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Demonstrators Oppose Duterte's Proposal to Expand Martial Law in Philippines24m56s

Demonstrators Oppose Duterte's Proposal to Expand Martial Law in Philippines

Protesters gathered outside the Philippine Senate on December 10 after the country’s president asked Congress to extend the declaration of martial law for another year. Rappler reported that the Senate and the House of Representatives had that day received a letter with the request from President Rodrigo Duterte. The military and police chiefs said martial law would enable them to move against “lawless violence” in the country’s south, according to local reports. Duterte first declared martial law for the island of Mindanao, when violence erupted there in the city of Marawi in May 2017. This was subsequently extended by Congress. This footage, shared on Facebook by Carl Anthony Olalo, shows protesters marching outside the Senate building in Manila, calling on lawmakers not to extend martial law. Credit: Carl Anthony Olalo via Storyful

Firefighters Battle Brush Fire in Simi Valley33m53s

Firefighters Battle Brush Fire in Simi Valley

As firefighters sought to contain California’s deadly Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire on November 12, a brush fire broke out in Simi Valley, threatening nearby buildings, reports said. Now called the Peak Fire, the blaze started around 10 am near the 118 Freeway, and grew to nearly 186 acres, forcing the roadway’s closure for several hours. The Woolsey Fire started five days ago, also in Simi Valley, and has killed two people and destroyed more than 400 homes. The Camp Fire, burning in northern California not far from Sacramento, killed 42 people. This footage shows the brush fire from the roadside. Black smoke and flames are seen in the distance. Credit: Andrew Minter via Storyful

Olive Harvesters Confronted by IDF Soldiers Near al-Sawiya20m10s

Olive Harvesters Confronted by IDF Soldiers Near al-Sawiya

Palestinian volunteers and farmers were confronted by Israeli Defense Force soldiers while attempting to harvest olives near al-Sawiya, West Bank, on October 8, local media reported. According to local news reports, the Israeli government only allowed a two day window for the harvesting of the land. Footage from the olive groves shows volunteers and farmers arriving to harvest olives near the Rehelim settlement. Israeli soldiers inform the harvesters that they cannot enter certain parts of the groves. The harvesters and the soldiers are argue in Arabic and Hebrew and, at one point, a soldier pushes a harvester. Credit: Al-Sawya Online via Storyful

Locals Survey Damage in Lake Redding in Aftermath of Carr Fire27m14s

Locals Survey Damage in Lake Redding in Aftermath of Carr Fire

Local residents forced to flee Redding, California, due to the Carr Fire have been returning to their homes and surveying damage since the beginning of August. This footage, taken in the Lake Redding Estates neighborhood and uploaded on July 31, shows a glimpse at properties and landscapes ravaged by the fire, which has turned westward from Redding after burning 160,000 acres, The New York Times reported on August 6. Credit: Frank Tona via Storyful

Injured Aeromexico Flight Passengers Exit Durango Airport36m30s

Injured Aeromexico Flight Passengers Exit Durango Airport

Aeromexico Flight 2431 crashed in a field just outside Guadalupe Victoria Airport (Durango International) in Durango, Mexico, on July 31, with 97 passengers and 4 crew aboard, according to local officials. Jose Aispuro, governor of the state of Durango, confirmed in a tweet that no one was killed in the crash and that those injured were being cared for. Preliminary investigation said the crash was caused by “adverse weather conditions,” according to OMA Aeropuertos, the administrative company that operates Durango International Airport. Tree branches are seen strewn across the ground at the airport in this video. The first injured passenger is first seen at approximately 6:40 in this video. Credit: DURANGO Informativo via Storyful

Sculptor Creates a Lifelike Figure of John Lennon33m36s

Sculptor Creates a Lifelike Figure of John Lennon

Sculptor Juliana LePine showed how to create lifelike clothing on a clay model of John Lennon. The Calgary based artist demonstrated how to put the fine details on the sculpture’s jeans. Juliana painted every crease and wrinkle with precision. Her attention to detail shows that she has mastered her craft. Credit: Juliana LePine Sculptures- ENGLISH via Storyful

Crowds Gather in Support of Besieged Protesters at Nicaragua University20m41s

Crowds Gather in Support of Besieged Protesters at Nicaragua University

A caravan of supporters turned out in the early hours of July 14 in support of a group of people besieged inside the Divina Misericordia church in Managua, Nicaragua, amid reports that armed civilians and police were firing on the group. El Nuevo Diario reported that the National Police and armed civilians attacked students protesting at the university on Friday following protests to demand president Daniel Ortega’s resignation. Footage live streamed from the scene shows students saying what they thought were their final goodbyes to loved ones as gun shots ring out. Later in the evening, student protesters took shelter inside a church, where the gunfire continued, injuring at least three people. The Washington Post journalist Joshua Partlow, who was covering the situation, reported that he was trapped in a church following gunfire. He tweeted that the gunfire was continuing into the early hours of the morning, with ambulances prevented from accessing those injured. Credit: Unión Masiva Nicaragua via Storyful

Food Vendors Creates Amazing Cotton Candy Art21m27s

Food Vendors Creates Amazing Cotton Candy Art

Everyone loves a sweet treat every now and then. These street vendors in Taipei create adorable works of art with cotton candy. Travel Thirsty captured this video as the vendors whipped up some unique creations. Whether you fancy a flower, a pig, a duck, a bear, or even a minion made out of cotton candy, these guys have you covered. Credit: Travel Thirsty via Storyful

Livestream Captures Lava Flow Activity in Puna, Hawaii48m02s

Livestream Captures Lava Flow Activity in Puna, Hawaii

Livestream video captured active lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea in lower Puna, Hawaii, on May 25. Several volcanic fissures reactivated after an explosive eruption at the summit of Kilauea on May 17, causing a continuous lava flow. The USGS said the fissures continued to produce robust eruptive activity in the Lower East Rift Zone of Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens area. The volcanic gas emissions in these regions remain very high. Credit: Honolulu Civil Beat via Storyful

School Bus Crash in New Jersey Kills At Least 2, Reports Say27m12s

School Bus Crash in New Jersey Kills At Least 2, Reports Say

At least two people were killed and dozens were injured when a school bus carrying middle school students from Paramus was involved in an collision with a dump truck on I-80 in Mount Olive, New Jersey, on May 17, according to multiple reports. Several local media outlets reported that a student and an adult had died. Images showed the bus had been ripped from its chassis and ended on its side, with debris strewn across Interstate 80 west. The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the incident, reported, as were the New Jersey State Police. The bus was reported to be carrying fifth-grade students from East Brook Middle School in Paramus for a field trip to Waterloo Village. A few hours after the crash, Governor Phil Murphy tweeted that he had arrived at East Brook Middle School, describing it as “the local command center for the school bus crash earlier today on Route 80.” Credit: Amy Paterson, New Jersey Herald via Storyful

Men Storm Nigerian Senate, Steal Mace29m02s

Men Storm Nigerian Senate, Steal Mace

A group of men stormed a Nigerian Senate session on April 18 in Abuja, and escaped with the ceremonial mace. Video from the Nigeria’s upper house captured the moment (20.00 minute) the men burst into the chamber, fought with security guards and snatched the ceremonial mace, a symbol of the authority of the Nigerian Senate. Credit: Nigerian Senate via Storyful

Demonstrators Call for Shinzo Abe's Resignation in Face of Scandals22m24s

Demonstrators Call for Shinzo Abe's Resignation in Face of Scandals

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Japanese Diet Building in Tokyo on April 14, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the wake of numerous scandals which have involved his government. According to Japanese broadcaster NHK, one controversy involved a discounted land sale to a school operator of which Abe’s wife was planned to become principal, while a second concerns the approval process a friend of Abe went through to open a veterinary school. Credit: The River via Storyful

Wind Turbine Catches Fire, Billows Black Smoke South of Weatherford29m19s

Wind Turbine Catches Fire, Billows Black Smoke South of Weatherford

A wind turbine caught fire south of Weatherford, Oklahoma, on Wednesday, March 28, causing thick, black smoke to fill the sky. According to initial reports, debris fell into the field below the turbine. The Weatherford Fire Department responded after a small grass fire started, and the department was able to contain the blaze. The cause of the fire and owner of the turbine were unknown. Credit: Kamber Fay via Storyful

Protesters Disturb US-Coordinated Business Meeting at Palestinian Chamber of Commerce22m57s

Protesters Disturb US-Coordinated Business Meeting at Palestinian Chamber of Commerce

Palestinian protesters disturbed a meeting between the Palestinian chamber of commerce and a US delegation in Bethlehem on January 30, according to Israeli media. A digital marketing workshop organized with the help of the US Consulate in Jerusalem was under way when about five anti-Trump protesters barged in, Samir Hazboun, the Palestinian chamber’s director, told Reuters. This video was shared live by Palestinian News Network (PNN) and is described as showing protesters disturbing the meeting in the Bethlehem. Protesters can be heard chanting “America is out”. The video also shows protesters throwing tomatoes at cars while leaving the meeting. Credit: Palestine News Netwrok (PNN) via Storyful

News Site Rappler Vows to Fight 'Political' Move by Regulator to Revoke License25m52s

News Site Rappler Vows to Fight 'Political' Move by Regulator to Revoke License

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission has revoked the operating license of the news site Rappler, saying it was in violation of foreign ownership regulations pertaining to local media. Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, in a statement to media on January 15, said, “We are not closing down.” She said the move was an “attack” that showed a “very political nature.” Rappler has 15 days to appeal the decision, according to SEC Secretary Armando Pan, who was cited by Reuters. In a statement, Rappler said, “We intend to not only contest this through all legal processes available to us, but also to fight for our freedom to do journalism and for your right to be heard through an independent platform like Rappler.” Credit: YouTube/Rappler via Storyful

Video Shows Walk Through Atlanta Airport During Power Outage20m32s

Video Shows Walk Through Atlanta Airport During Power Outage

A power outage occurred at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta on Sunday, December 17, stranding passengers, after a fire damaged an underground electrical facility. More than 1,100 flights to and from Atlanta were canceled, with many diverted to nearby airports. Passengers used flashlights on their phones to navigate in the dark, and one person told CNN that the situation “felt totally apocalyptic”. Power was restored to one concourse at around 7:45 pm, more than six hours after the outage occurred in the afternoon. Georgia Power said they were working with the airport and expected to have power reinstated by midnight. A local news outlet reported that Delta Airlines, which uses Atlanta as its busiest hub, had also canceled 300 flights on Monday due to the outage. Credit: YouTube/Michelle Holton via Storyful

Thieves Abscond With Over 1,800 Gallons of Vodka From LA Distillery25m22s

Thieves Abscond With Over 1,800 Gallons of Vodka From LA Distillery

Thieves broke into the Fog Shots distillery warehouse in Los Angeles, California, on November 22 and made off with over 1,800 gallons worth of pre-packaged vodka shots, according to news reports. CCTV footage from a month earlier shows the thieves climbing over fences and moving security cameras, presumably in preparation to return and steal goods. In an interview with KTLA, company representative Art Gukasyan said that selling the product is futile because each bottle has a bar code, though the company worried that the thieves might try to sell to underage kids. Credit: Fog Shots via Storyful

Protest Calling for Refugee Resettlement Forces Newcastle Border Force Office to Close1h04m00s

Protest Calling for Refugee Resettlement Forces Newcastle Border Force Office to Close

Police were called to a Borderforce Office in Newcastle, NSW, on Tuesday, October 31, when a group of students staged a protest against the treatment of refugees at Manus Island Refugee Processing Centre, which was due to close later that day. The Students Against Detention UoN group said they were holding the “peaceful occupation” to “stand in the way of inter-generational trauma” and the “abuse committed in our names” in the use of off-shore processing for asylum seekers and refugees. “We will not stop until there is justice for refugees,” the group said during the protest. “We stand with the men on Manus.” According to one of the protesters, the office was shut down due to their action and the police arrived to let “us know that they’re going to speak to the guys inside the office and that we are on private property and at some point they might give us move-on orders.” The Australian government had decided to withdraw financial support and housing for those refugees living the Manus Island Refugee Processing Centre, a move the United Nations said would leave them homeless and destitute, The Guardian reported. Credit: Facebook/Students Against Detention UoN via Storyful

Counter-Protesters Outnumber White Nationalists in Shelbyville1h26m52s

Counter-Protesters Outnumber White Nationalists in Shelbyville

Hundreds of white nationalists marched through Shelbyville, Tennessee, on Saturday, October 28, while hundreds more counter-protesters rallied across the street. There was a heavy police presence for the White Lives Matter rally, the first of two planned to take place in Tennessee on Saturday and organized by the League of the South. The second rally that was planned for Murfreesboro was later canceled. In addition to the police patrolling the two protests, there were officers with long guns spotted on nearby buildings, a news report said. Those attending either rally in Shelbyville were required to cross through multiple checkpoints before being penned into an area patrolled by police. White nationalists were seen carrying police-style riot shields. At least 160 white nationalists and 300 counter-protesters attended the two rallies, a news report said. This video, which was originally streamed live on Facebook, shows views of the protest from the counter-protesters area across from white nationalists. Credit: Facebook/Andrew McFadyen Ketchum via Storyful

Vigil Held in Malta For Murdered Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia24m45s

Vigil Held in Malta For Murdered Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Vigils were held for a Maltese journalist who was killed by a bomb in her car on Monday, October 16, after leading an investigation into the Panama Papers. Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, who penned the blog Running Commentary, died in her Peugeot 108. This video shows mourners in Malta staging a candlelit procession from Sliema to St Julians, beginning on Tower Road corner. Caruana Galizia, hailed as a “one-woman Wikileaks” by the Politico website, was said to have written blogs that were more widely read than the combined circulation of her country’s newspapers. Credit: Facebook/John B Dougall via Storyful

Flight Ban to Erbil Kicks In Following Kurdish Independence Vote31m14s

Flight Ban to Erbil Kicks In Following Kurdish Independence Vote

A ban on all international flights to and from the Iraqi-Kurdish capital Erbil came into force on Friday evening, September 29, as Baghdad piled on pressure for local authorities to annul the outcome of last weekend’s independence vote. In a statement on Friday, the Iraq Prime Minster Haider al-Abadi’s office insisted the blockade was not to designed to prevent supplies to the region. Rather, it was part of "procedures to return control of entry and exit of goods and individuals to the territory to the federal government and federal regulatory agencies, as is implemented at all Iraqi ports to ensure the prevention of smuggling and corruption. " Kurdish news outlet Rudaw reported the blockade would not include military aircrafts. Airlines began announcing they were suspending flights to Erbil and Sulaimaniya shortly after the results overwhelmingly in favour of the independence were announced. Among the first to announce the suspension of flights was Lebanese Middle East Airlines. Credit: Facebook/Rudaw via Storyful

Adani Protesters Block Road to Bowen Coal Terminal33m04s

Adani Protesters Block Road to Bowen Coal Terminal

Protesters opposed to coal mining blocked access to a terminal at Bowen, Queensland, on Tuesday, September 19, in an ongoing clash over a proposal by the Adani Group to construct a new mine in the state. Police attended the scene, where a line of protesters created a blockade at about 9:20 am, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported. Just before 10 am, the group tweeted a photo saying the protesters were sitting down on the road after police informed them they were trespassing. The group of about 40 demonstrators was made up of Indigenous elders, business owners, and former coal workers SBS reported. Credit: Facebook/Frontline Action on Coal via Storyful

Miami Coast Inundated with Hurricane Irma Floodwaters35m45s

Miami Coast Inundated with Hurricane Irma Floodwaters

Hurricane Irma inundated the coast of Edgewater, Miami, on September 10, as seen in this footage. Miami avoided a direct hit from the Category 2 hurricane but powerful winds, torrential rain and storm surge toppled a construction crane, downed trees and flooded roads in the city. An estimated 10 million people lost power in Florida. Eric Silagy, the president of the state’s largest electric utility, Florida Power and Light, estimated that more than half the state is without power, The Atlantic reported. Credit: Facebook/Louis Dee Velazquez via Storyful

Hurricane Irma's Winds Topple St Thomas Outhouse38m58s

Hurricane Irma's Winds Topple St Thomas Outhouse

The eye of Hurricane Irma passed over the northwestern US Virgin Islands on Wednesday afternoon, bringing extreme wind and rain. Video from St Thomas shows the wind toppling an outhouse on the north side of the island. Local media reported wind gusts reached 89 mph on the island. Credit: Facebook/Dawn Petersen via Storyful