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Mom can't hold back tears after surprise Mother's Day gift2m46s

Mom can't hold back tears after surprise Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day, the day we appreciate the one's who raised us, took care of us, loved us, and more importantly, brought us into the world. It can be an emotional time for some. After opening her card, this mother received a gift that she will absolutely love. When this mom realizes she's just received tickets to a Gwen Stefani concert for Mother's Day she absolutely loses it! Children and significant others alike take this day to show some love and appreciation to the one that does oh so much for the family. The endless responsibilities do not go unnoticed, although sometimes it may seem like they are. Without mothers, lives of billions would be drastically different, and we're all better off with them on our side. You can really tell that this mother really appreciates the tickets to probably one of her favorite artists. We all know that she's really going to enjoy her time there! Check out the heartwarming moment that is sure to brighten your day.