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Piglet Celebrates His Second Birthday As A Shark On The Beach14s

Piglet Celebrates His Second Birthday As A Shark On The Beach

This video is a real proof that the phrase ‘as greedy as a pig’ stands true as pigs’ appetite is simply unrelenting. Pigs will constantly be in search of food and their intelligence means they will soon learn to open cupboards and root through bins. This "rooting" behavior is natural to them and it is important they have the opportunity to display it even on a beach like this one. Pop the pig is celebrating his second birthday as a shark on the beach. With his funny outfit, he munches through the cake at the speed of light. Not even a tsunami will stop him. After watching this video, we are sure that you will move over Jaws since you have found the most terrifying shark attack ever captured on camera. You shouldn’t curl up in a ball and fear for your life because this is not just an ordinary shark. In this case ‘the shark’ stumbles its way onto dry land and comes across an uneaten cupcake. And when this opportunistic scavenger comes across food, he eats the whole thing and sometimes the plate too, as seen below. Pop is nothing less than gregarious, greedy and hedonistic. This determined little beast gives so much pleasure by watching it. It makes your mouth water and crave for something sweet. He is a voracious eater and he looks like it will virtually eat anything. And just in case you’re afraid of going in the water after seeing this vicious beast cover its face with blue frosting, keep in mind that there’s little to fear from sharks, as this piece will tell you.

Published: December 29, 2015215,925 views
Mini pigs enjoy mini pool party49s

Mini pigs enjoy mini pool party

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