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Dog's First Swimming Lesson Looks Hilarious 32s

Dog's First Swimming Lesson Looks Hilarious

You might think that all dogs are just natural born swimmer, but we would beg to differ. Take big ol’ Taiyo as an example. His owner, user, TaiTiJi, says that the big Bernese Mountain Dog has been learning to swim for two years up to this point. Taiyo seems a bit uncertain, as he walks in the water, but his owner is in the deep end and Taiyo really wants to be with him. After a brief consideration, the fluffy pooch gives into temptation and starts...slapping the water? What does he think he is doing? Does he think he should dig his way through to his favorite human? Or does he think that slapping the surface of the water is the best way to cross the pond from one side to the other? Either way, it is both hilarious and frankly motivating to watch the big black dog overcome his fears. Well, Taiyo might not be much of a swimmer, but he sure loves the great outdoors! Like, check out what he did when his owner took him out for a hike! When he sees the open field, Taiyo is so beside himself with happiness, that all he could do is zoom around and run in circles! That is one happy dog right there.

Published: August 6, 2015437,275 views
Super Talkative Chihuahua Annoys Her Sister1m12s

Super Talkative Chihuahua Annoys Her Sister

This is how Umi asks her sister Sola to play, but obviously Sola is annoyed by the irritating high-pitched voice. Too funny! The Chihuahua dog may be a tiny, noisy, annoying little creature for some, but for others it is a graceful, charming, and sassy little doggy. Worshiped by many women across the globe, the Chihuahua is a lapdog that can easily by carried around in a purse. Both Paris Hilton and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde made the breed super popular, by carrying their tiny companions in their pink purses everywhere they went. Paris Hilton's Chihuahua Tinkerbell made tiny doggy accessories super popular (damn you unicorn horn!) and even wrote a book about her life tailing the famous Hilton celebutante. Besides being affectionate housemates, Chihuahuas are intelligent and fast learners. They can compete in agility and obedience trials with just as much enthusiasm and success as larger dogs. That said, they're willful little dogs. You'll be most successful if you can persuade them that competing — or simply doing as you ask — is fun. Use positive reinforcement in the form of praise and food rewards when training your Chihuahua, because they won't respond to harsh treatment.

Published: June 20, 2017126,480 views
Happy Reunion! 57s

Happy Reunion!

Our friends who have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs babysat our three dogs(Bernese and 2 Chihuahuas). When we went to pick them up after 11 days, they were so happy to see us! We missed you guys too!

Published: April 22, 2017769 views
Is this the most tolerant cat alive?18s

Is this the most tolerant cat alive?

Jiji the 2-year-old black cat is always nice to everyone - humans, other cats, dogs - and even annoying Chihuahua sisters! Watch them play all around her and even step and jump on her. Jiji doesn't seem to mind at all!

Published: February 19, 20176,296 views
Grumpy Chihuahua sisters 57s

Grumpy Chihuahua sisters

All the 3 dogs have their own cheese chew treat but they always want somebody else's.... Taiyo, the peaceful Bernese Mountain Dog, doesn't like when Chihuahuas fight. He comes and says "stop the fight"! :)

Published: January 27, 2017625 views
First time socks experience...34s

First time socks experience...

I bought socks for the little girls so they can walk on the snow since they love going for walks! BUT...do you think they are ready to walk with their socks on?

Published: December 12, 2016885 views
Did you peed on the carpet, Umi? 44s

Did you peed on the carpet, Umi?

It's been 4 months since we adopted this 2 year old Chihuahua. She was not potty trained at all when we first got her. She still does accidents but she is doing much better. I am asking if she peed on the carpet. I think I know the answer...lol People probably think I have punished her or I will because she looks terrified but "NO" to both. This has been the way she shows how sorry she is since we adopted her.

Published: December 6, 20162,619 views
Enjoy the Big Nature of Alberta, Canada 1m05s

Enjoy the Big Nature of Alberta, Canada

Canada is big. So are the dog parks! We are very lucky to have over 100 dog off-leash parks near us. Look how happy our dogs are :D Even the tiny girls walk for 2 hours with their brother Taiyo, Bernese Mountain Dog. We love to see our dogs having a good time!

Published: November 24, 2016261 views
What's in the bag??? 26s

What's in the bag???

Newly adopted Chihuahua Umi likes the black kitty Jiji. They are always playing together doing cute and funny things like this :)

Published: November 23, 2016125 views
Touch Mommy31s

Touch Mommy

When I ask him to touch mommy, Taiyo touches mommy, but...you know what? It hurts!

Published: November 16, 2016138 views
gentle giant and little evils35s

gentle giant and little evils

Little girls always want Taiyo's bone, so he chews it on the ottoman where girls are not allowed to jump on. (He is not allowed on the ottoman either, so he leaves his back legs on the ground) When he gets tired, he decided to chew the bone on the ground. As soon as he lies down, girls take the bone from him... Poor big boy... Chihuahuas are rescues. They have been with us for 3 months but you know who the boss is...

Published: November 14, 2016634 views
rescue chihuahua sisters19s

rescue chihuahua sisters

Can't believe they were in a shelter waiting on a death row a few months ago. Look how happy they are. How many innocent lives will people take? Can you really have a dog? Will you walk everyday? Will you play with them? Will you love them until they go to the rainbow bridge?

Published: October 30, 2016621 views
Dog Furious He Has To Share And Vocally Complains About It1m16s

Dog Furious He Has To Share And Vocally Complains About It

Dogs make the best workout buddies because they never complain about hills, or cancel on you last-minute. Man’s best friend is always willing to follow the owner out the door. Dogs’ energy can be contagious and there are lots of activities you and your canine can do together while strengthening your bond. Never enough of dogs and their never-ending longing for games and funny little things they can do in their homes with their owners. Every dog has its own way of entertaining itself. Their game is different every time. A heartwarming video has emerged of a stubborn Bernese Mountain Dog loudly complaining when owner demands him to share his treats. Watch as the spoiled pooch howls and growls in protest while he grudgingly stares at the other two significantly smaller puppies right after he stares at his owner. Hilarious! An interesting moment where a doggy can behave just like a child and refuse the simplest of tasks! Have you ever seen a dog complaining to do even simple things? Taiyo the Bernese Mountain Dog's newly adopted chihuahua puppies are stealing his bones all the time. So how does he deal with it? Just listen to him! In the end however he has to submit to the fact that he has now two siblings which he has to learn to love and share common living space with. Don't forget the fact that now also his toys and chewing bones are out to be shared as well. Take a as this video is sure to brighten up your day!

Published: September 13, 2016204,921 views
Dog outsmarts puppies in laziest way possible29s

Dog outsmarts puppies in laziest way possible

Taiyo the Bernese Mountain Dog pretends to just be relaxing, but he knows exactly what he's doing. Since he doesn't want the chihuahua puppies to take his toy, he decides to put his big heavy arm on it. What a smart boy!

Published: September 10, 201654,338 views
Chihuahua's new kitty friend26s

Chihuahua's new kitty friend

5 weeks passed since we adopted two year old chihuahua sisters. She was sleeping with her sister in the pink bed beside the gray bed, but she decided to sleep with her new kitty friend.

Published: September 8, 20161,004 views