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Cat scolds raccoon for playing in water bowl58s

Cat scolds raccoon for playing in water bowl

Raccoons have a tendency to wash their food before they are about to eat it, just like humans. Who knows, maybe it's to clean off any dirt or bacteria. Anyways, this raccoon has grown accustomed to that way of life. That's what led this raccoon to try to wash it's watermelon in the nearest source of water. Too bad it was the cat's drinking water... When the cat found out, you can only imagine how happy it was. Watch as the cat doesn't take exception to the raccoon using its water bowl as a cleaning station for its food. Would you want anyone else washing, say an apple, in your bowl of water? It's safe to say probably not, so you can kind of see where this cat was coming from. How hilarious was that though? Even after the cat gives the raccoon a little whack, the raccoon carries on like nothing else is wrong, which is just hilarious! Visit to get your daily dose of funny animal videos. A raccoon decides to place pieces of watermelon into the cat's water bowl, but not without consequences. See what happens when the cat finds out!