Thorin's Videos

Hedgehog Rescue 59s

Hedgehog Rescue

Last summer we found seven little hedgehogs. The mother was gone and they have come from hunger from their building. We housed and raised the hedgehogs in a rabbit hutch. When the time came, we released the small hedgehogs.

Published: February 16, 2018
Winter joy 51s

Winter joy

The dogs would like to play outside all day long.

Published: February 3, 201813 views
Atlas is cool 26s

Atlas is cool

Shepherd puppy Cira can not stop sometimes. See how Atlas responds.

Published: January 9, 201828 views
Puppy playing with ball 1m53s

Puppy playing with ball

The German Shepherd puppy Charon plays here for the first time with the big ball As you can see he has a lot of fun.

Published: December 2, 201710 views
Crazy dogs 2m12s

Crazy dogs

Thorin really goes to a lot of trouble with the little puppy. But as you can see he also has a lot of fun.

Published: November 21, 201731 views
Fritz and the mouse hunt 34s

Fritz and the mouse hunt

Every morning cat Fritz is waiting for me until I open the feeding bag and he can immediately check if he gets a mouse.

Published: November 6, 2017
funny Cira 1m02s

funny Cira

This is to go crazy with the water, you just can not get it under control.

Published: November 2, 20172,181 views
The game 1m42s

The game

A game night should be done more often. It is so funny every time.

Published: September 14, 20171,223 views
after the barbecue 56s

after the barbecue

Always after the barbecue, the dogs also get a piece of sausage. Of course, they are waiting impatiently until it is time.

Published: August 27, 201714 views