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Obama Touts Tax Cut14s

Obama Touts Tax Cut

Early in his presidency, President Obama talks about how $1000- or about $40 a paycheck- would help working families.

Comey Lied1m18s

Comey Lied

James Comey said he hadn't talked with other FBI agents about what he was going to say concerning Hillary Clinton's emails, yet what he said was edited.

Kevin Jackson speaks on Stockley verdict in St. Louis2m24s

Kevin Jackson speaks on Stockley verdict in St. Louis

St Louis has another potential Ferguson situation developing. Businesses have PRE-boarded up, and schools have clothes. They say that downtown STL will be a ghost town, as people are leaving now as a matter of public safety. Yet again, silly blacks ruin an opportunity to show restraint and let the justice system handle things. Supposedly Stockley hit a police car in his own vehicle, then fled. Officer Stockley then fired at the car. The rest, as they say is history.