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Cat sneaks underneath blankets to reclaim bed18s

Cat sneaks underneath blankets to reclaim bed

Whenever Pax's feline friend, Zoey, lays down on the bed, Pax deals with it by burrowing underneath the blankets and shoving her aside. It's extremely effective!

Published: August 17, 2018358 plays$0.52 earned
Cat Won't Let Leaf On Deck 29s

Cat Won't Let Leaf On Deck

Pax doesn't like leaves on his deck, so whenever one falls, he wants to get rid of it. The problem is... he's an INDOOR cat!

Published: May 6, 2018
Cat Is Rude To His Sister 16s

Cat Is Rude To His Sister

When Pax was a kitten, he chewed on everything. He also wanted to make sure his sister Zoey knew who was the boss.

Published: January 30, 2018
Cat Grooms His Brush 31s

Cat Grooms His Brush

Whenever we brush Pax, he grabs the brush and wants to groom it. He licks and bites the brush until we take it away or it falls.

Published: January 1, 2018
Cat Denies Capturing Toy 49s

Cat Denies Capturing Toy

Pax won't really play with his toy. Instead, he captures it and runs off to hide it. Sometimes,he's successful. Other times, not so much.

Published: November 7, 201746 views
Weird Cat Gets MANicure 18s

Weird Cat Gets MANicure

Pax enjoys attention, any kind of attention. He saw me using an nail file and decided he wanted me to use it on him.

Published: October 17, 201717 views
A Cat Dealing With Cat Fur 28s

A Cat Dealing With Cat Fur

Pax's fur is all over everything, so since he would sit on one particular chair, we put a towel down for him to sit on. Here's how that went.

Published: April 11, 201710 views
Cat Wants New Job 45s

Cat Wants New Job

Pax thinks he would make a wonderful addition to airport security.

Published: February 10, 201731 plays$0.07 earned
Cat Hides After Move25s

Cat Hides After Move

Pax did not do well when we moved homes. He got very scared, so he hid in places we didn't think he could fit.

Published: October 27, 20163 plays
Neighbor Cat Annoys Me17s

Neighbor Cat Annoys Me

Neighbor cats shouldn't come to my house trying to get me to buy something.

Published: October 22, 20163 plays$0.01 earned