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Sassy Cat Knocks Over Cup Over And Over18s

Sassy Cat Knocks Over Cup Over And Over

Pets are amazing companions that cannot help but to brighten up our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some say it is like raising a child, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the amazing love and memories that they bring. Cats are one such pet that are known for the funny moments that they create. After all, cat videos dominated the internet at one point! It seems that one such video has emerged right here! Roary the cat isn't having it with his owner. He keeps knocking over the cup as his owner picks it back up. He hits the cut pretty hard. You can tell that this cat really does not like that cup at all! It was definitely done with intention! This is one sassy feline! Who knows why he does not like that cup? Maybe he feels threatened by the cup and feels that he has it eliminate the competition! What did the cup ever do to that cat? What we do know is that this makes for one entertaining video! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile! This is one clip that no one should miss!

Squirrel makes crazy long jump just to get some seeds6s

Squirrel makes crazy long jump just to get some seeds

A squirrel stands a long distance away on a bird house and makes a huge leap over to a bird feeder that the owners have purposely lifted high and away from the bird house. The squirrel makes a valiant effort and hangs on for dear life but ends up falling.

Guy does some olympic swimming in a kiddy pool9s

Guy does some olympic swimming in a kiddy pool

It seems we have found the life of the party – any party really! When you throw a bash and everything has been consumed, the only thing you are left to do is throw some hilarious antics, like messing around along some silly tune or make a fool out of yourself in the swimming pool, if available. Unfortunately, some people just aren't blessed with having a pool. It takes away from the charm of a summer backyard party, right? It is of no use to give up on partying, so these guys decided to take it to another level. They weren't going to let their hopes and dreams get ruined by the lack of equipment, so a kiddie pool had to do. Kiddie pools are easy enough; you blow them up, put them in the yard and fill them with water. Depending on how big it is, you might be able to fit a few people standing or a couple sitting down. Sharing is caring, right? But these guys had something else in mind entirely! After consuming what looks like half a truckload of beer (exhibit A, the bag of empty beer cans on the ground), one of them decided it is high time to make a complete ass of himself and throw a spectacle for everyone at the party! He grabs his swimming goggles, perches on a box, takes a low start and he jumps, like the Olympic gold is waiting for him on the other end of that miniature kiddie pool! Look at his graceful gait, the impeccable rhythm of his movements. He is like a dolphin in a tiny ocean! And he sure made us all fall from our chairs, laughing!

Dog Puts In The Least Amount Of Effort For Treat17s

Dog Puts In The Least Amount Of Effort For Treat

We love teaching our dogs some fun tricks. Sure, you teach them to sit, stay and heel, but the occasional “paw” or “hello” brings an audible “aww” to everybody's lips, while they melt as they watch your puppy raise their paw to say hello and get a treat in return. Every dog is eager to please their owner and they are always more than obliged to perform these tricks, be in before an audience or just for the sake of the owner. But as nature goes, every rule has an exception and so does this one. This family's Golden Retriever was asked to give paw for a treat, but it seems that all the pupper is interested in is getting the treat in the end. He looks up towards the owner's hand holding the treat and doesn't even bother lifting his paw. It isn't until the owner lowers their free hand to coerce the dog into lifting its paw that the dog decides to obey. Yet even then, the Retriever just barely lifts his paw from the ground. Come on, doggy, you can do better than that! Not even the owner's encouragement didn't convince the pup to put some more muscle into the trick. Eventually, the dog gives up and lifts his paw to meet the owners hand. Anything for a treat!

Woman Tries To Do Backflip, Fails Hilariously8s

Woman Tries To Do Backflip, Fails Hilariously

Practice, practice, practice. That is the key towards success. Whatever you want to achieve, you must practice constantly in order to successfully overcome it. This goes for everything in life – meeting new people; playing an instrument; sports….the list goes on. One might get tired of practicing and just wants to get it over with, so they try to p3erform, see where they are at. If it works, they say they have overcome it; if not, one might get disappointed and abort all future attempts at said activity. There’s a saying that “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried”, meaning that if you want to truly master something, you have to accept the fact that you will fail many times on the road to success. This is something that the girl in the video knows probably best at heart. We see her at a crossfit gym, standing on top of a jump box. She wants to attempt a jump and back flip. She runs from the back end to gain momentum and makes the jump. She tucks her knees in, as she should if she wants to nail that backflip. But it seems that she miscalculated the distance she needed and instead of landing gracefully on the mat below, her toes catch the edge of the box, making her lose momentum and slap the ground, face first. Ouch!

Can't jump over everything!23s

Can't jump over everything!

Whenever you feel like doing something, but you hesitate for far too long before you do it, it is probably your gut saying “do not even think about it!”. It might be a challenge from some of your friends, it might be something ridiculous you picked up online, it might even be a challenge you set up on yourself. No matter where it came from, if you want to make the jump, but your body doesn’t wanna move, you better listen to it. This dude, however, turned his deaf ear to what his body was telling him. He wants to jump over the tennis net. Looks easy, right? It is just 3 and a half feet high, and that dude is probably another 2 feet higher than that, how hard can it be. He just has to make a nice, solid jump and lift his feet off the ground enough to make it. But see, this is what we were talking about above. His body was telling him “don’t do it fool, your shoes are too heavy, you can’t lift your feet that high!”, but he didn’t listen. He takes the jump, only to have one of his feet tangled in the net. You can guess what is going to happen next, right?

Families that floatie together stay together?15s

Families that floatie together stay together?

They say families that play together, stay together. The meaning is simple – spending time with each other strengthens the family bond. But what happens when you do more extreme bonding activities, like, say, riding on floaties? Sure, it is summer finally and fun time gets even more fun, because you get to do all those things on or by the water. Adrenaline junkies gets extra excited, because there's so much you can do on the water, like waterskiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding and so forth. Wanna do something with a group of adrenaline-junkie friends? You can ride on a water sled or, better yet, why not try the tandem towable tubes, like this quartet. That sure looks like fun! The sun is shining, the water is great, life vests are on (you know, just in case), the boat is zooming across the water. What could possibly go wrong? It seems that the boat has reached the border of the safe space for water boarding and makes a sharp U-turn, making huge and dense waves across the water. Waves mean more fun, right? Well, the fun is cut short as the tubes hit the wave and one by one gets overturned, throwing the rafters in the water. This could mean the beginning or the end of the fun. Depends whether your glass is half full or half empty.

Cat Makes Ridiculous Faces When Having Her Back Scratched44s

Cat Makes Ridiculous Faces When Having Her Back Scratched

Those of us who own at least one cat will agree that those are some weird animals. Like, what are cats really? They rarely utter a sound, can lick their own behinds from every which way and if you hit that sweet spot on their back, they make these insane meowing-purring-growling sounds, making you go “do you like this or not?”. It just so happens that this is not a unique behavior for your cat, or even for Mr. Smokey here. Not only that, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this loony, vocal thing they do. Vets and animal behaviorists assume that this air-licking and vocalizing when you scratch your cat's sweet spot is a form of “mutual grooming”. Our pet cats have been with us since they were tiny kittens and even though cats are not the “family group” type of animal, all they really know is being part of this family. In a non-verbal animal kingdom, like that of cats, mutual grooming is a sign of affection and bonding for both participants. Social grooming produces a hormone called oxytocin, which has been associated with bonding and emotional attachment. So there you have it, all your cat is trying to say is “I love you, now scratch me some more a bit further down...”

It was going so well until he ran into a ball31s

It was going so well until he ran into a ball

This hilarious video shows a guy who is filmed while water skiing. He has a very solid run swerving in and out of the wake until he meets his match. The man collides with an orange buoy in the water and wipes out in a stupendous fashion. During the whole ordeal, he looks very calm and confident, showing that he is somewhat a veteran at this, that was until the he tripped over the buoy. The slow motion provides a much better and in depth look into the event that unfolded. Wow that must have hurt. The man hit the water pretty hard after wiping out. Hopefully he was OK and he didn't get injured. All in all, you have to admit, this video was pretty funny and you could not get yourself to look away. These will be the types of memories that they will surely look back on and laugh for the years to come. Water sports like this can be fun but you should always be prepared by getting some water sports accessories on Amazon in order to be safe. Surely this man had the proper equipment. Do you have any funny water sports stories that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!