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This Baby Laughs Hysterically Every Time The Husky Plays Fetch38s

This Baby Laughs Hysterically Every Time The Husky Plays Fetch

When you give it a good, hard thought, there is absolutely nothing funny about a dog playing fetch. If anything, it is entertaining and an excellent workout for both you and the dog. But if we got to ask this baby, it will probably say that the Husky jumping at the opportunity to fetch something is utterly hilarious. Katherine and David Bailey decided to take a video of their newborn child have the time of its life laughing at their adult Husky dog fetching a biscuit treat. It is around Christmas time and it is too cold to go outside, so the only way to provide proper exercise to their mushing dog is to toss stuff at it and tell the Husky to retrieve it back. Nothing spectacular about about, but the kid can barely contain itself! Every time the dog jumps for the tossed treat, the baby falls into a giggle fit so contagious, we can barely keep it together ourselves. It is really too much to handle. It isn’t just the fetching that induces a fit of giggles, apparently so does howling. In another heartwarming clip, Roxie the Siberian Husky howls at baby Ari, making her laugh hysterically. Those two will be best friends for life, you can count on that! On the subject of BBFs, you just have to see how these two bond over nap time. No giggling here, but it never seizes to amaze us how can that kid sleep with all that snoring.

Published: August 27, 2017160,531 views