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Check Out These Helpful Tips That You'll Never Use1m01s

Check Out These Helpful Tips That You'll Never Use

You want your life to be easier. But, here’s the thing: You want the process of improving your daily existence to be, well, easy. You need some tricks into your sleeve so your life would be a little bit easier? Well, luckily we have the best tips and tricks for you in order to make your life easier for you! Or not. Well, these tips are little bit different that you won’t use in everyday activities. Matter of fact we are sure you won’t use them, but, it will be fun to watch them and maybe recommend them to a friend. Or an enemy. RED 6 provides us with this interesting life hack tutorial. Odds are you won't be putting too many of those to use! Do you ever get tired of brushing your teeth? Then put a toothpaste in your food and eat! Simple, right? What if you have long fingernails and they bother you with your chores? Use a power too! Really bad idea! If you are one of those guys who have a long beard then you must have problems with food in your beard! Get a scarf, cut an eating hole! There you go, problem solved! If you need anything just called your special lady and she will do anything for you! Unless it’s your mom, don’t ever call your mom “woman” or we are sure you be in trouble! Like this guy here in the video! And last but not least, if you don’t know how to use the microwave and you want to cook some food use your jacuzzi! We hope this tips just made you laugh and you won’t use them ever! Credit to 'RED 6'.

Published: December 30, 201492,184 views
The trials of living in a model home29s

The trials of living in a model home

'RED6' is back at it again! This time we are shown what life might be like if you were living inside of a model home. Warning, fake blood!

Published: October 31, 20146,702 views
Metallica goes grocery shopping18s

Metallica goes grocery shopping

James Hetfield of Metallica goes grocery shopping for some of his favorite items! Well, maybe it's not exactly him, but if you've ever heard a Metallica song, you'll agree that this impression is spot on.

Published: June 5, 2014225,149 views
Don't try these parkour stunts at home43s

Don't try these parkour stunts at home

Bet you haven't seen a parkour stunt compilation like this before! RED6 provides us with his own twist on the famous training discipline. Impressed?

Published: May 3, 201443,939 views
Getting In Shape For the New Year!32s

Getting In Shape For the New Year!

How many people out there have made 'getting in better shape' one of their new year resolutions? Next question, how many will be taking this approach? From RED 6.

Published: January 2, 201443,319 views
Unintentional Birth Control Ad?32s

Unintentional Birth Control Ad?

We all love precious family time, but sometimes some of us would rather just have some 'alone time'! Check out this hilarious compilation by RED 6. Check him out @RED6.

Published: December 30, 20133,906 views