1. Bailey playing with lazor

    Bailey playing with lazor
  2. Bailey playing

    Bailey playing
  3. Bailey cleaning

    Bailey cleaning
  4. Bailey plays with toy

    Bailey plays with toy
  5. Playing with bailey

    Playing with bailey
  6. Kitten shows love

    Kitten shows love
  7. Kitten just being cute

    Kitten just being cute
  8. Kitten plays with xmas decorations

    Kitten plays with xmas decorations
  9. Kitten plays with lazor

    Kitten plays with lazor
  10. Kitten plays with toy

    Kitten plays with toy
  11. Kitten playing cute

    Kitten playing cute
  12. Kitten being cute

    Kitten being cute
  13. Kitten play fights

    Kitten play fights
  14. Kitten having lots of fun

    Kitten having lots of fun
  15. Kitten having fun

    Kitten having fun
  16. Kitten loves raindrops

    Kitten loves raindrops
  17. Kitten playing lol

    Kitten playing lol
  18. Kitten playing(cute)

    Kitten playing(cute)
  19. Kitten stalking

    Kitten stalking
  20. Kitten finds her tail

    Kitten finds her tail
  21. Kitten vs Bottle

    Kitten vs Bottle
  22. Kitten stops homewark

    Kitten stops homewark
  23. Kitten Attacks(Funny)

    Kitten Attacks(Funny)