in synergy! RECOMMENDED FOR: Dogs with Joint Pain, Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia. After Surgery & Treatment for Accidents or ACL injuries. Canines with Joint Stress & Pain. Suitable for Puppies, Adult and Senior Dogs. DELICIOUS BITE SIZED DUCK FLAVORED CHEWS for pets. Safe. Effective. MADE IN USA from premium ingredients. Effectiveness Backed by UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE ONE GOAL - to help pets lead a higher quality of life, free from pain and with a vibrant, positive energy! We have created other highly effective pet supplements that improve their immune and digestive health and more. With FLEXVX we highly recommend our OMEGA 3. Check the Special Offers section below for discount when you buy both!

One Man Band Performance of an Original Song 4m03s

One Man Band Performance of an Original Song

I wrote this song tonight and decided to give it a try. The looper is a new piece of gear for me. It allows me to record one section at a time, overlaying it on the move. I had a ton of fun with it and was inspired to write this tune. I think it turned out pretty good.

Incredibly Emotional And Inspiring Father-Daughter Beauty Pageant1m22s

Incredibly Emotional And Inspiring Father-Daughter Beauty Pageant

Every girl in the world sees a hero in her dad. They are the first person who teaches their daughter how a man should treat her in life. But not every girl gets to live a normal life all the way, like this little girl, who suffers from a rare, incurable disease that leaves her bound to a wheelchair and completely dependent on her parents. However, 8-year-old Kayden Meiner didn’t let her disability prevent her from participating in a daddy-daughter beauty pageant! She and her dad Dustin got dressed up as Beauty and the Beast, complete with hair and a mask for dad! The beautiful little girl got to pass in front of her congregation in her gorgeous attire, with dad right there by her side. We hope that many a father across the globe NEED will follow this dad's example and show their princesses how a Princess should be treated by her Prince. In a similar fashion a dad from Bellingham, Washington decided that it should be him to show his little daughter how a first date should look like! Aaron Dickson took his 3-year-old girl Analynne on the <a href=" " target="_blank">perfect first date</a>, complete with a bouquet of flowers and a romantic dinner on a porch. Kudos to both dads!

Rescue Goat Edgar Winter Loves Eating Ice Cream And Gets Intense Brain Freeze 1m06s

Rescue Goat Edgar Winter Loves Eating Ice Cream And Gets Intense Brain Freeze

On a nice hot summer day, having some ice cream is always a great option. What better way to cool off than eating a delicious treat? It seems like people aren't the only ones that love to eat ice cream, goats love ice cream too! It's a tasty treat that no one can resist! Edgar Winter the rescue goat has found an intense love for ice cream. One lick, and he was hooked. His favourite type of ice cream is chocolate banana pops, yum! That sounds tasty! While experiencing this delicious ice cream treat, something he wasn't expecting happens. This poor rescue goat Edgar had his first brain freeze. This is definitely not the fun part about ice cream. If you haven't experienced this before, it can be quite an unusual experience, this goat must be so confused. You would think that after his brain freeze, he would never want to try ice cream again, but that is definitely not the case. Right after the brain freeze goes away, he get right back into it and starts to lick the ice cream again, too funny! Even the other goats start to join him! Check out this adorable video of a goat enjoying a delicious ice cream treat, awesome!