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Toddler caught trying to steal chocolate bar!17s

Toddler caught trying to steal chocolate bar!

Check out 3-year-old Brody as he attempts to sneak his mom's chocolate bar behind his back for a clean getaway. But watch what happens when he backs up into the kitchen table. BUSTED! Credit to 'Tarabenes0526'.

Toddler Wants To Go To School, So He Asks Mom For Some Help3m58s

Toddler Wants To Go To School, So He Asks Mom For Some Help

When it comes to going to school, kids are quite divided. Some hate going, being separated from their loved ones for half the day. Others can barely wait for the morning to come, so that they can put on their backpacks full of books and go to learn new stuff. Then, there are kids like this little guy, always eager to get out in the world and share it with their older siblings. Brody is still only 3 years old, but he has siblings that are already going to school. He is stuck at home with mom, helping her with the chores, when he would much rather go and play with the rest of the kids. He knows that he is too young to go to the classroom, so he hatches up a plan that is rather ingenious if you ask us, that will make him eligible for school . One morning, Brody shows up in the family kitchen, all dressed up and ready to go, with his backpack on. He calls his mom and tells her to get a marker. Why, you ask? So that mo could write the number 7 on his forehead. “But why would I put a seven on your head?” mom asks. “You’re three, honey.” They go back and forth for a while, before the toddler explains that if he had a 7 on his forehead, it would somehow magically make him four years older. If his parents would just play along. When mom asks supportively about his backpack, Brody just tells her that is holds his things. That is as valid an answer as any, but his lips quiver when he talks. In the back of his head, Brody knows that this will not work like he had envisioned it. Seeing how his plan is at an impasse, with tearful eyes he picks up the marker himself and writes a 6 on his forearm, bargaining a year. Seeing how he misses the shape of the numeral, it is clear that he definitely needs to go to school. He’ll just have to have three more birthdays to do so. Credit to 'Tarabenes0526'.