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Cat Cleans Dog's Face20s

Cat Cleans Dog's Face

Oliver the cat cleans Hershey's face, even when the dog tries to hide behind his paw. These two really love each other

Border Collie Plays with Cat Toy 53s

Border Collie Plays with Cat Toy

Winnie the almost 2yr OKC border collie tries to figure out a cat toy. He tries to share the new toy with Bear a 17yr old dog and Hershey comes over at the end to see what alm the fuss is about.

A Young Woman Melts The Icy Heart Of Her Car With Her Brilliant Attitude  32s

A Young Woman Melts The Icy Heart Of Her Car With Her Brilliant Attitude

“It is only when the cold season comes that we know the pine and cypress to be evergreens.” Chinese Proverb Cold weather can make it hard to start your car, or keep it running smoothly. The persistent spells of cold weather often drop temperatures to -38 degrees Celsius (-36 Fahrenheit) which makes it a North Pole environment and literally a pinching reality for people living in subarctic regions. Needless to say, people are trying to soldier through all the obstacles and run a normal nine to five schedule, even if that means begging your car to start in the morning. What the young woman in the video did is absolutely brilliant. In order to jump-start her day with a pinch of optimism, she filed herself making a mock Canadian game show take called: “Will the Car Start”. Scroll up to the top of the screen to see for yourselves. This video is absolutely brilliant not because of its elaborate making or the technology used. This is just a snippet of somebody’s day, a simple video made with a simple mobile phone and bursting with a brilliant attitude that would melt even permafrost. This is not only about having such luck as managing to start a car on the first attempt in sub-zero temperatures, this is about having the gusto and bravado to take the most of a difficult situation. This is one brilliant woman with a brilliant sense of humor showing the entire world how to uplift your spirits when all odds are against you. We hope that this video will definitely make your day as it did ours.

This Cat Really Hates Taking Long Showers28s

This Cat Really Hates Taking Long Showers

Like everything in a cat’s world, water is fine, as long as it’s by her terms. Some cats may be curious about water and even play with it, but some of them are pretty afraid of getting wet. If you try to force your cat to get a shower, you may experience your own version of the scariest horror movie. Take a look at this poor cat begging his owner to stop showering him! It’s hilarious! No one really knows for sure, why cats hate water. Some experts of cats’ behavior say that it’s because their early ancestors lived in the dry regions of Africa, where they had little exposure to water . Most cats don't need baths unless they are very dirty. They groom on their own and they don’t really need your help to be clean. The owner of this cat named Oliver decided to bathe him. As soon as the girl started with the procedure, you can see the cat struggling to get out of that torturing place. Haha! Oliver doesn't want a shower . Every time his owner says "it's ok" and tries to calm him down, he yells back ‘nooo!’ with such a sad voice. Typical kitty behavior. Finally, when the girl stops the water, the cat is kind of relieved but still begs her to stop and don’t do that scary thing again. Watch this video of Oliver the cat, who hates to be showered and even says ‘ Nooo!’ to his owner! So freaking funny!

Smokin Indian Food40s

Smokin Indian Food

Directions state to microwave on high for 1-1.5mins. This is what happened before the 1 minute mark with 2 different ones.