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DIY Glitter Jar40s

DIY Glitter Jar

Make your own glitter jar by following these steps and enjoy some relax

Published: March 21, 2017Updated: March 22, 20172 views
DIY string Christmas tree50s

DIY string Christmas tree

Learn how to create this cone-shaped Christmas ornament using strings and white glue. Super easy but extremely festive!

Published: December 19, 2016701 views
Star-shaped cookies45s

Star-shaped cookies

Watch and learn how to prepare these delicious cookies. Ingredients for the dough: 60g of dehydrated coconut, 460g of flour, 230g of butter, 1 egg, 2 yolks, 230g of sugar, yeast, salt.

Published: December 16, 2016295 views
Origami paper star1m01s

Origami paper star

Learn how to create this cute star-shaped decoration using only paper, scissors and glue stick.

Published: December 16, 20162,698 views
Tree-shaped sandwich: Easy recipe1m29s

Tree-shaped sandwich: Easy recipe

Make this simple recipe using different ingredients. 1 - Sandwich bread, sliced cheese, butter, salami, lettuce and olives. 2 - Sandwich bread, sliced cheese, butter, tomatoes, tuna, lettuce and olives. 3 - Sandwich bread, sliced cheese, blue cheese, cream cheese, walnuts, lettuce and olives.

Published: December 16, 20162,767 views