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Friendly Dachshund Befriends Curious Kitten While Mom Keeps Watch2m28s

Friendly Dachshund Befriends Curious Kitten While Mom Keeps Watch

This is the heartwarming moment when a curious little kitten has close encounter with the friendly family dog. Lilly the Dachshund pooch is getting to know her new kitten friends while their mom keeps a close eye to make sure her babies are safe around the canine. Five adorable little kittens are seen nursing on their mother in the middle of the living room floor. Their mother starts meowing and moments later we notice a little intruder watching from a safe distance at the nursing kittens. It is the family dog, curious to find out what’s going on, and what’s the fuss all about! The curious Dachshund pup is closely observing the nursing environment and has a close encounter with one of the little kittens. In fact, one of the kittens slightly wandered off its mother’s safe arms into the arms of a stranger. It is adorable to see how both the Dachshund and the little kitten are overwhelmed with curiosity to find out more about each other, and engage in long sniffing and licking, which is a way in the animal kingdom to get to know about one another. Cuteness overload! There is a saying that dog is a man’s best friend, and that is so true. However can a dog be a best friend to a cat? Cats and dogs have a reputation for not getting along very well. Some people even think that these animals are mortal enemies. Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer! However, this is not that kind of a case! This is an adorable story about a friendly family pooch who adores her feline friends and likes to stick around through thick and thin. Although, the mother of these kittens keeps a constant eye on the Dachshund pup, she trusts her instincts and lets her newborn play with the family dog! What a special bond these two have! Even though they differ in some major areas, there are other areas where cats and dogs are similar. A dog and a cat may develop a close friendship and this truthful and amazing friendship is the biggest proof that melts our heart!

Lilly the Dachshund vs kitten 41s

Lilly the Dachshund vs kitten

Lilly is my two years old Dachshund and she’s meeting her new born kitten sisters for the second time, this time she didn’t get the welcome she was hoping for! Still adorable

Sweet Dachshund Falls In Love With Newborn Kittens Upon Introduction56s

Sweet Dachshund Falls In Love With Newborn Kittens Upon Introduction

When we think or arch enemies, there are several cliche duos that always come to mind. Batman and the Joker, Tom and Jerry (most of the times), dogs and cats...yeah, these last ones are ever present and always seem to confirm the theory that a dog and a cat can never, ever, become friends. Well, we are here to prove you all wrong with a video so cute, it will make you cry! Watch as Lilly the Dachshund meets her new kitten friends for the first time. What a beautiful response she has! Of course, the kitties aren’t hers per se, but the adorable little wiener dog seems to already be tail over muzzle for these tiny kitties . Watch how she dotingly goes to sniff each one of their minuscule, hairy butts, while their mom is resting in her box and keep a close, watchful eye. Lilly goes over to look at the mom, as if asking permission to say hello to the newest additions to the family. She probably gave her the a-okay, because Lilly goes skipping on her heels back to the kittens, who seem no older than a few days, and proceeds to nudge each one of them with her long, pointy muzzle. The babies look completely unfazed by the intrusion, probably because everything they lay upon smells exactly like that muzzle that keeps poking them about. And given how calm the mama is, we bet she will let Lilly kittysit her babies, while she goes for a bit of pampering on her own.

Super hyper dog enjoys playtime with lazy dog1m14s

Super hyper dog enjoys playtime with lazy dog

We’ve all witnessed moments like this when we desperately want to play, but our friends are too lazy to entertain us! This hyperactive little dog named Lilly is one furball of energy. She just can’t contain herself! Luckily, she isn’t deterred by the laziness of her companion and manages to still have some fun. We could spend all day of watching her run around the room in circles. Her movements might make us dizzy, but to see her wagging her tail like that makes up for it.

Busch Gardens Falcon’s Fury1m13s

Busch Gardens Falcon’s Fury

Falcon’s Fury® is the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America, standing at 335 feet. At the ride’s highest point, like its bird of prey namesake, riders pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face-down dive position. An instant later they'll plunge 60 mph straight down. Riders must be between 54” and 77” to ride Falcon’s Fury. Falcon’s Fury also made an appearance on the Travel Channel’s Bert the Conqueror where professional fun-seeker and travel enthusiast, Bert Kreischer, braved the knuckle-gripping drop right here in Tampa Bay.