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After Ignoring The Security Guard, This BMX Rider Is Taught A Lesson 38s

After Ignoring The Security Guard, This BMX Rider Is Taught A Lesson

After ignoring this security guard at a BMX event in Estonia, this rider quickly gets taught a priceless lesson. The punk wanted to ride his BMX on the ramps while the park was being used by skaters. Security has told him that bikes aren't allowed there that day, but he ignored their warnings, as punks usually do and went along with his wish. So the super cool security guard ran over to him and pushed him off his bike. For a minute there, you think he might slap him across the face and throw him out, but nope. The guard took his bike and showed him how pros really ride their BMXs. The guy sits on the bike, makes a big turn and goes straight for the vertical ramp, back down again and makes a backwards flip like a seasoned BMX athlete, before grounding the bike on the edge of the skate park and pushed it outside. That must have burned, ouch! It is hilarious how things took an unexpected turn in just few seconds. Nobody would have expected from the security guard to pull off such an amazing stunt and steal the bike from the unsuspecting rider. This video has taught us one very important lesson, never refuse to obey the command of someone with authority, instead of confronting their orders, try to negotiate a better way out! Now that's how it's done! While the crowd cheers for the pro in disguise, the punk can't believe what his eyes were seeing! That was amazing! Do you need some ointment for that burn, son?

Published: August 16, 20161,242,177 views