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Pudge the pit -Retaliation Urination 40s

Pudge the pit -Retaliation Urination

Pudge, Lefty and Winston (all rescues) get lectured by me (their mom) to not pee on the couch or walls when I leave. Pudge has a tendency to practice "retaliation urination" when he feels upset and I leave with out him occasionally.

Pudge the Pit falls into his pool.1m16s

Pudge the Pit falls into his pool.

Pudge is a rescue American Bully who cannot swim. He came down to his pool one day (very unusual for him) and decided to just jump into the pool. I was randomly videoing and dropped my phone when I realized he fell in. The video kept recording while I pulled him from the bottom of the pool. He survived the incident and has not come down to the pool since.