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sour apple 56s

sour apple

Ребенок первый раз попробовал печёное в духовке яблоко, какое же оно кислое)

Published: June 20, 20183 views
Spoiled cheese 26s

Spoiled cheese

Cheese bought in the Russian supermarket, shelf life is normal.

Published: February 4, 201717 views
Sent the child to the bathroom33s

Sent the child to the bathroom

Sent the child to the bathroom... When he came saw it)))that's what the silence in the house ,where there is a child)

Published: November 12, 2016200 views
Autumn, Volga in Russia42s

Autumn, Volga in Russia

Nothing compares with the beauty of Russian nature, autumn on the Volga river, in the distance, a hydroelectric power plant of the Church.

Published: October 2, 20168 views
On the tummy1m14s

On the tummy

Victoria 2 months and does not like to lie on your stomach

Published: September 27, 201656 views