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Lazy Raccoon Eats Chips Off His Belly1m20s

Lazy Raccoon Eats Chips Off His Belly

Picture this: you're coming home from a long and rough day at the office, you turn on the TV and your favorite show is on. The bag of chips is ready for devouring and the couch is ready and comfy for you. So you pop open the chips, lay on the couch and start munching away while watching your show. Now, imagine that, but with a raccoon. Did you hear that? Yeah, that's the sound of things becoming even cuter! Many people may not think of raccoons as suitable pets but those who do decide to get one as a pet find that they make fascinating and funny companions, although prone to a little, or maybe a lot, of mischief. The cuteness level in this video is through the roof as Rocket the pet raccoon enjoys his favorite snacks. He's so lazy that he doesn't even bother standing up and eating like a normal raccoon. His belly serves like a tray and he just picks up the chips and munches away. Raccoons will go great lengths for a snack. Take for example this little fella that persistently tries to fish out a yummy strawberry. Have you ever witnessed such determination? Rocket here didn't even have to bother to work for his snack, he has it all right in front of him.

Pet Raccoon Is On Hidden Camera With Water Hose Trick34s

Pet Raccoon Is On Hidden Camera With Water Hose Trick

Owners had their hose on the deck to water the plants and decided to set up a game for their pet. Rocket, the raccoon, is about to get a nice wet surprise, but he catches on pretty quickly! Rocket is exploring the deck and all of a sudden the water hose turns on, and starts spraying water all over the place. The raccoon is puzzled with this unexpected event and withdraws for few steps. This sudden reaction caused Rocket to retreat and watch at the hose from a distance. Almost immediately, he decides to approach the hose again, but this time from another side, but the same thing happens and the raccoon has the same reaction to it. It is funny to see how persistent and determined this raccoon is, he is courageous and nothing can stop him explore this phenomenon. He is overly amazed by this newly experienced miracle. Rocket doesn’t mind the water, it is the hose he is interested about. The moment he touches it, the hose starts splashing water which is marvelous and he kind of likes it. His owners were very creative when they set up a hidden camera for Rocket, but he must be thankful because this new discovery keeps him entertained! This hilarious video is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.

Cat Isn't Very Happy As Raccoon Washes Food In Its Water Bowl58s

Cat Isn't Very Happy As Raccoon Washes Food In Its Water Bowl

Raccoons have a tendency to wash their food before they are about to eat it, just like humans. Who knows, maybe it's to clean off any dirt or bacteria. Anyways, this raccoon has grown accustomed to that way of life. That's what led this raccoon to try to wash it's watermelon in the nearest source of water. Too bad it was the cat's drinking water... When the cat found out, you can only imagine how happy it was. Watch as the cat doesn't take exception to the raccoon using its water bowl as a cleaning station for its food. Would you want anyone else washing, say an apple, in your bowl of water? It's safe to say probably not, so you can kind of see where this cat was coming from. How hilarious was that though? Even after the cat gives the raccoon a little whack, the raccoon carries on like nothing else is wrong, which is just hilarious! What other videos have you found hilarious? Let us know in the comment section down below! A raccoon decides to place pieces of watermelon into the cat's water bowl, but not without consequences. See what happens when the cat finds out!