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Jonnell Robinson37s

Jonnell Robinson

A teacher of cartography at Syracuse University, she decided to teach that maps are inherently racist.

Published: August 15, 2018
Man Yells at Woman for Flag2m28s

Man Yells at Woman for Flag

A woman was flying a flag in front of her house and a man started yelling at her about it. Another woman came up and told him to knock it off. Response by Miranda Dawson.

Whiny Reporters1m17s

Whiny Reporters

Liberal reporters are beyond stupid. They actually thought Jim Acosta was in danger. Maybe it's because that's what they would do to conservatives.

Mike Isaacson33s

Mike Isaacson

A college professor that taught law enforcement, he tweeted about dead cops while employed.

Published: August 1, 201815 views
CNN Clears Trump!16s

CNN Clears Trump!

While trying to nail Trump on yet another "smoking gun" CNN plays a tape that exonerates him.

The Strzoksy Shuffle45s

The Strzoksy Shuffle

Kevin Jackson noticed that Peter Strzok's body language seemed to say more about him than his words.

Published: July 17, 2018
Maxine Waters2m24s

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters Has been an elected official for 28 years and has been serving the 43rd district which is the worst in Los Angeles! It look like a cesspool! Maxine is not living in district 43, I live in a ++ million-dollar mansion.