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Napping At The Most Unusual Places: The Gym17s

Napping At The Most Unusual Places: The Gym

People nowadays have extremely busy schedules, every second being carefully planned and arranged ahead according to the hurried beats of city life. In such a hectic world it is very commendable if you can spare some your free time and devote it to a healthy living - running to the local gym at least twice a week. Where is the time for your precious nap, you might ask? Well, the guy caught on this video has a fantastic solution for the problem! An elderly gentleman was caught napping very cozily on a bench. Hands tucked behind his head, mouth spread open, he looks like a man who has really deserved his five minutes of rest. The weights laying near the bench are a definite proof that he had come, done his workout and peacefully fallen asleep. Or is it really so? The guy filming this video was very clearly intrigued by the senior gentleman’s R.E.M. exercises and decided to investigate. Later in the video, you can see the same gentlemen, shot from a different angle, laying on a different bench sleeping in the same position, obviously, as the entire gym knows now – his favorite! As they often say – you never know what’s good for you ! Video reports coming from all over the world show an amazing number of elderly people either dozing off while working out, which is easily understandable, or fully nestled in some corner or on a bench and sleeping peacefully. Do you have any stories or videos of such practices? Share them in the comment section or send the video clips to us!

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