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Wild Turtle Gets Hand Fed Tasty Hot Dog24s

Wild Turtle Gets Hand Fed Tasty Hot Dog

Have you ever seen a turtle eat a sausage? This is your moment to see it, this turtle manages to appreciate the great pleasures of gastronomy. This little turtle comes out of the water and crawls on the ground with the intention of eating a sausage from the hands of a person, maybe the turtle has ordered food. The turtles usually eat any kind of food, these creatures accept to eat almost anything that comes from the hands of their owners, in this case, we see a sausage. Bring a hot dog immediately! A turtle feels a strong taste for sausages, since three times it comes out of the water and crawls on the ground to eat a sausage from the hands of a person, mysteriously it is not the first time that this turtle tastes a sausage since it knows perfectly the flavor. In the first attempt to eat the sausage, the turtle has a bit of difficulty getting out of the water but eventually manages to get out, so it crawls on the ground to approach the sausage and gives it three satisfying bites, but then returns to water. In the second attempt, the person places the sausage to be a little more accessible so that the turtle comes out of the water and manages to taste the delicious sausage once more, but this time he only takes a bite and returns to the water. On the third attempt, the turtle comes out of the water again to continue eating a little more, but the turtle eats less in each attempt, perhaps the turtle believes that it is enough food for the day, but still makes an effort to continue eating . Throughout history there have been dozens of species of turtles , the truth is that they are animals that can be found anywhere in the world according to their species, usually in luxury shopping centers, zoos or simply as pets. Currently, there are also some movies and animated series where turtles are the stars, as is the case of "The ninja turtles", which are well known nowadays for their impressive trajectory. The turtles can be native to the sea, freshwater or simply land, but they always love being in places where there is a fresh environment, they usually eat plants but they can also feed on other animals or receive different types of food. The appearance of the turtles changes a lot depending on where they are native. In this case, we can observe a small freshwater turtle with a strong attraction for sausages. It is important to know the type of turtle with which we are dealing since we must know what their preferences are to take care of them properly, turtles can be over one hundred years old and enjoy very good health. In general, turtles grow slowly, which makes them pets that can spend many years in the care of a family and even move from one family to another. In the video, we see a turtle that has yet to grow and learn but seems to know the good taste of a sausage. This turtle has the same tastes as a human!

Wild Catfish Loves To Be Petted By Human10s

Wild Catfish Loves To Be Petted By Human

If you go to a petting ZOO, then you will probably see a whole lot of animals, both domesticated and wild, that are docile enough to be petted. Commonly, you will see animals like sheep, guinea pigs, goats, rabbits, ponies, alpacas, llamas, pigs and miniature donkeys, and a few exotic animals such as kangaroos. But it would seem that these children’s zoo, as they are called in some place, need to open a new position for <a href=" " target="_blank">catfish</a>! Kyle Naegeli, who presents himself as “the fish whisperer" sends us this very short clip of himself petting a wild catfish in a pond somewhere in the great state of Texas. He just splashes the water with the palm of his hands and out of nowhere a big catfish comes up and just sits there, letting Kyle stroke him on the head! What? Is this how catfish got their name? You just make a little noise in the water and they come running to yah, demanding a stroke and a treat? Do they have non-existent respect for people’s <a href=" " target="_blank">personal space</a> too? Check out what happens when this dude sticks his hand in the water. A catfish comes right up to him to be pet! Amazing!

Fish swallows tennis ball whole15s

Fish swallows tennis ball whole

When this guy randomly tosses a tennis ball into the lake he did not realize what was going to happen. Check out what follows as soon as the ball hits the water. That's gotta be one hungry fish!

Clever Fisherman Uses Drone To Catch A Fish15s

Clever Fisherman Uses Drone To Catch A Fish

As we all know fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Fish are normally caught in the wild. Many of the techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping. Fishing may include catching aquatic animals other than fish, such as molluscs, cephalopods, crustaceans, and echinoderms. The term is not normally applied to catching farmed fish, or to aquatic mammals, such as whales where the term whaling is more appropriate. There are many fishing techniques and tactics for catching fish. In this specific situation, this clever guy has found a way to use his drone in order to catch fish. Yes, that's right. No fishing rod, no strings to get all tangled up and there for no problems. All he does is attach a tiny string to his drone, fly it over this water spread and hope for the best of course. Even though it has been said that before a fisherman's journey the words of "good luck" are forbidden due to the optional contrary happening which seems to be the case with the so called fisherman. So before sending you fisherman out, just tell them to have a great day and have fun. Even though it's a small fish it's still amazing how it was caught! Check out this guy fly a drone over the pond using a lure to catch a fish. Awesome!

Huge Fish Steals Bait With Unbelievable Speed8s

Huge Fish Steals Bait With Unbelievable Speed

We knew that there were really big fish in the ocean, but who would have thought that there would be some inside ponds too? In this fascinating clip, watch as a fisherman drags some smaller bait fish on the surface of the water, only to be eaten by a massive bass from below the water! The bass comes out of nowhere and disappears all the same. Be careful not to blink as the whole ordeal lasts a split second! Did you see how fast that bass came out of the water? It seems that the bass was following the bait for quite some time as it was waiting for the right moment to strike! Who would have ever thought that the monstrous fish was lurking in the pond? What we do know is that this sure does make for one awesome clip! What did you think of this clip? Have you ever seen something like this before? We would love to hear your input so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely keep them in awe! This is one video that no one should ever miss!

How to catch bullfrogs15s

How to catch bullfrogs

Was bass fishing with a SPRO frog and had this giant bullfrog attack my frog in a patch of reeds. I threw back and this time he ate it and I caught him. This was the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen! I also caught one more big one after that.

Fishing with a power drill15s

Fishing with a power drill

I thought of this genius idea and decided to try it. I got a wooden pole and put it through the line and that worked well. I caught three nice bluegill and a turtle as well. It's amazing how fast it reels in fish!

Teenager Fishes Giant Mudcat Out Of Storm Sewer 50s

Teenager Fishes Giant Mudcat Out Of Storm Sewer

While most teenagers choose to visit a lake in the countryside to go fishing, this 15-year-old Texas high-school student prefers catching fish from a sewer in his native city. Kyle Naegeli, who lives in the Houston area of Katy, is a big fan of this unusual fishing technique. Kyle Naegeli recently caught this giant 2 pound mudcat in his Texan neighborhood's storm sewer system. Kyle, also known as 'The Fish Whisperer', uses shad for bait and when the fish bites on it, he uses net to fish it out of the sewer. Kyle says that he first tried sewer fishing on a bet with his dad, but has caught many fish since and returns them right after, so this unusual hobby became a daily routine for young Kyle. The teenager spotted a mudcat stuck in the sewer outside his home and went through the manhole with a net to catch the fish on camera. Footage shows Kyle carefully fishing out the mudcat with a net, tapping up its mouth while holding the fish in his hands. Sewer fishing is the new fad among enthusiasts. There are multiple species of fish that swim from the ponds and into the storm drains, lie catfish and bluegill. They are inedible, of course, but the sheer pleasure of catching something alive out of the sewage system that isn't a rodent or a pest is the biggest thrill. You never know what is lurking in your sewers . We have all heard the tale of sewer crocodiles and sewer snakes, but never heard of sewer fish for that matter. Of course, this practice is unhygienic but the sewer he fishes from is a storm sewer and it does not contain human waste material. It collects everything and anything that runs off the street such as torrential rain, motor oil and dog mess. Kyle can be seen lowering the rope with a hook and a piece of bait into the sewer. He doesn’t use line because it keeps on breaking since it is more fragile. Then, he looks downwards and lifts up the rope to discover a large mudcat caught on the end of the rope. What a joy!

Teen Fishes For Bass In Neighborhood Sewer48s

Teen Fishes For Bass In Neighborhood Sewer

Those who wish to spend more time outdoors, getting in tune with nature, usually take up fishing. It means they get away from the ruckus of the busy city, go to some outback area and think of nothing but staying afloat and reeling a big catch. It is almost like meditating they say, only you get instant gratification that you get to photograph. That being said, no one in their right mind would ever sink a bait in the sewage. First of all, have you not heard the tales of the alligators and the mutant turtles? Not to mention the horrific rats that live down there and the germs and ugh! You never know what is in your sewers. We've all heard of the age old tale of sewer crocodiles and sewer snakes, but sewer fish? Teenage Kyle Naegeli caught this 1 lb bass fish in his Texan neighborhood's storm sewer system. According to Kyle, also known as 'Thefishwhisperer', "This is the second bass I have caught in the drain, and definitely not the last." He actually claims to have caught hundreds of fish this way! He catches catfish, bass, bluegill and more, the largest being about 3 pounds. How do you think that Kyle ended up finding this long lost bass in the sewer? Who knows, but you can bet that the fish is thankful that it wasn't stuck in there anymore! Check out this teenager catching a fish in the sewer!