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One Man Band Performance of an Original Song 4m03s

One Man Band Performance of an Original Song

I wrote this song tonight and decided to give it a try. The looper is a new piece of gear for me. It allows me to record one section at a time, overlaying it on the move. I had a ton of fun with it and was inspired to write this tune. I think it turned out pretty good.

Incredibly Emotional And Inspiring Father-Daughter Beauty Pageant1m22s

Incredibly Emotional And Inspiring Father-Daughter Beauty Pageant

Every girl in the world sees a hero in her dad. They are the first person who teaches their daughter how a man should treat her in life. But not every girl gets to live a normal life all the way, like this little girl, who suffers from a rare, incurable disease that leaves her bound to a wheelchair and completely dependent on her parents. However, 8-year-old Kayden Meiner didn’t let her disability prevent her from participating in a daddy-daughter beauty pageant! She and her dad Dustin got dressed up as Beauty and the Beast, complete with hair and a mask for dad! The beautiful little girl got to pass in front of her congregation in her gorgeous attire, with dad right there by her side. We hope that many a father across the globe NEED will follow this dad's example and show their princesses how a Princess should be treated by her Prince. In a similar fashion a dad from Bellingham, Washington decided that it should be him to show his little daughter how a first date should look like! Aaron Dickson took his 3-year-old girl Analynne on the perfect first date, complete with a bouquet of flowers and a romantic dinner on a porch. Kudos to both dads!

Rescue Goat Edgar Winter Loves Eating Ice Cream And Gets Intense Brain Freeze 1m06s

Rescue Goat Edgar Winter Loves Eating Ice Cream And Gets Intense Brain Freeze

On a nice hot summer day, having some ice cream is always a great option. What better way to cool off than eating a delicious treat? It seems like people aren't the only ones that love to eat ice cream, goats love ice cream too! It's a tasty treat that no one can resist! Edgar Winter the rescue goat has found an intense love for ice cream. One lick, and he was hooked. His favourite type of ice cream is chocolate banana pops, yum! That sounds tasty! While experiencing this delicious ice cream treat, something he wasn't expecting happens. This poor rescue goat Edgar had his first brain freeze. This is definitely not the fun part about ice cream. If you haven't experienced this before, it can be quite an unusual experience, this goat must be so confused. You would think that after his brain freeze, he would never want to try ice cream again, but that is definitely not the case. Right after the brain freeze goes away, he get right back into it and starts to lick the ice cream again, too funny! Even the other goats start to join him! Check out this adorable video of a goat enjoying a delicious ice cream treat, awesome!

My Doberman Hates This Frog 1m08s

My Doberman Hates This Frog

Kruz is a 3 year old Doberman Pinscher who is usually pretty easy going for the breed. This frog was something he could not seem to tolerate. He mostly barked at it, but I was afraid he would harm it, so I took him inside

Doberman Does Not Approve With This Spider's Actions 1m11s

Doberman Does Not Approve With This Spider's Actions

Kruz the Doberman is very suspicious when it comes to unfamiliar things. Kruz loves to give his love to everyone! He knows he has to keep his family safe, and we can see from this video, he doesn't like to see anyone getting hurt, especially this poor fly caught in the spider trap! His owner was able to record this instance when Kruz got mat at the spider on the front door for catching an innocent fly with it's web! Why would the spider do this? Why would the spider hurt an innocent fly? Kruz is not happy with this situation. The first impression of Kruz makes him look menacing, with his dark fur and those big pointy ears, but deep down, he has such a big heart and wouldn't hurt anyone! He is a big softy! Originally, Dobermans were bred to be protection dogs; they look menacing and intimidating, and are always there to protect their owners, but they are obedient enough to do it only on command. They listen to their owners and won't let anything happen to the ones they love. Kruz may be upset with the spider, but it is a never ending food chain, this is bound to happen. For what it is worth, that fly was very happy to have Kruz on her side, even if it were for such a short time! Share this video if you love this priceless dogs big heart!

Rescuing horses from flooding and starvation2m40s

Rescuing horses from flooding and starvation

Animals deserve to be as healthy as possible, especially when they are being domesticated. This couple has tried there best to do so, but sometimes nature gets in the way of things. Thankfully for these people, they were able to relocate these horses to a safer location. What a happy ending for everyone. A malnourished horse recently showed up on this couple's property. While they were trying to help her and nourish her, high water threatened the grazing pasture. They had to move the containment fence to safer ground. Incredible! Check out this awesome story of a couple rescuing horses!