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There are 2 kinds of cats in this world1m56s

There are 2 kinds of cats in this world

Can you keep doors closed in your home? There are 2 kinds of cats in this world: those who can open doors, and those who just bang and bang and bang until you open it for them. Either way, this cat owner can't have doors closed in his home. As you can see, it's not so easy with clever Kodi around!

Here's What Cats Think About You Exercising2m26s

Here's What Cats Think About You Exercising

When we think of cats, we think of these nimble little creatures that love to impose their needs and wants on to everybody else, thinking they are kings and we their servants. While the latter is true, domesticated cats seem to really love being sedentary and lame around the home. Why wouldn’t they, when they have us, their servants, to wait on them hand and foot, fill their bowls, empty their litter boxes and play with them day and night. But even a loyal cat servant needs some time for himself and Shorty and Kody’s dad spends him alone time on the workout mat. He is an advanced yoga practitioner, but he likes some calisthenics as well. Both his feline dictators find his demeanor peculiar and unconventional, so whenever he whips out the workout mat and gets down to business, both Shorty and Kody love to literally get in his face! Shorty especially likes to mock his human, comparing him a dog. Since they rarely get to reach his head, both cats also love to rub their tails across his face and sniff his hair. Shorty even mocked him of his hygiene habits, saying how he should bather more often. Doesn’t he know that we all stink when we exercise? Whenever he is working out, both cats think of it as an invitation to go up to him and ask for scratches by head-bumping his palms. As if holding himself in a plank position means his hands are free! If you weren’t convinced that cats are tyrants, we hope this made you see things clearly!