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Little girl fearlessly feeds birds in the Swiss Alps28s

Little girl fearlessly feeds birds in the Swiss Alps

Tourists were surprised to see a bunch of birds at the top of Jungfrau. They didn’t expect to find birds at one of the tallest peaks in the Swiss Alps. This girl watched as another tourist went to feed the birds and she excitedly wanted to try too!

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Spectacular Fireworks Light Up The Cannes Sky38s

Spectacular Fireworks Light Up The Cannes Sky

Before starting this review and explaining what this show is all about, we would like to do quick summary about fireworks, and how they work. The fuse sets off a charge, and with the help of the gunpowder it is sent into the sky. The lights that come out of the explosion of a firework are sparkles. Those sparkles are the results of burning pieces of metals, like iron or steel (different metals mean different color!). More gunpowder is used to detonate the firework then to send it into the sky. The gunpowder is also the component that makes the fireworks so loud. The average price of a firework show, with music and lights coordinated, is 2000 US dollars. That price would represent a show that lasts only a minute. In this video you will be able to see this firework show filmed at the festival “D’art Pyrotechnique” that took place in Cannes, in the south of France. The festival is an international competition to see which country has the most incredible firework show. The results are: 3rd place of the tournament, Bronze : team Jupiter, Argentina. 2nd place of the tournament, Silver: team Dragon Fireworks, Philippines. 1st place of the tournament, Gold : team Alpha Pyro, France. The fireworks that are presented to you during the video are from the show that got France to the first place of the podium! The fireworks are really breathtaking and France deserves the first place for this pyrotechnical show. The people that were present at the event are even amazed and surprised by one particular round of fireworks during the show. You can definitely hear their reaction and understand it (even if you don’t speak French!). One of the fireworks during the French show was delayed. You can clearly see it goes after, but it doesn’t take away the beautiful coordination of the team and the amazing work they must have done to make this possible. The Festival is being held every year in order to help promoting every kind of pyromusical shows. Pyromusical shows have to be ignited from the beach. Each team that participates in this tournament has 25 minutes of actual fireworks . The show could be a little bit longer but those 25 minutes of fireworks should be respected. It includes lights,music,smoke and other accessories(candles, fountains, bombettes, etc). The rules let each team that participate choose their own theme. Le Palais des Festivals has set up a high quality sound system. It is prepared to be outside and everything is calculated so that every spectator in the crowd has the same experience. The sound control computer is located on the Croisette. The association that raised and organised this event also highlights the fact that the beach and the water will be cleaned after the event (at their cost). The organisation also indicates that the public is their main point of focus, the whole facility has been prepared to welcome people with bathrooms and restaurants. The whole event could be considered as a fusion between the artists, the public and the organisation.

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Hilarious prankster makes money off scaring pedestrians1m51s

Hilarious prankster makes money off scaring pedestrians

This hilarious prankster hides in a stall with his head and hands inside puppets. Innocent pedestrians get a good scare as this seemingly random stall suddenly comes to life! This was on the busy shopping street Via Del Corso in Rome. Many people stopped to watch this prankster in action, he definitely earned a few good tips!

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Baby bird flies into girl's hair and needs saving55s

Baby bird flies into girl's hair and needs saving

A group of friends were out for dinner on King Street in Toronto. They were on their way to a bar when they saw a fast moving object fly into a girl's hair. At first the group thought it was a moth and then someone else yelled bird and finally someone yelled BAT! After everyone erupted into screams one of the girls bravely went through this stranger's hair and carefully pulled out a frightened baby bird. She carefully cradled the bird in her hands so make sure it didn't fly into oncoming traffic. They tried looking for the nest or signs of the mother to put the baby bird back safely. The bird flew out of her hands at one point and it was clear it didn't know how to fly properly yet and flew into the busy road. After checking that the road was clear, they retrieved the bird from the street to make sure it didn't get run over. Sadly, the group wasn't able to find its home and had to place the bird in a potted plant close to where they saw it fly down from. Hopefully the mother can find her baby bird!

Mom tries VR for the first time, has epic reaction1m06s

Mom tries VR for the first time, has epic reaction

This woman wanted to try VR for the first time on Mother's Day. The game involves launching a rocket that would let the user fly around and put out fires with the fire hose. She has the best reaction ever! She's definitely looking forward to her next VR experience!

Adorable Future Instagram Star Nails All Her Poses49s

Adorable Future Instagram Star Nails All Her Poses

Breakfasts? Business? Beautiful people? Once the No 1 platform for photos of pretty sunsets, Instagram has broadened its horizons. Facebook-owned Instagram is an app based on photo sharing, and it's massively popular. Just how popular? It now has over 800 million users. It’s the most popular app these days used by people. We personally love it! Instagram is among a breed of smartphone apps which have tapped into the creative, image-based online life of young people. Nowadays you can also make a career out of Instagram . You can be a fitness instructor, influencer, makeup artist or you be a very well paid model! This adorable little girl has a big career in front of her! Her modeling skills are amazing! Taken in Geneva, Switzerland in front of the famous Jet d'Eau landmark, this very adorable youth strikes poses while her mom gives her tips and instructions. She's definitely an Instagram star in the making! If you need some tips on how to be a perfect a model for Instagram she can show you some moves that will make you look like a high paid model! She is so cute! She is also very fashionable ! Her cute dress, her sunglasses and her hat makes her a really fashionable Insta-worthy model! Instagram is a bottomless well of inspiration: the categories are multiple and most of the players are MVPs. This adorable girl is a real MVP on Instagram!

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Skydiving in Switzerland with absolutely incredible scenery3m58s

Skydiving in Switzerland with absolutely incredible scenery

This was Tiffany's first time skydiving and she had the amazing opportunity to experience it in the beautiful town of Interlaken in Switzerland. She booked my experience through Scenic Air skydiving company who were extremely professional, safe and fun! They climbed up to 11,000 feet overlooking Lake Thun and the Swiss alps in Interlaken. After watching 2 others scream their way off the plane she was extremely excited to jump off as well! After checking their harnesses her tandem instructor pushed them to the ledge of the plane. You’re supposed to bend your knees under the plan and look up... She looked down and her heart skipped a beat and couldn't bring herself to look upwards. Her instructor had to pull her head up before pushing them off. Tiffany's world was turned upside down and she felt completely weightless as the ground rushed towards them. The whole experience with the view of the lake and mountains was incredible. It was a 45 second free fall before the parachute opened, her guide let her take control for a bit as they floated down towards the ground. She would definitely go again, maybe next time in New Zealand!

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Father And Daughter Share Adorably Hilarious Wedding Dance 3m47s

Father And Daughter Share Adorably Hilarious Wedding Dance

No one in this world can love a girl more than his father! A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you even when you fall! This unbreakable bond plays a big part in life! One of the sweetest moments during any wedding has to be the father-daughter dance. This is when the bride and her father make their way to the dance floor and share a special slow dance in front of friends and family. This amazing bride together with her dad performed new and interesting choreography that left everybody speechless! The dancing duo wowed the entire crowd with a series of dance routines. The audience just couldn’t hold in their applause. “It's like I waited my whole life, for this one night It's going be me you and the dance floor” are the lyrics of the first song they are dancing to. This is probably one of the saddest but at the same time the proudest moment for both of them! They spiced it off with a great Latino dance and an old school song by Sir Mix A Lot! Isn’t this a beautiful wedding dance ? These two hilarious people showed that just because you’re at a “serious” event, that doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up a bit and have some fun!It really doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

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Learn The Etiquette That Revolves Around Holding A Wine Glass39s

Learn The Etiquette That Revolves Around Holding A Wine Glass

When it comes to acting civilized around the dinner table, there are so many aspects that have to be covered in order to make the experience pleasurable for anyone. Sitting straight, not crossing your legs under the table, not placing your elbows on the table and definitely not slurping your liquids are but a few of the etiquette rules that make dinner an enjoyable experience. Out of all the rules that apply during dinner parties, a particular category seems to be pass ignored by folks, a that is the etiquette of holding your wine glass . Erin Henderson, a certified sommelier and wine educator, teaches this wine class how to hold their wine glasses properly. Many people, including actors on television, cup their wine glasses around the bowl. However, this actually warms the wine and changes the taste. Plus no one wants to see greasy fingerprints all over your glass! The proper way to hold a glass of wine is by the stem! The reason behind this is actually more about you, than those around you. Alcohol, which is the component we love most in wine, has a lower boiling point than water. If you hold your wine glass by the bowl, the heat of your palm warms up the wine, making the alcohol evaporate from the glass. Alcohol is the main carrier of all those fruity, musky, nutty notes that the winemaker intended you to experience from the beverage you purchased. So, if the wine you just bought tastes cheap, try holding the glass by the stem instead.

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Woman Wants To Pet The Sheep But They Keep Running Away1m00s

Woman Wants To Pet The Sheep But They Keep Running Away

When you go and visit a foreign land somewhere, you will probably want the immersive experience, right? Going where the locals go, do what they do, eat where they eat? How about going to some remote area, where the folk lives privately, off the land, raising their livestock? It might just be the best way to experience this country you are visiting. But when you see their furry sheep, you don’t think of a farm worker. You think of the poodle you once had as a kid and just want to pet it and hug it and squeeze it. It would be like going to a factory line; you can’t hug the worker mid-job because he reminds you of your dear uncle Joe! This is exactly how these sheep felt when one <a href=" " target="_blank">tourist</a> felt compelled to pet them because they were just. So. Fluffy! Up in the mountains of Switzerland, a tour group stumbled across a herd of <a href=" " target="_blank">sheep</a>. This lady wanted to pet them but they kept running away from her. Eventually, her sister joins in but watch as the sheep run away for her as well! Notice how peculiar those sheep look? They are called Valais Blacknose Sheep, a breed native to Switzerland and Germany. There are several breeds of sheep that have a black face, but what distinguishes the Valais from the others, other than the unique texture of their fleece, are the black patches on the legs. To be honest, if we were in her spot, we would probably want to pet them too!

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What happens when bacon fat meets a campfire?29s

What happens when bacon fat meets a campfire?

These friends went camping and after several bacon breakfasts they had a big tin can filled with bacon fat. They decided to put the tin can in their campfire to see what would happen. Kids don't try this at home!

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Camel youngster gets frightened, cries out for mamma17s

Camel youngster gets frightened, cries out for mamma

This was filmed in the deserts of Dubai. As part of a desert tour, tourists were dropped off at a small camel compound where tourist could pay to ride camels. The larger camels were locked up in a cage while the smaller baby camels roamed freely around the area. This baby camel was frightened by some tourists who had approached it hoping to get a selfie. The baby camel then walked over to the cage and started calling for its parents. The video isn't able to pick the sound up, but the tourists could hear an adult camel faintly returning the baby camels cries. It was a very sad moment and many of the tourists wouldn't go for a camel ride after experiencing this.

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Unexpected street singer leaves pedestrians in awe!40s

Unexpected street singer leaves pedestrians in awe!

Spectators the surprising pleasure of hearing Toronto opera singer Ian Sabourin perform on the busy streets of Toronto. He was preparing to sing and a few people stopped, curious to see what this seemingly normal teenager was about to perform. As soon as he starts singing everyone was speechless!

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Playful Puppy Steals Picnic Mat Thinking It's A Toy33s

Playful Puppy Steals Picnic Mat Thinking It's A Toy

There are a handful of things that make a happy dog - its bed, its food bowl and its toys. It reminds them that a good time is coming, play time, which also happens to be a dog’s favorite time of day! Oh, goody, goody! The ball might be a dog’s toy of choice, but when there is no ball in sight, a stick will do just fine. Everything that is long and sort of brownish looking will probably qualify as a stick in a dog’s mind; if it smells as tastes like wood, then it definitely is! This group was setting up a simple picnic when all of a sudden an adorable puppy ran up and took their mat! The playful puppy ran around the park playing with it as if if we're an actual toy. The pooch probably thought that it’s a stick, since it looks like it it is made of rattan. That sure smells like wood, so we can’t blame the pupper for mistaking it for its second favorite toy material! The women recording the whole ordeal sure had a good laugh out of it, while the girl frantically chases after the dog and (relatively) calmly tells it to drop the mat. The dog forgoes the mat for a while, but then comes for it and grabs it again, this time unrolled, making for an even more hilarious chase! All was good though, the owner returned the mat after the puppy finally decided to let go! Filmed in Toronto, Canada.

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Adam Levine bounces mic, hits fan in the face11s

Adam Levine bounces mic, hits fan in the face

During a Maroon 5 concert in Toronto the sound turned off due to technically issues. Frustrated, Adam Levine threw down his mic. Unfortunately it bounced off the ground and hit a fan right in the face! He later invited the fan up on stage and apologizes to her in front of the entire stadium!

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Talented Pup At Dog Show Dominates Obstacle Course57s

Talented Pup At Dog Show Dominates Obstacle Course

How can one just not like these sort of events where the proud owner can show off their dog's skills and the hard work they have put in. Events such as this one are just the best way that you and your dog can go out and have fun while bonding and experiencing a fun course like this first hand. This particular doggy just cant wait to hear his owner's orders in completing this course the best way possible. He runs as quick as thunder when his owner gives him the go. This pupper jumps, climbs, crawls in order to achieve the best time and performance and this doggy meet. You can also tell by this video that his owner has put a lot of hard work and dedication towards making him the great puppy that he is. His determination and great attitude will work in his favor as he just speeds through this course. He does seem to run into a little hesitation once he pulls up onto the balance board, but quickly regains his composure and battles his fear like a champ An adorable little wiener dog at the Superdog Show in Toronto competes in an obstacle course that is clearly built for much larger dogs. He does amazingly well and everyone in the crowd loves it. Hopefully he got a big treat at the end!

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Super Strong Biker Shows Off Incredible Strength On Park Bench59s

Super Strong Biker Shows Off Incredible Strength On Park Bench

People think that cyclists are just slender little men with huge thighs from all that biking and nothing more, but we here would beg to differ! Cycling requires balance, which engages every muscle in the entire body, making it a super exercise. This does not count if you cycle at the gym; no balancing there, sorry. While reading in Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, this woman noticed a biker who stopped and started flipping back and forth on a park bench. At first everyone thought he was just stretching and didn't pay much attention, but what he did next surprised everyone! Cyclists do more that train their legs, especially when they have a long route ahead of them. Longer rides take a toll on the rider’s back, so a good, strong core is a must, to keep your spine fixed in a neutral position for minimal impact, if at all. This man, who looks like he is well in his late 50s, maybe even early 60s, shows impeccable core and upper body strength, which will make all your naysaying jaws drop in awe! Just check out how long he keeps himself balanced on one arm, then swings back and forth on the beam! He even manages to hold a human flag position, which require core made of marble, not steel! If only all of us could age that gracefully...

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Raccoon siblings engage in incredibly adorable wrestling match13s

Raccoon siblings engage in incredibly adorable wrestling match

These adorable siblings were raised with puppies and are domesticated and very playful. Just like most siblings, they like to engage in some play fighting resulting in an extremely cute wrestling match. Now that's something you don't see everyday! Who do you think won this one? Sibling love, what better way to express that love than to share some playfulness with them? Everyone just wants to have fun with the ones they love! Check out this video for some sibling fun!

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All he wants is ice cream, now watch what the vendor does! 32s

All he wants is ice cream, now watch what the vendor does!

A talented street ice cream vendor in Dubai just made selling ice cream a very fun experience! Watch him as he adorably “pranks” a young boy with some well executed tricks. Many street ice cream vendors are known to pull harmless pranks on their customers, but that makes the experience of getting an ice cream one you'll remember and tell your friends about. This video will surely put a smile on your face (and give you ice cream related cravings)!

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