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What would Christmas be without cats?20s

What would Christmas be without cats?

If you share your heart and your home with a cat, then chances are you can't imagine life without them. Cats are funny creatures but incredibly sweet. Here's how Christmas looks like with many cats!

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Pet chicken performs variety of impressive tricks1m13s

Pet chicken performs variety of impressive tricks

A new study says chicken intelligence is underestimated and they are in fact more intelligent and complex than previously thought. A lot smarter than most people think. Chickens are intelligent birds capable of learning a variety of tricks. They can be trained! They have keen eyesight and are extremely motivated by their desire to eat.

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Cat licks dog while dog licks owner's foot21s

Cat licks dog while dog licks owner's foot

This cat obviously loves her dog friend and gives him the nicest kisses on his head. The dog obviously loves his human friend more then he loves the cat and he kisses her foot in the funniest way. What a bunch of weirdos!

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Cute kittens learn to eat with forks45s

Cute kittens learn to eat with forks

Three adorable little kittens who have just learned how to eat alone are eating simultaneously with forks! Of course a human slave is holding the forks so that they can eat easily. Aren't they the cutest things ever?

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Dog Totally Unimpressed With Overly-Affectionate Cat's Behavior1m33s

Dog Totally Unimpressed With Overly-Affectionate Cat's Behavior

Many people think cats and dogs can not live together in peace. They are two different animals with different personalities that will not always blend. However, under the right conditions, many cats and dogs can live together in perfect harmony! Having pets around the house is always fun, and capturing those moments on video can be an instant mood booster for all animal lovers out there. They always keep us on our toes and they make us melt into puddles of goo with their cuteness. Our furbabies are the real entertainment in the house and this footage just proves it. Although most people might think that cat licking is gross, it is actually the equivalent of people washing and brushing their hair. The saliva clears the fur of unwanted particles nestled inside and the cat’s tongue which is rougher than a human’s would actually serve as the brush. A cat’s tongue contains longer and sturdier sensory papillae which then act as the natural combs of a brush. Cat grooming is a natural instinct as any other. This kitty definitely felt like this doggo was one of her own because she started to lick him in order to show some love and affection. Unfortunately for her, her pal wasn’t very impressed or he didn’t quite understand why she’s doing what she was doing. Unfortunately this olive branch would go unnoticed. Poor kitty!

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Signs that your cat definitely owns you46s

Signs that your cat definitely owns you

Anyone who owns a cat knows one thing for sure: you do NOT own that cat. You are just a host who is ensuring that the cat enjoys living at your home. Your cat actually owns you and you are her servant!

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Sweet Dog Adorably Begs Owner For More Belly Rubs1m01s

Sweet Dog Adorably Begs Owner For More Belly Rubs

There’s no better way to connect with your dog than a loving snuggle. This pup loves to be scratched by her owner and she has a unique way of asking for it! No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get the love dogs have for belly rubs. But, then again, we humans love when someone tousles our hair, so there’s that. In all fairness, belly rubs must be awesome for a dog, given how they can’t really reach that spot, especially if you are a rotund pup with a stubby mouth . Or a short pup with stubby legs that also can’t reach that sweet spot. So a human must intervene. Now, dog owners really do love their dogs. Sometimes even more than the fruit of their own loin. But just how dogs can get tired from chasing squirrels around the park, humans can get tired from giving belly rubs. Not to mention that belly rubs are best when given at a steady, rhythmic pace - 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Only this dog doesn’t care how tired her owner’s hand is or how beneficial the intermittent scratching is. She wants them all and she wants them now! Only in order to get a proper belly scratch, you need to be cute and adorable. You can’t just order your human around! So every time the woman takes her hand back, the pup turns slightly towards her and waves her front paws in a sort of begging motion, not stopping until the hand is back on the belly. And oh, that look of bliss on her face when the hand returns….this is the life!

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Distracting cats make it difficult for owner to meditate1m31s

Distracting cats make it difficult for owner to meditate

This woman decided to meditate a little and let her two cats stay in the room to see what they will do. One of the cats is totally confused why his owner is not moving and he starts to touch her on her face hoping she will open her eyes and look at him. Hilarious!

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Check Out These 6 Signs To See If You Are A Cat46s

Check Out These 6 Signs To See If You Are A Cat

Does being a “cat person” or a “dog person”, or neither or both, can reveal your true personality? These are completely different people and different personalities. A cat person enters into a longer contract since cats generally live longer than dogs. Is the cat owner someone you can trust for the long-haul commitment and quiet evenings at home? It’s worth saying that cat “owner” may be a misnomer since cats tend to own their people. Winston Churchill nailed it when he said, “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us.” Here some signs that you are a ‘cat’! If you had it your way, your job would be to nap! Cats may sleep a lot, but when they're awake, they sure make the most of their time! You are secretly judging people all the time! No matter what you do, that cat is judging you harsher than a Russian judge during an Olympic figure skating event! Sign number three is that you really prefer to be left alone! Some cats are rather standoff-ish. Just like some cats you like to be alone too! You are angry and aloof for no apparent reason! Cats are not as domesticated as dogs and easily revert to their wild state! Also, you suck when it comes to making decisions! And last but not least, you are always hungry and you wait for people to feed you! Do you find yourself in these signs? If you do then you are definitely a cat !

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Rude cat knocks over anything placed on table25s

Rude cat knocks over anything placed on table

Anyone who shares their life with a cat will have experienced the following scenario. You are quietly doing something and suddenly your feline has pulled down what you left on the table. The cat from the video below is so funny throwing everything away from 'his' table!

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Four helpful life hacks for cat owners1m12s

Four helpful life hacks for cat owners

Do you have a feline friend sharing your home? Your furry little diva is probably fairly self-sufficient. She will groom herself, use her litter box, and generally spend a lot of her time napping. That said, there are still some great ways to make caring for your kitty easier. Cats often have habits that are so unique and mysterious, but sometimes it requires a little ingenuity and a few life hacks to make coexistence with them pleasant for both of you. We all love our furry friends so much, but sometimes we need a solution for their fur and litter. We all know the struggle of maintaining these things!

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Abandoned Dog With A Broken Leg Gets A New Life2m19s

Abandoned Dog With A Broken Leg Gets A New Life

This video is a tear- jerker, so be sure to have the tissues nearby when you begin watching this video! The video begins with a view of a beautiful scenic landscape of what looks to be some kind of a back road. Green and white words appear at the bottom that paint a very sad story, but don’t worry—we promise it all ends well! This poor dog was abandoned and severely mistreated. He was lucky to be found by some kind-hearted humans who rescued him and nursed him back to health. The dog's life is completely changed; he found his happiness and lives the good life that he deserves. In the video you can watch his touching story from the moment he got rescued till today. The words are from the point of view of a very sweet little dog that this story centers around. The words describe that the dog was abandoned in the middle of nowhere without food or water. To make matters worse, this poor dog has also a broken leg. A couple who have stopped on the side of the road calls the dog and tries to earn his trust. When the dog comes into view of the camera, he is seen severely limping, but shockingly he still had a “bounce” in his step. The dog’s leg is a horrific site and is absolutely heartbreaking. The leg hangs very loosely, giving the appearance that the bone is clearly broken all the way through. This has to be a severely painful wound for this poor animal. To think that someone would leave an animal like this abandoned and left for dead is just awful. Thank goodness that these people were here to help this poor dog! The couple finally gets the dog to come to where they can pick him up and gets him to safety. They give the dog some food, and he is obviously famished and has not eaten well in days or possibly weeks. They put the dog in a kennel and take it immediately to a licensed veterinarian. The dog is still in pretty good spirits, which is pretty shocking considering all he has been through. The vet performs surgery to fix the broken leg, and she provides the much needed shots and overall checkup procedures. The next scene shows the dog with his leg in a cast, and he seems to be healing well. He is being cared for by his new parents, who are the people who rescued him from the side of the road and from a certain death. This dog would definitely have died or been killed if they had not intervened. He could have died from starvation, disease, infestation, infection, nourishment, a vehicle strike, etc. The chances that this dog would have survived for more than a few more weeks on his own were almost nonexistent. However, because of the wonderful and caring people who rescued him that day, he now has a beautiful life with people who love him.

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Dog unimpressed with overly affectionate cat1m20s

Dog unimpressed with overly affectionate cat

The bond between the cat and dog in this video is beyond words. The two best friends clearly love spending time with one another and their loving moments have been captured on camera by their human.

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Woman documents struggles of bed-making with cats1m55s

Woman documents struggles of bed-making with cats

All cat owners know the daily struggle of making a bed with cats around. There you are removing the bedding and shaking out the sheets when your cats come from all corners of the house to play, pounce and camp under the flying sheets. Looks like cats have a built-in radar for hearing the rustle of sheets and bedding no matter where they are in the house!

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Felines Move Tail In Spray-Like Manner To Show Affection20s

Felines Move Tail In Spray-Like Manner To Show Affection

Is your cat shaking her tail in a strange way, not spraying but it sure looks like it? Don’t worry, your cat is not broken, there is nothing wrong with her! She is just showing you that she is extremely happy! A cat's tail is tremendously communicative, thanks to how mobile it is. Cats can do so many moves with their tails, they can raise it up and down, sweep it from side to side, move it slowly or quickly, curl it around us or them, trash and twitch it. By the way your cat keeps or moves her tail , she is communicating something to you. When her tail is up shaking and she is not spraying but looks like it, it's a good sign! It means that your cat is extremely happy and very excited to see you! This is a very friendly greeting that she gives you when you walk in the door at the end of the day or if she greets you when you get out of bed in the morning, or she is just happy to see you around. Watch the cat from the video to see how happy and excited he is to see his owner! Many cats express their emotions through body language, and one of the most expressive body parts is the tail. A vibrating or shaking tail can mean a few different things, from anxiety to happiness, but their hyperactive tails are always trying to tell you something, so make sure you get the message!

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Even Elderly Cats Deserve A Second Chance At A Good Life45s

Even Elderly Cats Deserve A Second Chance At A Good Life

There are countless reasons why to adopt a shelter pet and the most important one is that you would never feel alone. Pets know how to get under your skin and looking after them will make you a better person and it will improve your emotional intelligence. Adopting a shelter pet is not only exciting, but it is a feel-good experience. Many animals lose their lives on the streets simply because they don’t have a safe place to live. Every adoption means saving a pet’s life and making the most of it. Surely, the decision of adopting a pet will change your life for the better as well. We can say that cats are officially old by the time they reach 10 years of age. Regardless of the age, we know that cats are cunning, opinionated and they will not always listen to what you are saying. Nevertheless, old cats can be as amusing as any other cat. They will make your home a better place to live and you will not be able to resist their cuddles. The only thing they can’t do when they are old is that they can not jump off high places and neither can they race furiously from one place to another around the house . They also sleep more but that makes them as equally lovable as any other cat. Old cats may not be around for a long time, but the love they will give you is beyond comparison. They will wait impatiently for you at the door and wrap around your legs in the most amicable way possible. Your feet will always feel warm as they love sleeping next to them. Old cats will show their gratitude by purring and there is no way you will stay ignorant to all of that. Old cats rock! Adopt one!

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Cat Meets Owner Afer A Long Time And She Can´t Stop Kissing Her 30s

Cat Meets Owner Afer A Long Time And She Can´t Stop Kissing Her

With an estimated 76 million pet cats in the United States and 200 million all over the world, there is an increasing interest in understanding more about the relationship between cats and their owners. Some of the dog people say that cats don`t have feeling and they don`t really care about their humans. They are so much wrong! Cats are missing their owners when they are not at home and they have the cutest ways to welcome them home. Many cats love to show their humans how much they love them and they have many ways to express themselves. The cat in the video below is giving her human a really warm welcome home after being away for a long time. So touching! She is so excited to see her and she can`t stop kissing her! (It’s been a long time!) This is so touching!

 Woman Documents The Difficulty Of Working Out With Cats1m31s

Woman Documents The Difficulty Of Working Out With Cats

Working out with cats around isn't too easy because cats always do whatever they want! Have you ever seen what happens when a cat lover tries to exercise with cats around? The kitties in the video below happily and persistently join their human mom while she's busy working out. They wouldn't let her exercise alone, so they join her in the cutest way possible. Pets are amazing creatures that seem to brighten up our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, almost like raising a child, but in the end it is all worth it as they memories and love that they give heavily outweigh those challenges. A hilarious footage has emerged of a cat owner trying to work out on a pilates mat, but her three curious cats decided to tag along and join in the fun! Watch as these adorable felines mingle around owner while she exercises doing all sorts of cat-activities, from rolling around the mat and chasing each other to lying next to owner. These cats sure know how to push owner’s buttons and inspire her to dig deeper, pushing her limits! Felines clearly love working out with their owner. Watch as they take part in all the exercises owner does, one way or another! It is always nice to have good workout buddies that are always by your side! Who would have thought that cats could like working out so much ? You cannot help but smile as these annoying cats gather around their owner, trying to be as close as possible while she performs curious body movements. The pilates mat seems to be the only place they can stick around, literally! It is hilarious how they crawl around owner, rubbing their fur against her body as she stands still in a plank position! Maybe her curious behavior is translated as play mode, as she raises her arms and legs up and down the floor, and cats regard it as a call for play! Adorable!

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Lively Cats Play In Bed While Owner Is Sleeping1m18s

Lively Cats Play In Bed While Owner Is Sleeping

Youtube is brimming with videos of cute kittens and every video is becoming an almost instant sensation. There are a lot of channels dedicated only to striped purring creatures, memes, gifs, demotivators, avatars with mustaches, tails and cat muzzles that have eclipsed the space of social networks, there are oceans of ​​groups of feline lovers, which in fact are the most popular forms of online networking of pet enthusiasts. Have you ever wondered what kitties do at night? Wonder no more, because this owner set a night vision camera to capture the whirlpool of adorable antics that can come out of two energetic cats. She recorded the night adventures of her two rascal and made up this hilarious clip. Everything and anything is a plaything for these tiny felines and as they have literally no worries in their lives, playing under the covers. Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. And in the end, they become more like our children than mere pets. If you own a cat, you probably let her sleep in your bed. Most of the cats owners are sleeping with their cats in bed . According to a 2012 Harris poll, about 70 percent of American dogs and cats at least occasionally share their owner's bed. Cats are champion sleepers, they sleep around 15 hours a day, but their sleeping cycles aren't the same as ours. A cat who snoozes the day away might be ready to compete in the Kitty Olympics come 3 a.m., racing around the room or on your bed. Some people might suggest that we should lock our cats out of the bedroom so we can get a good night's sleep. Still, that's not going to happen at many cats owners houses. What's a little lost sleep, compared to spending the night with a cat or two snuggled up in bed with you? What all cat lovers have been hoping to hear had finally come right from the mouths of those we like to trust most. Scientist have proven that watching cat videos can actually boost your productivity! Keeping them as pets is a great stress reliever; some offices even let cats stay there so that the employees can feel better while at work. People who have not been dragged into the pool of kitty veneration, are dealing with a very logical question: "What aroused such interest in these soft-furred mousers? Why not dogs? Why not birds? Or fish? Why cats? ". Both the very culprits, doing the campaigns for promoting cats online, and the viewers and loyal cat fans even though they do their best to unravel the mystery of cat interest, they cannot provide a single definite answer, apart from: "But they are soo cuuuuute - don’t you just want to squeeeeeze theeem?", "Cat is my spirit animal, and I think that half the world agrees with me", "Cats ...hmm ... I just love them!", "Cause they are so funny and adorable." Do you think it's really so simple: do cats attract us with their charming charisma? And that's all?

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