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Incredible Little Cockatiel Gives Commands To An Adorable Little Girl To Kiss Him56s

Incredible Little Cockatiel Gives Commands To An Adorable Little Girl To Kiss Him

Sunny is an unusual cockatiel that grasps language and does not just mimic speech. He often gives people and animals commands to do things rather than vice versa. One of the many things he does is call others over to him when he wants their company. Here, Sunny is playing with the family and he see's an adorable 3 year old little girl across the table. Evidently can't resist here cuteness or help himself but call her over to him for a kiss. "Come here", he says. "Come 'mere 'mere 'mere", he keeps commanding until the little girl answers his call. She hustles over to him, but then Sunny demands a kiss! He makes kissy noises, "Mwa mwa mwa". The baby girl is very hesitant until the family tells her its safe and to go on and give him his kiss. To which she does and is so excited after the wonderful kiss, she proudly lets out a giggle. After the precious moment, we see the camera whip around to the ecstatic mother with a shocked look on her face from catching the moment on video. The two since have made great friends and spend time together as seen at the end.

Funny Cockatoo Want's It's Tongue Pierced! 2m01s

Funny Cockatoo Want's It's Tongue Pierced!

Onni, a baby cockatoo, seems to want his tongue pierced! Every time he see's his friend, Erin, they play an funny game. His friend waggles her tongue piercing across her teeth and he copies her. The problem? Onni doesn't have a piercing, so he can make the cool sounds she makes with the piercing against her teeth. That's another thing. Birds have no teeth. But this silly cockatoo doesn't care. He won't give up trying to make the same sound with his tongue and beak. After he's done copying his friend with his mouth, he walks over to his mother seemingly to ask for his tongue to be pierced. When his owner firmly says no, he flips his head around walks off in defiance. Onni is a two year old umbrella cockatoo. This type of cockatoo is native to Indonesia. Sadly, they are endangered in the wild due to loss of their environment. However, it's good to know that this species of bird has been captive bred for many generations so that they will live on in spite of human encroachment.

This Silly Cockatoo Wants His Tongue Pierced 2m26s

This Silly Cockatoo Wants His Tongue Pierced

Onni the baby cockatoo has a hilarious reaction to his friends' tongue piercing. He is completely fascinated by it and mimics her as she wags her tongue. But he can't figure out why he can't make the fun clicking noises as the piercing rakes across her teeth. He tries and tries his best, often looking towards his human mother to make sure she is watching. But he is determined and won't give up!!! Onni is a Finnish word that means luck and happiness. He is an umbrella cockatoo. Cockatoos are extremely inquisitive and intelligent. These playful, cuddly birds are nearly extinct in the wild due to human encroachment on their habitat. But Onni lives the life of a prince with his owners. It seems he will go on dreaming of the day he can get his tongue pierced ... but his mom ain't having it!