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How to properly clean your cat's litter box1m06s

How to properly clean your cat's litter box

We've seen so many people make this mistake over and over again when cleaning the litter box, which makes the litter smelly and ineffective. It's a simple rule, but it makes your life a lot easier! This is for those who use clumping litter. If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments!

Hidden camera shows cat's mess while owner is away1m39s

Hidden camera shows cat's mess while owner is away

This person regularly comes home to a very clean desk... which is not the way he leaves it. The floor, however, is covered in random papers, receipts, money, USB sticks, and everything else that used to be on his desk. He finally catches the culprit red-pawed, as Shorty carefully sends each item tumbling to the ground followed by a blank stare. Do you have a housekeeper-cat too? Why do you think they do it?

There are 2 kinds of cats in this world1m56s

There are 2 kinds of cats in this world

Can you keep doors closed in your home? There are 2 kinds of cats in this world: those who can open doors, and those who just bang and bang and bang until you open it for them. Either way, this cat owner can't have doors closed in his home. As you can see, it's not so easy with clever Kodi around!

Here's What Cats Think About You Exercising2m26s

Here's What Cats Think About You Exercising

When we think of cats, we think of these nimble little creatures that love to impose their needs and wants on to everybody else, thinking they are kings and we their servants. While the latter is true, domesticated cats seem to really love being sedentary and lame around the home. Why wouldn’t they, when they have us, their servants, to wait on them hand and foot, fill their bowls, empty their litter boxes and play with them day and night. But even a loyal cat servant needs some time for himself and Shorty and Kody’s dad spends him alone time on the workout mat. He is an advanced yoga practitioner, but he likes some calisthenics as well. Both his feline dictators find his demeanor peculiar and unconventional, so whenever he whips out the workout mat and gets down to business, both Shorty and Kody love to literally get in his face! Shorty especially likes to mock his human, comparing him a dog. Since they rarely get to reach his head, both cats also love to rub their tails across his face and sniff his hair. Shorty even mocked him of his hygiene habits, saying how he should bather more often. Doesn’t he know that we all stink when we exercise? Whenever he is working out, both cats think of it as an invitation to go up to him and ask for scratches by head-bumping his palms. As if holding himself in a plank position means his hands are free! If you weren’t convinced that cats are tyrants, we hope this made you see things clearly!

 The Danger Of Plastic Bags Around Pets And Children2m04s

The Danger Of Plastic Bags Around Pets And Children

It's easy to be distracted and leave plastic bags on the floor or within reach of curious pets and children. Whether they're hiding in them, playing with them, or eating them, pets and children can be easily suffocated or ingest a dangerous amount of plastic. Footage shows a black cat by the name of Shorty neatly entangled in a plastic bag having the time of his life, until he realizes that he is feeling trapped and tries to escape, but to no avail. Cats are naturally attracted to plastic bags, but owners should know that it only takes a second for a cat to wrangle themselves into an inescapable situation, which can sometimes have a negative outcome. It only takes seconds to get trapped in a plastic bag and panic sets soon. The handle tightens around the neck through movement and can lead to suffocation in minutes. Owners often leave their shopping bags on the floor or around the house where their pets can easily reach. They make for fun hiding places for cats and hold magnetic attraction to them. Animals love the crinkly sound that plastic bags produce, but nonetheless they should always be supervised around them, and all plastic bags should be removed from the room before leaving. Curiosity killed the cat, they say! Shorty started to play with the plastic bag and owner found it as a good opportunity to make a video for all the unsuspecting owners and parents out there, and warn about the actual damages that an innocent plastic bag can do to our loved ones. It is a good lesson to learn! In addition, licking or eating plastic bags can be harmful to your cat. The biggest concern is eating the plastic which can get caught in her stomach or intestine that could require surgery. Please keep all plastic away from cats if possible! Have you ever set your groceries down only to come back to a kitchen that has been transformed into the meeting place for all of the plastic bags in your home? Cats can be real jerks sometimes!

Here's Why Cat Owners Can't Decorate For Christmas46s

Here's Why Cat Owners Can't Decorate For Christmas

It is the most magical time of the year - families far and wide whip out their trees, ornaments and fairy lights and create their own version of a fairy tale winter wonderland. Everything shines and glistens like it’s made of ice, bringing a sense of calm and beauty in people’s homes. But, homes that include a four-legged family member don’t get to experience and calm Christmas hen the lights come up. If it twinkles or moves even with the slightest breeze, you can bet the shirt on your back that the family pet will take that thing down with one swift move of the paw. Sometimes it is the dog that can ruin Christmas. If it doesn’t attack the ornaments, then it probably pees on the log; you better go and check. But most often it is cat owners that will probably never feel the true joy that are Christmas decorations ever again. Why? Because those adorable fur babies that we love to cuddle with and pet until our hands fall off can turn into vicious beasts on a mission to knock over every Christmas decoration in the world! Here to demonstrate this very fact is Shorty the cat. No matter how simple or elaborate the ornaments that get placed in front of him are, Shorty will stop at nothing to have them knock on the ground, thrown aboard, obliterated! No matter if it’s wooden or sparkly, small or large, this feline beast will dismiss every notion you have for the holiday, to the point of you running for cover with tear-filled eyes. “No, not the Nutcracker!” Own a cat? Then you can probably relate to this! Check out what happens every single time an ornament is placed next to this kitty. Hilarious!

Cat's Eyes Hilariously Light Up When Owner Says Magic Word23s

Cat's Eyes Hilariously Light Up When Owner Says Magic Word

We all have our favorite food. Animals have theirs too. We have seen some dogs wake up from their sweet slumber the moment they hear the familiar sound of a bag of food rustling to be opened. But we have not seen a cat’s eyes light up when the word “treat” gets mentioned. Until now. Shorty the cat plays the lead role in this hilarious video. Obviously, this black furball has been through some training on his own. Watch what happens when his owner mentions that magic word... The owner asks: “Shorty, do you want a treat?” Shorty’s reaction to this redundant question is funny to say the least. His big green eyes open wide with excitement and stare back at his human, waiting for those delicious treats that he mentioned. The man asks the kitty several times, but not once has a handful of yummy kibble been offered to him. Where are those treats, Alex? The lack of treats being presented makes Shorty think that the whole conversation is just some terrible joke at his tummy’s expense. Every time Alex mentions the word “treats”, adorable Shorty’s eyes open wider and wider in expectation of a yummy piece of kibble. At one point, his pupils are so wide, you can see the universe in them! How can anyone resist these glowing emerald marbles? “I hear the sound of treats! Yup, he is going to give me some treats” goes through Shorty’s mind. But no, it it is not the thing that Shorty was hoping for, just his brother. That’s when Kody appears on camera. “Did someone mention treats?”

These Cats Climbing And Destroying Christmas Trees Hurts Us Deeply3m19s

These Cats Climbing And Destroying Christmas Trees Hurts Us Deeply

Cats will be cats, and what more do cats want to do at Christmas than "help" with the decorating? Shorty, Kodi and a bunch of friends demonstrate just how helpful they can be as they list the reasons why they so desperately want to climb the Christmas tree. Remember to keep your cats safe, folks. These are some fun clips of cats doing what they naturally do, but cats can easily harm themselves by climbing up or playing in the tree, ingesting tinsel and toxic materials, and of course by playing with the lights. They think everything that is hanged on the tree or on the stairways or on the windows is good and interesting enough to be tasted. There is lots of info online on how to cat-proof your tree and how to train your cat not to go near the tree. Do lots of research and monitor your cats closely so you can all have safe and happy holidays! “Meow… Christmas time at least, I am going to have a blast! I am happily setting up although I am never asked”. I bet cats have taken very seriously this song… Dancing under the tree bulbs and lights sure are very funny, especially when you are a cat, my friend!

Kitty Gets Really Upset When Owner Goes To Work, And Our Hearts Are Melting3m02s

Kitty Gets Really Upset When Owner Goes To Work, And Our Hearts Are Melting

Out of all the age-old questions that have been bothering people since the beginning of time, one seems to be the most mysterious of them all - how attached are cats to their human owners? Is the affection they show on their good days real or just a means of manipulating them for sustenance? Here we have the perfect test subject to demonstrate just how strongly a feline feels the absence of his human as soon as he leaves the house. Watch as this footage captures Kodi the cat after his owner leaves home, showing that he's still as Kodi-pendent as ever! As soon as Kodi realizes that he has been left at home alone with only his older brother Shorty to keep him company, the black-and-white kitty begins his search for his provider of food and love. At first he just plays with his catnip stuffed toy and seems to not mind the loneliness. But things turn for the sad when one of his claws gets stuck in the fabric of the stuffed toy and the cat really wants it his mouth, so he starts crying. Things get even more pathetic when he starts wobbling around meekly like he can't do anything about it. But his owner always leaves out an old t-shirt for him to lay on and, sure enough, there he was curled up on it when he gets home!

Kitty Is A Real Pro At Hide-And-Seek With Owner2m01s

Kitty Is A Real Pro At Hide-And-Seek With Owner

Don't just let your cat sit in the corner and eat and sleep. Play with them as much as you can (and as much as they want to). You'll both benefit! Here we see Shorty playing hide and seek with his owner. One would think that a cat, being such a good little hunter, could sniff out his owner and call him out, but apparently good old Shorty has lost his hunter's instincts to kibble and treats. We see the human running into a room and leaving the door ajar. Then, from behind the corner on the far end comes Shorty, completely alert but very confident in his ability to track down his human. He walks to the room where his owner hid, stops for a bit and then moves on to other end of the hallway, where he stops dead in his tracks. Apparently, the human isn’t there, so he lets out an exasperated tril (a sound between a meow and a purr), as if to try and call his owner out of hiding. But that didn’t work. So he goes to look for the blasted human all over the apartment! Shorty tries every sound he can think of to coax his human out of hiding, which proves that he knows nothing about playing hide and seek. Whether it was Shorty’s incessant meowing or he just felt sorry for his ignorant pet, the human emerges from his hiding place eventually.

Kitty Zens Out On His Very Own Yoga Mat1m44s

Kitty Zens Out On His Very Own Yoga Mat

We'll take 'Things I Didn't Know I Needed' for $1,000, Alex! This person was sent a cat yoga mat to try, and Kodi gets downright Zen about the whole thing. Now, we all know how curious cats can get. The saying “curiosity killed the cat" wasn’t coined for nothing! Our feline companions can get into some pretty sticky situations if they set their mind on it. But it does happen that they get others into some sticky situations, again because of their insatiable, hunter-like curiosity. Kody here is one such cat. His owner Alex is a passionate yoga practitioner and instructor, so he regularly records himself doing yoga and uploads those videos online. One company that produces yoga mats for cats decided to send him one of their products to try, to which the Yogi happily obliged. But you see, Kody wanted to be on the human yoga mat! Yoga is a very tricky discipline and requires a lot of focus on balance, so a cat can only make things worse. That is when Kody’s owner brings out his very own yoga mat, with a ball attached, to keep him occupied. As soon as the kitty mat arrives, Kody stations himself on and doesn’t move. Now that is the definition of ZEN!