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How to build a fantastic beer cap remover40s

How to build a fantastic beer cap remover

If you're a real beer guy or if you know one (who doesn't?), this is the perfect project for you! Learn how to create a wall-mounted cap remover with container... All your friends will love it!

Published: July 12, 20171,086 views
Useful needlecraft tricks1m31s

Useful needlecraft tricks

Every person who's interested in needlecraft will have his/her own tricks to make the work easier, but learning some new ones might always come in handy! Did you know these ones? If not... Steal the trick, it's always good to have something to fall back on!

Published: June 29, 201716,057 views
5 life-changing ways of using cleaning sponges1m35s

5 life-changing ways of using cleaning sponges

Cleaning sponges are usually used to... clean. You will be surprised, though, to find out all the things that you can do with them by making some simple 'adjustments': trust us, these tricks are life-changing!

Published: June 12, 2017494 views
Paper flowers tutorial1m07s

Paper flowers tutorial

A house full of flowers is a house full of vivacity so here is a very easy way to make some out of paper! Just take a thin cardboard in green for the leaves and choose the colors of your petals, then learn how to assemble the pieces!

Published: June 12, 201755 views
DIY Notepaper Roller47s

DIY Notepaper Roller

You go to the bathroom and realize that you forgot to buy loo roll... Once again? You need to have a notepaper roller installed right in plain sight! Here is how to make one and never forget your to-do's!

How to keep food fresh longer1m46s

How to keep food fresh longer

You just got back from the grocery store and realized just how much food you bought? Don't panic, here are our ten tips to keep your veggies and fruit fresh longer. Learn them all and avoid any food waste in your household.

Published: May 23, 2017Updated: May 24, 20178,526 views
Upcycle old towels into cloth reusable pads39s

Upcycle old towels into cloth reusable pads

Thinking of throwing away old towels? Think twice! They are made of absorbent fabric that can easily come in handy to clean the house like the way we show you: cut one towel in the right shape and you can turn it into a useful cloth reusable pad!

Published: May 22, 201714,330 views
4 useful ways to use balloons1m36s

4 useful ways to use balloons

Have you lost a much needed jar lid? Use balloons! These common toys work perfectly in many situations that you probably didn't think of, so always make sure to have one package on hand even when there are no birthdays coming!

Published: May 15, 20171,973 views
Alternative and handy uses of toothpaste42s

Alternative and handy uses of toothpaste

Toothpaste can have many handy uses around the house that have nothing to do with your teeth so always make sure to think of it when looking for a solution. Discover now our four alternative uses of it that you'll never forget!

Published: May 8, 20171,611 views
DIY night lamp with clothespins1m35s

DIY night lamp with clothespins

Planning on making some crafty upcycling? How about a beautiful (and super-easy!) lamp made of wooden clothespins? You only have to disassemble a few clothespins and rearrange them in the shape of a star using glue. Easier done than explained!

Published: May 8, 20172,656 views
5 ways to upcycle Kinder Surprise's plastic container1m19s

5 ways to upcycle Kinder Surprise's plastic container

Let's admit it, Kinder Surprise's plastic containers hardly ever contain really nice surprises. But these five ways to upcylee them will make you reconsider their utility! Find out how to take advantage of their unique shape and size.

Published: May 2, 201711,540 views
How to correctly apply band-aids53s

How to correctly apply band-aids

Small cut on your finger? Maybe you always applied band-aids the wrong way... Learn how this simple trick to use them in the proper way and prevent them from coming off! Also, your finger will still be able to move!

Published: April 26, 20176,415 views