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Greedy Mini Pigs Enjoy A Refreshing Cup Of Shaved Ice53s

Greedy Mini Pigs Enjoy A Refreshing Cup Of Shaved Ice

Have you ever witnessed a mini pig eating before? If so, it probably was an apple or a pumpkin, being one of pig’s favorite treats. However, this cute video of mini pigs munching on some shaved ice will have you in stitches. Footage has emerged of these adorable creature enjoying a not-so-healthy snack as they chews on a shaved ice cream snack . Pickle the rat pig enjoys a tasty snack, much to the amusement of his owner. Yum! Pickle is being a major shaved ice hog indeed! Watch as it munches on the snack with greed while Sprout only manages to taste a little bit of the ice goody. It looks like this treat is just too cold for him anyways! Watch as greedy Pickle struggles to get a hold of the lion’s share of the treat, quickly munching with delight the shaved ice cream served right in front of him. In all that rush, he forgets to chew on it, he simply swallows it and asks for more! This treat has definitely awoken the sweet tooth in this critter! Previously, we have seen videos of Pickle the mini pig snacking on various treats , so it is safe to say that he is gradually becoming an Internet sensation thanks to his owners putting him in the spotlight, allowing him to collect all the credit! Do you have any beloved pets that you would want to be featured in a viral video? You should start recording your precious moments with them, because you never know what pet video might make you a fortune! Lights, camera, action! Check out how excited Pickle gets when he realizes he is about to snack on his favorite treat. The way he chews is so adorable!

This Adorable Mini Pig Loves Soaking In The Bathtub1m15s

This Adorable Mini Pig Loves Soaking In The Bathtub

They may not be your standard pets, but there are actually people out there who keep mini pigs as companions inside their homes! And why the heck not? Piggies fascinate people, because they are anything but subtle, for one thing. They are always obvious in their way of life and it is interesting to behold, instantly grabbing people’s attention. They are unconventional pets, single minded and always focused on one thing. Their own bliss and the things that bring it to them. Pickle here is one such mini pig pet, but her owners love every last squishy bit of him. What fascinates us about Pickle is that he really loves sitting in the bathtub. He would just lounge there, soaking up the warmth and soothing properties of the water, acting like it is the most mundane thing a piggy can do. He suddenly remembers that he would much rather take a shallow dive with his pristine pink muzzle, so he gets up, all chubby and clumsy, and sticks his nose in the tub. Another thing that distinguishes Pickle from the rest of his peers is his love and devotion towards blowing bubbles with his nose. He gets so carried away with his pastime, that he suddenly loses his footing and slips on the wall of the tub. So hilariously cute! One more thing sets Pickle apart from all the other piggies and that that is his love for soft serve ice cream! Watch how he wakes up as soon as he sniffs out that cone . He is so cute, we can’t even be bothered with all that loud smacking!

Mini Pig Finally Wakes Up For His Biscuit 59s

Mini Pig Finally Wakes Up For His Biscuit

There are almost 7 and a half billion people living in the world right now, and we are pretty sure that at least 6 billion of them absolutely love any sort of scratching, rubbing and just about any kind of pampering. So why would animals be any different? We’re used to seeing cats brushing the legs of their owners in attempt to instigate a bit of pamper love, dogs smiling from ear to ear when their belly is scratched, but this video is a bit different. Instead of the common pet, this video shows a pet piglet running at full speed into the room to receive his daily dose of love. He runs straight through the room, sliding on the carpet and landing in front of the legs of his owner. He gets so excited when he hears the call, he just can’t hold his happiness in. Pickle the Mini Pig brightens up our day with a wrinkled smile and joyful eyes. You would never think that a piglet can enjoy a thorough rub so much, but just as it happens to be, this one does. And he enjoys it a whole lot! His smile will make you spontaneously combust from the cuteness overflow. Guaranteed! Take a look at how deep sleep can have effect on basically all your other desires. This piggy just cannot seem to wake up even when her owner tries putting the biscuit in its mouth. However after many attempts the owner successfully manages to give the piggy its treat! Pickle the Mini Pig was so tired that he didn't even care to wake up for his biscuit... Until the very end that is!

Pickle The Mini Pig Wakes Up To Ice Cream Cone48s

Pickle The Mini Pig Wakes Up To Ice Cream Cone

Is there a treat more delicious than ice cream? It’s cool and refreshing for the summer, but packs just enough of a punch in the sugary department. Everyone loves a cone or several of some basic vanilla soft serve ice-cream, mainly because you don’t have to wait for it to get soft enough to eat and you can down it in a blink of an eye. But who knew that even a piggie gets super excited for a cone, so excited to wake her up from her slumber? Because Pickle the mini pig really likes her treat ! At first it seems like an ice cream cone simply won’t do the trick, as Pickle is nicely snuggled up in her bed, wrapped in blankies together with her stuffed buddies. Her owner call her to wake up, but the piggie releases sweet, sweet sounds of slumber, looking completely uninterested. Maybe she thinks she’s dreaming? Third time’s a charm though, as the sweet frozen dairy touches Pickle’s lips and she jumps right up, ready to down that cone! Hearing someone smack their lips in enjoyment has never sounded more adorable! Who knew that all it took to wake up a pig was an ice cream cone?! What we do know is that this sure does make one hilarious video! What a cutie this pig is! Credit to 'Pickle the Mini Pig'.